Chapter 2

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After they left Mr. Dickenson's office they start to head to the park so everyone can get to know one another. "Hey sis you still never answered my question. Where have you been? Well now that I think about it I got a couple more for you." Kai was walking holding hands with Tyson while his little sister was walking on his other side.

"Well I've been in Russia the hole time." Rosalyn gave him a small smile " I was able to save up some money that our crazy grandfather gave me to come see you"

"Where are you staying at? And what do you mean grandfather been giving you money? The old bat acted like you never was even born to me!"

"Well...The grandfather thing I would rather not talk about that." 'know him he would try to break into jail to put the old man into jail, best leave that out as much as I can' She thought while scratching the back of her head nervously. " And as far as staying at I have a hotel room here in Beycity"

"How long are you planning on staying?" Max asked as he walked backwards ahead of the group

" Well right now I'm not sure but I think if I really like it here maybe I could start a job and get a house" Rosalyn shrugged her shoulder while answering.

Kai glared at her "You are in a hotel! Do you know how many prevs are in there?! No way are you staying there!"

Everyone, even Rosalyn herself, looked at Kai with disbelief. "Um … I'm fine there Kai . no one has even try to … do anything … Plus it's not like I have any were else to go to so ya" she hoped that this would calm him down.. Well she was wrong…

"I could care less if someone has done it yet, still not happening! Tyson you think your grandpa would be ok for her to stay with us?"

Rosalyn was about to argue back when Tyson answered "I don't see why not, I mean heck everyone from the team lives there. There is plenty of room as long as she can help out keeping the dojo clean he should be fine. Let's go ask him" he smiled at her "plus you're Kai's sister I would love to learn some funny stories of Kai when he was younger " he laughed at this .

"Are you sure? Oh and as far as stories of baba I have a lot! "She smiled sweetly at the guys but Kai knew that the stories she was thinking would be, and there was no way he was going to let her tell THOSE!

"Rosalyn you better not even think it! " Kai's face was staring to turn red, not as red as it did when he finally told Tyson how he felt about him, but still pretty red. She just smiled up at him. "Well we better get to the dojo to ask him." With that being said they made their way to the dojo and Rosalyn got to tell some of those stories.! ! !

"So K-man has a little sister. Who would have thought! Well how I see it is if you are a family, nice and not crazy that is, of Kai's then I don't see why you couldn't say here to have more time with him. Just call me Gramps little missy and we'll get along just fine." Gramps held his hand out to Rosalyn to shake.

"Thank you Mr. Gr… I mean Gramps" Rosalyn said with a smile while shaking his hand. She was really grateful to be able to spend more time with her older brother. Tyson grandpa seems a lot nice then their own grandpa, that's not saying much since their grandfather tried to take over the world and all , but still it made her happy to see that her brother was surrounded by people who would help him in a time of need. And knowing this puts her mind at rest. Not knowing what lies in her future scares her but if she can spend just a little time with Kai and makes sure that he will be well taken care of that's all she needs.

While this went through her head Kai was trying to get her attention "Rose...Rose…hey Rosalyn!"

"Huh! Oh! Yeah big brother what do you need?"

Kai looked at his little sister "Are you okay? You spaced out when we was trying to show you to the room you can stay in."

"Oh!" she gave a small giggle "I'm fine just was thinking" She lifted her bags to follow the boys to where she will be staying. I hope the future is a long one. I really missed him!

! ! !

That night while everyone was tucked in their bed, or so Rosalyn thought she got up to get some fresh air. As she sat on the back yard patio looking up at the stairs and bright moon, just thinking about everything that happened today, a set of footsteps came up behind her.

"Never would have thought Kai had a little sister" Max said while he sat next to her, with his thousand watt smile. "Couldn't sleep?"

With a small smile she replied" it was a long day and a lot has happen. What are you doing up... Max? Think that's your name." they both laughed at that

"Yes its Max. As for why I'm up let's just say I had a little too much sugar about to have a crash"

"Ooooh! As far as Kai having a little sister …well I guess I can see how you guys got that…he's always try to keep people at a distant for as long as I can remember" she gave a small smile to the sky thinking of all the time he try to keep her at a distant, but always protect her from their grandfather and some of the other people in their life.

"Is there any real reason why you came here? I mean maybe it's just me but it seems kind of random for you to all of a sudden to show up."

"Well you could say that I just want to spend some time with him. I haven't seen him since he join your guys' team, and you never know what will happen in the future. So it's always best to live every day to the fullest and make sure the people you love and care about will be taken care of if something should happen to you" she smiled but Max could tell that there was nothing happy in her eyes.

"You make it sound like something will happen" he gave her a curious look, but all she did was shrug a shoulder. "But if you are worried about Kai, well let's just say a lot have changed since he and Ty got together…After trying to get them both to confess to each other! Never thought people could be so hard headed! Other than that little thing they always have each other's back and you can tell by just looking at them that they love each other. I think Kai was kind of scared of what you would have thought about him dating a guy."

"I could care less about the gender of who he dates, as long as they help him out when times get rough and the other way around. I can tell that they love each other and that's matters the most." She gives a big yawn as she says this "Well I better get to bed! Don't stay up to late with the sugar rush" she got up and they exchanged small smiles of good night and head off to bed.

! ! !

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