So I know everyone is writing post Her Negotiation stories whilst waiting to see what actually happens when the new series starts but I wanted to write my own, so here it is.

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Summary: Olivia is in the clutches of The Beast and he intends on sending her to hell and back, then there and back again. Will she live through it, and if she does will she truly be able to survive what she's been through? The team desperately try to catch The Beast and stop him before he can hurt anyone else.

For the record this was the darkest episode of SVU ever in my opinion, but I have a horrid feeling that 15x01 will make it look like a Disney film. Hope Olivia gets to kick some perp ass.

Anyway, here goes…


Fin and Amaro stood outside Olivia's apartment. They couldn't hear a sound coming from within it but that only added to the worry they were both feeling. Worry that had only deepened with each minute that had passed why they waited for some sort of answer from Olivia, waited for her to answer the door or her phone which they could hear ringing inside. The men turned to look at each other again after another wasted minute passed by and then Fin reached up and hammered his fist against the door, swearing to himself that this would be the last time he'd do it. "Liv!" he called out, thinking back to how they had come to be here…

They had been the only two in the station house when Brian Cassidy had called to see if Olivia was there. It had been Amaro who had taken the call and told him about the two days off that Cragen had ordered she take. When he heard that Brian had had no contact with her within over the two days Amaro had immediately began to think something was wrong.

He had quickly hung up and Fin who had noticed his worried expressions caught his attention. "What's going on?" he asked.

"That was Cassidy. He's outta town but said that he can't get in touch with Liv, said he hasn't been able to for over two days." Amaro told him, worry evident in his voice.

"She was due in hours ago and I know Liv, if's she's had two days off on orders she'd have been in as soon as the sun started to rise." Fin told him.

"I figured the same. I'm gonna go check up on her at her place."

"I'm coming with you. I got a bad feeling." Fin said as he stood up and grabbed his jacket.

"You wanna drive. I'll try calling her." Amaro suggested.

Brushing his thoughts aside, and having received no answer again, Fin decided enough was enough. "Step back." He warned Amaro before he slammed his foot against Olivia's door. It half opened but the chain that was on was stopping it from granting them access.

"Liv!" Fin called through the gap, worrying more now. If the chain was on she had to be inside. "Liv, its Fin and Nick!" still he got no reply.

Through the gap his eye suddenly caught something by the window, it was a bloodied hand mark on the wall where someone had clearly gripped the wall as they'd climbed out onto the fire escape. "SHIT, there's blood on the wall!" Fin cried out in panic, his heart racing.

"LIV!" Amaro called through the gap.

Fin tried throwing his whole body against the door but the chain hardly budged. "On three," he told Amaro. Then after the count of three the two of them threw their bodies against the door and this time it burst open.

They both fell through the doorway, barely managing to stay on their feet. They both immediately took out their guns when they saw how trashed Olivia's usually pristine apartment was. They both began to inch their way forward, taking in everything, both of them not knowing what to expect. They both glanced into the kitchen where they could see the stove was lit. One burner still going, an assortment of objects sat on the worktop next to the oven.

"Lewis!" Amaro said knowingly, his stomach turning. "Olivia!" he said as he turned on his heels.

He followed Fin who charged forward moving down the thin hallway towards Olivia's bedroom. He kicked the bathroom door open with his foot as he passed by it. Both men instantly felt like gagging when they saw it empty but soiled with bloodied marks everywhere, clearly a struggle had taken place there, the broken mirror and bloodied shards of broken glass only helped confirm this.

Fin turned to face Olivia's bedroom door. Part of him didn't want to open it, fearing what they would find but he didn't hesitate in pushing it open with his body and making his way in gun drawn. Amaro was right behind him.

Both men were speechless by what they saw. This room like the rest of the apartment was trashed but much worse than the others. There was blood all over the bed and around the room. Olivia's torn clothes lay scattered around the floor and on the bed, half covered by a blood soaked white sheet, was a lifeless looking Olivia.

Fin ran over to her, the sound of his heart pounding against his chest threatening to deafen him. He could hear Amaro speaking into his cell phone as he called for a bus, but his voice was just a muffled blur but his own was too as he spoke to Olivia, his ears were ringing but with a final sharp ring everything suddenly came into focus.

"Olivia! Olivia, please! Liv, honey, can you me?" he said as he gently tried to move her hair up off her face where it had fallen over. She was lying on her stomach, her arms reaching up above her where they were each tied to the frame of the bed with thick electrical cords that had cut into her flesh.

Fin tried moving more of her hair back but it was slippery in parts and dried solid with blood in other parts. It was everywhere around her. He quickly determined why. "She's been shot in the head!" he said angrily.

He was trying to reach for her neck, hoping to see if he could feel a pulse but he knew if she had been shot in the head it was unlikely, which is why his heart skipped a beat when he heard her moan his name. He had barely heard it but he knew he had. "Tell them to hurry!" he yelled to Amaro.

Amaro did so then threw his cell into his pocket. He then moved to untie the cords around Olivia's left arm. "You're gonna be fine Liv, the bus is on its way. We'll have you fixed up in no time." he said as he worked on the cord. He couldn't help but glance down at Olivia, the majority of her body wasn't covered by the sheet and the parts that weren't were caked in blood, some dried some still spilling from wounds. He could also see burns, lots of them, all different shapes and sizes, some more obvious as to how they had been made. "Jesus, Fin, look at her."

"I know." Fin said, sounding calmer than he actually felt right now. He was using his jacket to try and slow the bleeding on Olivia's head. "She's gonna be fine." he told Amaro, trying to convince himself at the same time.

He kept thinking back to the state in which they had found Alice Parker after she had been held captive at gunpoint for eighteen hours by Lewis. He had no doubt that Olivia had probably been held captive a hell of a lot longer than that and he dreaded to think what hell he had put her through.

He glanced around the room again. He could see metal hanger that had been bent into all sorts of shapes. There were cigarette stumps everywhere and signs of crystal meth use, just like there had been in Alice's apartment. It all made Fin feel sick to his stomach.

Amaro moved around the bed and reached over Fin, who remained by Olivia's side, so he could begin untying the other cord. He glanced down at Olivia's arm. He couldn't help but notice the odd angle it was twisted in. "Her arm's dislocated." he told Fin knowingly.

Fin didn't reply, he just glanced at the injured limb and then turned to look at Olivia's face again, what he could make out of it through the blood and bruises. "Don't worry, Liv. Promise you we're gonna catch him for this, and when we do he's gonna know what it feels like to be burned and beaten."

Amaro could only listen as he gently lowered Olivia's arm, praying he wasn't causing his partner anymore pain than he knew she must already be in, but she didn't even flinch. "God, where's that bus!" he said as he pressed the corner of his jacket down on a deep and badly bleeding wound on Olivia's thigh.

As if on cue they both began to hear the sirens approaching. All they could do was hope that Olivia would be okay, but looking at her, at how beaten and damaged her body was they wondered if she would ever truly be okay if she were to live through this.


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