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It's all shiny and new and I'm totally excited! I've been bogged down by major writer's block lately with some of my stories so I took the opportunity to go back and read them. When I read this one I was totally embarrassed by the tiny editing mistakes sprinkled throughout the story that never should have made it by me and by the almost super choppy nature of it, which is totally not my norm (at least in my opinion!). So I took to editing, fixing mistakes here and there, adding in some brand new material, giving you more background on Belle and a bigger insight to what she might be. I seriously hope this is a better version that you all are able to enjoy even more! The story is still a slight AU with normal canon scenes as I add Belle into the mix. I don't want to divert too far off into my own little world but to establish the relationship between them, there will be chapters that have absolutely nothing to do with the seasons. I'm a total Eric lover so I choose to ignore how they ended season six. If they kill him, that show will die. Hmph.

Pairing: Eric Northman/OFC- Annabelle Lee Carnevare
*Shipping Names Suggested: Belleric, Bellic, and Bellric (Got one? Share it!)

Rating: M- for language, adult themes/situations, blood (hello, vampires) and general HBO style goodness.

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*Things to look out for in the Re-Write!*
-The Prologue, right here! It gives a new, interesting view into Belle's backstory, hinting at her heritage and things to come. Though there's plenty that's still a mystery, trust me(:
-Added bits and pieces throughout the story
-Better detailing through situations, etc.
-A new scene from Eric's POV before he comes to her in the church!
-And general updates, rewording, and condensing
-Hope you enjoy!

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Decisions made of the heart
stay in the blood.
And the funny thing about blood?
It's always there.

Almost Twenty Years Previous

In the early summer evening as the Louisiana sun slowly dipped through the sky, turning it a faded pink that swirled with yellows and oranges while soft clouds drifted across the open expanse, there was a rippling in the air that left the surrounding grass and trees shimmering like a mirage. A soft popping sound echoed through the quiet cemetery and woodsy trees that sat between two plantation homes and suddenly a gaping hole appeared where the shimmering had been, slowly pulling apart to reveal a swirling, churning, glittery purple abyss.

From which a woman stumbled through.

Her hair fell in brunette curls that tumbled about wildly, much like the look in her eyes, before she whipped around and waved her hand in front of the shiny opening. It closed quickly, folding back in on itself as the shimmery illusion collapsed into nothingness. Taking a deep breath the woman gazed around the open field, briefly admiring how being located on the cusp of the dimensional crossroads left the little cemetery much greener and brighter than most, a mystical resting ground. At the faint sound of laughter she was stirred from her musings and began her journey forward, her bare feet sinking in to the plush earth as the folds of her pink gown floated around her ankles. At the movement, the small bundle she held wrapped tightly in her arms stirred just slightly, letting out a soft gurgle.

"Hush sweetheart," The woman purred. "Everything will be alright, I will make you safe."

Even if doing it meant sending her far from where she belonged.

The woman placed a soft kiss to the baby's forehead, watching with a half smile as her glimmering light transferred from her lips to her child's skin, meshing with the baby's own light inside. She quickened her steps as the soft laughter grew louder, closer, until she emerged from the whispering trees to find a woman with graying hair pointing out pictures in a magazine held by her daughter.

Just the woman she was looking for.

She slowed her steps as she softly approached them, still unsure of how to make the request she so desperately needed of the woman before her who knew more than most, more than she should. It was her that noticed the mysterious woman's presence first however, trailing off in her humored speech as a look of recognition flickered quickly across her features before an expression of deep concern replaced it.

It gave the woman hope.

"Adele." She greeted, her voice softly touching the air.

The second woman looked up in surprise, her eyes widening at the sight of the stranger standing so near without making a sound. When both of their eyes settled on the obvious bundle she kept close to her chest they widened further and Adele stood slowly, pushing the magazine aside, forgotten.

"You're running." Adele murmured after gazing at the woman in front of her for some time.

She swallowed thickly before nodding.


A handful of heartbeats worth of silence passed as each woman stared at the others around her; one in desperation and pleading, one in veiled understanding, and one in surprised confusion.

"From what?" The daughter asked, the first to break the quiet.

The new woman gazed at her steadily, her eyes sweeping the girl's form as she reached out with her senses to touch her aura, exploring her demeanor. But nothing alarming or spiteful filtered off of the girl in her emotional waves. Instead there was genuine concern for the woman before her and her child, confusion at how her mother might know this strange woman, and a slight twinge of fear.

"War." The woman muttered, deciding on the truth as her eyes swung back to Adele, her musical tone dampened by circumstances. "War has erupted in Faery."

"Faery?" The daughter coughed, shocked.

The woman sighed, softly rocking the child in her arms to keep her quiet.

"Yes, Faery, the plane where I am from." She explained, locking eyes with Adele once more. "The war has begun and it-it is no longer safe for her. She needs to be kept safe, she is…special."

The older woman stepped forward then, used to the faint glow and intense beauty that radiated from the woman who stood before her. She tilted her head, watching carefully as the Faerie pulled back the soft silk that swaddled the young infant to reveal her. The women let out a soft gasps as the child lazily blinked open her golden hued eyes ringed with a faint green and gave a hiccupping giggle as she clumsily reached for and grasped her mother's finger.

"She's so beautiful."

The Faerie nodded, a small smile of thanks and agreement gracing her lips, and just for a moment she pretended that all was well. That the fighting and bloodshed over power was a figment of her imagination, instead she was showing off her precious baby that could rival the God's for all her beauty. The fantasy was all too soon replaced by a saddened frown though as a distant force pulled at the light in her chest, calling her home. She glanced over her shoulder back toward the portal in worry but there was nothing, it remained closed until she would reopen it with a drop of her royal blood. She turned back once more and gazed imploringly at the woman who had given birth to three children who had fae blood mingling in their veins after her time spent with the woman's uncle years ago.

She would know how to care for her.

"She needs your protection Adele, it is imperative that she disappear entirely from Faery and that the Fae never learn of her existence here, hidden away on this plane."

"But, you said she-" Adele murmured, faintly worried.

"Is special, yes, much like your grandchildren are but to a far greater degree." The woman spoke hastily. "She will share in Sookie's abilities," She explained, ignoring the startled gasp from the younger woman hovering near her. "But there will be others that she must be prepared for, they will be stronger, more so than we have seen I fear. I wouldn't ask this of you if there were any other way."

Her pleading eyes met those of the older woman's, watching hopefully as understanding and hesitant acceptance flickered in their depths. The Faerie nodded and drew a ragged breath that was far more human than most Fae were willing to admit before the resounding pull grasped once more at her chest, physically tugging her backwards a single step to return to the portal. She shook her head at it and gently passed the infant over from the warmth of her arms to those of Adele's, faint tears making her eyes shimmer in the increasing darkness as she ignored the ripping pain settling in her essence while their separation loomed closer.

"But what about you?" The daughter whispered sadly.

The Faerie didn't know.

She wanted to believe that she would return, more than anything.

But she simply didn't know.

"I will come if I can," The woman spoke softly. "If it is safe for her, if the war is won."

Silence settled among the three as they each gazed at the child, only nature's noises filling the air.

She quickly leaned forward and pressed her fingertips to the baby's forehead as she closed her eyes and gathered a stream of memories into an orb of glowing pink light before sending it through her and into that of her child. One day, they would rise, and she just might remember. She kissed the child one last time as her heart stuttered painfully in her chest before grasping the hand of the older woman tightly in thanks as she backed away slowly, her father's call now insistent and unyielding within her chest. She knew he was right. Time was running out and if she didn't leave for the portal now her steps would be easy to follow, easy to trace, and all their planning and work would have been for not.

"She was called Astra, for the stars." She murmured quietly in farewell, stepping toward the cemetery once more. "One day, she should know."