Age 36

After lots of planning and arguing between all of us we are here. We are back on our island for the third time. But this time, we brought the army with us! Yep, all six of us adults and all NINE of the kids! It's still hard to believe after so many years of trying to adopt, then giving up on adopting after Brian was born, Rose and Emmett ended up with twins. By pure randomness, Rose ran into an old friend of her families whose 15 year old daughter was pregnant and very scared. Rose had babysat the girl when she was younger. The poor girl was very timid the one time we met her. As Rose said she had no idea what she would do with one baby let alone two! But after she found out Rose couldn't have kids, she all but begged for Rose to adopt them. I know they were hesitant at first but everything worked out and here we are! It feels like we are moving in with all of the stuff we brought. I can't wait to re-explore this place with you and the kids. I know the kids are going to love this place! But I am so glad that we brought along Casey and Mika to baby sit a few night. Those two have been a godsend since they came into the shelter with their mother two years ago. Their dad was a violent man and almost killed them all, but we got them just in time. They are twins and love kids. At 18, they are both enrolled in college studying education with the help of some scholarships we started with Mrs. Cope's money. I am also thanking God that there are a few guest houses so we each can have some privacy this week! The kids are already running around not sure what to do first. This is going to be a great week!