Author's notes:

** movie and book spoilers warning **

I've always felt it would have had to take much more than a lucky shot from Bard to bring down Smaug. Here's a mix that might just be more effective and was a blast to write...a crossover AU that parallels the end of the Hobbit and gives possibilities for the line of Durin. *wink*

Serious spoilers for the end of the book and movie of course. My imagined version means no copyright infringement to Mr. Tolkien's works or to Pacific Rim. I've seriously tried to minimize what I took from the book's story to parallel this AU story line.

This story has no relation to my others to date in the same world.

September 24:
A new rift portal was discovered a week ago on Bower's Ridge about 2/3 out along the Aleutian Islands, between Alaska and Russia. No kaiju have been detected coming through, but Mako and I, in the Gypsy II, and the junior crew of the Black Corona have been tasked with reconnaissance. They're the first all female junior crew - the Kjellson twins. They're surprisingly close, both feisty and tough as nails.

Initial drop is one of my favorite parts of piloting a Jaeger - the rush of the fall and the jolt upon impact. You can never quite prepare for the feeling. You know it's coming, but it still surprises you every time.

We get a visual on the gateway after touch down. This rift is along a particularly seismologically active section of the earth's crust. The rolling blue green waves from the glow of the fissure could be almost considered pretty, if it didn't represent a potential threat to our planet.

The Black Corona nears the opening and requests permission to investigate further. Mako and I step up behind them and the unthinkable happens - the ground moves violently beneath our feet, jarring us and sending the Black Corona head over heels into the passage. They try to use boosters to gain control but are swallowed into the the maw of the portal before we see if they manage it.

I look at Mako and she nods. "We're going after them," I tell the crew at the recommissioned Alaska base.

Commander Herc Hansen sighs in frustration and the pause becomes uncomfortable before he finally responds, "Very well...Bring them back."

Mako is the true grace of the two of us, she makes jumping into the gates of hell look amazing. Me, I'd just jump in and swear. We leap into the chasm and flip backward to face our target area head on. The Jaeger's arms tuck in to the sides to make our very un-aerodynamic machine, just a little less so and hit the back boosters to help us catch up.

As we approach the throat, we see just how different this portal is. Not the ominous purple phosphorescence and alien feeling. This one looks like there's actual night sky on the other side. Falling at speeds that are approaching unsafe, we reach the Black Corona. Chloe and Piper were able to stabilize from the pitch and yaw rolls. But both Jaegers are falling fast as we enter the atmosphere. We scan for the least populated areas on this earth like land that we can find. A largish body of water is below us is the best of the options. The single snow covered peak, forest to the west, and lands to the east will not give us any cushion.

With reverse thrusters at full capacity we deploy the latest additions to our Jaegers - parachutes. You'd think they'd have added them in the beginning, but we finally have them! It will be our first test. Granted we're on fire right now as we fall, but hopefully the chutes will last long enough to make a difference.

The instant slowing of our fall jerks us back up and sends our heads and stomachs in different directions. The effect before the cords on our chute burn really does help slow our decent. The Black Corona hits first. Our splash down is much less traumatic than the last time Mako and I fell from the sky. We feel only slightly jarred upon impact with the water then the bottom of the deepest part of the lake away from the town. After standing again, we walk our Jaegers to the western edge of the lake quite a ways out from the closest town, and plan to make camp for the night.


"Fili! Turn around. Ye have ta see this!" Kili elbows his brother on watch with his back to him.

"Are ye seeing elves again?" Fili slowly flips to his hands and knees to turn around the easiest way

"No," Kili pouts remembering the sting of embarrassment after the last time he thought he saw an elf and it turned out to be nothing.

"Ooh, twin falling stars. Think it's a good omen?" Fili tucks his legs under himself to watch with Kili for a few moments.

"Maybe. They're lasting such a long time. Usually they trace a path in the sky and are gone..."

"Kili it looks like they're coming right at us, that's na possible is it?" Fili asks starting to get up. He's sensing that this isn't quite right.

"Get the others up and I'll watch to see if they land, it doesn't appear that it will go out before it hitting the ground," Kili suggests and hears Fili take off to wake the others before he can finish his sentence.

Thorin and Dwalin are the first to find Kili who updates them, "Uncle, they're going to collide with the ground, but it looks like it will be south of our camp - maybe Lake Town. They slowed suddenly with a mushroom like canopy thing behind them - until that was consumed. They're still going very fast."

Thorin pats his nephew's shoulder, "I knew there was a reason ye were the archer. Good judge of the fall on those fireballs."

Bilbo stands on his tip toes to get a better view, sneezing and sniffling the whole time. His cold is taking forever to go away after their wild ride down the river in barrels.

The whole company is gathered around to watch the sight of the stars falling from the heavens. If dwarves and hobbits had popcorn, they'd be munching it right now as they gaze with fascination.

Seeing the impact came first. Then a huge cloud of what they could only guess was steam. And after that, the shock wave through the ground below them. It was enough to send several of them off balance and onto their duffs.

Fili and Kili look at each other silently communicating a lost wish to have seen what made that kind of strike into the lake and to see if Lake Town was ok.

Extras were put on watch with the next shift. Fili and Kili tried to sleep, but their minds kept dwelling on what they saw. Something huge came down from the heavens and Kili just couldn't keep it inside, "Fili is that how giants are born?"

"Ugh...Kili...Na an aspect I want to think about regarding giants..." Fili wrinkles his nose as Kili snorts in laughter at his brother's expression. Then Fili suggests a different hypothesis, "Maybe it was a giant thrown down by the gods?"

The two are told to shush several times. On the fifth time Dwalin threatens to dump them in the river they they don't shut up.

When animals of all sorts start running over them as they flee, Fili dares break the silence, "Something's coming this way..."

Thundering steps are the next announcement.

Kili and Fili are the first on their feet to see a hulking quickly moving structure on the horizon, dawn's emerging rays glint off it's metal hull.

" IS a giant..." Kili looks with wide eyes at his brother's matching expression.