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The two stood confused at the door. "Um," Hinata spoke out. "What eactly is going on?" Kiba gave a weak laugh. "Well I just kinda dared you to… kiss Sasuke." The two stood for a moment. Then it hit them. Hinata's face showed surprise, and a little bit of a blush. Sasuke gave a sigh. Why were his friends so stupid? "Well, we don't have to do it any-" He was interrupted. "That is unture! You must do it."

The Kings Game

Chap. 1

Sasuke stood with his arms folded.

"Hey," Chouji said with his mouth full of chips, "can you pass the pretzels?"

Chouji was already reaching for it when Ino snatched it from his grasp, and held it over her head. She gave Chouji a look, "Geez Chouji! You just ate the last bags of chips. Save some for others! Shikamaru, tell him-"

"No good," TenTen said, who was reading a comic book, leaning on Sasuke's bed. "He's knocked out."

Ino looked at him, she was right, he was knocked out on Sasuke's bed. She looked at her friend, and gave up. She dropped the bag on his head, "Whatever."

"Arigato, Ino!" The boy dug in.

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched a little bit.

"Stop that Akamaru!" Akarmau was chewing on one of Sasuke's shoes. Kiba was trying to pull it out of his mouth but Akamaru wouldn't budge. "Hey, Shino! Help me!"

"No." Shino was more interested in the little beet moving slowly across the floor. He was kind of protecting it.

Kiba sucked on his teeth, while giving his friend a look. Kiba turned to another friend.

"Lee! Help me with Akamaru!"


Lee started pulling the shoe while Kiba pulled Akamaru.

You could see a vain on Sasuke's forehead.

"Gomen Hinata!" Naruto

"I-It's okay Naruto," Hinata gave him a reassuring. He had just spilled juice on her.

"U-ZA-MA-KIII," Naruto got goosebumps by the way Neji said his name. Naruto slowly turned his head towards him. Neji looked like he was about ready to kill.

"W-Wait! She said she wasn't mad." He put his hands up defensively. He turned his head to Sakura, "Ne, Sakura-chan?'
Sakura was passed Hinata napkins to clean herself up with. "I'm out of this."

Naruto looked devasted by his crush not wanted to help him. He gave a nervous smile back to Neji who stilled looked about to kill.


Everyone turned their head to Sasuke, as he stood in the doorway of his room.

"Why are you in my room?" You could tell he was trying to contain his anger. He was clenching his fist. "No, more like," he sounded completely annoyed, "how did you get in my house?"

"Oh!" Naruto said a little too loudly. "Through the front door!"

He glared at his friend. "I never gave you a key."

"I know," Naruto held up a key, and grinned at Sasuke. "I made one myself."

Boy did he want to punch his friend, real hard in the face. Why the hell did he come home from grocery shopping to find, his friends broken into his house? He wasn't going to make a fuss, it wouldn't fix the situation anyway. They wouldn't leave. So he sat down at the table in his room with them, between Hinata and Lee.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura looked so happy just talking to him. "Wanna eat lunch together when we-"


She pouted, "Why do you always say no, and never let me finish…" Even though he had just rejected her, she wanted to get closer to him still. She looked at who was next to him.

"Hinata!" She almost startled the girl. "I think you would looked cute with a fish tail braid!"

"Oh? A-Arigato Sakura-chan, but," Hinata's word trailed off for a moment. Sakura had on a puppy dog face, and was glancing from her to Sasuke. Hinata got the hint. "uh, y-yeah! I would like a fish tail braid Sakura-chan."

"Hinata-sama-" Neji raised his hand, about to protest saying that if she didn't want it, she didn't have to do it for Sakura's sake.

TenTen shoved some rice cakes in his mouth. She hissed, "Don't ruin it."

"Bwut if Hinasha-sama doesish't want it-"

"Chouji. Neji called you fat."

If a ball of fire could've covered Chouji, it would. He went from regular to battle mode. As if he was a character from Dragon Ball Z or something. Ino and Kiba moved away a bit. That was one word you could call him.

"Neji," Chouji said through his flames. "Are you trying to start a fight?"

"No, Chouji! I didn't even say that! TenTen-"

When he looked over to TenTen, she had headphone in her ear, and a rice cracker in her mouth, while reading a comic again. Neji wanted to choke the girl.

"TenTen? TenTen is minding her own business. No," Chouji stood up. And the fireball around him powered up. "Are you trying to start a fight?"

A bag of a candy was thrown at Chouji.
"No, Chouji." Shikamaru sat up lazily. "We know you're not fat, just thick boned."

Chouji calmed down, then sat back down. Ino and Kiba moved closer to the table now that it was safer.


He looked at Sasuke.

"Off my bed."

"Ah, 'Kay."

Shikamaru slowly slumped down the side, and joined TenTen leaning on the side of the bed.

"I'm bored!" Whined Naruto

"I got a game," Kiba grinned. He had finally gotten the shoe out of Akamaru's mouth. "The Kings Game!"

"Yeah!" Ino joined in, "I haven't played that game in forever."

"I never heard of this game." Lee said.

"I'll teach you the rules, but I play it differently."

TenTen moved up to join the group of the table.

"How do you play it?" Asked Sakura, resting her head on her hand.

"Anytime my sister would play it with her friends, and I would make her let me join. We can make two or one person do the dare, or and we also give everybody a letter, and you can't show it to anybody. So when the King gives an order, he doesn't know who it is, but they still have to do the dare. No matter what it is. And if you don't want to do the dare, then you have to do it you gotta be that persons servant for a month. But if too people are in the dare, and one person decides no, that the person who refused has to be the servant of the person who didn't refuse. You get it?

"U-Um yeah?" Nobody was sure if they understood what he was saying.

Kiba sighed, "I'll write down the letters."

Sakura squeezed in between Hinata and Naruto, and not next to Sasuke, cause she didn't want to be annoying.

Sakura started to think of a way to get closer to Sasuke during the game, and then it hit her. She imagined the scenario in her head.

Hoping that she is letter A, and Sasuke is letter B. Or vice versa.

Kiba pulled out two numbers, "Letter A has to kiss letter B!"

If Sasuke refused to kiss her, at then have to be his servant! She's get a chance to be with him at all times. Now, she would have a reason too! Or she might even kiss Sasuke. Either way it was a win-win.

A similar scenario went on in Naruto's head.

Hoping that he is letter A and Sakura, is letter B. Or vice versa.

Kiba pulled out two numbers, "Letter A has to kiss letter B!"

If Sakura refused to kiss him, at then have to be his servant! He'd get a chance to be with her at all times. Now, he'd would have a reason too! Or he might even kiss Sakura. Either was it was a win-win.

They didn't really think this plan through, but still. Their eyes showed fire.


Once Kiba was done writing the letters, he passed them about.

Naruto looked at his. A.

Sakura was B.

Ino was C.

Hinata was D.

Lee was E.

TenTen was F.

Chouji was G.

Sasuke was H.

Shino was I.

Neji was J

And Kiba was K.

Lee glanced up at Shikamaru, "Shikamaru, you're not playing?"

"No. It's troublesome." He yawned.

"We need sticks." Kiba said.

Chouji pulled out some Pocky sticks. "We can use these." He took a bite out of them. "Whoever gets the bitten one is king."

"Good job Chouji!" Kiba grinned. He took a cup that had been full on pencils and pens on Sasuke's desk. And dumped all the writing utensils on the desk then put the pocky sticks in it.

Boy, did Sasuke want to kill dog boy. They were stressing him out, he needed to go somewhere else. He stood up and headed for the door.

"Oi, teme!" Naruto called. "Where you going?"

"Too get some air."

"But the game just started!"

Sasuke closed the door on his way out.

This was bad, Sakura's plan wasn't working out very well. While Naruto was going escatatic.

'Sasuke's out of the way!' He thought

But first they needed to be King or at least someone who would help them out if they were that someone was Kiba. They were sure Kiba would do them this little favor, no doubt. So they needed to get close to him. Sakura sat on his right, pushing Ino away. Naruto sat on his left, pushing Neji away. He gave them a weird looked. Unsure of what they were doing. But he didn't put too much thought on it.

"Everyone take one."

Everyone picked on from the cup.

"I'm King," exclaimed TenTen. She looked around the table, and wondered how this would work. She set her gaze on Neji. He stared back at her. She gave him a huge mischievous grin, as there was a glint in her eye. He tensed up. HaHa! She was stressing him out! But she didn't know his letter so she couldn't do anything anyway.

"Letter C must sit in Shikamaru's lap."

"Oi! TenTen!" Ino shouted. "Why did you gotta give me the kind of dare! I don't wanna do that!"

"Really? Okay, so my laundry-"

"Don't!" She put out her hand, telling her to stop. "I'll do it!"

She got up, and walked up over to him. He lazily looked at up her unaware of what she was about to do. Then roughly sat in his lap, and crossed her arms. Shikamaru sighed. "This is troublesome."


"Oh!" Ino said. "I got it!"

She hoped she could get revenge on TenTen. Although she didn't known know her letter…

"Letter E must do 300 pushup!"

"Hai!" Lee stood up, and went to a more spacious part of Sasuke's room by the bed.

"Isn't that a bit much?" Said Sakura. She didn't completely believe that anyone one of them could finish that, she for sure wouldn't be able too.

"Nope, not for him."

Everyone watched as Lee went into Turbo Lee, and had already done 50 pushups as they had spoke. They all sweat dropped.

"Next round!"

"I'm the King." Chouji said. Chouji already knew what he wanted. "Letter J, F and I! Give me you snacks!"

Neji and TenTen blinked. Shino put a Nutrigrain bar on the table. TenTen put the rest of the rice cakes she had left on the table. Neji didn't have anything.

"Hey, are you allowed to command three people?" Whispered Lee.

"Nope." Shino replied

Chouji was sad by his offerings. "A king should feast…'


Next Round!

"Me?" Hinata was surprised it was her. What could she make someone do? "Letter A, get me a soda."

"That's me!" Naruto got up, and went to Sasuke's mini fridge by his bedside. "Will grape soda be good?"

"H-Hai!" She couldn't believe Naruto was getting her a soda!

Naruto picked up the soda, while he was walking back, he tripped over Lee, and dropped the soda.

Naruto looked at his friend. HE STILL WASN'T DONE YET? If he was Lee he would've already given up.




He never knew how Lee could keep that up. He got back up, picked up the soda, and handed it to Hinata. Happily no one saw his blunder, especially Sakura.

'Don't want her thinking I'm lame.' He thought

"A-Arigato! Naruto-" When she opened the soda, it exploded in her face.

The room stayed quiet for a moment.


Naruto got a major chills down his spine. He didn't need to look at Neji, he could already feel the demonic aura coming from him. When he glanced at him, you could kind of see it too.

"I-It's okay Neji-niisan." Hinata stood up. "W-Where's the bathroom?"

"Downstairs." Sakura said. "Hinata, I could take you."

"It's okay, Sakura-chan. I can go by myself."

Hinata left the room.

Ino sighed. "You're an idiot Naruto."

"It was at accident!"


Naruto flinched at Neji.

Hinata thought it was nice of Sakura to offer help, but she didn't want anyone to see her sulk at the moment.

'Naruto…,' She sulked. It wasn't his fault, she knew it was an accident. Naruto couldn't help being… him. She couldn't help but forgive Naruto.

As she got closer to the bottom of the stairs she realized even though Sakura said the bathroom was downstairs, she didn't know where downstairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she entered the living room. There was Sasuke's relaxing on the couch watching television. Feeling another presense, he looked at her, and studied her for a moment.


She started sulking again, "…yeah." She stopped. "Um, where's the bathroom?"

"Down the hall on your left."


She walked down the hall, and entered. Her hair was really sticky. She rinsed her hair , but it still smelt like soda.

"You can use some of my shampoo."

She paused for a second. She open the door, and peeked out. Her view of him was cut off, but she knew he was still in the living room. "What?"

"You can use my shampoo if you want. It doesn't have too strong of a smell. You won't smell like a guy."

She was shocked by his generosity. "Oh. Arigato."

She went back in the bathroom. She used a little bit of his shampoo, not wanting to use too much of it. It helped. Her hair texture felt smoother, and her hair no longer smelt like soda. She got the visible stains out of her shirt, but it still felt sticky. She wouldn't ask to use his shower, she figured that'd be too much.

"Ano…" She peeked out the bathroom . "Where are the towels?"

"Right across from the bathroom."

She looked across, and there was a closet. She opened it. Her hair dripped a little. She took out a white towel. And dried her hair as best as she could. She walked down the hall to the living room, with the towel on her head. "Where do I put it?"

"The laundry room is farther down in the hall on your right."

"Okay." She walked back down the hall, and went into his laundry room, saw a white baskets. She dropped along with the rest of the dirty things. Since she was mostly clean, she could head back up. When she walked out the hall way she stopped infront of Sasuke, he was still sitting on the couch. He looked at her.

"Thank you for letting me use your bathroom."

She headed to the stair case.


She turned around. He go up from the couch. "I'm coming upstairs too."

Hopefully they're not playing that stupid game, and hopefully he could get them to get the hell out of his house.

"Hey, since Hinata isn't probably gonna be back for a while. Lets continue." TenTen said. The group had been waiting for Hinata's return.


Everyone picked they're pocky.

"Hey I got this one!" Kiba grinned. Immediately Naruto and Sakura ears perk up. They had both started to doubt that one of them would ever be King. But then Sakura got disappointed once again. Sasuke wasn't here! She can't do the plan without…Then she heard it. FOOT STEPS! Heavy footsteps, not dainty ones! So it couldn't be Hinata. IT MUST BE SASUKE! She squealed in her head. God was definitely on her side! But Naruto wasn't as happy as she was that he was coming back. Well it didn't really matter, as long as he got Kiba to go through with his plan.

It'll be me and Sasuke!

It'll be me and Sakura!

"Hey, Kiba!" Both whispered in his ear the same time. He couldn't understand them both. "Make sure you make letter A/B kiss letter B/H."

"What?" He said.

"Kiba whats your pick!" Said an impatient Ino.

The door opened.

"Ugh… Letter D kiss Letter H." His voice sounded unsure. Naruto and Sakura froze.

Sasuke and Hinata blinked. Confused on what was going. No one at the table went ahead to do the dare… so that meant…



"Whats you letter?" Sakura's voice trembled. Regretting the situation she knew was about to happen.

"Um," she thought for a second. "D."

"Oi, Sasuke," Naruto's voice trembled too. "What was your letter?"

Sasuke gave him a suspicious look. "H."

Eveveryone look at them both. Sakura and Naruto went white. The two still stood confused.

"Um," Hinata spoke up. She was curious to why all her friends suddenly died in front of her. "What exactly is going on?"

"Ahaha," Kiba gave a nervous laugh. "I kinda just dare you to kiss… Sasuke."

The two stood for a moment. Then it hit them. Hinata's face showed surprise, and a small blush. Sasuke gave a sigh. Why were his friends so stupid?

"Why would you dare that?" He looked at Kiba as if he was stupid.

"Hey!" Kiba went into his defense. "Don't blame me. It's these guys who told me too-"

The both of them shoved Kiba down to the ground, Sakura place her hand on his neck choking him. While Naruto held him down.

Sakura waved her hand in reassurance, "Don't listen to him Sasuke, he just spouting-"

"Oi! Let me-"

She tightened the grip around his neck. He went conscious. Naruto looked at Sakura, a little scared at how easily she could make a kill.

"-lies! Just spouting lies."

He looked at them both like they were idiots.

"Whatever." He gave up. "We don't have to do the dare anyway, and she doesn't have to me my-"

"That is untrue!"

Sasuke looked at Lee who had interrupted him.

Lee stood sweaty, finally finishing his 300 pushups.

"Everyone else who received a dare did them, whether they wanted too or not. I don't think it's right for you guys to say no."

This was like a television show to everyone. No one usually stood against Sasuke. Well… cause he was… Sasuke. Didn't completely care about everything, was a little hurtful, and just kinda scary.

"Yeah!" TenTen agreed. "Everyone else did their dares."

"Yeah! I had to sit on Shikamaru's lap this whole time!" Ino joined in.

"No way! Hinata doesn't have to-"

Sakura stopped when Akamaru slowly pranced in front of the room, all eyes were on him.

He lifted his leg.

Another vein popped in Sasuke's head. In practically a second Sasuke had picked up Akamaru, went downstairs and tossed him outside the house. He went back upstairs annoyed as hell.

He glared at everyone. "Get out of my house."

A murderous aura came from him that gave everyone the chills. What scared them the most was that it looked like there was giant snake coming from him.

"You guys, are really stupid." Ino said as she and the rest of the group left his house.

"Urasai, Ino!" Sakura said, feeling embarrassed

Hinata was walking behind them.


She turned around.

"We don't have to do any dare." He said, as he leaned against the door frame. "They're just being idiots."

"Ah! Hai."
He just nodded, and went back inside. His house.

He was tired. Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest for him. Not having a bunch of friends over. And he wasn't looking forward to school tomorrow.

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