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"That's it?" Levi questioned me as he was leaning against the wall while his hands were crossed in front of his chest. His eyes looked at me in a dull way as if looking at me was boring enough for him. Like I said before, I didn't know if I would find his eyes as somewhat attractive or ugly. They were so awful yet awkwardly suiting for his face.

"Yes," I answered politely as I sat on the chair in front of the wooden table, trying to hide the fact that I was dazed.

Zoe clasped her hands with a curious look, "You never fought them?" I nodded my head in agreement. "I never did."

"How come you're still alive? Didn't the titans try to eat you?" Levi questioned with a very serious look on his face. I shook my head, letting my brown hair move in the process. "Whenever they pass by, I don't do anything and act like I don't notice them. I only cope up with what I have," I finished.

Levi didn't seem satisfied with my answer. "If that were the case, why didn't you try to come back inside?" he questioned. "I found peace outside the walls," I answered honestly and bit my lower lip. "I've always wanted to go outside."

"Eren," he suddenly called the man who sat at the other end of the table from me. "Ah! Tell us more, Ailes!" Zoe said with a huge smile. "That's all I could tell you. There's nothing special about me," I concluded as I looked away.

"Eren, you've been quiet for quite some time now," I took a look at Levi and he was gazing at the man he called who has brown hair. "It's just that… I couldn't simply bring myself to believe in her. Titans have been attacking us ever since back then," Eren answered. I bowed my head, knowing that they wouldn't believe in me.

"That's all there is to it," I reassured them. Levi sighed and went towards me. He slammed his right hand on the table, made me turn to him, placed his left hand on my left shoulder and gave me a very serious and dangerous gaze. "Are you telling the truth?" he questioned. I began to sweat and got nervous. "Yes," my voice came out shaky. It was obvious that I got nervous and afraid.

The way he looked at me was like he was piercing my soul; tearing me into pieces.

His gaze got worse as if he was waiting for something to come out of my mouth; the words of surrender perhaps. He finally distanced his presence away from me. "What do you suppose that we can do to her?" was the question that escaped from his lips. "Return me to the outside w-" just as I was about to state my opinion fully, he glared at me.

"Do you actually think that we would let you live outside again?" he asked. I felt humiliated by my sheer stupidity and dumbness. "I suggest that we should keep her!" Zoe said with excitement while waving her hands. "No!" I suddenly stood up and slammed my hands on the table.

"You can't take away my freedom! The world outside is my home!" I uttered with a strong stand for my belief.

"Pathetic," was the side comment of Levi. Suddenly, Eren decided to speak his opinions out. "I think that we should follow Zoe on this one," was what he managed to tell us. I shook my head and refused.

"I'll let her sleep with me!" Zoe volunteered. "No, please," I begged. "No one from the military troops must know this. They'll probably think of a choice recklessly just like how they did to Eren," the most intelligent person in the room stated – the small guy with a very huge ego.

Levi started to decide while Eren only anticipated for his decision. I ran towards Levi, got on my knees, held his hand and bowed my head, "Please, release me. Let's just act like nothing happened." I smiled at him, hopelessly hoping for his approval.

"Please, I beg of you… It's my only home. I have nowhere to return to. Please!" I pleaded. "Have you never ever wondered if your family is still alive?" he suddenly questioned. "Let me go," I quickly replied, not giving any thought to what he was saying.

He sighed then helped me to stand up. He took a look at me once again. "What benefit would we get?" he asked. "Selfish," I remarked. "I'm not selfish. You are. What benefit would humanity get?" with that, I was left speechless.

"Wait-" I was about to talk until he interrupted me, "Zoe, I trust her to you."

"No! Hear me out!" I shouted loudly even though he was near me. His eyes warned me to speak. Zoe quickly pulled me to her side, making me avoid Levi. "Eren, let's go," he dismissed himself as he walked away, making soft noises just by walking. Eren politely dismissed himself as well and followed the guy who ordered him.

"You shouldn't have done that," Zoe whispered to me right after the two males have left. "Why?" I raised my eyebrow at her. "Nobody dares to shout at him ever," she answered as she sighed. "Anyway…" she trailed off.

"Since we'll be roommates, I have my own set of questions for you," Zoe said with a very creepy smile. "Please act normal with me," I looked away with a silly smile while I held my hands in the air for surrender as I sweatdropped.

After that, Zoe took me to her room inside the place and she asked someone to bring an extra bed or mattress. Before anything, she asked me a few questions like what did I eat or anything.

I let out a sigh, knowing that I was doomed and became a prisoner within the walls I abandoned years ago.