You Can't Have Who You Want, But You Can Have Me

Harry P.O.V.

The music plays as she stands in my arms. We dance slowly, neither of us daring to speak, and both of us about to cry. Ron left and I haven't seen Ginny in what feels like forever. Neither of us can have what we want, so we hold each other tighter, hanging on as though for dear life. She fights back the tears, and so do I. Our eyes meet, and the tears are obvious.

In this moment, I don't want to see the brown hair. I don't want to see her. I want to see fiery red hair. I want to see Ginny. She is beautiful and sweet and tough and I may never see her again. I cling to Hermione because she is all I have. I can't stop the tears and I hold her tightly, feeling her shake in my arms. She's crying.

Our faces are inches apart and I see the tears in her eyes. We lean closer, our eyes closing. This makes me want to cry even more, because it's not her. It's Hermione Granger, a brilliant witch and an amazing friend. But she isn't Ginny. She will never be Ginny.

Our lips meet in a gentle kiss, one full of the pain of heartbreak. For a second, I just want to forget and lose myself in this moment. This moment with Hermione. For a long time I wondered what it would be like to kiss her. Ginny means the world to me, but in this moment, I can't bring myself to stop kissing Hermione, because when everything solid in my life is gone, what can I do but live in each moment, because any day could be my last.

Hermione P.O.V.

His beautiful eyes meet mine, eyes that aren't his. Harry holds me in his arms, when all I want is Ron. He left us. Walked away from us by choice. Walked away from me. So here I am, dancing slowly in Harry's arms, with him just as broken as me. He wishes I were her. I know he does. Just as I wish he were Ron. His eyes are filled with tears. Just like mine

In this moment, I don't want to see the dark hair. I don't want to see him. I want to see messy red hair. I want to see Ron. The thought of never seeing him again makes me sick. I cling to Harry because he is all I have. I can't stop the tears, not anymore. I tried. Oh how I tried. I hold him tightly, crying in his arms.

I look up at him and see the tears in his eyes as well, and our lips meet in a broken-hearted kiss. Tears streak my face as we kiss, because it isn't him. It's Harry Potter, the handsome and amazing wizard who must defeat Voldemort. My only wish is that it was Ron that I was kissing. I bet Harry feels the same way.

As we kiss I feel like laughing, because he's all I have. Every time Ron does something incredibly stupid, Harry is always there to make me feel better, to pick up the pieces. I'd be lying if I said I had never wondered what it would be like to kiss him. My heart aches for Ron, but in this moment I can't bring myself to pull away from the dark-haired man with the lightning scar. My whole world was just turned upside down and he's all I have left. Maybe he's all I'll ever have left.

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