Chapter 7: Our Stars

When the healer told them he could go into labour any day, Salazar really didn't think she meant a few hours after she left, Harry was talking to Remus and Sirius when he started to feel pains on and off, Remus stood there is eyes widen "Call the healer that just left and get Poppy he's gone into labour." Remus said as he caught Harry as a hard pain hit in

"What already?" Sirius asked

"Yes." Remus said, Sirius ran off bumping into Salazar in his way to fire call for Poppy

"Salazar!" Harry cried out as he held into Remus, the old vampire rushes over to them

"What is going on?" he asked "Harry are you okay?" the teen shook his head just as he felt his water's brake "Oh Merlin." He whispered as he picked the teen up and carried him up to the bed room.

It was the early hours of the morning when the first wails could be heard from the first child, and it wasn't a moment later when the second wail could be heard. Salazar had his arms around his mate as he held their two sons "We never thought on names?" Harry said looking up at his lover; the vampire smiled and kissed him on the lips before looking down at their sleeping children

"You pick." He smiled

"Are you sure?" Harry asked, Salazar nodded and kissed him again "Well I have thought of some names." He said looking shyly at him

"Yes?" he asked

"Sirius James Slytherin." Harry said to the boy on his right "and this little on is Remus Harry Slytherin." He said looking up at Salazar the vampire smiled at him

"It's perfects out little stars." He tells him "Do you think we should let the grandparent in?" he asked, Harry nodded

"We should." He smiled as the long hair man walked over to the door and let in not only Sirius and Remus but Fred and George along with Hermione.

Harry smiled when he see them and sits up more to greet them "W...What are you guys doing here?" he asked

"We have come to greet the new little angels." Hermione said as she walked over to Harry, the teen beamed up at her as he cooed over the two babies "They are beautiful." She said

"They look like you Harry." Fred said with a smile as he put their gifts on a table

"Think you got enough?" Sirius asked as he peaked into the bags

"Hermione went a bit crazy shopping." George said slapping the other vampire's hand,

"What are their names cub?" Remus asked as he stood by the bed next to Salazar, the teen blushed and looked up at his dad,

"This one is Sirius James." He said about the little boy in Hermione's arms "And the one in my arms is Remus Harry." He said

"Oh pup you named them after us." Sirius smiled as he moved to hug Harry, the teen warped his arms around him.

Salazar was a called to a meeting with Dumbledore a couple of hours after his son's were born, the vampire didn't want to leave his young family so soon after they were born but the old man wouldn't take no for answer. When he left he ward the house and headed for the old git's office, for now Harry was a sleep and his children, Remus and Sirius were there along with the twins and Hermione with them combined would be deadly even if someone got passed the wards.

He stood in Dumbledore offices refusing to sit, he didn't really come alone like the old man wanted he brought Tom as Tom not as Voldemort he couldn't have people screaming at him before he was need, of course Tom said they will need Luicus as he was on the board of Governors and has lots of sway with many people. "Salazar I thought we agreed you would come alone?"

"You agreed Albus I never did." He said, he could see those blue eyes looking at the two men in the room,

"Who is young man?" he asked, the vampire sneered wondering what came was planning at how can he not see Tom Riddle as the same Tom Riddle he met long ago before he become a snake face

"I am Tomas Salazar is my Sire, I am here for political reasons." He smiled, the old man nodded, he started to feel uncomfortable in a room with two vampires and one Death Eater …what is your game Salazar… he thought

"What do you want Albus I would like to get back to my husband." The older vampire said, the white hair wizard gave him a smug look that made the vampire tilt his head "Tomas have you men go to my manor, tell them they are protecting your heir." Tom nodded and walked over to Luicus.

The blonde pulled his sleeve ups and held out his dark mark to Tom "What is this!" Dumbledore said standing up looking panicky

"You really messed up when you let a smug smile fill you face, Tomas is Tom Riddle. Did you think I won't have plans to protect my mate and my children you foolish old man." Salazar said "I have wards around my house and 5 people in that house that will take my family to safety, let's not forget my clan and Tom and his men." He said with a hiss as he rounded on the man.