Chapter 5: Slade in Leather Pants

Titans Tower. Jump City, California. Year of two-thousand thirteen. The Teen Titans had never had any relationships with villains. Ever. It was a taboo that should never be violated. Ever. But one day, crap hit the fan. That's right; Pandora's box was opened. They were screwed. And it had something to do with the two females on the team. Usually their judgment was perfect. Something came over them, though. Something evil. Something sinister. And it only got worse…when Robin found out.

"What is this! What is this?" He yelled, holding up his smartphone. There, on his screen, was a selfie with Starfire, Raven, and Slade. Slade of all people. Raven and Starfire were duck-facing and Slade probably was too, even if his clunky mask covered his face. People of the Internet can see duck-faces from countries away.

"Ooh! Ooh! It is a picture, yes? The selfie?" Starfire bounced up and down in childish joy. Raven rolled her eyes as she relaxed into the couch, getting ready for their interrogation.

"Yes Star…I know it's a selfie. But why were you taking it with-"

"Slade?" Raven quipped. Robin nodded, scowling.

"Yes…Slade." Robin croaked.

"Well, Robin; do you not know of our relationship?" He froze. The whole world probably froze.

"R-relationship?" He slowly spat. Raven rolled her eyes again.

"Yes Robin; a relationship. It's a union that two people have." Robin pursed his lips.

"I know that, Raven. But why with Slade? Why not with me- COUGH!" He didn't say that. He said…me friend. In an Irish accent. He was a leprechaun.

"Because we love him." Robin choked on air, sputtering and gasping and falling on the ground. No amount of training could've prepared him for this.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-what? " Robin sat up, still clutching his chest.

"God Robin; don't be so immature. We love him."

"He's a villain! He aided the devil in destroying Earth for God's sakes!" Robin retorted, screaming and hissing. This was the only way he could get people to listen to him, being the 5"2 frame he was.

"It does not matter! We love him! We can change him! Who cares if he attempted destruction of Earth or tortured us for years? Everyone deserves a second chance!" Starfire screamed, tears rolling down his face.

"You love him?" Robin rolled out, staring at the small between the two girls.

"It's just a selfie, Robin; didn't you ever take selfies with the Joker?" Robin's face turned indignant.

"Okay first of all Instagram didn't even exist back then, so your argument is invalid!" Raven slumped back into the couch.

"But if it did, would you have?" Robin scoffed.

"Hmm…I don't think I'd have had time to ask when he kidnapped me and tortured me!" Starfire frowned.

"Well, we still love him! And we will not stop seeing him! We do not care if you kick us off of the team! We will go live with him!"

"He's a psychopath and you won't see him anymore! Not if I can help it!" Raven scowled.

"Fine! Then we're leaving!" Raven grabbed Starfire's hand and dragged her out of the room.

"Whatever! Leave! I don't care! I've got Donna and Babs!": And Robin stalked off to his room.

Why can I imagine Batman and The Joker taking a selfie together? I think the DC Comics Universe will hunt me down for that statement. Review and Favorite. Grammar Nazis and Flamers welcome.