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The Kings Games

Chapter 5

Lee looked a his friend who's was face was down the table. Their teacher Gai joined them, greeted them with a flashy smile and a thumbs up, then also took notice of the depressed boy. It was the first time today, that Lee had gotten a chance to speak to his friend. He'd noticed that that he seemed a little upset when he saw him in the halls or when he had class with him, but…

Neji groaned.

He didn't know it was this bad.

Lee pointed a finger at Neji. "Whats wrong with him?"

TenTen took the lollipop she was eating out of her mouth, she was sitting at the table with him. "Hanabi's been teasing him and mocking him saying that she's Hinata's favorite, and she won't stop. He's just jealous."

Neji could hear them, he expected Lee or his teacher to say something irrelevant or weird in some way. Instead it got really quiet, he though they might've just left. He shifted his head to look up, he could see them through some strands of hair. They gave him disgusted looks.



Sakura strutted down the halls, happily. Last period had ended. School was over for the day.

And that meant…

Her eyes shined.

'I get to go to Sasuke-kun's house!' She thought happily in her head.


She turned around. Hinata and Ino was walking slowly toward her.

"We're going Karaoke, and then getting some okonomiyaki."

Sakura raised an eyebrow. "Hinata. You not going to Sasuke's house?"

She shook her head, "No, he said he didn't need anything today."

This only made Sakura more happy, there'd be no other people there! It'd just be her and Sasuke. Well, Naruto would be there too, but he didn't count as anything.

"I can't," her smile was really wide, "I gotta date with Sasuke-kun."


"Ahaha!" Ino lauhed. "You've been rejected so many times! Did he really invite you? Or are you stalking him?"

Sakura gave her a cocky smile, and there was a glint in her eye. "Jealous you can't get a guy Ino?"

Ino froze with the laughing smile on her face. A vein popped in her head. "What'd you say billboard?"

Sakura's smile widened, "You heard me pig."

They were up close to each other. Hinata could see the electricity between the two, she shrank back a little bit.

"Sakura-chaan!" Naruto voice rang from the end of the hall. Ino and Hinata looked forward, Sakura turned around. "Let's get to Sasuke's car before he leaves without us!"

Sakura froze, and some of the blood drained from her face. Dammit Naruto.

"Hmph." Sakura slowly turned around. Ino had her arms crossed. This time it was her time to show a cocky grin, and the glint in her eye. The look Ino was giving her killed her. "You date includes Naruto, huh?"

"Shut up." Sakura muttered.

"Sasuke would leave his lovely dates?"


Sakura stormed away with red cheeks, clutched her bag. Once she got to the end of the hall to Naruto, she hit him on the head.

Ino snickered some more, then turn back to Hinata. "It's just you and me."

She nodded and smiled.

"Hi Sasuke-kun," Sakura said it extra bubbly and extra lovingly. Naruto was rubbing the back of his head where Sakura had hit. Sasuke leaned on his car with arms folded, he glanced between the two. He didn't say anything. Sasuke got off his car, and walked towards the driver's seat. Naruto and Sakura both walked to the passenger seat. Naruto was about to say something but Sakura gave him a look that said everything. He slowly took his hand away from the door handle, and went to go to sit in one of the back seats of the car. He was felt irritated that Sasuke always got her attention. He slammed the car door close once he sat down. Sasuke gave him an annoyed look from the corner of his eye. Naruto grinned at Sasuke, feeling satisfied with himself.

"Let's go Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke gave him a smile. He turned on the car, and drove out of their schools parking lot. A faded red Ford Mustang that was parked across the street of the school followed them.

"Said no more counting dollars we'll be, we'll be counting stars!" Ino just finished her solo the song Counting Stars by One Republic. Her one man audience, Hinata, clapped for her as she stood in a fancy idol-like pose. Ino dropped back on the couch in the room, picked up the cup of soda that was on the table in the middle room, and started drink it down. "You should go next Hinata!"

"You made me sing 5 songs in a row Ino-chaan," she said calmly, "can I not sing anymore?"

"Aww Hinata, if I was you I wouldn't have let you do that too me, you too nice Hinata." She said it just as calmly.

They both leaned backed on the couch in the room, and looked at the ceiling in silence.

"This is boring…" Ino said.

"Yeah.." Hinata replied.

"My throat hurts."


"I'm getting hungy."

"Me too."

"Do you think we should get gyudon or okonomiyaki?"

"Um, I want okonomiyaki."

"Yeah…" Ino said. "But now I have a taste for gyudon…"

The girls looked at each other, then looked back up for the ceiling and sighed.

"What do we do Hinata?" Ino sulked. "It's only been 25 minutes and we're bored, and we split 50 dollars to go to this new karaoke bar because it so nice and fancy here. We can't just leave, we paid for an hour."

"I know," Hinata sulked with her friend.

It was true. The two girls had promised to go to this karaoke place for a while, it was new, the rooms, were big, and really fancy, the pictures they saw were a amazing, but when the got inside it was even more extravagant. They couldn't got food there, but since the place was so fancy, the food would've cost, they split the bill to get in, and paid for their own drinks, but to but food, would just empty their pocket. Hinata was from a wealthy family, but Hiashi didn't like to spoil his kids like that, he wanted them to learn how to do things for themselves. Yeah, sometimes he'd give her money, but if she really wanted to get herself some money, she'd have to get a job. Ino sometimes worked at her parents flower shop, so she was able to scrap up some cash. The clock in the room would tick endlessly.


Hinata shifted her head to look at her friend. "What?"

"Any action happen?" Ino turned to her so she could see Hinata.

Hinata thought for a moment. "We got into a fight."

Ino immediately sat up, and raising an eyebrow. "You both had a fight?"

"Oh! No! We got into a fight with some guys at the mall yesterday."

Ino was shocked, this was the first of it she had heard today, "How'd this happen?"

"A-After we got paint for his walls, I asked him if I could go in one shop, because they had a pair of jeans that Hanabi had been wanting for while, and I wanted to pay her back for a favor she did for me. When was looking in the bag while walking out, I bumped into two guys, and they started to flirt with me, but Sasuke knocked one out, and I paralyzed the other…"

Ino blinked twice. Wow. They practically tag teamed the two guys.

Ino looked back at the ceiling, so did Hinata.

"Amazing Hinata, for such a sweet person, you can give such a cruel punishment."


"Yes, cruel. Being paralyzed isn't fun. It's scary."

Hinata never thought of it that way. Being paralyzed was cruel? She's been paralyzed so much by her cousin and sister before so I guess she didn't find it scary. As a child of the Hyuga household, they hold many traditional fighting techniques, and one was to paralyze a person. When paralyzing a person, you don't just paralyze any ran person, you paralyze each other. Neji and her, would practice when they were young. And they practiced a lot, since her father was strict on them. Then again, not being able to move or have control of your body must be scary for the average person.

Ino's phone beeped, she looked at it, then threw tossed the phone next to her. Not replying to the text she just received. She sighed, sat up, a took the remote control that controlled the flat screen television in the room. She flipped through the choice of songs they had. She pick up a microphone and tossed another one to Hinata. "Let's sing a duet."

"Stupid, Naruto." Sakura was walking with Naruto back to the car, after a pit stop to a dollar store so Naruto could use the bathroom. "You couldn't have wait?"

"I couldn't hold it! Sasuke would've killed me if I went in his car!"

Sakura sighed. Naruto, always being Naruto. But it didn't matter, cause it gave Sakura to also go in bathroom, and apply some make-up. She too much, cause she didn't want Sasuke to compare her to a clown. Naruto and Sakura walked out of the dollar store back to Sasuke's parked car. Sasuke had chosen to stay in the car. When they reached the car, there was Sasuke smoking a cigarette with his window rolled. Once he noticed they were back he put it out, and dropped it out of with window.

Sakura's face faltered. "Do you really have to smoke?"

He practically ignored her question. "Are you guys ready to go?"

"Oi teme," Naruto said, with a grimace. "You gonna kill yourself with those. We're just caring."

"Yeah, Yeah," Sasuke unlocked the car doors, "Thank you for your concern. Can we go now?"

Sakura gave him a sad look, but walked back to the passenger seat. Naruto shook his head at his friend, then took his seat in the back. But Sasuke didn't drive, he didn't even start the car.

"Why aren't we-"

"We're being followed."

Sakura and Naruto looked surprised.

"That red Ford Mustang. I noticed it a while back, but didn't think it was anything til now."

They both looked in the car mirrors, and spotted the car. Sasuke started the car, and immediately the car that had been following them started up too.

"We're going for a drive."

"And please come again ladies." The guy at the front desk gave them a flirt smirk.

They gave him back a fake smile.

Their faces faltered when they turned back around.

"Gross." Ino said.

"That's mean..." Hinata replied

"So what."

Their hour or boring karaoke was done, they could now go get something to eat. Ino stretched out her arms as she walked out the door. She yawned, then wiped away an escaping tear. Hinata stopped walking, and once she did Ino stopped. Ino took her hand away from her eyes, and looked up. Two guys with mean looks standing in from of them.

"Oi, Bitch." One of them said.

Hinata frowned, and Ino got defensive.

"Hey! Who you calling bitch?"

"Not you," The one with orange hair said. "Her."

He pointed at Hinata. Hinata unconsciously moved back.

" 'Member me?"

How could she forget?

"That's the guy." Hinata whispered to Ino. "The guy I paralyzed."

Ino looked back and forth from the guy to Hinata, and then stopped at the guy. She leaned forward, with her hands on her hip.

"What do you guys want? Are you guys coming for some pay back? Are you really gonna fight an girl? What kind of punks are you?"

Hinat tugged Ino's shirt, "Ino!"

She didn't want to start any fights, if possible she wanted to just try and apologize, and be on their way. Even though she didn't want to apologize. She rather be safe than sorry.

"No Hinata! These pervs came up to you, and if I wasn't here they would've jumped you or do something worse." Ino gestured to the guys. "You can't always be so nice!"

"Hey!" The orange hair guy's friend grabbed Ino's wrist. He was long black hair that was in a ponytail, and wore a beanie hat. He looked her dead in the eye, "What'd you call us bitch?"

Hinata wouldn't just let that happen to her. She reached out for his arm, but someone got her from behind. They grabbed her wrists, and held them in back of her. When she glanced at her captor, he was purple hair, and sickening smile. She hadn't known there was another one with them. He probably hid on purpose.

"Uhf!" The orange haired guy bit the top of his lip, and he stiffened up. The three looked at him, but the black haired guys grip on Ino's wrist didn't falter. He looked a little constipated, and in pain. His eyes were looking up at the sky, and their started to tear up. He fell over, and you could see Akamaru getting a nice chomp on his butt. Kiba and Shino was walking slowly up to them.

"Hey, bastard. What do you think you're doing?" Kiba yelled at black haired guy.

The black haired guy, quickly moved Ino in front of him. She was like his shield. He wiped out a small knife, and held it by her neck.

"You know what happens if you step closer." The guy had a cocky smile on his face.

Ino squealed. She wasn't looking down at the knife, she was looking down at what was on the knife. She felt grossed out. He looked down after feeling her tense up, and saw the big old flying roach on his knife. He freaked out, and tried to shake it off. When he got off, before he could look back off, Kiba swooped in gave a quick punch to the face, and he went lights out. Shino picked up the roach rom of the ground and put it in his sleeve.

"Hey!" The guy that was holding his own knife to Hinata's throat. His voice trembled, "I-If you think you can just do you that… you wro-" He let out an exasperated breath, and let his grip of her wrist loose. Akamaru was biting his ankle. Hinata took this as a chance his a pressure point in his stomach area, that would send pain in his abdomens. He clutching his ankle, and grinding his teeth together. "We ain't done…"

"You're done, don't try talkin' big talk." Kiba walked over, and put his foot on the guys stomach.

Kiba turned back to the girls, Shino walked closer to them too.

"What'd you guys do to get in this mess?" He looked at both of the girls. Scratching the back of his head.

"They were just some idiot trying to start a fight." Ino said.

Akamaru went over to Hinata, and starting nuzzling his nose against her leg. She bent down and started to pet him. She looked up, and said, "Why are you guys here?"

Kiba crossed his arms. "We were taking Akamaru for a walk. Shino was over to hang out. Then we found you guys. What were you guys doing?"

"We just came out of this new Karaoke place. You know the one that said to have some gold in all rooms. Our table some gold, it was really nice, but we got bored real quick."

"You guys should've invited us," Shino said.

"I wasn't sure if you were busy or not so I wasn't sure if I should've asked." Hinata said.

Several car engines revved, and rolled up by them. All different colors with different designs.

Did this guys think they were being cool with their colorful cars and hair? What the hell were they the color gang? No! No! The rainbow gang!

"You guys should go." Kiba watched five guys get out of one car. "It seems like they got friends."

Shino took a firm stance.

"No way." Ino said. "Just cause we're girls doesn't mean we can't help."

Kiba gave her a look, "Do you know what could've happened to you guys if we didn't show up?"

"It's better if you go." Shino added.

"They just caught us off guard. We're not going anywhere. Right Hina?"

Hinata nodded. "I feel bad, it all my fault this started. I can't leave."

Kiba shook his head, then looked a the group of guys getting out of their eccentric cars.

"Suit yourself."

They went in the exact opposite direction of his house. They didn't want their stalker finding out where Sasuke lived. He pulled over smoothly into a space in the block. There was no other parking spaces, so their followers double-parked, then for guys got out the car. The three got out the car right after. An exchange of mean looks were exchange.

"Hey, you remember me? Don't pretend you don't you dumb ass." Said the blonde one, the one Sasuke punched in the face yesterday.

None of them spoke, and their faces didn't falter

"Tryin' to act tough in front of your bitch huh?"

Immediately a vein popped up in her head. Sakura clench her fists, and raised it. "Who are you calling bitch?" She was gonna kick his ass. Naruto grabbed her by his waist and held her back, he kept a tight grip to keep her strength at bay. She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but he was stronger. The guys started laughing, finding it amusing that they had provoked her. Little did they know that Naruto was keeping them out of danger. They guys wiped off their tears of laughter in their eyes, and settled down to a grin.

"We don't care about you two," The blonde guys said, he pointed toward Sasuke. "We want him."

All Sasuke did was raise an eyebrow, still acting uninterested. Which pissed off the guys.

"Talk dammit!"
"He doesn't need to talk to punks like you." Said Sakura.

"Shut the fuck up!" He hissed at her.

"He can kick your ass if he wanted too!"

"Sakura-chan…" Naruto tried to calm down his female friend.

The guys was annoyed, and he started he stormed over to the girl, still being held back by her friend. HE raised his fist, but it was caught by Sasuke, who had already made his way over to them when Sakura first started spouting insults. He looked into the eyes of the guys who for a moments look nervous, then he looked angry again. He snatched his hand out of his grasp, and took two steps back. Sasuke's grip was strong, the guy began doubting himself, but he didn't want to look weak in front of his friends. Naruto let of Sakura. The guy grinned.

"It's four against three." One guys who hadn't spoken took a pipe from out the car.

A ringer went off. The blonde haired guy took out his phone, opened it and grinned.

"We've got your girlfriend."

Sakura's face dropped, Naruto looked surprised, and Sasuke looked confused.

Sakura slowly and stiffly turned to Sasuke.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-You ha-have a g-g-g-gi-gi-gir-gir-gir-"

"No. I don't."

The guys gritted his teeth. "Don't like dumbass I know you know who we're talking about!" He grinned, and turned the phone around, so they could see the screen. They saw two guys standing in front of Hinata and Ino.

Sasuke narrowed narrowed his eyes. "What do you want?"

The guys grin grew. He shut his phone.


"It's all your fault." Hanabi said bluntly, with flour all over her face. Her eyebrow twitched.

Neji turned around from her, trying to hide his laughter. He had a smile of victory on his face. Hanabi threw an egg at the back of his head. You could see the vain in his forhead. He turned around and started pinching her cheeks.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!"

He let go, then went to the sink and started to rinse the egg out of her head. Hanabi rubbed her cheeks, still feeling the sting of her cheeks being pinched.

The two were in the kitchen, trying to bake, after having another argument about who is better. Usually Neji wouldn't have let her provoked him so much, but today was an exception… a horrible exception.

When he lifted his head from the sink, he immediately spotted the wall splatered with dough. Then he realized the rest of the mess in the kitchen. Five sticks of butter on the wall. A couple eggs thrown at the wall and the ceiling, there was flour on the cabinets, and milk on the stove.

Hanabi stood, also examining the walls. "We should've just waited til Hina came home…"

He turned to her, "But didn't you want to bake a cake?"

"Yeah... but… looks at this mess?"

Some of the egg on the ceiling dripped to the floors.

"Thanks God Dads is traveling out the country."

They both took the biggest sigh's of relief.

They smelt something. Smoke.

The cake…

When they opened the oven, smoke filled the room.

Seventeen bodies, and 5 dented cars.

No, not dead bodies, just unconscious.

Naruto had a busted lip, and a couple cuts on his arms. But he stood breathing hard while bent over with a victorious grin.

Sakura was leaning on their enemy's car, after leaving a bunch of dents on it when trying to punch some of the guys.

The guys Sasuke was holding by the collar of his neck, was unconscious. He dropped him, and the guy fell to the grounds.

He took a couple breathes, analyzing everything around them.

"Lets go."

They stood up, and after a couple of deep breathes they both nodded. They walked back to the car, and took their original seats.

"Where'd they say they were going?" He asked Sakura.

"To that new karaoke place in Kyourin Plaza."

He immediately sped off. He knew she could hold her own by herself, but if her experience was anything like the guys they dealt with. Then they were bringing back, up, and he wasn't sure she could do that, even if she had Ino. Sasuke drived faster than the speed limit, so fast that Naruto was being thrown around in the back seat anytime he'd make a turn. Sakura just watched him and his concern.

They made it over there in only five minutes. They had to go through a crowd to get too the two, and once they got there, they couldn't have been more surprised.

There was bugs crawling all over a couple of guys, one was even freaking out on the floor. Akamaru was biting another guy in the ass. Kiba was actually fighting and winning. And Hinata was trying to holding back Ino from continuously kicking a guy, who was already on the ground, in the stomach. To quicken this process up, Sasuke and Naruto joined in and helped. The fight stopped after ten minutes, finally when the police came, and the group had to run. Sasuke would go back for his car later.

They stopped three blocks down, the cops didn't follow them past the first block. All out of them were out of breathe, but once they got themselves together, all they could do is smile at eachother.

Naruto turned to Kiba, "When did you guys meet them?"

"We were walking Akamaru when we walked into them."

"We had to fight twenty-five guys." Ino said.

"I know, it's more than we fought." Naruto said.

"That's messed up, sending more guys after Hinata than Sasuke." Said Kiba.

Hinata just continued to gather her breath.

"Well," Kiba gestured Akamaru to come to him, "I've got to go home and feed him."

"Sasuke should take us home."Ino said.

He gave her an annoyed look.

"All in favor that Sasuke takes all of us home raise your hand!"

Everyone raised their hands. When he looked over to Hinata, she even had a hopeful look on his face.

"I don't care if you all don't fit."

His friends cheered and thanked him. One of them checked to make sure that the cops were no longer there, they waited five minutes before the left, and they all had to squeeze into his car. Hinata had to sit on Ino's lap, and Sakura sat on Naruto's, while Kiba sat in the front with Akamaru. They were crammed, but he took them home one by one.

"I'm home!" Their was nothing but silence, but she could smell smoke. She dropped her things, and ran toward the kitchen. The counter as on fire. Hanabi and Neji were trying to put it out. She looked around the whole kitchen, which was a mess, and froze. When they finally put the counter outer, she could see the dead cake that had been covered by the flames. Once they noticed her, by both froze themselves, and pointed fingers at each other.

"She caused most of the mess."

"He said that he knew what he was doing."

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