So...I wrote this about five months ago and decided to upload it. Its set in the over used Chunin Exam saga so if you're tired of it, I'm sorry. Yes, there'll be OOC'ness but when isn't there any in fanfics? if you are reading it, I hope you enjoy, but I don't know if I'll finish it. Let me know what you think I should do, finish or leave as is.

"So Anko, looks like you decided to go along with torturing the Genin so soon." Kakashi commented.

"Hey, it pays to see their faces cringe." Anko replied, "Now don't distract me, I want to make a flashy entrance."

"Right, well let me know when you're done." Kakashi replied, taking out one of his books.

"I swear I'll get you out of that book one day." Anko mumbled.

"You passed!" said a voice in the building next to them.

"I think that's your cue." Kakashi mumbled.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask," Anko began, "is Naruto really that dense?"

"You're asking because of Hinata?" Kakashi asked and Anko nodded, "Yes." As soon as Kakashi finished Anko dove in through the window and launched two spears onto the ceiling that spread a banner detailing the beginning of the Second Chunin Exam.

"Alright, listen up maggots!" Anko shouted, "You're in my show now and when I'm done with you I grantee that most of you will be dead!" Silence fell upon the room. 'Damn brats, I expected at least a few of you shaking in fear.' "Just follow me." she commanded clearly annoyed.

Anko led the crowd of Genin to the training ground codenamed the Forest of Death. Among the crowd of Genin stood a timid girl waiting for her chance to make herself visible to her crush. Anko passed out liability wavers for each to sign, which the girl signed without thinking as her mind was elsewhere.

"N-n-naruto." she called out to a blond young man in an orange jumpsuit as he approached.

"Oh, hey Hinata." Naruto greeted, "Can you believe they're making us sign these?"

"O-oh, I know." Hinata laughed nervously, "I've actually got something for you." Hinata pulled out an herbal ointment which Naruto unintentionally ignored as he turned his attention to his team mates.

"Hey, Sakura! Can you believe this?" Naruto called out, referring to the waver as he left. Hinata looked up to realize that Naruto had completely ignored her kind gesture.

'I guess I'll give it to him another time.' she thought with a sigh. Unknown to her, two jade eyes watched the event play out.

'How pathetic.' the owner of the eyes thought to themselves.

Meanwhile, Anko was watching the Genin deliver the wavers.

"Hey Anko." Kakashi greeted.

"Oh, hey Kakashi." Anko replied, "What are you up to?"

"Actually, I thought I'd give you a surprise." Kakashi replied as he grabbed his headband and mask.

"Kakashi! You wouldn't?" Anko asked shocked.

"For you, I would." Kakashi replied as he yanked off his mask and head band in a fashion that was so dramatic, everyone turned to see as Kakashi revealed...

"Another mask and headband?" Sakura asked herself.

"AGH! KAKASHI YOU ASSHOLE!" Anko shouted as Kakashi smiled behind his mask at her, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I FELL FOR THAT STUPID OLD TRICK!" A few genin couldn't hold back their laughter. "HEY! Just for that, we start now! Get to your gates!" Anko commanded with such authority, that the genin scrambled to deliver their wavers and towards their assigned gates.


"You ready Hinata?" Kiba asked. Hinata nodded and looked over at her other teammate, Shino, for his response. Shino nodded and got ready to burst in.

"All right, you know the rules now." Anko commented, "Get in, get the opposite scroll you have from another team, and get to the tower in the center with both. DO NOT OPEN THEM BEFORE HAND, UNDERSTAND!?" Anko looked at her watch and as soon as it read noon she shouted, "GO!"

The gates opened and every genin dashed forward and disappeared into the forest. Twenty minutes into the forest, Hinata's team stopped for a short break.

"Hey, something's going on in that direction." Kiba commented, "Can you see what it is Hinata?" Hinata nodded and activated her Byakugan.

"I see.." Hinata began.

"What?" Shino asked.

"I'd...rather not say what is over there." Hinata replied with shock before quickly pointing in another direction, "B-but over in that direction there are six large energy chakara's. One is significantly larger than the rest."

"We should check it out." Kiba suggested and he moved forward.

"Hinata," Shino whispered, "what did you see in the other direction?"

"N-naruto...holding hands with Sakura..." Hinata replied with tears in her eyes.

Upon arriving to said location, Hinata and her team were just in time to see the remains of a ninja on the ground and his teammates being crushed by sand.

"That sand..." Kiba commented, "It just reeks of blood, and not the recent." Hinata shivered a bit and looked at the remaining three ninjas.

"Gaara, you crushed the scroll!" one of them commented.

"Kankuro, you can be a real pain." Gaara replied.

"We're supposed to get those scrolls and get out of this stupid forest." Kankuro snapped, "That's never going to happen if you keep pulverizing others to bits while the scroll is still on them!"

"That's enough, let's just get going." the third, female, ninja commented.

"Stay out of this Temari." Kankuro ordered.

"You're getting on my last nerve." Gaara commented.

"Like I care!" Kankuro snapped, "I'll take you on!" Gaara never caught this as his attention was to the bushes nearby.

'Looks like I've got more victims.' he thought to himself as he sent a wave of sand towards it and successfully caught someone.

"What the hell?" Kankuro commented as Gaara used his sand to drag Hinata out of the bushes as she clawed at the ground in an effort to escape. Garra lifted the sand so that it brought Hinata face to face with him.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

"H-h-h-h-hin-n-na-t-t-a." Hinata whimpered. Shino and Kiba stepped out of their cover.

"Let her go." Kiba ordered.

"I think you just cost her, her life!" Gaara commented and turned his hand into a fist, commanding the sand to implode to crush Hinata...but nothing happened.

"Uhhh...I thought you were going to kill her?" Kankuro commented.

"Shut up!" Gaara snapped as he attempted the sand burial again, but this time Hinata started to laugh.

"No, haha, please! Hahah, please stop! Hahaha, that tickles!" Hinata cried out in her laughter.


"Oh it's doing that alright." Kiba teased, "It's going to tickle her to death!" Kiba began to laugh, but was silenced by a pillar of sand that emerged from the ground and knocked the wind out of him.

"This girl is going to pay for the humiliation she caused me!" Gaara commented as he vanished along with Hinata.

"Damn, where'd they go!?" Shino asked.

"Don't look at us." Temari replied, "He's unpredictable at this point."