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"Wha- what is happening to me!?" Hinata whispered to herself as she walked aimlessly in the dark, unaware of where she was or where she was going, "I-I won the match, but…I really hurt Neji…and Kiba!"

"Exactly." a voice laughed. Hinata looked around to find herself in the middle of a forest, all alone.

"H-hello?" she called out before feeling her head jerk to the side.

"Finally!" she snapped, "I was wondering when I would be able to talk this way!" Hinata jerked back, she looked around in fear to find the source of the voice, not realizing the truth.

"Wh-who are you!? Where are you!?" she asked fearfully before her hear turned to face another direction on its own.

"You still don't get it!? I'm you stupid! I'm your little tough side that you kept out of reach from yourself!" the her voice replied, "You didn't pay attention when I was just a whisper in your head so I had to force my way out! Thanks to you boyfriend's demon, I was able to come out!" Hinata's head jerked back and she held it in her hands.

"N-no! Go away!" she shouted fearfully, "Y-you're the one who hurt Kiba and Neji aren't you!" Hinata's head turned to her right.

"…nnnooo, that was actually you." her voice replied casually, "After all, it's your body. I didn't come out and move you like a puppet, I just…gave a little push."

"Liar!" Hinata snapped.

"Ok, yes I lied." Her voice laughed then casually added, "You know, this way of communication isn't any better. We still look like a person who's lost it, what with us literally snapping back at our self here."

"Stop!" Hinata shouted. Silence ensued and she looked around as if she's just stopped the passage of time with her shout.

Her relief was short lived as her voice once again came on its own and whispered, "No." Hinata fell over on her knees then to the ground as if she were trying to shield a small animal as she held her hands on her head.

"Leave me alone!" she cried, "What do you want!?"

"…everything." Her voice whispered. Hinata gasped and her eyes shot wide open in fear as her voice continued at a normal volume, "You've been leading our life and setting us up for nothing but the backseat in every conflict that could benefit us! Soon the sweet, innocent, and powerless Hinata will be a memory…and everyone who saw us that way will know the new tough, powerful, no bullshit Hinata." Hinata shook her head, trying to convince herself that the conversation wasn't happening before the voice added, "Oh, and you know why you really hang around Gaara? It's because deep down inside, you prefer a man who has power and will use it ruthlessly…then again, that will be your new public known preference, won't it?"

"No!" Hinata cried before falling over.

Before she blacked out, her voice whispered one last statement, "At least you did one thing right and found a great guy for me."


"You ever wonder why they split the exams so far apart?" Anko asked as she and Kakashi sat at the roof of the Academy.

"Not really." Kakashi replied without looking up from his book, "It's to give the participants time to prepare after all, isn't it?"

"…I know." Anko replied as she looked out over the village while taking a bite of her dango.

"Then why'd you ask?" Kakashi asked and Anko shrugged.

"Guess I just wanted to talk about something." She replied, "So what do you make of what happened to Hinata?" Kakashi paused before he closed his book and put it away.

"…I don't know…" he said seriously, "If I had to guess, it probably has something to do with Gaara. Hinata has been around him for longer than we'd like."

"…speaking of Hinata and Gaara, where are they?" Anko asked, "No one's seen them since the end of the preliminaries."

"Gaara's looking for Hinata." A voice replied. Anko and Kakashi turned to see Zabuza stab his sword into the roof before taking a seat next to them, "Last I saw her she was walking around aimlessly."

"…well aren't you just doing a splendid job of looking after her." Kakashi said sarcastically.

"I told her to scream in pain if she needed help." Zabuza replied before looking at Anko and Kakashi to see them both staring at him, "…fine, I'll go look for her."


Gaara observed Hinata from a distance, watching with a smirk as she argued with herself.

'Told you it'd be hilarious.' The demon said.

'As amusing as it is, we can't let her be overtaken by herself.' Gaara replied.

'Why not?' the demon asked, 'She's a hell of a lot better now…don't tell me, you've actually developed feelings for her?' Gaara remained silent. 'HAHAHA! You pathetic fool!' the demon mocked.

'ENOUGH!' Gaara snapped before he came out of hiding and walked up to Hinata's limp body, noticing that she had passed out from the conflict with herself. He stood over her, looking down as her tear streaked face and he couldn't help but smile, 'Still…it's fun to see her suffer this way.' Gently he picked Hinata up and began to walk to her home, at least until Hinata stirred, snuggled into his chest, then fell into a deep slumber. Gaara stood frozen and mesmerized as he looked down at her face which was now relaxed and at peace. He sighed in frustration before he continued to walk, 'What am I doing?' Upon reaching Hinata's house, Gaara saw her father at the door, waiting for Hinata to come home. Rather than go up to him and toss him his daughter, Gaara went around and climbed into Hinata's room through her window, before setting her down on her bed. Once that was done, he turned to leave when something pulled him back. Gaara turned to see that Hinata had grabbed his hand in her sleep…and it was not a loose grip. He tried to pry her hand off of his, but as he did Hinata began to look like she was having a nightmare. He sighed and took a seat next to her bed, thinking that she would eventually let go…a thought that lasted three hours.

'God damn it, let go already!' He screamed in his head, but instead Hinata's grip tightened slightly, as if needing assurance that he was there…though she didn't know. Twenty minutes passed and Gaara's patience snapped almost audibly. He stood straight up and was about to pry his hand free any way he could when Hinata suddenly jerked him towards her. Gaara was caught completely off guard and came down on Hinata as she released his hand and instead brought up both arms and wrapped them around his neck as his lips met hers. Shocked stiff would not be enough to describe Gaara's state of mind right now, even turned to stone is an understatement as he was unable to move while Hinata slowly moved away and let him go, revealing a blush that began to dominate his face.

"Sorry…" she mumbled in her sleep.

"Oh, get over it!" she suddenly snapped in a way that Gaara could only guess was her tougher self scolding…well…herself. Gaara finally managed to regain control of his body and fled the scene instantly and quietly as the door opened to reveal Hinata's parents.

"I told you she was asleep, talk to her in the morning." Hinata's mother scolded her husband before she closed the door. Hinata sighed in contentness in her sleep.