I placed my hook under his throat and saw him wincing as I slit slowly the skin. "You think this pain is not real boy?" I snarled, his eyes flashed to pure pain. I hit his eye with my good hand and he groaned at the pain. Pathetic. Can´t handle a little pain. The girl, Isabella, didn´t even flinch at the angry marks she had in her pretty little face.

"You, my boy, are pathetic."

I walked out, ignoring his pathetic pleads.

I walked out with confidence and saw my men give looks of respect and fright. I smirked. I loved being Captain, loved the feeling of fear, of respect, and of loyalty. I was the one that took care of them when they came to Neverland, and now they owe me. And the funny part was that I didn´t say that they owed me, they said to me that they owed me.
I remember one day when I was sailing in the mermaid shore, trying to speak with the mermaids about Peter Pan, but of course was their loyalty with Pan.

I saw Cecco and Noodler in the corner of my eye and quickly commanded that they would check up the girl and the boy. I had to be check often on them - after all, if they escaped then I would have no bait for Pan. They scurried quickly away like the puppies they were. Good buys. I smirked.

Anyway, I remember me being frustrated and as we was going to sail away, Mr. Smee saw a horrid man in the water. He had tattoos all over his body and had no hair or what so ever on his body. He did not beg of being picked up, but instead looked at us with longing eyes. I knew that the mermaids would soon be there and claw every ince of his body to death, so I picked him up. Call it kidness, call it compashion, whatever. I did it anyhow.

I remember very well that he was uglier than I first thought he was. He had rotten teeth and black coal eyes and is nose were quite weird... He looked.. disgusting. And so was Bill Jukes in my crew.
Then it was Starkey, my first mate. He was a well mannered pirate. Strange ye? He was with Ed Teynte, now my quartermaster, and Cecco in the jungles of Neverland. They were going to kill some of my men when Starkey stopped them. He did not want death on his hands yet - he was slightly a gentleman. Gentle but firm. Perfect for the first mate role.

I heard huming and saw Mr. Smee clean the floor on his knees. Foolish man, but loyal. Just as I would call him, a voice stopped me.

"Capt´n! The gurl has escaped from your quarters sir!" I turned around and looked at Noodler. He had big eyes and was breathing fast. Damn that girl. I felt my eyes become big as I snarled.
"Well what do you think you are doing here? Find her you bastard!"

Isabella Pov.

Well that was easy, I snickered low. I heard fotsteps come down the hallway and quickly hid behind some sort of cloth at the wall, still holding the lamp that I took in the room I was in - as my bag wasn´t in my view in the other room. But why the heck was there a cloth hanging on the wall? Compleatly unesssecary if you ask me. I noticed that the cloth didn´t cover the whole me, my feet were sticking out. Damn. If they didn´t find me now, then they were more stupid than I first thought.

"Whye ar we havin a gurl on tha´ship anyway?" came a low voice. Shit they were close.
"I don´t know mate. But I fuckin hope she can cook, because Cookson is th´ worst of th´ worst. " Came a slightly dark lean voice. A beautiful voice. Huh. It was now two pirates that had beautiful voices. Hook and that mysterious man.

I heard them open the door and closed my eyes. Here goes nothing.
"The gurl is gon! Damit! Tha Capt´n is goin to be furious!"
"Go and tell him. I stay here and wait. " Damnit.
"But tha Capt´n..."
"Go for fuck sake." I heard footsteps dissapear down the hallway. It was quiet for a few moments.
"You can come out now girl."
Did he mean me? Of course he meant me. I would have slapped my head if I wasn´t in a life threatning situation. I shot out my head of the cloth and saw a slightly olive skinned guy lean on the wall, smirking at me. He had dark hair with almost black eyes. He was rather handsome with a slightly big nose, sharp cheekbones, a firm jaw, and thin lips. Two pirates now that were handsome.

"That was not so smart sweetheart. Hiding behind th´ cloth and letting your feet stick out. Not so clever." He winked but grew serious.
"I have to take you to the Captain now. Sorry sweet pie, but I don´t want my head of my body yet." I hadn´t fully gotten out from the cloth so he didn´t see the lamp that I gripped hard in my grasp. My heart began to beat even faster, and I could feel the blood in my vains pulserationg and the sweat that begun to stick to my shirt.

He began to walk forward and just as he was two steps from me I pulled out the lamp and swung it toward his head. He didn´t see it coming and at a second he was on the floor, eyes closed with a bloody gash on his forehead. I swallowed.
I didn´t mean to hit him that hard... I took a hold on my shirt and ripped it. It was actually harder than I had believed it would be. My muscles screamed in despair and resistance as I ripped the shirt as good as I could. I took the cloth and placed it on the gash, trying to stop the blood. I tied the cloth around his head and laid him down, he was going to get an ache in his neck if he sat up. I took a deep breath as I saw a sword fastned at his middle, with a gun beside it. I quickly took his belt and placed it on my hips and walked away.

As I walked down the hallway, I saw that it stood things on the different doors. Clever. Really clever. Note the sarcasm. I saw BRIG stand proudly on a door and remembered that Hook told someone to take Cedric down to the brig. I opened the door and a disgusting smell hit me as I walked down the stairs, closing the door quickly. It became dark on an instant and I took a deep breath. A vile taste formed in my mouth, the taste when you were going to throw up, when I got to breath in the air.


I sighed. He was here. I saw a light on the end of the hallway and walked quickly over. Cedric was sitting in one of the brigs. He was really pale as he had his hands bound, angry marks that matched my one painted his skin and he had a gash on his throat. He looked terrible. He rose slowly and threw a concorned look at the side. I followed his look.

At the wall sat a pirate on a bench, with snoring sounds coming from him. He was deeply asleep, but I knew that with my luck he would probably wake up.. I quickly took out the gun that I had taken from the handsome pirate and walked towards the sleeping pirate. Cedric gasped.
"Isabella, you can´t..."
I rolled my eyes. Of course he would assume the worst of me. I swinged the gun, and tried not to hit the pirate´s head too hard this time and watched as his body slumped. I placed the gun in the belt once again and took a hold on the pirate. Urrgh he smelled.. And he was quite heavy... I grunted. I placed him in one of the brigs and closed the door, heard the click of the lock. I turned aroung and saw Cedric looking at me with wonder.

Now how to get him out.. I thought over it for a moment as I looked around. Wait a moment... The bench. The bench! I placed the bench under the steel door and pushed down with all I had. I heard a snap and the door fell down onto the floor.
I smiled at my victory. I ignored the burn of my muscles and walked over to Cedric. He looked at me with a wondering look. "What?" I asked.
He shook his head and snorted. I rolled my eyes and focused on un-tying his hands. Once they were un tied I gave him the sword, giving him a small smile. "You can fight right?"
"Yea..." He gave me a strange look.. again. I smiled and began to walk. I felt my feet burn and looked down. Right. I was barefoot. I sighed and grunted as I felt something slice my skin. Why in the bloody hell was I barefoot? Why now? I felt the tears try to fill my eyes but this wasn´t a time to be a big cry baby. I blinked away the tears the best as I could.

As we came out of the brig I began to walk faster. Up here was the light better, so I instantly looked at Cedric´s feet. Thank Jesus. He had shoes on. I on the other hand had a bloodish left foot. Great. When we passed the handsome man on the floor, I felt Cedric give me weird looks. It seems he have been doing that alot. As we came to the end of the hallway a big door faced us.
I sighed. We would get captured again when we stepped out and I doubt Hook will let me go when he figure out that I am Peter´s daughter.
"Cedric. Please just do what I say this one time okay? And then will I be gone from your life when you return."
His eyebrows furrowed as he gave a nod. I gave a smile before I opened the door. Here goes nothing...

Just as the door opened someone gripped me. Hands took me around the waist and forced me away from Cedric. Fuck this shit. I growled and threw my elbow back, right in someones eye. He let me go as he grunted. I turned, took a grip on his shoulders and jerked my knee up. He gave out a little "oof" sound and fell to the floor, holding his precious jewels. Laughter roared on deck. "You bitch..."

"You grabbed me first asshole." I spit at him as I glared at the man that fell to his knees. He had murder in his eyes, and I felt my own become small. I took the sword from his hands, and he couldn´t even make resistance. I felt pity for him, but he did try to take me. I became aware of someone coming behind me and flew around. A man so ugly that I felt the need to look away came attacking with his sword high. My eyes got big and before I could do something, a sword came out in my defence.
Cedric. He saved me.. He really did save me...
I saw a man at my right coming with a attack in hand. But this time I was ready.

I began to fight with the man and I admit, I was pretty good. John and Michael had teached me good. But as I focused all my power on the man I saw fighting, I didn´t notice the man behind me. He took a hold on me as the man I was fighting hit my sword in one hard blow. The sword fell to the ground as hands took a hold on my throat and around my breasts. I felt my skin being teared up on my upper thigh. I flinched and glared at the man before me, as the guy behind me began to snicker. I felt his hand place itself firmly on my breasts, he even dared to grope me. That perverstic bastard. I heard him chuckle as I snarled at him.

I looked at Cedric and saw that two men held him back as he tried to break free. His expression were furious as he stared at the hand on my breast. Huh. Everything seems to just get weirder here every second. Everyone became quiet as footsteps moved. Hook came into my sight, pointing his sword at me. I smirked, ignoring my throbbing leg.

"Tell me Captain, how is it that we can never meet without you pointing something at me?"

Snickers broke out as Hook smirked. Cedric rolled his eyes but glared at me. I shifted rather uncomfortably.
"William. Let Miss Isabella go. Smee come here." I snorted at the name just as the pirate snorted. I felt a squeeze around my throat (and my breasts. That bastard.) before he let me go. I glared at him before I changed my glance to the men that held Cadric. Hook snapped his fingers and the men let him go in an instant. Cedric flew over to me and glared at the man that held me earlier. Why was he so suddenly possesive?

Hook nodded at his men, whom began to go forward. I noticed that Smee had dissapeared. "I see that our little Isabella is hurt. Place the boy in the guest room." I hardened my face, not wanting Hook to see my panic, but felt Cedric take my hand. Hard. I squeazed hard before I let him go. I met his eyes and saw the shock and the worry, but I ignored it and hardened my eyes.
As the men led Cedric away, Hook took my arm and began to lead me with him.

I huffed but went with him anyway. I noticed that all the men gave us looks, filled with emotions that I did not recognize. And they scared me. But I would never show those emotions, so I just lifted my chin and walked forward. But as I walked into the corridor I saw a familiar face. The handsome pirate that I had hit. He had now a bandage on his forehead.. I gulped as I felt the guilt swell inside of me. And the worst part was... He bloody smiled at me. I lowered my eyes and kept walking.

As we came to Hook´s quarter he just looked at the lamp that were placed on the ground, snorted, and dragged me in. I heard the lock click behind me and I swallowed hard.
"Well Miss Darling, I´m going to be a gentleman and ask you to take off your trousers."
Yea gentleman my ass... Wait what? I turned and looked at him with horror. But he merely chuckled. "Calm down. If you haven´t noticed, you have a gash on your leg that needs to be tended."
My eyes became small. No way that was his intention. I may be young but I know basics of sex and that men can be very perverted.
"Why can´t Mr Smee do it?" I wrinkled my nose. He chuckled once more. I began to get annoyed with that sound.
"Because I said so. Now drop the damned pants before I drag them off you. Or you can let it be and get it infected. Your choice madam."


I glared at him but made as he wished, gripping a blanket over me, as my panties were not on me. I mean, I had only undergarment on me and frankly I hated wearing panties so my underwear contained the corset and well my socks. I tried to cover myself as good as I could and could almost feel his gaze lingering on me, I winced at the long gash on my thigh and saw the blanket quickly become red. I tried not to throw up. I never was good with blood.
I glanced at Hook and saw that he looked intently at the leg.
"Lay down on the bed." I gave him a hard glance. But my glare became smaller for every second and then I just backed to the bed and laid down on it carefully, but I didn´t relax at all. After all, I was locked into a room with a pirate that was known to be brutal and terrifying. I tensed as I helt his hand grip my foot, sending pain up into my core. Right. My foot was hurt also.
"Well damn girl. How hurt can you be?" He muttered low.
Surprisingly he tended my foot quite fast, and it didn´t hurt as much as I thought it would. ((Lemon starts here))

Hook tended my foot quickly, which made him move on to my thigh. A gulp was swallowed as he began to tend it. He was so close to my core I could feel his breath. In my embarrasment I felt the blood fly up to my cheeks. How could I be aroused by this man? How could he effect me such? His fingers slid over my thigh lightly, leaving my skin to get goosebumps. Thank goddness the blanket covered me, or else he had seen how wet I was in this very second. Heat began to come forward in my cheeks and felt my body became very very hot.
"You don´t need stitches. I´ll just bandage it." His voice were low. Dark. Powerful. Terrifying. And it drove me crazy. I felt his fingers awfully close where I wanted it to be and It took everything I had within me to not beg for him. No. I would not beg of this man. He was but a pirate. A scumbag. A monster. I squeazed my eyes shut.
Skin met skin as his lips touched my thigh. My breath hitched and my eyes flew open. My eyes found his, and I saw the desire in his eyes as he slowly kissed my thigh. His rough hand gripped my thigh in a tight grip and I felt and saw his hook push the blanket away. Coldness hit me. I watched him almost hypnotized.

"Isabella.." His voice was rough. Hard. And damn it was hot. But so wrong. And it snapped me out of the daze that I was in.
I began to shake my head, my voice was drowned in something I couldn´t explain. I couldn´t talk. My throat was closing in.. I felt the tears fill my eyes. "Hook.. Please.. No I..."
"Shh Isabella... Shh, I´m going to make you feel reallt good... Lay still.. Shh.."
And then his lips were placed where I wanted it to be. I couldn´t help but moan. I felt him smile as he heard my loud moan. His tounge slid out of his lips and he licked me.. He licked me! God, if anyone saw this I wold be doomed a whore.. Those thoughts were pushed out of my head as I felt his tounge slid into me. I groaned. Hard. As he began to fuck me with his tounge, he began to rub something cold against my clit. Whatever he rubbed against me felt so good.
"Hook.. I can´t.. Urgh..." I couldn´t even form a sentence. Goddamit woman. Hook pushed his head away for a moment and whispered low.
"James. Call me James." I felt two powerful fingers slid into my vagina and even if it streched and hurt, the pleasure was so good. My hips bucked as I cried out in vain.
"Look here.. You are as innocent as I first thought..." He smirked at my panting before he even so slowly dipped down. I felt something against my clitoris and then I screamed as he began to suck. This wasn´t anything I´ve ever felt. I felt so... full... I felt something began to build up. I didn´t know what but something was happening to me. I couldn´t relax.. The reaction of the fingers, and the sucking.. I let go.

I screamed. And screamed. And screamed.

(((Lemon stops here))) My voice became dry and my throat hurt as the screaming stopped. And as the screaming stopped he just stod up, and walked out the door, locking it on his way out. I curled into a ball on the bed.
What did he just do to me? And why did I let it happen?! It should only happen between a man and a wife. In a marrige. With love.
Not with a pirate who just were a horny.. Realization hit me. He was just horny.. And I am probably the only woman who as been here for quite a years... He used me. My eyes began to sting. He just used me. He probably didn´t give a rats about me. He was trying to make me feel for him, then have sex with him and then he would probably kill me and Cedric. Oh god, Cedric... How was he going to react? Was he going to yell at me? Or worse, hit me? He did once.. But he was drunk..Was he going to think I´m some kind of a whore? Well I probably am now..
Mother. Mama.. What would she think of me? Would she be dissapointed? Of course she would be. I´m a disgusting whore. A whore. A slut.
A sob broke through my lips and I pressed a fist into my mouth to stop the screaming that would soon follow the endless sob.

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