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Chapter 7


Michael POV

The sun was setting and we still had a long way to go. Dusk had told Ben to set her down and let her walk, to rest his arms.

I knew that wasn't it.

She felt bad that she had to be carried around like that. Heck, I didn't like it when people pitied me like that. Silver didn't like it either.

And apparently we passed that trait down to our daughter.

I felt proud of her determination…but I was worried. Ever since she started walking on her own, we'd slowed down considerably.

I didn't have the heart to tell Ben to pick her back up.

"We…need to go…faster," Dusk started, breathing heavy, "Have to make it before sundown,"

She closed her eyes.

"Ben…Dad…Jack…somebody has to carry me…just until we get close," she finally sighed, I could feel the embarrassment rolling off her.

I scooped her up into my arms.

"I'll take you," I said softly, "Just let me know when you want to walk. There's no shame in this, Dusk,"

"I'm helpless," she growled, laying her head on my shoulder.

"Do not ever say that," I replied in our native language, "You are many things Dusk Greyman, but helpless is not one of them,"

She looked up at me, smiling sadly.

"Thanks, Daddy," she murmured, a soft purr building up in her frame.

My own purr rumbled through me as I kissed her forehead.

She was burning up.

I smoothed her bangs away from her face, taking in the thin, crescent shaped scar that marred her otherwise perfect features.

I knew how she got it, I didn't like how it happened.

Dusk closed her eyes and soon fell asleep in my arms.

With her eyes closed, she looked like her mother.

I gave a soft smile.

"You really missed her, didn't you?" Ben asked.

"More than you know," I sighed, "But, our little Evenstar is back where she belongs, and that's all that matters,"

"Why does everyone call her that?" Darby queried, "I mean, Healer called her Lady Evenstar a while back…what's the story here?"

"We've got a long walk, Michael," Jack shrugged, "We can tell 'em,"

"I guess it goes back to the dawn of Cybres, actually," I started, "No doubt you guys have heard the story of how Prima and Moricrus first fought against each other, of Prima's mate, Centari's death?"

"I remember Dusk talking about it one day," Ben nodded, "And then it was there in the Hall of Ages,"

"Well, legend has it, that right before he died, Centari gave Prima a piece of his spark. Prima couldn't bear to keep the piece all for herself, so she gave it to the Maker and he placed it in the night sky. The spark became known as the Evenstar, the symbol of love separated but also the symbol for hope," I explained, "Dusk has been separated from us for a long time. The day she left, the Evenstar winked out, when she came back, it reignited…or so I was told,"

"That's a good story," Darby said approvingly, "What else about the star?"

"Just the little bit of it being the center of the Circle of Stars, where the Maker created our universe…" I shrugged, "Nothing more. But…it's just a myth."

"Tree!" Dusk suddenly announced.

I looked up…right as one of the branches smacked me right in the forehead…and brushed Dusk.

"Ow," Dusk hissed, "Watch it! That hurt!"

"I think it hurt me more than you, little one," I replied.

She sighed and looked around.

"Don't you think it's odd that there's no noise?" she asked.

"There's never been noise in these parts," Jack shrugged.

"Why?" Darby asked.

"Just never has," I replied, ducking under another branch.

I heard something snap and I froze.

"Nobody move," I warned, casting my head from side to side.

"What? What is it?" Darby demanded.

"Shh!" Jack hissed to his counterpart.


"See?" Ben laughed nervously, "It's nothing. Maybe a squirrel or…"

A piercing shout ripped through the air as five monstrous figures leaped out of the bushes.

"Soruns!" Ben squeaked.

"Run!" I shouted, "Ben take Dusk and keep going in that direction, Darby, go with them! Jack and I will hold them off."

"Daddy!" Dusk wailed as Ben took her from me, "No! Ben! Jack! We can't leave them!"

I unsheathed my sword, the Requiem Forge given to me by Solus Ivorra himself, fiery armor blazed to life around me and I stood. I turned to my brother in arms.

Both of us shifted to mech form…and charged the 'Runs.

Jack/Tomas Sol Ivorra POV

I unsheathed my blade and charged one of the Soruns, the mech glaring at me. I slashed from the right with my blade, the Sorun slamming my own blade away with his sword.

Using the momentum from the blow, I spun around and slashed across the Sorun's chest plate, leaving a thin gash. Energa oozed weakly from the gash. The Sorun looked at the gash and at me, growling angrily.

Well, that wasn't good. He charged at me, slamming his shoulder into me, and causing me to stumble back, stunned.

The Sorun raised its blade up and stabbed down on me, causing me to shriek in pain as the blade passed through my thigh area. The Sorun smirked at me as I screamed and withdrew the blade, now stained with energa.

With a hiss of pain, I shifted my arm into a blaster and fired point blank at the Sorun, knocking it back. I continued to fire shot after shot, until the 'Run's entire torso was melted and scorched.

Stuttering once, the Sorun fell onto its back with a loud thud, offline. I sighed and slid onto the ground, my leg too weak to support my weight anymore.

Dusk POV

"We can't just leave them to die!" I protested

"They're not gonna die, trust me," Jack tried to reassure me, "if they're as tough as you then they'll be fine,"

Somehow…I didn't believe him.

Wheeler gave a loud shriek.

I glared at Jack, the obvious 'I told you so!' look on my face.

"Help them," I ordered.

"Two against five, great odds,"

I looked at Ben.

"Three" I finally said.

Ben stared at me.

"You sure?" he asked, "You weren't too happy when Jack did it the last time,"

I rolled my eyes.

"You took a Predacon down on your own, you can do it," I said.

Michael POV

I thrust my blade upwards and was met with a satisfying crunch as it tore through the Sorun's armor. The mech glared at me hatefully, before its optics dimmed. Using a pede, I pushed the Sorun off Requiem's burning blade, and turned my attention to the last one.

The two of us circled each other slowly, both of us looking for a weakness in the other's defense. I suddenly lunged forward, my blade skipping against the Sorun's side, causing sparks to fly, and nothing more.

I turned to continue the attack, when the Sorun scooped a handful of ashes into his servo.

With a flick of his wrist, he flung the grey material into my optics.

I gasped in surprise at the dirty trick, and clawed at my optics, trying to clear them. The Sorun took advantage of this though, and punched me in the midsection, doubling me over. He kicked his knee up, and caused me to fly backwards, crashing into the ground with a heavy crash.

I managed to open my optics, only to see a blaster inches from my face.

"Good bye, your majesty," the Sorun snarled.

"NO!" I heard Darby shout.

Right as a deep blue mech slammed into the Sorun, while a crimson and gold mech attacked another one. Darby, who else would the blue mech be, shifted his servo into his blade, and spun, decapitating the Sorun. The headless chassis fell to the ground, energa pouring out of the neck where its head once was.

In the meantime, I looked to see where my daughter was. My optics widened in horror as the remaining Sorun approached her.

"Stay back!" she warned, backing away desperately.

The Sorun chuckled darkly.

"You're the Phoenix Ivorra? I was expecting something a little... I don't know... not as sickly," the Sorun shrugged and continued to approach her.

Dusk POV

I raised my hands, trying to fry the creep, only for a weak spout of flame to sputter out.

Aw come on!

The Sorun laughed at the pathetic attempt, and I tried transforming, but again to no avail.

My wings started to beat desperately, trying to get me off the ground, but feathers simply spiraled off them. I looked up fearfully at the Sorun, and felt my back hit a wall.

I had failed.

"Well, it's been fun kid," the Sorun said with mock cheerfulness, "But its time to end this!"

He raised his blade to strike.

There was a sickening crunch, and the Sorun froze, looking at the blade sprouting from his chest.

It was coated with energa, his energa, bloody crimson red dripped from the coal black chassis.

"No one," I heard a familiar voice growl coldly, "And I mean NO ONE. Touches. My. Daughter,"

I saw my Dad's pitch black optics glittering darkly from behind the monster.

The only response he recieved was the sound of dimming optics as the Sorun went limp. With a grunt of disgust, Dad flicked the Sorun off his sword, watching it crash into the ground beside him.

He transformed kneeling beside me.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Besides the dying part? Fine," I coughed, "You…you're scary ya know?"

He grinned slightly at that.

"So they bleed red, huh?" I asked out of morbid curiosity.

"Unless they're hooked on dark energa, then it's purple,"

"And you guys wouldn't happen to have a Synth-en would you?"

Dad shuddered.

"Don't ask your mother about that, Healer on Synth-en…very scary thing,"

"Sounds like Hatchet,"

"Speaking of Hatchet," Ben started, "Looks like Wheeler's gonna need him…both of them maybe?"

Dad got up and walked over to Wheeler, who was gripping his leg in pain.

"'S just a mesh wound," he growled through gritted teeth, "I'll live,"

"If it gets infected then Silver will have my head!" Dad replied.

He held Wheeler's leg and the raven-haired Ivorra gave a sharp yelp of pain.

"You don't know where the well is," Wheeler said smugly, "I do, you won't find it in time without me. I just need someone to help me walk,"

"I swear you and him are about as different as you and Kal," Ben groaned as Jack returned him to human form, Jack following.

Jack shrugged.

"I'll carry him," Jack started, reaching out for Wheeler.

Dad shrugged and started handing Wheeler to Jack…when both of them gave a sharp cry and shook their hands vigorously.

"That hurt," Dad hissed, rubbing his hand.

"You can say that again," Jack muttered.

"Um, hello?" I started, "Deadline here? Literally!"

"She's right," Dad said, let's get a move on.

And we continued on.


"You sure this is the right place?" I asked as the landscape suddenly grew misty and dim.

"Yep," Wheeler replied, "Omega's Well is right over there. See those spires?"

"I see," I nodded, looking at the four pillars that pierced through the silver mist.

I stumbled, tripping over a rut in the ground.

"Agh, Primus, I'm such a clutz," I sighed, inspecting the rut, "Hey…this is a glyph!"

"Most of Cybres had glyphs marked in the ground," Michael said, "No one knows why. Many think, however, that since Prima is Cybres, there are tattooed glyphs on her body,"

"How do you know so much?" Jack asked, guiding Wheeler over a particularly deep glyph, "I thought you were born on First Earth,"

"I was," Michael shrugged, holding Dusk's hand as she picked her way over the same glyph I tripped over, "But as High King…I have to know Cybres' history,"

"If there was one class I was bad at…it was History," Jack groaned.

"Yeah, I've seen your grades," I snickered.

"Don't worry," Michael chuckled, "I had trouble with it too, made Tomosal actually glitch with all the mistakes I made. He might be my adopted dad…but I don't exactly dig the same stuff he did,"

"Oh, that's right, Dad mentioned you were adopted!" Jack exclaimed.

"Optimus and Tomosal often told each other everything…until Gabriella died that is. He couldn't bear talking to anyone because the slightest imitation of her set him off,"

Dusk suddenly stopped, grunting in pain as she stumbled against a pillar.

"I…I can't do it..." she stuttered, "It hurts, I can't move! M-my body doesn't want t-to m-move. My s-spark...it's s-starting to o-overload..."

"Pick her up and run to the Well!" Michael ordered, "I'll take Jack, Darby, Ben, hurry!

Jack and Michael made the trade off and I picked up Dusk.

She shuddered in my arms, crying.

"It hurts!" she whimpered.

"Shh, it's ok," I soothed her.

"She has to cross the threshold on her own!" Wheeler called, "Once you get to the first pillar you have to set her down and make her walk to the Well on her own. She'll know what to do from there!"

"Go," Michael yelled, "We're coming as fast as we can, run!"

"C'mon," Jack started.

And the three of us ran, leaping over the deep rifts in the ground, through the mist, onwards towards the four spires.

Dusk started to warm in my arms as we stopped at the first spire. An eight-pointed, encircled star was carved into the silver metal.

"Centari's Compass," Dusk breathed.

"My nightmare," Jack whispered as I set Dusk down.

Dusk wobbled on her feet and clung to the pillar.

"I…I can't," she whispered.

"Yes you can," I encouraged, "You are strong, Dusk. Stronger than anyone I know. Braver than anyone I know,"

Her dull sapphire gaze turned towards me and she reached for me.

I stepped out of reach.

Frustrated, she let go of the pillar and took a wobbly step towards me.

I now have an idea.

"Thirteen steps," I promised.

Dusk POV

Thirteen he says.

I shuffled one foot forwards and brought the other next to it.

"One," Ben called out.

Images came to my mind.

Optimus and Elita, my adopted parents. Optimus taking me from Starscream almost eight years ago. Had it really been that long? Him taking Megatron's bayonet for me. The Matrix crumbling in my hands, Dad coming back to life. Mom coming to base as June. Helicopter Mom Miko and Amber dubbed her. Late night movie night, Orion Pax helping me escape the Nemesis undetected, April Fools Day, June as Elita, Almost losing Dad again. Cybertron restored.

"Two," Jack called as I took another step.

'Bee. First meeting in the Cemetery, trying to get his glitch of a charge to listen to Dad. 'Bee rescuing us from Megatron's clutches right before Dad died, his constant fuss over my mouth, Chicago and afterwards…Megatron taking over his mind for a brief while, almost losing Raf to dark energon, being unable to transform because of a MECH incident, Smokey getting him into trouble, getting a new paintjob, dying and then coming back and being able to speak once again.

"Three," Ben encouraged.

Arcee and Cliff. Mom's counterpart, holding me after I arrived on Second Earth, me being thrown from her arms, seeing her again, painting her pink (she didn't like that too well). Cliff and I pulling pranks left and right…mostly on 'Cee. Telling jokes and going for wild rides through Vegas, who knew he was so good a poker? Him dying and coming back as a Terrocon. 'Cee and I meeting Jack, Miko and Raf for the first time. 'Cee almost dying from a shot in the back and then again from cold. Airachnid coming to call, her showing who was the better femme by not killing said 'Con, finding out that Jack was Ultimus and June was Elita…that wasn't fun. Her fiery protectiveness for me.

"Four," Jack coaxed.

Bulkhead and Wheeljack, two of our Wreckers. Bulkhead's girly scream, Fake Wheeljack fight real Wheeljack, Sean coming in with Wheeljack. Bulkhead losing his memory…Exploding gas station courtesy of Wheeljack, that was fun. Bulkhead getting shot in the back by Hardshell, Miko, Sean, Amber and Wheeljack going after said 'Con.

"Five," Ben called.

Ratchet and Jolt, medics through and through. Ratchet fixing me up multiple times, Jolt's faulty weapons system. Getting wrenched, repeatedly. Ratchet's famous "I needed that!" line, Jolt constantly reminding Ratchet that he's not the only medic there, Ratchet on Synth-En, ugh, Ratchet captured, Jolt protecting me as we attacked the Nemesis before I went to find Dad.

"Six," Jack said.

Magnus and Smokey. The stiff and the Rookie. Pulling the pop prank on Magnus, priceless, Smokey getting 'Cee good at the party, even better…Smokey getting me wet? He was lucky to be alive. But, Smokey saved Optimus, Magnus fights like a Wrecker and he does have a soft spark. It's just way, way deep in there. Me and Kara shrinking him was probably not the best idea…but it was fun. Him and Wheeljack waking up after they had spent the night cuddling in each other's arms…I almost died of laughter.

"Seven," Ben continued.

Jack. Oh, Jack, what do I see about you? Brother, Prime, Partner in Crime, Friend. That awful job, the fiery devotion to family, quick learner, warrior born. First meeting with us, racing with 'Bee, very unwise that, face off with Airachnid three times! I had to hold you back that one time. Us going to Cybertron, finding out you were my brother, you and me sparring the first time, you taking on the Nemesis, saving me from Draconus, spats with Kal, dying, offlining Megatron, then offlining Draconus.

"Eight," my brother stated.

'Sides, oh I miss you so much! 'Sides coaxing me out of the tree, being named my guardian, my pranking buddy, my friend, Sunny coming in and becoming Amber's guardian after 'Sides convinced him. Protecting me from Galloway and his goons, swimming and playing around on the beach, him dying in my arms…

"Nine," Ben crooned, "Only four more steps,"

'Hide. I wish you hadn't died, we never got to paint you pink, though we did get you pretty good with the super-glued doors. You protected me, taught me how to shoot straight, taught me how to defend myself…and you died defending me from one I called brother. Thank you.

"Ten," Jack announced.

Mom and Dad, I only got to know you for such a short while, you and my sibling…I wish I could have gotten more time!

"Eleven," Ben said.

Miko and Raf, our musician and hacker. Miko running into the Groundbridge every chance she got, Raf besting Soundwave in a duel, Miko attacking said 'Con with an axe, Raf finding the Scraplet, then watching as 'Bee wasn't in control of himself anymore, Miko waking Bulkhead up with a blast from her guitar, Raf getting shot, Miko going for revenge, Raf getting the drone to work.

"Twelve," Jack whispered, "Just one more,"

Amber and Sean. I'm surprised Sean hasn't asked Amber the question yet. The two hit it off as soon as they met. Amber the older Miko, running through the 'Bridge. Her shopping trips and Sean constantly causing things to blow up. The two of them going with Miko and Wheeljack to fight Hardshell. Sean giving Amber his locket.

"Thirteen," Ben choked, as I collapsed at the foot of what I swear looked like the bottom of a pillar…a table almost.

Ben. My sweet, wonderful Ben. From the moment I met you there was something about you that clicked with me. You knew about the 'Bots earlier than the rest of us, and I was angry with you. I understood why you didn't tell me. Our first 'date'. 'Sides watched from the parking lot to make sure you didn't pull anything. You dunking me underwater and me smacking you…sorry about that. You asking me to marry you but I couldn't say yes. No, I was dying. I couldn't do that to you! I love you too much to let you be unhappy. I'm so sorry. I wish this didn't have to happen. I'll miss you, my love.

Jack/Ultimus Prime POV

Michael and Wheeler came right as Dusk took the final step…and just lay there on the side of the platform.

"She has to get on top it," Michael whispered.

I started forwards, wanting to help.

"She has to do this on her own," Wheeler said, putting a hand out to stop me.

"She's my sister!" I snapped, "I have to…"

"You can't!" Wheeler ordered, "If she doesn't do it of her own free will…Cybres will be destroyed and the Well won't accept her."

"Then Omega's Well needs a new set of guidelines!" I snapped.

"You may be my counterpart, but honestly, Darby, I never thought you'd be that stubborn!" Wheeler sighed, "You remind me of Michael more than me!"

There was a low moan and my eyes snapped back to Dusk.

My sister's arms trembled as she gripped the platform…and hauled herself up.

She collapsed onto the smooth metal and didn't move. For a moment, nothing happened…then bright light suddenly blasted from the Well, and Dusk stood up.

Her armor reappeared over her chest, arms and legs; leaving her head and feathered wings free.

The blue light lit up from underneath her and I felt the ground tremble underneath me. Dusk's eyes burned a holy electric blue, threads of bluish energy vapor streaming from them.

There was dead silence…

And Dusk's sparksong rocked the world.

Beams of blue shot from her chest and slammed into the ground, snaking up the four pillars until it focused on the pillar with the phoenix. The firebird then began to fill with blue. Electricity crackled through the air as twenty three years of stored up energa streamed from my sister's spark and into the pillars, taking her armor's color with it.

Dusk's song had just reached its crescendo…when it suddenly ceased.

The light flicked off and Dusk fell to the ground, her eyes open and drained of every speck of blue...making them a lifeless ash grey. Just like her armor.

The armor faded from Dusk, leaving her looking, aside from her wings, completely human.

Michael rushed forwards.

Dusk POV

So much blue…and now grey, nothing but greys and blacks. I heard voices and strong hands grabbed me and cradled me.


"I…I d-did g-go…od-d?" I stuttered as Dad held me.

He nodded.

"You did very well," Dad breathed.

I gave a soft smile…

And my world went black.

Michael POV

I heard her death rattle…she softened in my grip and her head lolled.

I held my daughter's broken, still form. Her eyes had turned a dull, gunmetal grey, as all Cybreians did when they died…


I felt sobs wrack my form as I held her close.

My daughter, my Dusk…


I raised my head and screamed to the heavens.

Authoress POV

The High King's keen reached across the planet…right to his wife's ears. Silver dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her face…

And her own scream of mourning rocked the planet to it's very foundation. Mountains trembled and the landscape buckled and shifted at the High Queen's sorrow.

Elita buried her helm in Optimus' chassis, shoulders wracking with sobs. Arcee and Bumblebee embraced, both crying.

High above the planet the Evenstar winked out.

Dusk Andromeda Starfighter Greyman, Crown Princessa of Cybres, the Phoenix Ivorra

Was dead.

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