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Bella spent the next week browsing real estate sites, investigating the different neighborhoods that Seattle had to offer. She, Edward, and Carlisle all agreed that they wanted a neighborhood and a home with character, so she'd called Alice to get her insider's view on what areas might be a good fit for them. Alice excitedly talked about her own neighborhood in the Queen Anne section of Seattle. When she mentioned the gorgeous views, Bella was intrigued and penciled it in at the top of her list.

When Edward and Carlisle saw it there they laughed. Edward grinned and shook his head. "I knew she'd try to get us in there. If there's a house for sale on their street, watch out—Alice will have it bought and ready for us to move into."

Bella smiled, but she really didn't mind Alice's tactics. It would be nice to have family near, and she truly did consider Edward's family her own. There were worse things than to have people who loved you and wanted you close, she thought.

She felt like she could finally relax and take a breath. She'd spent long hours writing and revising an article and had finally sent off some queries; now she just had to wait and see how it was received. Rose had planted the seed in her head, and as the idea took root and grew, Bella had become almost obsessed with the idea. Edward and Carlisle had been curious as to what she was so passionate about, but she'd been quiet about it, so they backed off and figured she'd tell them in her own time. She was both excited and nervous about their reaction.


By Wednesday, an itinerary had been agreed upon. They'd arrive in Seattle by noon Friday, check in to their hotel, have some lunch and spend some time wandering around the Olympic Sculpture Park. Saturday would be spent with Edward's family at Alice and Jasper's house. Bella could practically feel Alice's excitement vibrating through the phone when she'd spoken to her; she knew they'd be getting the hard sell on the Queen Anne neighborhood. Edward's parents would meet them later, and they'd all go out for dinner. Sunday, Bella had made them promise to take her to Pike Place Market, and they would see as much as they could of the Seattle Art Museum before heading back. Bella's excitement was infectious, and Edward laughed as he reminded her that they were moving to Seattle and didn't have to see everything in this trip.

Carlisle had booked a luxurious suite at the Edgewater Hotel. As its name implied, it had gorgeous views of Puget Sound. He and Edward had wanted Bella's first trip to Seattle to be memorable, and he smiled as he imagined her reaction to the spacious suite with its breathtaking views. His mind started to wander, and he thought of the enormous bed, the whirlpool tub … With a rueful smile and a groan, he adjusted himself and went back to packing, turning when he heard Edward walk in.

"Hey, Car, I'm running to the cleaners. Did you—ˮ Edward stopped at the sight of Carlisle and grinned. "What's got you looking so … uncomfortable?"

Carlisle chuckled. "Just thinking about being alone in that suite with you and Bella."

"Mmm." Edward closed his eyes and groaned. "Is it Friday yet?"

"Almost, babe. Almost."


Thursday was spent doing some last minute packing and organizing. Bella spent an hour on the phone with Alice, patiently listening as she extolled the virtues of her neighborhood. She asked Bella if Indian food was all right with her, as there was a great new restaurant in the area that she wanted to take everyone to Saturday night. Bella merely laughed and told Alice that whatever she wanted to do on Saturday was fine with her, and undoubtedly with Edward and Carlisle, too. Bella just didn't have the heart to get in the way of Alice's plans, and she truly was happy to go along with whatever she'd planned.

Finally, it was Friday. The men packed everything into Carlisle's SUV, and they were on the road by eight. Bella was leafing through a guidebook and would exclaim excitedly every few minutes, describing some new museum or attraction that she wanted to visit, much to Edward and Carlisle's amusement. They were thrilled that she was so excited about their upcoming move.

Carlisle pulled up to the hotel's valet parking just before noon. They unloaded their bags and went to check in, chatting and smiling in anticipation of the weekend. Bella's ears perked up when she heard the desk clerk mention a "suite." The hotel was beautiful; she was certain it was expensive, but now she wondered what this weekend must be costing.

She tried to be subtle as she pulled Edward aside. "I hate to be uncouth, but … we're staying in a suite? An ordinary room here must cost a fortune. I don't want you to—ˮ

With an easy grin, Edward stopped her words with a gentle finger on her lips. "Bella—we're here to introduce you to the city and to reconnect and have a good time. Don't worry about the cost. It's not a hardship."

He leaned down and pecked her lips, then draped a long arm across her shoulders. Carlisle turned, keycards in hand, and looked between them with a smile. "Well, my loves, we're all set. Shall we check out our suite?"


Bella stifled a moan as Edward and Carlisle ran their hands over her body, pressing tiny kisses to her face and neck. They were the only people in the elevator, and she loved the naughty thrill that ran through her at having such intimate contact in such a public place. All too soon, the elevator had arrived at their floor, and with a final kiss from each, Edward and Carlisle straightened and ushered her to their suite.

As Carlisle opened the door, Bella's eyes widened. Carlisle had booked the Penthouse Suite, and it was stunning. Every bit as luxurious as its name implied, it had a dining room, living room with a gorgeous fireplace, private deck, and, of course, incredible views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

"Oh, Carlisle … Edward, it's breathtaking. Thank you." Words were, for once, failing Bella. She was overcome with love for the two men and thankful that they'd come through the first bump in their relationship and ended up stronger.

Carlisle kissed the top of her head, then whispered, "Don't you want to see the bedroom?"

"And the bathroom; don't forget that tub. That tub can hold three, easy." Edward threw her a wink and followed Carlisle into the bedroom.

The bedroom was elegant and inviting, with a king-sized four poster bed and sumptuous linens in warm, neutral shades. Peeking into the spacious bathroom, Bella saw with delight that Edward was correct—the whirlpool tub could easily accommodate the three of them. She closed her eyes and imagined lying back in the arms of her lovers, while warm, scented water bubbled and swirled all around them.

"Later, beautiful. That's a promise." Edward rubbed her shoulders lightly, reminding Bella of something.

"Oh, while we're here, do you think we could book a massage? Remember when we were talking about it?" Bella asked Edward excitedly.

"Already done. We'll have some lunch, then come back here for a private massage. I thought you'd like that better than the spa. If not … ˮ Edward trailed off, uncertain.

"That's perfect." Bella rose up to wrap her arms around Edward's neck and press her lips to his. "Thank you both for doing all this. I feel so spoiled!"

Releasing Edward, she hugged Carlisle tightly, her face nuzzled into his chest. "Maybe we should just stay in all weekend."

Both men laughed at Bella's change of heart.

"We'll have plenty of time to visit and see the sights and still take advantage of the amenities. Don't worry." Carlisle chuckled as he kissed Bella's forehead.

Wrapping his arms around both of his lovers, Edward asked, "So, shall we order some room service? The massage is booked for three o'clock. After that, we can check out the sculpture park if we feel like moving."

Everyone agreed, and after perusing the menu, they all decided on chicken Caesar salad and a bottle of wine. As Edward ordered, Bella smiled, feeling like she should pinch herself to be sure this was all real.


Shortly after lunch, the spa sent up three massage therapists, who worked quickly and efficiently to turn the living room of the suite into a private spa. Lights were dimmed, soft music played and lightly scented candles perfumed the air. Bella lay on a table in between Edward and Carlisle, lulled almost to sleep by the soothing environment and the strong, capable hands of her masseur. How had she never done this before, she wondered?

Turning her head, she saw Edward smiling over at her. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked quietly. Returning his smile, she nodded and once again closed her eyes.

Afterwards, Bella lounged between Edward and Carlisle on the plush sofa. They were all still wearing the thick terrycloth robes provided by the hotel. Bella felt boneless, more relaxed and at peace than she'd been in a long time. She was torn between wanting to see the sculpture garden, and wanting to enjoy the cavernous whirlpool tub with her lovers.

Edward made the decision for them. Looking from Bella to Carlisle, he flashed the lopsided grin that Bella loved. "I think we can squeeze the sculpture garden in tomorrow, don't you?"

Carlisle nodded. "Definitely. I say tonight we should check out the tub … and the bed."

"Make sure it's comfortable, you mean?" Edward asked in a faux-innocent tone.

"I'm sure it will exceed our expectations." There was a knock at the door, and Carlisle got up to get it. A server wheeled in a cart holding a bottle of champagne on ice and a large silver bowl of glistening, ripe strawberries.

Bella sat up, wide-eyed. "When did you order this? You're setting the bar pretty high, you know. When we get home, I'm going to expect massages and champagne and strawberries every night!" Carlisle signed the bill, and with a quiet click the door closed behind the server.

Edward laughed as he reached for a strawberry. "I think we can manage that."

Carlisle filled three flutes and passed one to Bella and Edward. "To new beginnings."

Bella's eyes filled with tears, taking her by surprise. She shook her head at Carlisle's concerned look. "I'm sorry, I'm just so, so happy to be here with you. If you'd told me a year ago that I could be this happy, I never would have believed it. I love you both so much."

Cupping her cheek, Edward turned her to face him. "And you know we love you." He took her mouth in a gentle kiss that grew more heated as Bella wound her arms around his neck, pressing herself up against him. After a moment she broke away, panting, then launched herself at Carlisle, straddling his lap and kissing him hungrily.

When they finally broke apart, the tension in the air was thick and heady. Clearing his throat, Carlisle stood, gripping the bottle of champagne by the neck. "Why don't we move this into the bedroom?"


In the bedroom, Carlisle pressed Edward roughly up against the wall. Bella felt a tug of desire as she watched them kiss. Finally, they broke apart, and Carlisle turned to her with a lustful look.

"Do you remember what you asked for, Bella? What you and Edward discussed when I was in Chicago?"

Bella felt her skin prickle with goosebumps. Blood rushed to her face as she remembered that night, and what she and Edward had done. What she'd told him she wanted.

"Y—yes, I remember." Her eyes dark with desire, she looked from Carlisle to Edward. She needed them to know that she wanted this.

Suddenly Carlisle was right behind her, his breath hot as he whispered in her ear. "Do you still want that, Bella? Are you sure?"

Bella swallowed and closed her eyes. "Yes, God, yes. Please, I want both of you tonight."

No sooner had the words left her lips than Edward was in front of her, deftly untying her robe as he went in for a heated kiss. Carlisle slipped the robe from her shoulders, letting it pool on the floor. She whimpered as both men's hands started roaming her body as they guided her over to the bed.

She laid back against the mounds of plump pillows, followed closely by Edward and Carlisle. Both men had discarded their robes and knelt on the bed in a passionate embrace. Bella watched with heavy-lidded eyes; seeing them together always sent a jolt of desire through her. After a moment, they broke apart and turned to Bella. She shivered at the heat in their gaze.

Edward crawled up behind her, reaching around to cup a breast as he nipped at her neck, while Carlisle kissed his way down her chest to her stomach and hips.

"Mmm, I haven't stopped thinking about this since the night you and I first talked about it." Edward gently turned Bella onto her back, leaning on one elbow and gazing down at her as he spoke. He dragged a single finger down between her breasts, watching her nipples pucker up. He continued down, smiling at Bella's gasp when he followed the crease of her thigh, finally slipping it inside her.

"Oh …" Bella's eyes fluttered closed. "I want you … both of you … please."

Carlisle stroked her hair as he watched her writhe in pleasure. "Christ, Bella, do you know how often I've thought of this? Thought of you and Edward and imagined what it would be like to be with you, inside you at the same time?"

With Edward pumping his fingers inside her and Carlisle's heated words, it wasn't long before Bella's orgasm swept through her, making her gasp and tremble. When her breathing slowed, Edward rolled onto his back and pulled Bella astride him, cupping her face and meeting her for a slow, sensuous kiss.

Carlisle knelt behind Bella and caressed her back, starting at her shoulder blades and sliding down to her hips. When he cupped her buttocks, she whimpered and pressed back into his hands. His hands left her body; she heard a soft click, then felt cool liquid drizzled in between her cheeks. She whimpered as his hands returned, gently preparing her.

"Relax, babe. This is going to be so good." Edward thrust up against Bella, making her moan. He sucked at her neck, a spot he knew drove her crazy. Bella felt consumed by sensation. Her eyes fluttered closed as Edward positioned himself against her wet flesh and slid inside.

She whimpered as Carlisle's fingers left her body; he loomed over her, dropping kisses along her back, and whispered, "Ready, beautiful?"

"Yes," she moaned, arching back towards him. A moment later she felt him pressing against her; Bella groaned as he entered her, slowly pushing inside. Both men stilled, letting her get accustomed to the new sensation. She breathed deeply, waiting for the slight discomfort to pass and marveling at how full she felt.

"All right?" Edward asked in a hoarse voice.

"Yes …" Bella moaned as Carlisle began to move, a slow careful counterpoint to Edward's thrusts. As they settled into a rhythm, Bella's eyes closed, and she concentrated on just feeling: the soft brush of her breasts against Edward's chest, the warm puffs of Carlisle's breath on her shoulder. Her own breathing picked up as her lovers increased the pace, and soon Edward stiffened under her and let out a low groan. Carlisle soon followed, gently lowering himself on top of Bella when he'd finished. After a few moments, he carefully lifted himself up and moved to stretch out on the bed. Bella rolled off of Edward and snuggled in between the two men, a slow, satisfied smile stretching her lips.

"That was …" She just lay there, a dazed smile pulling at her lips, not bothering to finish her sentence.

"Yes, it certainly was," Edward agreed in a serious tone. He and Carlisle laughed at Bella's apparent inability to find words to describe their lovemaking.

Her cheeks flushed as Bella joined in. "You managed to leave me speechless—that's a testament to your skills!" Her expression grew earnest as she looked from one man to the other. "Seriously, that was incredible. I felt so … connected to both of you."

Realizing her choice of words could be taken in two ways, Bella gave Edward a mock-sharp glare. "Don't you say a word!"

He laughed, leaning over to kiss her nose. "I'm just teasing, babe, you know that. It was amazing, and I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same."

"Mmm, I think we all do." Carlisle tucked a few stray hairs behind Bella's ear; the light touch made her shiver.

For a while, they just lay there, sated and happy to be together. Words weren't necessary. Just as Bella felt herself drifting off, Carlisle spoke in a low voice. "If you're not too tired, why don't we try out that enormous tub?"

Edward enthusiastically embraced the idea, and gave Bella a gentle shake. "Oh, yeah. Come on, sleepyhead. You'll love it."

Looking between the two men she loved, Bella couldn't refuse. And the idea of sharing the huge whirlpool tub with them was not without its appeal. Yawning, she smiled and sat up as Edward went to run the water.

She turned to Carlisle. "Thank you for everything. I'm so excited for this weekend, and I'm really looking forward to the move." Leaning forward, she placed a light kiss on his lips. "I love you."

"The feeling is entirely mutual." They kissed for a moment before Carlisle pulled back, dragging a hand through his hair. "Let's join Edward before he thinks we forgot about him."

With a giggle, Bella stood and took Carlisle's proffered hand. As they walked into the steamy, citrus-scented bathroom, Bella felt a sense of contentment that she'd never had before. Slipping into the warm, fragrant water, she had a sudden thought. "We will have time to see the sculpture park tomorrow, right?"

Edward chuckled and splashed her. "Oh, would you have rather done that than—ˮ

"No! Of course not, I just thought of it." She giggled as she ducked behind Carlisle to avoid Edward's gentle splashes.

"We can take a look in the morning before we head to Alice's," Carlisle promised.

Bella settled into his arms, and Edward joined them. Sighing happily, Bella closed her eyes. "Sounds perfect," she murmured, smiling to herself as she thought of how often she'd used that word to describe her life lately. Perfect.

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