I'm new, my family just moved from our little house to a pretty, new, big house. I have my very own room and a brand new tree house in my backyard. Today my mommy is taking me to the library to hear a story. We walk down the street and I look at all the big trees, there weren't many trees near our old house. The library is little and there are lots of kids, I don't like kids very much. I stay close to my mommy. Just as the big lady starts to talk the door flies open and a mommy and a little girl come rushing in. That was the first time I saw you. The other mommies give your mommy mean looks and I decided I don't like them, they are mean. Your mommy sits next to mine and you get off her lap and sits on the floor in front of her. I look at you and see the dirt on your cheeks, the long brown messy hair, and the clothes make you look like a boy. You turn to me and I go to introduce myself, but you speak before I can get a word out. "Keep your eyes to yourself, its rude to stare." Those were the first words you spoke to me. Without another word you turn around, and I feel very sad I didn't make a new friend, even if you are dirtier than I would want a friend. I listen to the big lady tell the story about a prince recuse a princess and when she finishes I hear you sigh happily. As we get up to leave my mommy starts talking to yours, she makes you introduce herself. "I'm Isabella, but you can't call me that." I'm confused. "Well what do I call you?" You think about it and a smile lights up her face, but not a nice one at all. "You can't call me anything, because we are not friends." Your mommy looked mad and told you to stop being mean. She asked my name. "Hello ma'am. I am Edward Anthony Cullen and I am five." Her mommy laughs and says, "Why hello Edward. I am Renee and I'm very pleased to meet a boy with such good manners." I get another mean look from you and we all leave together. Our mommy are making plans to take us to the park. When we get there, I'm worried because of all the other kids. I look at you, but you don't seem like you care about anyone else. You walk over and get two jump ropes, lay them on the ground and start jumping around them. I'm curious, what are you doing? My mommy gives me a chocolate bar and sits down with your mommy. I stand up straight and walk over to you. "Would you like half of my candy?" You stop what you're doing and look at me hard, "Maybe you're not as bad as I thought you were." And you take the half out of my hand, I go to walk away but you grab my hand. We sit on the little bench and eat. "What were you playing?" I ask. You tell me you were playing Dutch. "I thought it was called Double Dutch?" You tell me it is but you don't like to play with other kids and you renamed it just Dutch. I smile and look down, I like you. "Can I call you Dutch?". You think about it for a little while. "Yes.".