Dwarrow have come flocking back to the legendary kingdom. Restoration is fully underway.

Life under the mountain has become normal for the two Jaeger crews. They've adjusted to the cushy medieval-ish life style well. The Black Corona and Gipsy II have been retired to a new guarded space carved out just for the giant robots. The external speakers and comms links have been left on for just in case there would be contact again. Then someone would be near enough to hear it. It's hard for Thorin to not think of the Jaegers as his own.

April 2 (of the following year)/Afvalasirkha3 - Mid day feast

When Kalin, one of the guards posted to the Jaeger, comes running in to the great dining hall with a message, he's met with excitement from Raleigh and Mako, but dread from Chloe, Piper and the House of Durin.

He salutes and reports, "Shatterdome says they will have a contingent here in 2 days with a rocket large enough to carry the Jaegers through the portal. They are also seeing signs that the portal is na stable." Seeing the fall of the girls faces, he recalls, "Zabadinh (Lord-ladies/Miladies), yer uncle, Bri, is with the contingent."

Chloe squeals and gives Piper, who is sitting next to her, a death grip hug in her excitement. "Chloe, I can't breathe..." Piper complains. When the embrace loosens enough to be comfortable, she returns it.

"I've told them that ye'll return a reply. They expect one with in the hour." Kalin finishes.

Kili looks absolutely stricken with the thought that the girls will actually be going back home.

Fili isn't taking the news much better, but says to his brother, "We knew this day was coming..." and reaches across the girls to put a hand on his brother's shoulder.

Kili hangs his head as he says in a hush, "I know. But the months gone by have deceived me into thinking it might not happen."

April 4/Afvalasirkha5

The entire House of Durin and as many additional spectators that can cram onto the ramparts of Erebor watch as the great fireball falls from the sky.

Kili and Chloe use a sextant to help them track and predict where the contingent will land. Fili just possessively holds Piper as they watch.

Monstrous turbines extend from the immense falling rocket and spew a fire that competes with the hellish heat of the atmosphere entry flames. The controlled descent of the vehicle is much more impressive than the fall of the two Jaeger crews. It doesn't actually touch down in it's trajectory, but hovers and moves sideways until it comes with in a safe distance of the Lonely Mountain before settling. The spire like main rocket with many smaller attached boosters and a set of 6 turbines is a site that shushes the entire crowd.

The grooms have the horses ready for the Jaeger crews and Fili, Kili and Thorin, as the group comes running down to the gate. (Thorin of course insists that he didn't run. A king does no such thing. But he and his cane kept up with the rest of the group. It was a very fast, dignified walk according to the grooms.)

By the time the riders reach the retrieval rocket, the contingent has exited and most are starting to explore the new landscape. A lone figure stands waiting for them and calls the others back to him. His stocky dwarrow stature, neatly trimmed, full blond beard and pulled back platinum ponytail under a black fisherman's hat give him away as Bri.

"Uncle Bri!" the twins cry in unison and bale of their steeds in mid stride, starting them in a run faster than they can maintain. They manage to keep their feet though as they plow into him and smother him with hugs.

He pushes his glasses back into place on his face and holds them each at arms length to get a good look at his nieces, "Oh I wish your father could see you now! I do believe you've grown again! And you're in traditional clothing! And your hair is growing out again! How you've changed!"

"Uncle! We're adults, we're not getting any taller! And we don't dare cut our hair here among the dwarrow. They'd faint." Chloe fusses playfully.

"And we wore out our BDUs...Don't these styles look good on us?" Piper adds and receives and appreciative nod.

Fili and Kili make sure Thorin can dismount gracefully, before approaching.

Bri's blue eyes go wide at the side of the site of the royal family coming to meet him.

"Bri Kjellson. Zai dashuinzu! (at your service)," his bow is reverent and deep. "It is so good to meet you and to see dwarrow again. I am the last of the known full bloods."

Chloe and Piper give each other a knowing wink at the confirmation of their heritage.

After introductions are made, Bri does a double take at the girls as Fili and Kili each put an arm around them. Fili addresses their uncle, "Yes, we're particularly attached to yer amazing nieces. We'll be loathed to see them go."

Thorin invites the retrieval detachment for dinner and ask them to tell of the plans for the Jaegers.


In the parlor of the girls' quarters that evening, Bri has a talk with them about the happenings back home and his involvement in the retrieval program. "Girls, I know you may not want to go home..." he begins.

"Yeah, we would rather stay. But we'll be packed an ready for the morning launch," Piper inadvertently interrupts.

"Well, if you can take the time to listen first, you may like what you hear...Piper..." Bri lifts an eyebrow teasing and scolding her at the same time.

Her hand moves across her lips imitating a zipper, and she sits down to show she's paying full attention now.

"One thing, I think you are not yet aware of, is that there is a time difference between sides of the portals. You said only a few months have passed. But it's taken 3 years to build the retrieval platform."

Chloe's jaw drops practically to the floor and and Piper just blinks.

"So, I'm sure you can put two and two together that your remaining enlistment tour has expired..."

Unable to contain themselves the girls are jumping up and down and hooting for joy.

When they are able to contain themselves, he continues, "Furthermore, we've mastered portal technology. Even though this current portal is failing, our government wants to make ties with friendly worlds and times. I'm part of the team that will be staying. It will be a wonderful opportunity to catch up with our people. Something tells me, you two want be on that team too. The Black Corona will stay here with us to protect our interests here."

By now the girls are squealing uncontrollably and running out the door to share the news with Fili and Kili.

Bri just shakes his head and waits for them to return.

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