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It was a nice sunny morning as Danny woke up in his bedroom, the noise of birds cooing in sync always made him feel warm. He got prepared for school and went down for breakfast as he saw a note on his Refrigerator from his parents, " Danny an emergency came up me and your mother had to go, we'll be back soon We love you! be good and NO parties. " Danny concerned just smirked after reading but he continued his Morning routine.

*Later at School*

He arrives at school and sees new twins to the school, They caught his attention as they walked down the hall way, then one of them stopped to speak with Lydia. As Danny kept walking the other twin accidentally bumped into him causing Danny to drop his books.

" Ahh shit! " said Danny in an embarrassing frustrated tone.

The twin helped Danny pick up his books

" Hey man! Sorry about that, Im Ethan "

" ya um er... erg... her " Danny managed to stuttered out as he was taken away by how cute Ethan was.

" ha your welcome " said Ethan as he rushed to get to his class,

*During Lunch*

" Hey guys! " said Danny as he sat with Stiles and Scott

"Hey Danno! " They both said simultaneously

" Jinx you owe me a Soda, Scott! Add that to the list of things you owe me " Said Stiles with a smirk

" Ahm! " Danny said trying to get their attention

" Guys... what if I told you I saw this really cute new kid... and Im- "

"Going to ask him out? " Stiles blurted out rudely

Ow! Stiles yelled after Scott punched him in the arm

" Go ahead Danny, who is it? " Scott asked

" His name is Ethan and he Has a twin brother " Danny said sighing staring at Ethan across the room.

"Dude you should go for it! Ask him out to your orchestra Performance! " said Scott

" Ya think so? " Danny shrugged

" Yeah! " said Stiles, " You two can be the next Bonnie and Clyde! "

" But how do I know if he is gay? " asked Danny.

" Dude he's either gay or just likes to wear really really really REALLY tight pants. " said stiles as he laughed

*Lunch Bell rings alerting everyone to head back to class for the last few periods*

" Hey Ethan! Hold up real quick! " said Danny as he pushed his way through the crowd

" Yeah? Whats up? " said Ethan

" Oh uh.. I.. wanted to... um.. see if you wanted to come to the Orchestra Performance with me Tomorrow night "

" Oh dude I cant that night and im booked the rest of the week helping relatives move "

"So... could we um.. hangout later today- " Danny said being stopped by Ethan

" Today at your place? " Said Ethan

"Uh yeah sure! " said Danny as he kept it 'cool' on the outside but inside he was jumping up and down with excitement.

Well That was the end of Part one of the soon to be 10 part story of Dethan, leave comments if you liked it or not and what you may of dislike and think I should Improve on! I plan on having part 2 out soon and it has a MAJOR twist :)