"Truth or Dare: My Little Pony Edition!"

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Disclaimer: I hearby tell you that I do not own the My Little Pony series. Hasbro and Lauren Faust own this. Basically, this was an idea given to me by I'll Cover Angel and Collins. So, I'm here to try it and see what you'll think.

Chapter 3

The commercial break finally came to an end. So far, things haven't been good for the Elements of Harmony. Rarity's white butt got a little dirty from the dirt, Fluttershy was blushing near Applejack, Pinkie Pie was still watching paint dry, Rainbow Dash peed in a bottle because she couldn't wait that long, and Twilight Sparkle finally managed to recover from the impact of that computer screen.

"Ughhhh... what the heck happened to me?" Twilight painfully said to the host .

With another evil smirk, the host, Mare Winkleman, began to speak right to the camera.

"Ah, good... you're up. Just in time to do more Truth and Dare!" The host responded.

"Great... I wish I was asleep so this nightmare of a show can be over..." Twilight moaned in agony.

"Asleep?" Mare replied in suspense, "That's a good idea."

With a snap of the fingers, another computer screen was about to fall on Twilight's head.

But luckily, Twilight managed to dodge just in time, having the computer screen miss her by a hair.

"What the hell?" Twilight said with eyes bulging, "You're sick, you know that?"

"Why, thanks for the compliment!" Mare smiled, "Anyway, it's now Truth or Dare, gentleponies! So get ready to driiiiiiiink up!"

With another sigh coming from the Mane 6, the ponies took a sip out of the electrified water. This time around, the poor bastard was...

"AGGGGGGGGGGGH!" Twilight yelped in pain.

"Ahhhh, Twilight Sparkle, it's your turn." The host blared out, "What will it be? Truth or dare?"

"Just let me go with Truth. Nothing's worth doing a dare." Twilight spoke with a nod.

"Truth it is." Mare nodded right before he read out a truth card, "Twilight, have you ever walked in on something that shouldn't be seen?"

"Of course not. Absolutely 100%." Twilight replied with the truth.

But unfortunately, Twilight was caught by surprise when a stream of whipped cream blasted her right in the face. It was like getting hit by a fire hose except it was 100 times stronger.

"Sorry, Twilight. In the words of my brother Marey Povich, 'That was a lie'! Care to come out with the actual truth?" Mare said while raising an eyebrow.

The nerves were getting to Twilight. Her hooves were shaking like crazy and her teeth was chattering like a cymbal monkey. Twilight knew that she had to come out with the truth one way or another. She had no choice.

"Fine. The truth is... I saw Spike masturbating to a picture of Rarity in a bikini! It's the truth, but it was an accident!" Twilight admitted.

Gasps were heard around the audience. How could somebody so lovable and so innocent like Spike do something so foul and embarrassing?

"Sorry if I had to blurt that out, Spike. It's actually normal for a baby dragon to yank his own tail for amusement!" Twilight cried over to the camera while hanging her head in shame.

"Yeah, but it's probably not the 'tail' that Spike's been using, believe me." Mare said through an uncaring manner, "Okay, it's time to drink up! Which one of you poor suck-um, I mean, contestants, will be the one to choose Truth... or Dare?"

With another defeated sigh forming through the faces of the Mare 6, they sipped their water glasses. But this time around...

"ACK!" Applejack yelped in shock. It seems that the electric shock Applejack received, indicated that it was her turn. Good luck with that.

"Applejack! What will it be this time? Truth... or Dare?"

"Heck, I'll choose Dare." Applejack sighed, "Nothing couldn't be worse than this..."

The host pulled out a dare card from the podium. By the hilarious look on his face, Mare let out a nice chuckle.

"Looks like you're very lucky, Applejack! I dare you... to call out Winona to lick Twilight Sparkle until the commercial break!"

"Ya gotta be kiddin' me..." muttered Applejack.

"I'm 'fraid not, partner." Mare winked.

"Fine, let's get it over with..." Applejack sighed once again before she began to call out her dig, who was sitting in the audience stands, "Winona!"

Happily wagging his tail, Winona approached her master. Maybe the smell of whipped cream noticed her every move.

"Winona, lick the whipped cream off of Twilight!" shouted Applejack.

Following her command, the dog raced over to Twilight and started licking the cream off of Twilight's face and over her body. While it felt good for Twilight, it was a little bit gross because of the saliva that was dripping from her face, courtesy of Winona.

"So Twilight, how does it feel?" The host replied with a smirk.

"Like a lollipop that smells like dog spit." Twilight snapped back to Mare, "I'm gonna need a frickin' shower..."

"Lucky for you, you just got one!" Mare laughed at Twilight's face, thinking it was funny in his own part, "Okay, enough with the laughs, let's get more truths and dares going! lady ponies, driiiiiiink up!"

"Well, let's hope it's not me..." Rarity said to herself as she was preparing for the worst to happen.

And it did happen. When she drank that tainted, yet electrified water, a shock jolted all across her body. It was like getting hit by a handshake buzzer, but only worse.

"ACK!" Rarity screamed through the shock, "That h-h-hurt."

"Rarity, what's it gonna be? Truth... or dare?" The host said with a smile.

"H-h-how about a h-h-hospital?" Rarity stuttered. The host still didn't realize that the shock Rarity took made her quite vulnerable.

"Sorry, you have to wait until the show's over." Mare said in disappointment.

"Fine, I guess I choose truth!" Rarity angrily exclaimed.

"Rarity..." The host paused with anticipation, "Who... is your crush?"

Rarity was feeling tense about this, just like the rest of her friends were when asked about this uneasy situation. There was a lot of animosity building up.

"I hate to say this, but my crush is... Spike!"

The gasps were filling the entire studio once again. It was to no surprise that Rarity's crush was nothing but a masturbating fanboy of a baby dragon known as Spike. After all, Spike was always dedicated to her loyalty.

"Yes, it's true. I'm in love with Spike." Rarity admitted again, "Everytime I see him, I get hot and bothered inside. And when I get hot and bothered, I have to hide somewhere hidden where nobody would see me. I close my eyes and dream about that tail of his. A darling like him always arouses me with the tasks that he does for me. And for that, Spike makes me hot! Ohhhhhhhh..."

And then, Rarity fell right back into her seat, looking worn out and beat. Lazily, she turned to the host.

"Well, this is a first. We just had our first orgasm!" Mare ecstatically said to the camera, "This is gonna shoot our ratings to the roof!"

"Can I have a cigarette, darling?" Rarity sighed.

"After we go to commercial. But enough of that, let's turn to more truths and dares. Let's drink up ladies!"

Responding with a nervous gulp, the six elements of harmony all sipped down their glasses of electrified H20. The next victim of this little game was now Fluttershy.

"AAAAAH!" Fluttershy screamed because of the shock, "That wasn't fun..."

"Okay, Fluttershy..." Mare lightly paused, "Truth... or dare?"

"I choose Truth..." Fluttershy responded nervously.

"Fluttershy..." Mare sighed as he read the truth card, "Where did you get all of your unlimited bits account from?"

And there came the tense game again. Fluttershy felt like she was defacing her own well being for being asked such a question. With a deep breath, Fluttershy came out with an answer.

"I don't want to say anything... but I hide it under the bed."

Fluttershy then closed her eyes tightly, thinking that something bad was about to happen. Was a toilet gonna fall over her head? Was whipped cream going to spray all over her face from the podium? That's when the cliffhanger came.

"Correct! You managed to tell the truth, Fluttershy! Nice work!" The host responded with a gleeful smile.

Feeling a little aghast, Rainbow Dash cut the host right off from talking any further.

"Aw, come on! Why does Fluttershy get all the easy ones? You don't see me having to tell the truth while I get hit with a car battery!"

"Good thinking!" The host smiled devilishly to the camera after hearing Dash's unmarked claim.

And then...

...a huge car battery fell from the sky and hit Rainbow Dash on the forehead, therefore knocking the holy daylights out of her.

"Any questions?" Mare said nicely to the ponies who responded negatively, "Good. It's time for more truth or dare! Let's drink up!"

The ponies, minus a knocked-out Rainbow Dash, took another deep breath of defeat and managed to drink up. This time, the pony who got a poor taste of hydrated electricity was Pinkie Pie, who was still sitting on the bean bag chair looking at paint dry. Hard to believe that she didn't even feel the electric shock coming.

"Well well well, Pinkie Pie, it looks like the shock didn't effect you-"

That was the only words Mare said, before he turned his attention to Pinkie Pie. He was cut off by a disturbing image.

The image of Pinkie Pie stuffing and licking what was left of a banana cream pie. She was devouring it like a tornado does a trailer park. Her teeth was like total weapons of mass destruction it seemed.

"What?" Pinkie Pie said to the host with her mouth stuffed, "If you're asking me what you're asking me, then yes, I like to make out with desserts! They're much better than guys I try to kiss with!"

Mare was stunned stupid. He never knew Pinkie Pie was very disgusting like a muddy warthog.

"Obviously, your truth was if you ever made out with dessert, but it looks like I don't need to ask any further..." Mare said out of disgusted pity.

"You want some?" Pinkie Pie said to the host, who decided to give him the already-engulfed pie.

"I'll pass, thank you..." Mare refused, "Okay, let's drin-"

The host got cut off once again. This time, it was Rainbow Dash who was just now getting up from the car battery attack.

"Ughhhh, what the hell happened to me?" Rainbow Dash groaned with pain.

"Ahh, you're just in time to drink up, yet again!" Mare smiled. Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash wasn't smiling. He got sick and tired of the host's bullshit for a good 20 minutes.

"Why don't you drink up my fist instead? That'll make your show get the ratings that you want!" Dash threatened the host.

In accounts, Rainbow Dash was being held back by Rarity and Applejack.

"Calm down, darlin'. It's not worth it." Applejack whispered to Dash. Luckily for the host's safety, Rainbow Dash decided to play it cool for the time being.

"Violence only hurts the ratings, Dash." Mare informed Rainbow, "Okay, ponies... let's driiiiiiink up!"

"Whatever. Let's just get it over with..." Dash groaned.

Feeling a little tired of the host's crap, Dash managed to down the whole water glass filled with electricity. Rainbow felt the shock go through her, but she only managed to grunt. Not one scream of pain was let out of her whatsoever.


"Dare! Just give me dare!" Rainbow frantically shouted, cutting the host off.

"Okay, okay! Geez..." Mare muttered with irritation, "Rainbow Dash, I dare you to wear lipstick and mascara for the remainder of the program."

"Whatever, just give me the makeup already!"

Mare felt a little bothered by Rainbow Dash's irritation. In response to her question, a powder bag was thrown off-camera and ended up hitting Rainbow Dash in the face. By the time the smoke was gone, Rainbow Dash was wearing Joker's entire face paint. She looked more like a mess other than a beauty, which isn't a surprise since the makeup was very reminiscent of the movie "The Dark Knight".

"So, what do you think, Mrs. Dash?" Mare chuckled as he gave Rainbow Dash the mirror.

She grabbed on to it and examined the makeup job that the host gave to her.

"What the hell? I don't look pretty! I look like a retarded chimp wearing clown makeup!" Rainbow snapped, responding to the Joker facepaint, "I prefer to be beautiful! You have anything else?"

"Do you rather prefer the messy Joker makeup or one of the zombies from the "Thriller" video? Your choice!" The host said, forming an ultimatum.

"Why you-!" Rainbow grunted madly.

In response, Rainbow used her hooves to strangle the host, Mare Winkleman, to death! She was gripping her hooves tightly around that neck of his! She wanted to shred the host like an entire potato. But before she can, the host turned to the camera while having his neck choked out.

"Ugggggggh! Go to commercial! GO TO COMMERCIAL!" cried the host. His voice sadly broke while Dash's grip tightened all around the host's neck.

Luckily for his life and well-being, the show managed to go to commercial.

Ouch, hate to see the host get a licking out of all of this.

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