"Rin, is your work done?" Adora asks as she walks into the living room.

"Just finished!" Rin smiles as she closes a book. "Can we go now?"

"Yes. Get your stuff."

"Yes!" Rin shouts excitedly as she jumps up to her feet. She runs to her room and Adora shakes her head, smiling.

"Hurry now. We don't want to be late." Adora sighs. "I don't want to miss out on one penny of this trip. Why is traveling so expensive?" She looks down at her messenger bag, which is stuffed and bulging out some.

"Ready!" Rin runs out of her room, her backpack also completely stuffed.

"Alright. Then lets get going." The two head out the door and start walking.

"Why aren't we taking the scooter?" Rin asks as she looks back towards their home.

"We won't be using it after we get on the train, so it's better that we leave it at home."

"Okay." Rin skips towards their first destination. Adora smiles, watching the young girl happily go on her way. When they reach their first stop Rin runs in. "Mr. Sadao!"

"Rin, hey!" Maou smiles as Rin runs up to the counter. Adora walks in. "You two going somewhere?"

"We're gonna go explore Kyoto!" Rin says excitedly.

"Oh?" Maou looks at Adora.

"Yeah. It's a little vacation." Adora says as she walks up to the counter. "We'll take our usual."

"Alright." He starts putting in their order. "I'll bring it to your table."

"Alright." Adora pulls out some money and pays for the food, then she and Rin head to their usual seats.

"This is gonna be fun!" Rin giggles.

"Yeah." Adora smiles. "Remember though, I'm taking this a little more seriously."

"I know. But still!" Rin sighs. "I'm glad we can have some fun together."

"Me too." Adora reaches over and ruffles Rin's hair. Rin giggles.


"Here you go." Maou says as he sets a couple of trays down before joining the pair at their table. Rin starts digging into her food right away. "So, why Kyoto?"

"We're going exploring." Rin says between bites.

"Exploring?" Maou looks from Rin to Adora. "Do you think you'll find out anything about magic?"

"Hmm?" Adora sips her soda. "I'm hoping to, but I don't know. We'll be gone a day or two exploring some of the historical sites and museums."

"I wanna go." Maou sighs. "I could use a fun vacation."

"You should save your money. Then maybe you could go on a trip." Adora takes a bite oh he burger.

"We could all go on a trip together!" Rin suggests.

"That'd be fun. But I get the feeling Adora wouldn't like that." Maou replies.

"I guess not..." Rin looks down, disappointed.

"Rin, I'm gonna eat your icecream." Adora says.

"No!" Rin shouts as she grabs her icecream and starts eating it. Adora smirks slightly as she sips her soda. "Ah, I'll be back." Rin slips under the table and runs around back to the bathroom, leaving Adora and Maou alone.

"What do you have against me?" Maou asks Adora. "I've just let it go for a while, but I'm not just going to sit back anymore. A lot of things have been happening lately, and I'm not taking chances with you."

"Like you could do anything to me anyways." Adora shakes her head. "I'm not saying anything."

"Adora... You clearly don't like me. Are you on Emi's side?"

"No. I'm not on either of your sides." Adora grabs a fry and eats it.

"What do you want Adora? Why are you here?"

"I've never told you before. Why would I tell you now?"

"Do you want to kill me like Emi does?" Maou asks, leaning in close to Adora. She hesitates in her response. "You do."

"No." Adora glares at Maou. "I was just thrown off by such a question. Why would you think I want you dead?"

"A lot of people from Ente Isle want me dead." Maou smirks. "So, if thats your goal with me then what about Emi?"

"I never said you were right." Adora snaps.

"It's pretty obvious. I've had this suspicion for a while, but I thought now would be a good time to confirm." Maou leans back, still smirking. "I know I seem pretty carefree here, but I'm still Demon Lord Satan. You couldn't have possibly believed that I've stopped being myself just because we're in a different world." Adora sighs angrily, then smirks at Maou.

"Fine. I want you dead. That's the reason I came here after you."


"Why? Do you really need an explanation?" Adora shakes her head. "You ruined so many lives. You destroyed cities, homes, families!" She glares at Maou. "I almost died once because of you and your stupid army."

"Ah, really? Sorry." Maou says with a smile. Adora growls.

"Sorry? You think that's enough to make up for what you've done?"

"I'm back!" Both adults stop and look at Rin as she runs back to the table.

"Oh, Rin..." Adora shoots another glare at Maou, then smiles at Rin. "Hurry up. We need to leave as soon as possible."

"Okay!" Rin goes under the table to get back to her seat. Adora eats in silence while Rin plays with Maou. She watches Rin laugh with Maou, making jokes and talking about her school life.

I hate him... He's known for a long time, hasn't he? I can't say I didn't expect that. But, with how stupid and irresponsible he seemed... It fooled me... I want him dead more than ever now. Him and Emi both.

"Done!" Rin shouts when she finishes her food.

"Alright. Lets get going then." Adora says with a smile. All three people stand. Adora and Rin toss their trash.

"Bye Mr. Sadao! See you when we get back!" Rin says with a wave before running outside.

"Bye Rin. Bye Adoa. Come again." Maou replies with a smile. Adora walks out without a word.

"Alright Rin, lets go catch the train." Adora says as she and Rin walk outside. "When we get there we're going to check in at the hotel first. After that we'll go do some explorations."

"Great!" Rin giggles. "This is gonna be so much fun Adora!"

"Yeah." Adora feels herself relax finally. She ruffles Rin's hair. "Come on then! To the trains!" Adora starts running.

"Wait for me!" Rin shouts as she runs after Adora. Both start laughing...