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We had all arrived home after the dinner I lead Alice into my bedroom as I did this I noticed Emmett and Rosalie enter the spare bedroom and I already knew that Bella was sleeping and living out of Edwards room.

Once I was in my room I shut the door, I pulled Alice over to the bed and had her sit down facing me.

"Alice would you like to go on a date with me" I asked her

"Sure Jazz I would love to go on a date with you" Alice told me.

"Do you have anything planned for this weekend" I questioned

"No, I do not have anything going on this weekend" Alice said

"Great I am going to take you out on saturday and treat you as the princess that you are" I informed her

"I am so excited Jasper. What should I wear, oh can I plan for us to do something on sunday" Alice inquired

"Wear some casual clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Yes, you can plan our date on sunday " I answered her with a smile, excited that she was already planning more dates and we haven't even gone on the first one.

The weekend came up fast as we were all pulled in to our different jobs, so we didn't see much of each other. I was sent a short book on the history of the part Louisiana had played in the civil war.

I had noticed Alice was out of the house alot and not easily assessable that she usually was so I knew that what I planed for this date with her would have to be fun and carefree. So when saturday came around it was such a relieve to be able to spend a decent amount of uninterrupted time with her. I hope that she will enjoy the things I have planned for my portion of our date weekend. I know I was looking forward to whatever my Alice had arranged.

I asked Bella to help me plan a nourishing breakfast for Alice and I. So when it was around 7 am on saturday Bella knocked on my door I rolled out of bed and gave Alice a kiss on the forehead and walked out of our room and into the kitchen.

"Good morning Bella, thank you for helping me." I told her with a sleepy smile while rubbing my chest.

"Good morning, Jasper. What would you like to make Alice for breakfast." Bella asked

"Do you think she would like an omelette and some cut up fruit" I questioned Bella not really sure what she ate.

"That sounds like a good meal for Alice, Jazz" Bella said while inside the fridge pulling out everything under the sun

"What would you like for me to do?" I ask her looking around at everything on the counter.

"Well how about you take all the fruit and go wash it. Then you can cut them up and put it into two small bowls. You can do that easily Jazz now stop stressing. It will be perfect and she will love it." She told me and then went to get everything else together for the omelets. By the time I had all the fruit cut and plated she was plating the omelets up and putting everything on a tray. I walked it into the bedroom and climbed in so we could have a nice breakfast in bed before we left!

Once we had finished our breakfast I lead Alice to my car and placed her in to her seat. I walked around the front of the car and slid into my seat. I shut the door and leant over the console to give Alice a gentle kiss on her lips before I pulled out of the driveway.

I stopped the car at the first place for our date. It was a pottery class where we were going to make a set of plates each, that we would be able to use in everyday life.

We walked in to the door and I let the receptionist know that we were here for our class.

We were directed into a room where we got dressed in some aprons that were offered to protect our clothes. Then we headed into the clay room.

"Hello, welcome to the class my name is Georgia and I will be guiding you through the activity. I believe that Jasper has arrange for you both to make a set of four dinner plates with side plates" Georgia said

"Yes, that is correct" I told her sitting down at the workbench next to Alice.

Georgia handed us both a template to use so that the plates we make will sit flat on the table.

Alice gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, "Thank you so much Jazz this is going to be fun" Alice said sitting back in her chair.

We were instructed to warm the clay by moulding and playing with it, then we placed it in to the templates to form the plate. Then they were put in the kiln once the plate had been fired they were given back to us to place decorations on our plates.

When we had finished placing the decorations onto our plates we were told that they would need to be fired in the kiln for 48 hours.

"Alice I will come and get them on monday" I told her while opening her door of my roadster and jumped into my car to take us to the next location of our date

"Thank you so much jasper that was fun. Thank you so much." Alice said happily as I was driving to the art studio.

"You're very welcome pixie, I am glad you have had a good time so far but the date is not over yet, we have one more thing before we go for dinner" I informed her.

I arrived at the studio and announced myself and we were directed into a room with a large unpainted canvas.

"Pixie I would like to paint this with you and we can hang it in either the living room or our bedroom." I told her as we walked further into the room.

"I would love to Jazz, what are we painting?" Alice asked

"It is a scene of the ocean. At the top of the painting is some boats sitting on the water and a little lower is a wave crashing against the shore the bottom is the beach." I told her.

"So cool, Jasper" Alice said.

We got started on painting the picture. It was a paint by numbers. It might have seen childish being paint by number but it was extremely fun not having to think about which colours to use.

"Oh my god Jasper this is such an enjoyable activity. thank you so much I am having the best time ever." Alice said to me has we painted.

I don't know how long it took us to finish it but we worked so well together in the comfortable silence. Its like we didn't need to say many words we just got each other and I loved it! After we were finished and cleaned up as best we could and told the director I would be by sometime on Monday to pick it up.

We walked out of the studio and once again we got into my car and I drove her to Ruth Chris' Steak House which both Bella and Rosalie told me was her dream restaurant that she always had wanted to go to with a boyfriend but her past boyfriends were very tawdry to take her.

Walking into the Steak House I placed my hand on to the small of her back a directed her towards the hostess' table. I told them that we had a reservation for Whitlock at eight.

Once we were seated and the drink order was put in we looked over the menu and decided that for our appetizers we would just share a dozen chargrilled oysters, and we both got steaks with side salads and loaded baked potatoes. Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted mouth watering.

After we were both stuffed from our food and i had paid the check we left hand in hand to the car. When we made it home I lead her to the bedroom where i had asked Bella to place out some strawberries and hot chocolate for us to enjoy.

After we were through I made slow and sweet love to her so she would know she was my world and that I was falling harder and harder for her.

Alice POV

On sunday morning

I got ready to take Jasper out on the day I had planned for him. I went in to the kitchen to meet Bella.

"Good morning, Alice" Bella said with a bright smile. Looks like I am not the only one who had a great night.

"Hi ya, Bella" I told her

"Would you like some help with breakfast, Alice" Bella questioned as I started to pull things out of the fridge. I loved how at home I always felt here.

"Sure Bella, I was just thinking of making eggs, bacon, sausages and biscuits." I told her as I lined it all up on the counters.

"Sounds perfect, Alice" Bella said as she went to grab the bacon to cook. It wasn't long before it was all ready and the boys were in here eating.

"Alice, you should wear flat shoes today" Bella suggested as she saw my outfit for the day.

"Nar I should be fine" I told her looking down at my six inch heels, I was use to wearing them so I know I can handle it!

I walked to my car with Jasper after breakfast and drove to The National World War II museum where I had arranged a private tour of the museum. I just know Jasper is going to love it.

When we got there he was smiling so big that i just knew I had picked the perfect place to bring him. We walked in to meet Luke the tour guide, and began our way around the place. He told us all kind of interesting facts about each and every display that we passed, I never knew so much had happened that was left out of the books and the lessons that we were taught while in school.

It was nearing the five hour mark when we were done and I was truly sad that the tour was over. I was having a great time but my feet were killing me, I should have listened to Bella when she told me to wear some flat shoes. So we decided to just head home and cuddle on the couch and watch some movies for the rest of the afternoon.

Until it was time for dinner where I took Jasper to a Chilies' restaurant. When we got there we were seated right away and order our food since Jasper ordered for both of us because he knew what I would like.

We talked about our work week to come as we ate our food so we both knew what to look forward to and to not be disappointed when we were both busy. Besides I like to think we make up for not seeing each other as often as we like. After dinner we just walked around a bit before heading home, it was going to be an early morning for me so we didn't stay out too late.