Rewritten! Set during Eclipse. When the Seattle killings started getting out of control, Nightshades agent Hilda Evans was then sent to investigate. Her arrival put several things in motion, thus changing the lives of several people as a result. Jasper/Fem!Harry. Dhampir!FemHarry. Strong!Angela.

EDIT: There have been some slight changes to this chapter because of the changes of pairings.

As promised, here's the rewritten version of Out of the Ashes, as the old version had plenty of plot holes that it's almost painful for even me to read. And who knows when it had even begun, but when did I even start portraying Hilda as so…emo and so much like a female version of Uchiha Sasuke, I had no idea. Anyway, like what was stated in the old version, the idea for this story kinda came out of the blue during a time when I was pretty much on a Harry Potter + Twilight crossover craze, and I found that nearly every single crossover story that I've read is always nearly the same: Harry has enough after the war; he went to Forks either alone or with his friends; he met the Cullens there, blah blah blah.

You get the picture.

So the idea for Out of the Ashes came about because I want to attempt writing a different type of crossover story that I'm pretty sure no one had attempted yet, or if they did, I hadn't came across it.

In this story, Hilda (female Harry) never attended Hogwarts School at all. And if you had been a frequent reader of mine, you will know that I never like rushing into things and I liked taking things slow—especially romance. Everything in this story happens for a reason, and it will all be explained in due time. Hilda isn't pure human in this story, but a dhampir – a part human and part vampire. But unlike Reneesmee from Breaking Dawn, Hilda and all the dhampirs are magical dhampirs. As in they have magic.

In this story, instead of attending Hogwarts, Hilda attends a school called Nightshades that taught part-humans or non-humans like dhampirs to control their abilities. Upon graduation, Nightshades' alumni has the choice to either pick their own career paths or to join an agency/militia of sorts that belongs to Nightshades – with their sole duty being to make sure that the normal humans don't find out about their world, and to also keep the magical creatures in line.

Once again, everything will be explained in due time in this story. The story also takes place during Eclipse. And I have no idea why so many writers like to bash Bella so much, but whatever the reason is, there will be no Bella bashing in this story. I absolutely hate it whenever someone bash a character so much that there is hardly anything left of the original character's personality in canon.

And another thing, please do not go after me, basically threatening me to engage a beta reader like what I've already experienced in so many of my stories, despite my horrible grammar and usage of tenses. If I want another person to get their hands on my story, I'll say so. The point is that I have pretty bad experiences with beta readers, so no; I'm not letting my story go to a beta reader. The only person who'll get to edit my stories is myself. Besides, I don't think that my story is that bad (language wise) that it is entirely unreadable.

Anyway, enough with the rant, and I apologise if this offends anyone. But on with the story!

Pairings: Jasper/Hilda. Alice/Ethan. Luna/Neville.

Warnings: AU. OC characters. Some character bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and Twilight or any of the characters, but the OC characters belongs to me

Chapter One: We Are Nightshades

Magic and things like vampires, werewolves and witches were very much real to the common folk of the past during a time when things like magic and curses existed, and were even used on a regular basis.

Fearful of the unknown, the common folk took to burning those whom they believed to be 'evil', thinking of anything unknown and strange as the product of Satan. And the internal war that the different races – the vampires, werewolves, veelas, elves, dwarves and lots of others have at that time didn't make things any easier. Hence, when more and more humans once thought to be 'normal' started showing signs of magic, and when more and more younglings of the non-humans were continuously hunted down, Salel Nightray, a noble vampire, created Nightshades – the first magical school in existence that teaches young fledglings and even certain selected humans combat and how to control their abilities, and even how to protect themselves.

And as time passed, with civilisation growing and expanding and even with the world growing more 'modern', things like magic and curses soon became a thing of the past, and those that possesses the 'unknown' were forced to hide it.

The First Magical World War that had occurred between Russia and Italy sometime after Adolf Hitler's own attempts at world conquer had been an ugly thing, especially for the non-humans at that time. Complete races were near wiped out, and whatever survivors there are were forced to hide underground.

Nares Nightray, Salel Nightray's great grandson and the Head of the Nightshades Academy at that point in time was worried about the future, and even how idiotic that certain wizards and witches—mainly of British origin—were acting, even going as far as to bar any human who possess less than one hundred percent of human blood from attending any magical schools on British soil. And it doesn't help any matters that Britain had been oppressing and placing all kinds of ridiculous laws on the non-humans in their nation.

Needless to say, the non-humans were all enraged, and furious with the wizards and witches. The vampires especially were particularly furious, mainly the True Vampires – the pureblood vampires.

The Nightray family had been one of the Four Noble Houses of the vampire community. Their blood is strong and true; and with how the Midnight Society – the name that the mythical creatures were known as, had been dwindling fast in number particularly during the days of the Hunts and the Purge, there are very few vampires these days who could claim a pure bloodline, as most vampires have taken to mingling with the other races to prevent their bloodline from dying out.

Thus, to prevent another needless war and to prevent more blood from being shed, Nares Nightray took preventive measures. Nightshades had already been a known name far and wide, even to the common folk that don't know anything about the mythical world.

Instead of just having Nightshades as just a school, Nares Nightray created the Hunter Association with the blessings of the Italian Ministry of Magic, with the main forces of Nightshades mainly consisting of past alumni of the Academy. Ever since their inception, the Italian Ministry had always been very open-minded, and were friendly with the non-humans, with Italy having quite a reputation for their military might, with them being vicious in battle, as they were all experts in Black and Dark Magic. And it also helps that Italy had been the true birthplace of magic.

Nightshades will now take charge of the non-humans, and any 'criminal affairs' or 'law breaking' done by the non-humans will fall under the jurisdiction of Nightshades, unless they're Blood Vampires – human-turned-vampire, and hence, will fall under the jurisdiction of the Volturi royals – the rulers of the Blood Vampires. The humans will have no say in anything that is done by Nightshades and vice versa.

As long as one attends Nightshades, and was thus classified as a member of the Midnight Society, the Wizarding Community can't touch them. Any rogue elements – as in any magical creature attacking humans for no reason at all, or who had gone against the laws of the Midnight Society, will be dealt with by Nightshades themselves.

The response to this was overwhelming, as none of the Midnight Society was pleased with the wizards and witches, and they were never overly fond of humans in the first place. The several wars that the goblins, dwarves, vampires and several of the other races had with the witches and wizards in the past only added more to the animosity and dislike that the Midnight Society had towards wizards and witches in general. Even the Volturi, the rulers of the Blood Vampires, who as a rule never liked to be under someone else's thumb agreed whole heartedly to Nares Nightray's proposal.

However, as what Aro Volturi had later told Nares Nightray during the peace talks that the leaders of the world had with the leaders of the several non-human clans, while he is grateful and all that Nightshades is going to protect the non-humans from now on and make them 'toe the line' to prevent the Wizarding Communities from going after them like bees to honey, the Volturi have no intention to be taking any orders from Nightshades.

Hence, Nightshades and the Volturi have an unspoken agreement between them: as long as the Volturi doesn't interfere too much in their affairs, they'll leave them alone. However, if a 'crime' regarding a Blood Vampire has a Nightshades' agent involved, then the Volturi will be informed. Hence the truce that the Volturi had with Nightshades, as unless the situation calls for it, Nightshades would not interfere with the matters of the Volturi.

As a result, with the backing of the Italian Ministry and nearly half the world, with Russia, France and Germany amongst them, Nightshades was then recognised as an independent organisation – with all matters of the magical creatures, also officially known as the Midnight Society, being under Nightshades and the Hunter Association's jurisdiction.

And in the thousand or so years ever since Nightshades' inception, that organisation had gained quite a fearsome reputation for themselves, particularly the STAR Unit – Nightshades' best and most elite combat unit. Consisting of thirteen agents that are experts in just about every form of combat and magic ever known to Man, one would have to be a fool to pick a fight with them.

Even to the common folk – those that were unaware of magic and the mythical world; the mere mention of 'Nightshades' is enough to inspire both awe and fear.

After all, like everyone in the mythical world knows; Nightshades do not give second chances.


Sin City of Italy will not be seen on any map in the world, even though any citizen of Italy could tell you where it is. Located in the Sicily region of Italy, Sin City is a separate city on its own, much like Volterra and Rome City. Being a 'walled in' city of sorts, there were high walls and even large iron gates with guards guarding the entrance, hence preventing anyone suspicious from entering.

Even tourists were forbidden from entering Sin City. The only ones able to enter Sin City were the agents of Nightshades and the townsfolk of Sin City, majority of which weren't even human or even pure human.

It is the only place where the people of the Midnight Society didn't have to hide.

Near the edge of Sin City where the coastlines were, was the Nightshades Academy that is almost like a fortress in itself. The students weren't allowed to leave the Academy grounds, even during the holidays, until they were in Fourth Year at least, and had at least learned enough to control their abilities and being able to hold their own in a fight. Thus, to prevent the students from being totally cut off from their own families, twice a year, Nightshades Academy had a Family Day in which the families of their students could come and visit their children and also to see how they're getting on in school.

And near the heart of Sin City where the marketplace is, is also the headquarters for Nightshades – the Hunter Association. It is a large building, being almost stone gray in colour, and like the Nightshades Academy, almost an impenetrable fortress in itself with guards and even a guard outpost. And even without guards, Nightshades headquarters had high defense.

Much like Sin City and Nightshades Academy, Nightshades headquarters is sentient. If there is someone who wishes harm on anyone residing within her walls, Nightshades itself will repel those intruders. It is a highly complex Rune Spell, made by using hundreds if not thousands of complicated rune networks that runs deep into the grounds of Sin City, first created when Nightshades was first founded hundreds of years ago by the first Nightray clan head.

And it is in said Nightshades headquarters where one could find the troubled head of both Nightshades Academy and the Hunter Association, Xatis Nightray.

The raven-haired vampire sighed for what must be the hundredth time that day, pinching the bridge of his nose, trying to ease his headache, even as he listed mentally the number of problems that he had been loaded with, and is having a hell of a time solving.

First, the war that the British wizarding community had with the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort had ended nearly a hundred years ago, but with disastrous results. Both sides were nearly completely wiped out at the end of it, and then the wizards actually had the audacity to blame them for it!

Xatis scowled so fiercely to himself that his eyebrows nearly disappeared into his hairline.

Honestly, he's starting to think that the words of his nephew isn't so far off from the truth, and that all wizards and witches of British origin have air for brains!

Even though as a rule, Nightshades and the Midnight Society as a whole never interferes with the affairs of the Wizarding Communities, the war that Great Britain had with Voldemort at that time isn't something that they could ignore, as it's even starting to affect several of the non-humans. Hence, Nightshades was forced to interfere in the war, and Xatis was hence forced to send several of his agents to end the war as quickly as they could.

Xatis frowned as he thought back to the war that had occurred about a hundred years ago – when the Dark Lord had returned again, and had wrecked terror across British soil once more.

At that time, as three of the students in Nightshades Academy were technically from Britain, Nightshades has no other choice but to step in, given the fact that there are a few rogue giants, vampires and werewolves that have chosen to side with the Dark Lord, of all the stupid things to do.

As a result, the war that the wizarding community had was over in less than a year, but with disastrous results. And when one foolish wizard tried to pin the blame on one of Xatis's students, he quickly found himself at the mercy of whatever members of Nightshades that was there at that time.

Clearly, the foolish wizard never had to interact with Nightshades agents before, or he would have thought twice before opening his big mouth.

It had been over a thousand years since Nightshades' inception, and Nightshades has been a recognised name everywhere since. Even the non-magical folk knew of their name, though they only assumed that Nightshades is some law enforcer agency like the FBI, though what they actually does is largely left unknown.

And now, their problems are just beginning…

Xatis frowned as he looked at the front page of a newspaper from America. The headlines: 'Unknown Killer in Seattle Strikes Again!' practically screamed at him. He knew the signs of those mysterious killings. There are vampires at work.

Groaning silently to himself, Xatis knew immediately just which agents to send to deal with this problem. Problems of this calibre are usually the job of the STAR agents – Nightshades' best and most elite combat unit. The only problem here is if any of them are even free right now, since Xatis had been pretty much sending all thirteen of them all over the world to deal with problem after problem for the past decade.

None of them have been back to Italy for nearly ten years now.

But Xatis has faith in his best agents, and he trusted in their ability. And like with nearly every single agent or soldier under his command, even the STAR Unit works in pairs, no matter how powerful they are. Xatis had been very clear on that when he'd first taken over as head of Nightshades nearly two hundred years ago. He will never risk the lives and safety of his people.

They already have enough shit and threats to their lives by the Wizarding Communities, particularly those of British origin. They don't need 'accidents' happening to them whilst on a mission.

After all, Nightshades isn't exactly popular with the outlaws. And with how many people that they've thrown into Tartarus, Nightshades' version of a prison, they're not really all that surprised.

Xatis glanced at the mahogany globe on his desk that had various red glowing dots littered here and there. Those red glowing dots stated the locations of the members of the STAR unit of Nightshades – his best agents, with only the best of the best getting in that unit. It is the dream of nearly every single agent in Nightshades, and even the students of the Academy to enlist into the STAR Unit.

STAR, also translated as Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. Usually, they are the ones sent out after rogue members of the Midnight Society that are deemed too dangerous, or even to deal with situations like the one happening in Seattle right now. After all, who better to hunt down magical creatures than members of their own kind?

However, the STAR Unit is pretty picky about their own recruits, as it is the current STAR agents who decide who gets to enlist into their unit. Not even Xatis and the professors at the Academy have any say in who gets into STAR. They could recommend potential agents or students whom they think might do well in STAR, sure, but at the end of the day, it is the agents belonging to the STAR Unit who makes the final decision.

Every single year whenever a batch graduates from the Academy, Xatis usually sends out the profiles and reports of the new graduates to the STAR agents, complete with comments and reports from the professors at the Academy, and even from agents that are usually present to watch the final examinations. If any graduate interests even just one STAR agent for that particular agent to consider having the new graduate as a prospective future STAR agent, all thirteen agents of the STAR Unit will communicate using their own communication channels to discuss amongst themselves if they should have a new recruit or not.

If the answer is in the positive, that graduate will then be put through special training at Nightshades for another five years upon graduation. After that, should their skill and combat level be satisfactory enough for them, only then will the recruit be allowed to sit through a final test set by the STAR agents themselves. If the recruit showed a good enough performance, even if they should fail that test, if they showed what the STAR agents generally looks for in a member of their unit, then that recruit will hereby be granted entry into STAR.

Hence, getting into the STAR Unit is virtually an impossible task. The last person to even get into STAR was nearly sixty years ago, and even then, the poor guy was put through several trials and tests before all the STAR agents were satisfied. Needless to say, the STAR Unit is pretty picky and particular about who gets to serve in STAR.

They have their pride to uphold after all.

They don't only look for combat ability. They look at the person's character and personality as well, even his ability to think fast on his feet and the ability to respond to any situation, even life and death ones.

After all, the missions that the STAR Unit takes on are virtually life and death ones. Most of the missions that they took usually require them to take on an army or two, or even enemies of the likes that usually, only full platoons could take on and hope to survive.

They are the best of the best. As such, even their fellow agents in Nightshades don't know all of those that serve in STAR. Their missions and even profiles are kept under lock and key that only the head of Nightshades could gain access to.

And right now, there are only two STAR agents even remotely close to America. But still, it will take them at least an entire day of travel before they could even arrive at America. Xatis frowned to himself when he saw which STAR agents.

"Hilda and Ethan, huh?" he muttered to himself. "Figures. It just has to be them."

Hilda Evans, also formerly known as Hilda Potter, had been his best student, and currently, one of the best hunters in the organisation. He had been the one to train her after all. Her, and two of her best friends. And her partner, Ethan Nightray, had been his nephew and the heir to the Nightray clan, the High Prince, which is the title granted to any clan heir belonging to one of the Four Noble Houses of vampire society. And coincidentally, Ethan had also been Hilda's mentor when they were still in the Academy.

Hilda Evans had been one of the few dhampirs left in the world. Few, because much like the True Vampires, even the dhampirs are slowly dying out. Now, the only place where you can find dhampirs is probably only in Nightshades itself. Hilda is probably one of the last surviving dhampirs.

Xatis had first came across Hilda when she was about five years old when a professor at Nightshades Academy came to him, concerned, after her holiday to Britain. She spoke of a little girl whom she saw when she was on holiday in Surrey, speaking of the obvious abuse and neglect that she could see on her. Normally, Xatis would ignore a situation like this, but the professor was concerned, because the little girl in question is a dhampir.

Xatis had followed protocol in situations like this, sending out the Trackers to retrieve the little girl. And as it turns out, the little girl turned out to be Hilda Potter, the supposed 'saviour' of the Wizarding World, with her father being a True Vampire – a pureblood vampire, with her mother being a human; a witch.

Most wizards and witches were more resilient to injuries and wounds, and heal quickly. Thus, even though a normal human woman would die from giving birth to a vampire's child, a witch wouldn't.

And as such, as a dhampir, Hilda Potter is under Nightshades' jurisdiction. And no one, not even the Ministry of Magic of Britain could overrule it. And as Nightshades' tradition demands, all who enters Nightshades for the first time has to go through the Gathering – a ritual that calls upon ancient magic of the oldest kind possible.

All those who attend Nightshades are to go through the Gathering. And even those, to attend Nightshades, one needs an invitation, as they guard their secrets jealously.

The Gathering basically pledges their loyalty to Nightshades, and to Nightshades alone. No alumni or graduate of Nightshades will take sides, and neither will they betray. Even those rogue elements of the Midnight Society had never actually attended Nightshades for their education. Everyone in the magical community knew that angering a Nightshades' graduate might just be the last thing that they'll ever do, as doing so is signing their death warrant.

Survival of the fittest is the motto for the school.

During the first two years, an older student mentors the newbies.

Hilda had been mentored by Ethan Nightray who had been a third year student at Nightshades when Hilda had started her first year at age eleven. Among the vampire circles, the title of High Prince of a vampire clan carries power and responsibilities. If the chosen High Prince is powerful, then the clan grows more in power. Thus, the selection of the High Prince is a careful business.

The mentor is responsible for the safety and any mishap that will happen to the student, and taught them the skills needed to survive in the school, and out in the world. Thus, needless to say, those that can't survive rarely completes the full seven years of education in Nightshades, and will disappear mysteriously.

Though if he has to be honest with himself, Xatis privately thought that he had done his brother and nephew a favour by mentoring Hilda to Ethan. The High Prince had gained an invaluable friend and ally in the small girl, a friendship that had stayed until now. It had been this way ever since the founding of Nightshades – all Nightshades' alumni form a tight knit community, and tend to meet up every now and then. And all graduates of Nightshades are powerful beyond a doubt, since they learn skills and things that the Wizarding Communities could only dream of in there.

The Gathering ritual had also destroyed the connection that Hilda had shared with the Dark Lord.

Xatis wasn't stupid; he knew what that curse scar is the moment that he had laid eyes on it. The Midnight Society had always been sensitive to magic and the changes in nature. Thus, he had put Hilda through the Gathering at age five, despite her not actually starting at Nightshades until she's eleven.

It is to break her connection with the Dark Lord himself, as the Gathering ritual ensures that the student in question wouldn't have any marks or bonds on them. Nightshades would never tolerate it. Any bonds on them would be to Nightshades, and to Nightshades alone.

This is their law.

Like with most children who were orphans or were abandoned that had a claim on them by Nightshades who were actually picked up way before they were supposed to start school, Hilda had lived at a wing in the Nightshades Academy where she had learned to read and write and start on some basic combat training before she could actually start school.

Nightshades had a tradition about that.

The current students of the Academy generally made sure to check that the children were fine and that they're getting on well. Some of the students even took time out of their busy schedule to spend time with the children. Hence, when those children became students themselves, they did the same thing with the children who were brought there.

When the war had broken out in Britain, Hilda had been one of those involved at that time, as she was already in her sixth year in Nightshades, and fast gaining her first magic maturity as a dhampir. Thus, she had been sent to subdue the rogue giants, werewolves and vampires. Ethan and two of her best friends were also sent to assist her.

Hilda didn't appreciate the words by the idiot Ministry, and the rubbish sprouted by Albus Dumbledore, and had shown as much. That had been nearly a hundred years ago, and Hilda is now one of the best agents in STAR, if not the best.

But not for a reason that Xatis liked to think about…

Before the head of Nightshades could even activate the rune network – his main form of communication with his STAR agents as phone calls is just too risky; a report appeared magically in the tray on his desk. His agents and even informants generally wrote up reports after a mission and sent it directly to the tray in his office. Generally, only the STAR agents ring up Xatis to give a verbal report after their mission should they deem it necessary. Most of the time however, they do not.

And much like Xatis and several of the higher ranked agents serving in the other units, every STAR agent have their own network of informants and spies. After all, when one becomes a STAR agent, they have the privilege and authority to issue their own missions as long as they send word to Xatis about it. Only the head of Nightshades had knowledge on the missions and jobs that the STAR agents undertake. Not even the Control unit has access to that information. Hence, anything that happens in any part of the world, Xatis will be very surprised if the STAR agents didn't hear of it before he does.

Usually, if it's a threat that they think Xatis should know, one of them will usually ring him up, even if it is at 3AM in the morning. Xatis could still remember one occasion when Xaline and Selene have actually rang him up at 5AM in the morning, informing him about an out-of-control Dream Eater that is doing the opposite of what most Dream Eaters does – by eating the good dreams of people in Wales, and hence, his powers had grown at a most alarming rate.

Xatis frowned as he read the report that had just appeared in his tray. One of his agents in the Intelligence Unit had sent a report, detailing about an incident happening down Wales about the several werewolf clans, and that they seemed to be having some kind of fight amongst themselves, and thus, the situation is slowly getting dangerous.

With how civilisation had grown, thus with the humans disbelieving stuff like magic and curses, there are only very few places that are actually 'in the know' about Nightshades. Wales, Norway and Ireland are only amongst the few that knew about their true job.

Hence, it is those places that are in the know about them that actually have more problems than any other.

Xatis groaned to himself, resisting the urge to just slam his head down on the desk. Finally, he pulled out an almost hidden 'tray' beneath his desk, revealing several coloured rune networks all running with each other. The vampire placed his left hand over the blue coloured rune network and muttered something beneath his breath. The rune network lit up, and Xatis then leaned back into his chair, waiting for a response.

If those two are in the middle of a job right now, they'll need some time before they can get back to Xatis.

And knowing them, they're not going to be happy about their next assignment.


In a small resort town of Ireland that is built near the coastline, two teens that looked to be around the ages of seventeen or so could be seen running across the sandy beaches, close on the heels of a pair of Dark Spirits – beings that didn't really have a physical form, and thus, could disappear into smoke or wisp, but also feeds on the fear and negative emotions of humans and make them their slaves.

The male of the pair was very handsome with sleek black hair that frames his face and ruby red eyes, with his hair reaching to the length of his chin. He was dressed in a semi-casual white dress shirt and dark blue jeans with black boots. A gun holster was hanging by the belt from his waist, and much like his companion, he was wearing a black hooded coat that reaches to his thighs, with the emblem of Nightshades – a half sun and moon, on the back.

His companion, a teenage girl nearly half a head shorter than him was in front of him. Much like her companion, she had raven black hair that reaches just a little below her shoulder blades with unusual silver eyes. She was dressed in a white shirt with a black sleeveless cameo vest worn over it and black jeans, with black half boots on her feet and a black leather bracelet on her left wrist. She had gun holsters hanging on either side of the belt around her waist, with a short sword holster resting against the back of her waist. And much like her companion, she was wearing a similar black hooded coat over her clothes. And though it is difficult to see with her male companion, both teens wore similar chokers with a dark blue teardrop pendant hanging from it.

Hilda Evans glanced upwards at the sky only to see that the skies are slowly darkening over, and that dark clouds are slowly converging, slowly covering the bright sun. The dhampir scowled to herself. If there isn't any sunlight, it's going to make their job more difficult.

"Ethan, put the townspeople to sleep!" she called to her partner behind her as she added on an extra burst of speed, her right hand stretched out as she drew out rune symbols in the air and activated a Magic Barrier at the same moment as she leapt over the two Dark Spirits and landed nimbly on her feet in front of them.

One by one, the townsfolk started dropping to sleep on their feet, even the hotdog stand owner who had gone to sleep with his mouth opened, snoring loudly. The children who were playing in the sea had gone to sleep in the water as well, but as they have their safety tubes with them, Hilda wasn't worried about them accidentally drowning.

"This is it for you." Ethan Nightray stated sternly, standing behind the two Dark Spirits with Hilda standing in front of them, thus effectively cutting off all routes of escape for the two Dark Spirits. And with the Magic Barrier that Hilda had drawn up, she had ensured that they couldn't just turn into smoke and fly away. "There is nowhere else to run."

One of the Dark Spirits hissed, her ethereally glowing red eyes giving off an almost ominous glow. Unlike their harmless counterparts, the Earth Spirits, Dark Spirits are just that – Dark Spirits. They feed off the negative emotions of humans, thus only building up the fear and any negative emotions that they feel, magnifying it by ten times, slowly driving them insane and making them the slaves of the Dark Spirits.

"I don't think so!" The Dark Spirit hissed, trying to make herself look threatening to the two Nightshades agents that have cornered her and her sister. "You die here!"

Ethan caught Hilda's eye who nodded. "Very well." Ethan said solemnly before raising his left hand until the index and middle fingers of his left hand are pointing upwards at the sky. With Hilda, she is as much in the same posture that Ethan is in.

And almost immediately, a white glowing rune network appeared beneath their feet, running criss-cross over each other like spider webs. Hilda spread out the fingers of her right hand, holding it so that her palm is facing the ground.

"Spirit Net!" she commanded, and the rune symbols of the network beneath their feet rose up from the ground almost like it had a life of it's own, surrounding the bodies of the two Dark Spirits who begun to shriek painfully as the runes started to burn through their bodies, with smoke rising from it. Without any emotion on her face, Hilda pointed the middle and index fingers of her left hand at the two struggling Dark Spirits. "Banish!"

With a loud inhumane shriek that could have sent chills down any normal human's spine, the two Dark Spirits shrieked loudly before disappearing in a sudden flash of light.

"Well, that's one thing done." Hilda sighed, rubbing the back of her neck even as Ethan nodded and lifted his spell from the townspeople. "Let's go."

The dark clouds were starting to disperse, with the sunlight streaming down strongly on the sandy beaches of the small resort town as the two Nightshades agents slowly made their way back towards the small inn where they had a room booked.

"So where to next?" Hilda asked her partner. "We don't have any other missions, right?"

"Not that I remember." Ethan shook his head. "Should we head back to Sin City for a bit?" He asked, wondering if Hilda would like that. After all, it had been nearly a decade since both of them have been back there. "Luna and Neville and maybe some of the others might be there."

"No, I don't think so." Hilda disagreed. "Last time that we've talked to each other, it was then discovered that all of us have been sent all over the world on mission after mission. None of us have seen each other or even been back to Italy in almost ten years! And from what I heard, Fee and Keena are both heading down South because of the newborn vampire armies after their mission with the Sphinx at Nepal."

"Well, we might have some time to ourselves before the next mission at least. Let's relax for a bit." Ethan suggested.

Unfortunately, he might have spoken a bit too soon, as right on cue, both Nightshades agents felt their pendants warming up around their necks, and they exchanged glances. The chokers that they have on are issued to them the day when they've enlisted into the STAR Unit. It is a way for Xatis and even their fellow STAR agents to communicate with them. It is STAR's way of communication.

"Come on." Ethan murmured before he hurried his pace, leading the way back to their inn room. Thankfully, they didn't meet many people on the way there, and in no time at all, both agents are in the safety of their inn room.

Hilda muttered something beneath her breath before slashing in the air with the middle and index fingers of her right hand. There was a moment before both their pendants glowed from around their necks, and a light blue hologram image appeared in mid-air in front of them – looking almost like a 3D image of a television screen.

"Hi Xatis." Hilda nodded to the head of Nightshades. "What's up?"

"Good to see you both too." Xatis added wryly. "If I'm not mistaken, you're both in Ireland, right? Have you finished up your mission?" Both agents nodded. "Good. I'm sorry for sending you off to one place after another, but I have another mission—two actually, that I need you both on ASAP."

Ethan almost groaned. And judging by the look on Hilda's face, she doesn't look too happy either. While as a vampire and dhampir, they don't really require as much sleep as normal humans, even they do need to run on something, and both of them have been sleeping barely four hours a night for months now.

"Xatis, are you trying to kill us?" Ethan stated through tightly clenched teeth. "You seem to be under the perceived notion that we don't need to sleep!"

Hilda pinched the bridge of her nose. "What mission requires us so badly? Couldn't you hand it to some of the other units?" she asked irritably.

"I would if I could." Xatis said apologetically. "But I can't. Only a STAR agent could handle this. Most specifically, both of you. And I'm sorry, but I need you both to work solo for awhile until one of you could finish up your mission. Ethan, I need you down at Wales ASAP. The werewolf clans are stirring up trouble again, and I need you to look into it. As for Hilda, your mission is a little tricky. I'm sending you to America. There's a situation there that needs your immediate attention."

Ethan and Hilda exchanged looks. "The killings currently happening at Seattle?" Ethan asked with a frown. Xatis isn't surprised that they already knew. Very few things could escape the notice of the STAR agents. All of them are as sharp as needles and just as intuitive. Each of them had an information network that puts Scotland Yard to shame.

"From what we know, Seattle is in a panic, and the recent reports aren't making things any easier." Hilda told Xatis with a frown. "The Seattle police think that it's a case of some serial killer with a few screws loose." She shook her head at this. Oh, the ignorance of the non-magical folk. "But we know better. It's vampires at work here. More specifically, Blood Vampires." She told Xatis what she knew and had figured out from her information.

After all, there is a reason why Hilda Evans had been one of the youngest to enter the STAR Unit. There had been an exception for her – she had enlisted straight upon graduation; the first there is in history. And amongst the thirteen STAR agents, Hilda Evans is the best amongst them in reading between the lines and seeing the truth for what they are. She is shrewd and intuitive – two things that one definitely needs if they wish to survive long as a Nightshades agent and a hunter.

Ethan nodded, agreeing with his partner. "Judging by the killing patterns and the amount of unrest going up there, it's definitely Blood Vampires, since they lack the control and ability of a True Vampire," he stated. "But the killings of that scale that is currently happening in Seattle…" He trailed off slowly, exchanging looks with Hilda. "It's not something that just one vampire can do, no matter how out-of-control they are. Someone's creating an army of new Blood Vampires."

Blood Vampires is the term that Nightshades and the Midnight Society used to refer to 'created vampires'. As in vampires that are not born as one, but was turned. Normally, Blood Vampires possesses no magic abilities of their own, unlike True Vampires, since the vampire venom is toxic, and could easily destroy any magic that they might have.

"This is under the Volturi's jurisdiction, since it's Blood Vampires at work here. Thus, I'm not sure just why they're not doing anything," said Hilda simply. "Given how…strict they are concerning their kind, especially after the Nightshades Law was officially established, they rarely let off any Blood Vampire who is close to exposing their kind. Should I contact them?"

"No," said Xatis simply. "There's something a little off about this. Hilda, I want you to go and get to the bottom of this. Stop the source. There seems to be something bigger happening behind the scenes than just some crazy vampire trying to create an army. If you take into account the number of incidents that have been happening there or around the Seattle area for the past five years…" He trailed off. "I think that there is something bigger to this entire picture."

"If it's a Blood Vampire, it's not our business." Ethan stated. "And from past experience, if it's not down South where the majority of the Blood Vampire wars are, if someone is trying to create an army, most of the time, they are trying to overthrow the Volturi."

Hilda let out a short snort of dark laughter. Suffice to say, Hilda isn't overly fond of the Volturi, particularly a certain blonde Volturi lord. "Really now? To start with, anything that has to do with the Volturi and the Blood Vampires isn't our business. We have no jurisdiction." She frowned. "And this isn't the first time that someone has tried to overthrow them. Lilith knows that the former Roman vampire royals have tried hundreds of times ever since the Volturi have thrown them off their high horses. First there's Britain with all that nonsense with the vampires when they first had that war with Voldemort over a century ago. And then it's their Ministry after the war had ended. It never ends. So why should we bother with this?"

"Because it is our business." Xatis frowned. "I'm pretty sure that you both knew this already, but it isn't good news. Trouble has been happening all over the world."

Hilda and Ethan exchanged looks before turning their attention back to Xatis. "…Tell us what you know about the Seattle incident." Ethan said at last.

"This is just my conjecture." Xatis told them. "But I think that someone bigger is behind the scenes, pulling on the strings. Normally, would any sane vampire think to create an army in a human city where there might be media attention and all that from the humans? Something like this, I believe that you both have already long have formed your own conclusions."

Hilda groaned. "It might have something to do with them," she said at last, albeit reluctantly. "Whenever someone's creating an army or trying to start a war, it always has something to do with them. They're never far behind." She added sourly.

"…Inferno." Ethan muttered, a dark expression on his face at the mere mention of that accursed organisation that all of Nightshades have been after for the past century and a half, particularly the STAR Unit.

"And if Inferno is involved, then it means that they are involved as well." Hilda scowled. "And if they are involved, it means that Ieric is involved. And if Ieric is involved, it means trouble with a capital T."

"And the problems down at Wales isn't something that we can ignore either. I would have sent Xaline and Selene down instead, as Xaline is a werewolf too, and could probably handle this better, but they're both currently tied down at Egypt with the Chimera still." Xatis said apologetically.

"Do you really need me down there?" Ethan demanded irritably, not liking the idea of letting Hilda head to America on a mission of this calibre all on her own. "What about the others? Fee and Keena? Luna and Neville? Celia and Carlo? And what about Leafa, Lelal and Teliu?"

Xatis sighed for what must be the hundredth time that day. Dealing with his nephew always gives him a headache. He started to tick off on his fingers. "Xaline and Selene, as you both knew, are currently at Egypt with the Chimera," he stated. "Fee and Keena are heading down South to deal with the newborn armies as they've been stirring up more trouble than usual. Celia and Carlo are at Norway handling the problems that the Dark Elves have been stirring up – something about it always being dark there now. As for Luna and Neville, I'm sending them to deal with the problems that a group of Sirens are stirring up at some town in Ireland after they've finished up at Cebu. I would have sent you both to handle it, as you're currently in Ireland, but I need you in Wales and America respectively. As for Leafa and her group, they've gone to investigate what had gotten a Medusa in such a bad mood that she's basically fossilised an entire town in Cuba. Any other questions?" He asked tiredly.

"No sir." Both muttered.

"Just get to it ASAP please." Xatis sighed tiredly.

The connection was then cut off, and both Ethan and Hilda turned towards each other. "I'll finish up at Wales as soon as I can before I head to America." Ethan said with a frown, his mind running through several scenarios. "I don't like the feel of the situation in America. If Xatis is right, then we might be dealing with something large here – like the incident with Eri back then."

Hilda had a slight pained look on her face at the mention of their good friend, but she nodded. "Don't worry about me. I know what to do. Besides, I'm due to check up on the Blood Vampire coven in Forks and the shape shifter pack in La Push anyway. They happen to be in the area of Seattle, so I can check if they know anything about the Seattle situation. I doubt that it has anything to do with them, but they might know something that we don't."

Nightshades keep the Midnight Society in line by sending their agents all over the world to check on them, and make sure that they're behaving themselves. If they're found to be…terrorising the humans, the hunter in question has to contact Nightshades and await further instructions.

"So do you want to take the private jet or should I?" asked Ethan with a frown.

All STAR agents pairs have their own private jet that they used to travel all over the world for their missions. In the long run, it is less expensive for Nightshades to get private jets for their STAR agents than continuously paying for plane tickets for their agents. STAR agents have their own automobiles too, usually bikes, which they kept shrunk on their person until they are in need of them.

"You take it." Hilda told her partner. "I'm not too certain of the situation in Wales, but if the werewolves are acting up again, it's safer for you if you take the private jet. I'll be fine with the public airplane." She then frowned. "But something's a little off here though." She admitted, looking at Ethan.

The vampire sighed, looking troubled. "You think so too, huh?" he mused, frowning thoughtfully. "All thirteen STAR agents have been all over the world for the past decade. None of us have been back to Italy for the same amount of time. It seems awfully like someone's trying to stir up trouble." Ethan frowned. "And whoever they are, they seemed to be planning something big."

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