Me: See, I promised! I'm back!

Ben: Back?

Me: Oh that's right, you weren't here for the first book! You were playing with little Avalon!

Ben: *shrugs* What can I say? She's adorable.

Me: Speaking of Dusk...Where is she?


Healer and Ratchet: DUSK!

Dusk: *Runs in* If anyone did not see me! *runs out*

Me: *facepalm* I do not own Transformers: Prime...Only my OC's and the Realm of Cybres

Chapter 1

Cleanin' This Gun


It had been a few hours since Healer had gotten Sideslash stabilized. He said that 'Sides would live…but he wouldn't be able to get around for a long, long time.

That eased Dusk's mind…at least just a little.

"Everything ok?" I heard a voice ask behind me.

I turned around…

Just to face the sapphire gaze of Dusk's dad.

"Um…yes. Yes, sir," I nodded.

"So you're Benjamin Castora," Michael said, looking me up and down critically.


"The one who is currently dating my eldest daughter," he continued, his glowing, sapphire eyes narrowing, "And has already asked for her hand."

Well…this wasn't good.

I'd heard stories from Mom about when Dad came to ask her on a date…and met her shotgun toting Dad.

Michael…well, he's got more in his arsenal than just a shotgun.

"Um, uh…well…yes?" I started, my palms warming.

Michael gave a low hum as he circled around me, hands behind his back, wings folded neatly. The dying sunlight caught off his golden circlet and made it look like he was crowned with living fire.

I kept turning as he circled.

I heard the familiar sound of a blade unsheathing. My eyes widened as Michael polished a fiery red, gold, silver, and copper blade. The Autari insignia made up the hilt.

It was a thing of beauty.

I admit, I was a little afraid. I'd seen what Dusk could do with her blades…and it wasn't pretty.

Michael had more experience with the blade that Dusk did.

If Dusk was scary, Michael would be terrifying.

"Let me get a few things straight, Ben Castora," Michael growled, "Do you care for my daughter?"

"More than anything," I nodded.

Like Silver, Michael raised a brow. Unconvinced.

"In all honesty, sir," I continued, "If it were possible…I'd take her place right now. This very moment,"

Michael came up to me and stared me down, literally. The High King was easily 6 foot 7. Just about Silver's height.

Compared to that…my 5'11" frame was tiny.

Michael gave a soft smile…and resheathed the sword.

"You know, Ben," he started, "You remind me a lot of someone I once knew,"

"Is that a good thing or…?"

"Depends," Michael shrugged, "Let's just say, I'm surprised he's lived as long as he has,"

I averted my gaze.

"It's just he also likes teasing his wife," Michael clarified.

I raised an eyebrow.

"Is he ok?" I asked.

"Oh yes," Michael grinned, "Has a wife…a few kids…"

"And who would this person be?" I asked.

"Me," Michael chuckled.

I heard the door open and Dusk came through, her wings tucked firmly behind her back.

"Just to let you know, boy," Michael continued, looking at Dusk and then back at me, "You see that girl?"

I nodded and looked back at Michael.

"You break her spark…and I break you," the High King warned, eyes darkening and speckling with gold.

Huh, so that's where Dusk gets that trait from.

I nodded vigorously.

He patted my shoulder and started out of the room. I turned around and saw him embrace Dusk, she leaned into his shoulder, returning it, before Michael released her and walked towards the doors again. He had just gotten to the door…

When he stopped, turned around and pointed at his eyes…and then at me.

Dusk looked at me.

"He scare you?" she asked.

"A lot,"

"Good," she smirked, tiredly, "He wouldn't be doing his job if he weren't,"

"I wonder if my dad had any trouble with my grandpa?" I wondered out loud.

Dusk wrapped her arms around my neck.

"That's a Dad's job," she purred, "Make the beau's life a living Pit until he proves himself worthy…which often times is never…of having his daughter,"

"Yeah, well, your dad's already done that," I replied, touching my forehead to hers.

"Mmhmm," Dusk hummed as she closed her eyes.

I kissed the tip of her nose, making her smile.

She then brought herself closer to me and I kissed her again.

She happily returned it and the two of us stood there, lips locked in place. I leaned forward slightly into the kiss, and Dusk leaned back, the kiss growing more fierce and hungry as it continued.

Dusk broke off suddenly and I felt lightheaded.

I was so wrapped up in the kiss that I had forgotten to breathe.

"I'm starting to see why Kal and Arcee II liked doing this so much," Dusk purred, leaning against me.

I nodded, closing my eyes contentedly.

"We just need to find a way to get you to breathe," Dusk teased.

I shrugged.

"Ready for round two?" I asked.

She leaned upwards and we just touched each other's lips when…

"Ugh get a room you two!"

Dusk and I turned around.

It was one of Dusk's siblings…the blond boy…Carter I think.

Flanked by Amber, Sean, Miko, Jack, and Raf…our Miko, Jack and Raf.

"You two are as bad as Kal and Arcee II," Miko groaned.

"It was sure nice though," Dusk smiled.

I nodded.

"Let's torture them a little more," I whispered softly.

Dusk grinned evilly and the two of us kissed again…earning a bunch of groans and 'ewwws' from our audience.

It was sweet.

Silver POV

I watched as Dusk and Ben kissed in the middle of the room. Michael crossed his arms and frowned.

I gently smacked his shoulder.

"You and I used to do that when we were their age," I reminded him.

"Yeah, but it wasn't my daughter," he growled.

"I still remember what Dad did to you when you first kissed me," I chuckled.

"Hey, we learned a very valuable lesson that day!"

"Yeah, that those robots fire squirt guns very accurately and you scream like a little girl," I laughed.

He huffed.

"I do not scream like a little girl," he mumbled, "I was just a little…surprised is all,"

Uh huh…sure Michael. Keep telling yourself that.

Silver's Dad was an inventor and a business man. Think Tony Stark (though not temperament wise) and you've got Charles Noble. The robots...if you've seen the Iron Man films...think Dummy.

I wanted to give Dusk and Ben a little romantic time...and play around by scaring poor Ben. Michael's parting line "You break her spark/heart, I break you" was actually said to my former beau by my mountain man of an uncle. :P

Song in title: Cleanin' This Gun- Rodney Atkins (It's perfect for the beginning of the chapter)

Anyway, hope you liked it. If you did, please R&R! :)

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