"I'm getting a job?" A young girl looks up at the older man in surprise.

"You are young, but this is for a child. This child will be blessed, and you are the best." She smiles. The older man chuckles and brushes some of the long wavy blonde hair from the little girls face, helping him to see her eyes, the color of ice.

"I'll do my best!" She giggles.

"Go on then." The girl turns and runs, smiling.

"My first job... my first chance as an angel to help the humans!" She giggles as she runs, happy beyond measure. Others watch as she runs through heaven, her wings flapping in excitement. They whisper, though she doesn't notice.

"The perfect one."

"Even for an angel..."

"Normally she wouldn't be given a blessing like this until she's at least 10 years older. She's only eight..."

"There." The little girl smiles as she looks down at her target, a small, humble home. She floats down, landing outside the front door. Her wings disappear into her back and she knocks. After a few moments a man opens the door. "Hello!"

"Huh?" He looks down. "Why, hello there." He smiles and kneels to her eye level. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm lost. Are my mommy and daddy here?" She looks in.

"I... I'm sorry little girl, no. But why don't you come in and I'll get my wife. We'll help you find your mommy and daddy."

"Okay." She walks in and looks around. the man walks into the front room where a woman is sitting with a baby.

"Who is this?"

"She's lost. Honey, why don't you put Alexander in the little crib I made him so we can talk real quick?"

"Okay." She stands and walks to a small crib where she sets the sleeping baby down. "He's sleeping, so don't wake him, okay... what's your name little one?"

"Me? I'm Adora."

"Well Adora, can you be a good girl? I'll be back in a minute."

"Okay!" The two adults walk into the next room. Adora smiles and looks at the sleeping baby.

"Alexander, a cute little boy. Your parents are humble in all they do, and have prayed for you to grow with good health, although neither of them has good health. I have come to give you the blessing of the angels." Her wings come out and a feather flies off and in front of Adora. She gently grabs it, then kisses it. "Alexander, you shall receive the blessing of the angels, to grow strong, healthy, and be filled with the love of others. You shall become a great leader one day, and will protect those around you. Now, be blessed little one, and rest in the glory of God." She places the feather on the forehead of the sleeping baby.

"Adora, we want to ask..." The two adults walk back in, but Adora is gone. All that remains is the feather on the sleeping Alexander.

"Cooooooomplete!" Adora giggles. "I did it! I blessed the baby!" She laughs, filled with excitement and pride at accomplishing her first task as an angel as she sits in a tree not far from the house. "I should go home. If I stay out too long..." She sighs. "Ahh, the other angels will pick on me if I'm out so late. I know they will!" She hops out of the tree and flaps her wings.

"Whats this?" She frowns and spins around, then freezes.

"Ah... ah..." She can't speak. Standing before the girl is a monster, an ogre. He smirks.

"Why is such a cute little angel away from heaven, huh? Where the darkness can reach..."

"St-stay back!" Adora tries to fly away, but he grabs her wings and yanks her back down.

"I was just out surveying the land. I want to know what I'm up against. But this is a good catch. I'm sure Lord Satan will promote me if I bring him a divine creature like you."

"No! Stop it!" She kicks him and tries to run.

"Get back here!" He grabs her wing again and yanks her back. He then steps on Adora's wing. She winces.

"S-stop..." She quietly says, the fear overwhelming her.

"I can't have you escaping on me though. I'll just break these wings of yours..." Adora's eyes widen.

"N... n..." Tears fill her eyes. "NO!" She screams, making her voice as high pitched and loud as possible. The demon stumbles back, covering his ears. She jumps up and takes off into the air.

"LITTLE BRAT!" He grabs a large rock and throws it at her. It hits Adora square in the back and brings Adora down, the rock landing on her wing. Adora groans and tries to sit up, her wing is trapped.

"No... No! HELP!" She screams. "Someone! Please! Help!" She tries to push the rock off, no use, it just makes her wing hurt more.

"there are go." She looks at the ogre. "That wing must be broken now." He grabs Adora and shoves the rock off. Indeed, it's broken. He smirks. "Lord Satan will be happy to see you, I'm sure." He laughs.

"No! Let go! LET GO!" She punches the ogre in the eye. He drops her. She tries to run, her broken wing dragging behind her.

"What's this?" She stops, in front of her is a demon, one with a devious smirk. "Little angel..."

"No! Stay away!" She shouts as she runs another direction. He flies after her and scoops her up.

"No, I think I'll be taking you with me."

"No!" Adora struggles. Finally she finds something she needs, a dagger on the demons belt. She grabs it out of the sheath and stabs the demon's arm. He yells and drops her. She falls about 20 feet and hits the ground. She groans again, the pain adding up.

"Little brat!" The demon lands and glares at Adora. She forces herself to stand, though she's very unbalanced. "Come here!"

"No!" She tries to run, he grabs her wrist. Adora struggles. She sees the dagger in his hand and tries to get it. The demon realizes and fights her, trying to keep the dagger out of her hands. During the struggle the demon gets an opening and, in his anger, shoves the dagger into Adora's gut. She takes a few steps back, in shock. Her legs shake and she falls to her knees, tears in her eyes.

"There, now come with me, or you might die from that wound." He says as he walks over. Adora glares up at him.

"I said no!" She stabs the demon, then runs. A forest is nearby. She runs into it and hides. For a while all she can do is lean against a tree trunk, crying, the pain overwhelming. After a while, when she's able to stand again, Adora pushes through the pain and starts flying. She flies up, faltering at times, but eventually makes it to heaven. She tries to find someone to help, but when she's forced to stop behind a wall to rest, she hears voices.

"I heard that Adora was captured."


"A demon got her. He might have killed her. An angel was watching her and saw."

"No one went to get her?"

"Why would they?" Adora is frozen. Why would they? Everyone loves her, don't they? She behaves, she's nice, she loves being friends with everyone. "That girl is nothing but trouble. They think she'll become a demon if one thing goes wrong. She's either dead or a demon by now."

"Yeah, I can see that. She has to have everything just right, or else everything will be wrong."

"If she doesn't come back I won't care. One less headache for us angels, right?"

"You three, don't talk like that, it's so mean. It's unbecoming!"

"Ah, you're right."

"Perhaps that was a bit far." Adora hangs her head. This, how these angels feel, she never knew that. She forces herself to stand, then she walks around the wall.

"Please, help." She quietly says to the group of female angels.


"It's Adora!" the girls are shocked.

"Q-quick! Get help! Someone!"