by Adair7

Summary: When I came undone, he grinned victory before unravelling himself. One night, one mistake, and a chance to make it right. E/B, AH, Angst, Romance, M.
Warnings for drug use, underage drinking, and sexual content.


The smell of damp earth surrounded me as a faint sprinkle of rain turned into an outright downpour. With a laugh, we dashed across the broken pavement, down the moss speckled stairs, and into the basement of the abandoned warehouse. Boarded up since 2004, the warehouse was on the fringe of civilization, located in the no-man's land between Forks and La Push. It was the perfect place for the locals to let off a little steam and just live, kids coming from as far away as Port Angeles to let loose. It used to be a come-as-you-please situation, but after the place had been trashed several times and nearly torched, a few people who called themselves the Volturi had cleaned it up, organized it, and set up some security. As long as access was still free, no one minded.

Alice grabbed my hand to pull me under the overhang with her before slamming her hand roughly against the metal door. "Brandon and Swan," she yelled out in hopes that our friend, Jasper, was working the door tonight.

I peeked forward, craning my neck as the door opened a crack, hoping to see who was inside.

"No small children allowed," the gruff voice answered, followed soon by a large hand that hovered two inches above Alice's head. "Must be this tall to enter."

"Oh, fuck off McCarty," Alice said, batting away his hand and pushing her way past the door man. "That joke got old three years ago."

"It's not my fault you shrunk in the wash," Emmett said, chuckling as my petite but feisty friend disappeared past the entryway and into the room proper.

"Hey Emmett," I said with a smile, bumping my fist against his.

"Bella, what brings you to the Warehouse tonight?"

I looked over his shoulder and into the room, seeing that Alice had already disappeared into the crowd of people. "Not much. Needed a break from the mundane, I guess."

Emmett's grin stretched a little wider, causing the dimples in his cheek to become more pronounced, and a devilish glint sparked in his dark blues eyes. "How much of a break are we talking?"

I raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't planning on making any purchases tonight."

"Bella, Babe," he said, throwing an arm around my shoulder. It was a bit lopsided considering Emmett towered an extra foot over my 5'4 frame. "Does anyone ever really plan these things?"

I was about to protest more, but was interrupted by a banging at the door.

"Hold up," Emmett called out. "I'm busy. Be with you in a minute."

He turned his attention back to me. "Here's what we're going to do, B. You and me have been friends for a long, long time. I'm going to let you try my new favourite product. It's revolutionary. We're talking fast hitting, moderately lasting, feels so good with practically none of the painful side-effects kind of amazing."

I eyed him curiously. He seemed genuinely enthusiastic, but that could have just been Emmett's naturally excitable personality. "What's it called and what does it do in exact terms?"

"It's called Render, and it will render you speechless with how fantastic it is. Not literally of course, it won't tongue tie you or anything. It'll just take the edge off of things and make you feel really, really, good. One pill and music will become physical instead of just auditory, like it's caressing your skin with every beat. Colours are brighter, you feel electric, and sex is just beyond description."

He saw the weariness in my eyes when he mentioned sex and started back-tracking. "It's not going to make you hornier or a total nympho or anything. It's just going to make it feel better if that's what you're going to do. Which you're obviously not. Unless you wanted to, of course. I'm always ready and willing, by the way."

"Down side?" I asked, interrupting Emmett's botched attempt to remove the foot deeply wedged into his mouth.

"The crash leaves you feeling numb for about an hour afterwards, because your senses seem dull after being heightened for so long, plus your average headache, irritability, inability to concentrate, possible nausea and that sort of thing. It's actually pretty mild. The flask you're trying to hide in your coat pocket is going to cause a lot more damage. Actually, I'd recommend you not drink whatever you're smuggling in here if you take the pill."

I considered, watching the party goers as I debated my options. Both of us ignored the fact that whoever was outside the door had started pounding again.

"How much does it cost?"

"$50 a pill," he said, his expression growing serious as we got down to business.

I frowned and sighed. "Sorry, Emm. The price is a bit steep for me."

"It's worth it," he said, his insistent tone backed up by the look he gave me. He grasped my hand in his, pushing my sleeves up so my hand was exposed, palm up in his. He placed a non-descript white pill into my palm and closed my fingers over it. "First one's on me. I still owe you for that water fountain in your front yard. This should cover it."

I couldn't help but smirk. "I don't think Charlie will appreciate your giving drugs to his daughter as payment for backing into his new birdbath with your jeep."

"But you will," he said with a wink. "Trust me. But don't drink when you take it. It's way too potent with alcohol so choose one or the other and keep it pure. Lasts four hours, give or take, maybe a little longer because you're so tiny. Don't drive while you're fucked up and you'll be golden."

"No probs. Thanks, Em," I said. I stepped around him and allowed him to get back to his doorman duties.

I looked at the pill and considered it. I wasn't opposed to not drinking tonight, saving my flask for a later date, but Alice and I had polished off the last of a mickey of vodka before coming in. Not enough to get drunk, but I was definitely feeling a healthy buzz. With a shrug, I popped the pill on my way in, noting that it was only seven, before making my way to the couches where Alice had located some other kids from school.

"Same old joke every time, I swear," Alice ranted, her hands making large gestures to animate her story. "I mean, seriously, what gives? You think he'd be tired of it by now. He gets bored of girls after a month, but three years with this fucking joke."

"And three years of this fucking rant, Alice." I laughed and sat down next to her on one of the four, unmatched couches in the 'living room' section of the warehouse.

She shot me a haughty expression. "It's tradition."

Jessica and Angela, the girls she'd sat down with, giggled and continued to talk until Jasper showed up with drinks.

"What can I get for you, B?" he asked, handing a coke to Alice. He had a gingerale and a sprite in front of him. The Warehouse turned a blind eye to underage drinking but they didn't sell to minors.

"I'll take the Sprite." I opened the Sprite and took a sip, smiling as the bubbles slid down my throat.

"Good choice," Jasper said with a nod. He didn't open his pop, and instead pulled a flask from his jacket and took a swig. "Where's yours?"

"Can't drink any more tonight," I said with a shrug. "I'm trying Emmett's new pill. So far, nothing."


I nodded. "That's the one."

Jasper grinned like a mad man and shook his head. "Just you wait, B. You won't know what hit you."

It took another fifteen minutes before things really kicked in. I couldn't drink my pop anymore because the bubbles tickled my nose and liquids in my mouth were just plain weird. Jasper and Alice kept trying to talk to me but I couldn't follow because the music had started and it was pressing into my skin, rolling over me and interweaving with my heart beat.


I ignored Alice as I got up from the couch, taking a minute to appreciate the rough, corduroy material before making my way to the small dance floor.

Closing my eyes, I let the music wash over me. It pushed and pulled my body, moving me to the incessant pulse that was engraving itself on my soul. I danced until I could feel a light sheen of sweat on my body, but I still needed to move. The music almost felt like hands on my body, guiding my hips and twirling me around. I opened my eyes to see what was around me, but the colours were too bright, burning my eyes and making me feel a little nauseous, so I closed them again and allowed the music to direct me once more. I became lost in the music until it felt like my skin was on fire.

Overwhelmed by what it was doing to my body, I made my way towards the darker nooks and corners of the Warehouse until I located the back 'offices' and their haven of soft leather couches, darkness, and quiet. I collapsed onto a couch, but I'd underestimated the power of the music. It was still there, caressing my neck, my back, my lips.

I opened my eyes wide and searched the darkness for answers. "Music?" I asked, trying to wrap my head around what was happening. I managed to locate another pair of eyes in the dim light.

"Too much," the eyes said. I tried to focus on the eyes and who they were connected to, but it was hard to break their gaze. With a great deal of effort, I expanded my periphery and determined that a very tall, lean, and devastatingly good looking guy was standing in front of me. At least he seemed attractive in the minimally lit room. I couldn't determine much of him from the shadows, but I could see that he had dark hair and the most arresting eyes I'd ever seen. He turned his head, causing the light to catch on his piercings, one ring on the bottom left of his lip, and another ring one the right side of his nose. Further investigation revealed further rings in the bottom of his left ear and the tops of both ears.

"Christ," I whispered, my attention drawn to the glittering metal of this stranger. Light flashed off him like fairies.

"Not quite," he murmured, his voice low and soft, pulling me closer. "Your lips are distracting."

I stopped my study of his lip ring and stepped back, taking further study of the Silver One. There were alarm bells going off in my head, despite my ability to concentrate, that were forcing me to take notice.

"Who are you?"

"Edward," he said, leaning his forehead against mine, his breath coming hard. I could feel his heart pounding as I placed my hands flat against his chest. Mine was racing too.

"My name's Edward," He repeated. His hands cupped my face and I could see his eyes focus in on my lips.

"Bella," I said. The words were hard to get out. With his sight focused on my lips, they felt heavy and full, burning to be cooled. My eyes flickered to his, with its silver ornament. His silver looked cold, like it could quell the constant burning of my lips.

I don't know who leaned forward first, but somehow we'd moved together, crushing our lips. His silver didn't cool me but caused me to burn hotter, needing more. Edward's hands slid into my hair, his thumbs caressing my neck. His touch sent shivers down my spine and I pushed myself closer to him, wrapping my legs around his waist, pulling him tight to me as I lay back on the couch.

Things became frantic as we worked to remove the clothing barrier between us. He pulled off my t-shirt, pausing to pepper kisses down my collar bone, before removing his own shirt while I tugged off my black skinnies and moto boots. We both fumbled to undo his belt buckle, and he kicked his jeans off while I kissed my way across his jaw line and down his neck. He groaned when my lips touched his neck just below his ear so I kissed it again harder. His breath hitched and he lowered himself roughly, his boxer-clad hips pressing firmly between my legs letting me know how much he wanted me. He reached behind me and undid my bra, dropping it on the floor and he took my breasts into his capable hands and his even more capable mouth. I could be insecure about my small chest, but Edward was treating them with reverence, like mine were the most perfect breasts he'd ever seen.

"I need you," he said, pulling himself away from my breasts to whisper near my ear. His hips ground against mine and he sucked on my earlobe for emphasis, causing me to shiver as he gently scraped his teeth across it.

"Okay," I answered between ragged breaths. My fingers danced along the elastic of his boxers before pushing them down. He lifted himself off me long enough to remove both his and my underpants, before coming back down, sliding the length of his cock against me.

"Are you sure?" He asked, his body trembling with anticipation as he forced himself to hold still.

In answer, I reached down to put him into the right position and pressed my hips upward. He got the message loud and clear and entered me with a slow but firm thrust. I gasped at the sharp pain as he pulled out again, but didn't stop and it quickly got better.

His mouth was amazing, distracting me from the slight discomfort of our joining bodies until we shifted angles and things started to feel good. I lost myself to his touch and his body and let the overwhelming senses take over until he came with a soft cry and collapsed on me.

He rolled to the side and we lay tangled on the couch and tried to catch our breath. We lay there for a few minutes, until the feather light touches and caresses became increasingly needy and insistent. He pulled me on top of him, directing my hips with his hands until he'd entered me again. We rocked together and when I came undone, he grinned victory before unravelling himself.

We fell back exhausted and we lay together, saying nothing and staring at the ceiling, until our breathing evened out. I pushed myself up and looked over at Edward. He'd fallen asleep on the couch, his face suddenly looking too young and innocent for all those piercings. I smiled at him before turning to locate my clothes.

Edward still hadn't moved by the time I pulled on my jacket and boots, his only motions the steady rise and fall of his chest. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 2:30am and there were no less than six text messages from Alice asking where I was.

I picked up Edward's hoodie from the ground and pulled it over his body, covering his hips so he wouldn't be totally mortified when he woke up alone and naked. I was about to search for his phone to leave him my number and a message when I noticed a dark smudge on his left collar bone. I held my phone up to his chest so I could see better in its blue light and gasped at what I saw.

In elegant black script, Elizabeth was written just above his heart.

"Fucker," I hissed and stormed out, blinking back the tears that threatened to fall. I felt dirty from the mistake I'd just made, not once, but twice. It was bad enough that I allowed myself to get caught up in the moment and sleep with some random guy, but one who was already taken? I breathed deep as a wave of nausea rolled over me, pushing it out of my mind.

I walked back into the lounge proper and was almost instantly latched onto by Alice.

"Bella! Jesus Christ, where have you been?" She took one look at my face and narrowed her eyes. "What happened? Bella?"

I couldn't stop the tear the crept free and rolled down my cheek. "I fucked up, Al. Can we just go home. I need to shower."

"Bella?" Jasper stepped toward me, seeing something was wrong.

"We need to get her to your house," Alice said. "Your parents are still out, right?"

"Until Sunday," Jasper said with a nod.

I let them pull me out of the Warehouse and into Jasper's beat up 1972 Dodge Valiant.

"But my car," I protested.

"I'll drive you back tomorrow morning to get it," Jasper said, glancing back at me sprawled out on his back seat. "You're not in any condition to drive anyway."

We drove back to Forks in silence. I could tell that Alice was impatient to hear what happened, but I wasn't ready to talk yet. I didn't have anybody to blame but myself. I'd known that it was a bad idea but I'd gone for it anyway. I could take the easy way out of it and blame the drugs, but I knew that by the time we'd really gotten down to it and he'd asked my permission, I was thinking clearly.

Apparently not clear enough to ask if he already had a girlfriend.

"So fucking stupid," I muttered under my breath.

When we got to Jasper's house, I grabbed a towel and headed straight to the shower feeling the need to cleanse myself of all things Edward and Warehouse related. The steam and hot water felt like heaven and I allowed the spray to wash away my tears.

When I was ready, I turned off the taps and dried off quickly. I grimaced at the sight of my dirty underpants and tossed them in the trash before pulling on the rest of my clothes. I looked at my face in the mirror and frowned at what I saw. With a sigh, I left the bathroom and went back downstairs to the couch where Alice was waiting for me. She wrapped a soft wool blanket around me and the three of us stayed there, sleeping on the couches, until the morning.

Note: I don't condone any of the behaviour of my characters, but it's fun to write when it's not real. Also, I'm just going to state right now that this is NOT a baby/pregnancy fic.

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