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Chapter 20

Olivia was lying on a hospital bed, an ultra-sound scan machine set up beside her. She had refused any medical treatment until someone had checked on the baby. She lay with her heart pounding in her chest, praying her baby had survived the ordeal she had been put through. Cassidy was sat beside her, his hands wrapped protectively around one of hers, a worried look on his face as he prayed for the same thing she was...their baby's life...

Olivia could barely remember the pain she was in from new and aggravated old injuries. She hadn't even flinched when the scan technician had put the cold gel on her stomach, the only thing she cared about was her baby. She was waiting for the small room to fill with the sound of a heartbeat but as the technician rolled the transducer over her stomach there was nothing...not even the slightest of sounds.

Tears filled her eyes as she began to realise that perhaps what Lewis had put her through had been too much for the baby. She hated herself for having fought Lewis, she wished she had done everything he had asked her. She wished she had been totally submissive so he wouldn't have beat her, wouldn't have put her though such hell. She had known it was stupid to run through forestry like she had, injured and wearing such incorrect attire. Knowing that her baby's death came down to her actions she began to cry, but just a second later she had to hold her sobs back as the room filled with the sound of a heartbeat.

"Oh thank God!" Cassidy sighed.

The technician finally smiled, she too having been worried for a moment. "Baby's heartbeat is strong. You got a fighter in there."

"Takes after its mommy." Cassidy said before he stood up and kissed Olivia. "I'm so glad you're both okay." he said to her as he brushed her tears away. He then kissed her again, reminding her just how much she loved his kisses. How much she had missed them.


Olivia was now lay in a private hospital room in a hospital back in the city and not just one in the middle of nowhere which is where she had been taken for first treatment after being found. She hated hospitals but if she had to be in one she was happier to be in one in the city in which she lived instead of the remote place she had been taken to to be tortured and likely killed.

Cassidy was asleep on the bed beside her. His hand rested on top of hers which lay flat on her stomach. She was thinking about everything Lewis had put her through the last couple of days. She couldn't believe her baby had survived it but she was sure as hell glad it had survived.

She wondered how differently things would have gone if she had told Lewis the baby was Cassidy's from the start. She could only presume he would have had no problem killing her and the baby. It had certainly been the best option to lie to him and tell him it was his baby as much as it had sickened her to do so.

She looked up and forgot her thoughts when there was a knock on the door, a moment later the door opened and a nurse pushed in Langan who was sitting in a wheelchair looking slightly better than he had been last time she had seen him. Olivia smiled at him as she and Cassidy sat up. Cassidy had woken up the minute he had heard the knock on the door.

"Sweetheart, will you get me a tea please?" Olivia asked Cassidy, "I'm gasping for a drink."

"Yeah, of course." Cassidy said placing a soft kiss on her head before he climbed down off the bed. "Hey, Langan you want a drink?" he asked as he passed him.

"I'd love one, so long as its cold," Langan replied before Cassidy and the nurse walked out.

Olivia sat right up in bed wincing a little at the discomfort it caused her. Langan's chair was now right at the foot of her bed so he didn't miss the pain on her face. "You okay?" he asked her.

Olivia nodded and smiled. "I'm fine. Little beaten up but nothing that won't heal...eventually." she said with a small smile.

Langan smiled a little back at her and then asked, "What about the baby?"

"It's fine." Olivia told him. "It's not Lewis'. I just told him that because I thought it stood a better chance than if he knew it was Brian's."

"I think that was a very smart idea." Langan replied.

Olivia just nodded, "I think it kept me alive as long as it did. Until Lewis decided I was more trouble than I was worth."

"You can be a pain in the ass." he joked, "Seriously though, I'm glad you're both okay. I'm not gonna lie I didn't think I would see you again. I tried offering Lewis money if he left you at my house but he took the money and you."

"I appreciate you trying." Olivia said with a smile. "How are you? Lewis worked you over pretty well."

"I'll be fine too. Got some deep burns to my legs but I'll be okay. What is it you said, nothing that won't heal eventually."

Olivia just smiled and nodded. A moment later Cassidy returned with their drinks. "Well I'll leave you alone. I just wanted to check you were okay."

Olivia nodded and smiled again as Cassidy passed Langan a cold can of coke cola. She watched as the nurse walked in a moment later and took hold of Langan's wheel chair. The nurse was almost out of the door when Olivia called out to Langan, "Trevor!"

The nurse stepped back and turned Langan to face Olivia again. "Thank you...for everything."

Langan smiled at her and then the nurse pushed him out of the room and back towards his own room.

Olivia happily took her tea from Cassidy. "Thanks." she said before taking a sip. "Bri..." she began, before hesitating, not sure she wanted the answer to what she wanted to know. "What happened to Lewis?" she decided to ask anyway.

"He was being treated for his injuries." he told her a little sheepishly.

"Where?" she asked.

"Here." Cassidy told her as he rubbed his hand over he lower half of his face.

Olivia couldn't help but look terrified, she hated that Lewis could still scare the life out of her. "What condition is he in?"

"You worked him over good, but he's gonna live. The others took him to the precinct this morning while you were sleeping, so they can...interrogate him. They want to be sure they get everything on him. He's not getting away with this Liv."

"I want to go to the precinct"

"Liv, you need to stay here and rest."

"I'll rest at home but first I want to go to the precinct. I want to see his interrogation." she said firmly.

"You know you can't, Liv."

"Then I want to see him after his interrogation." she told Cassidy in a tone that said that was the end of the conversation.


Olivia was stood so close to the glass that she feared her breath would steam it up. She knew even it it did Lewis would never see but she still took a slight step back. He was sat at an interview desk, in interrogation room 1 and she was stood outside, looking in at him in his hospital scrubs. He had one arm in a sling, as did she. Her shoulder had been badly aggravated and she had been instructed to wear the damn thing again for the next few weeks.

She was also using a crutch which she hated, but it was about the only thing keeping her upright. She should have been at home, this the Doctor had ordered after she had discharged herself. She intended on going home but first she had just had to come to see Lewis. So much of her wanted to storm into the room and finish what she had started in the cabin, if only she had the fire poker, but it was the detective in her that said the best place for him was rotting in prison. Besides she knew someone as smug as Lewis would make a lot of enemies in prison. She really wanted him to suffer for the rest of his life but she wouldn't lose sleep if some inmate made their toothbrush into a shank and killed the son-uva-bitch.

She knew he couldn't see her but he seemed to be looking right through the glass and into her eyes. She hated that there was a smirk on his face. She wished she could be there on the day the smirk was finally knocked off his face for good.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost jumped a mile out of her skin when she felt a hand touch the small of her back. She felt stupid when she turned to see Cragen standing there. Both his hands were touching her now as he steadied her on her feet.

"Sorry Liv. You know you really shouldn't be here."

"I know, but his interview is over and I just had to see him."

"I thought you were supposed to be at home on bed rest."

"I am...I'm going there soon. First I just had to..."

"I get it." Cragen said to her.

"Lewis didn't even try to deny it this time. He got great satisfaction out of telling Amaro every last detail. Your rape exam showed..."

"He never." she quickly clarified, "Not this time."

"I know. Your rape kit was negative. But he lied in there. He told Amaro and Fin that he did."

"He just wants to humiliate me. He was going to, just before I fought him off. When I heard noises when the guys showed up I was sure it was Lewis again. I had thought he was out cold but I thought he was coming for me again and it killed me that I wasn't sure I had the strength needed to actually stop him."

"But you did. You did stop him, he was lying seeing stars and the others found you."

"I wanted to keep hitting him. I wanted to hit him until I knew he would never wake up again."

"What stopped you?!" Cragen asked.

"I knew even dead he would get too much satisfaction out of knowing he made me into the same monster that he is."

"No one would have blamed you for bashing his skull in, Liv."

"Great example to set for my baby." she replied.

"I don't think we have to worry about the baby not being as tough as you. Fin has already named it mini ass-kicker."

Olivia laughed at the name and replied, "I can just imagine that name being yelled across the playground in pre-school."

"Maybe we could think up with a better nickname before baby's born." Cragen said, noticing how Olivia had barely took her eyes off Lewis. "Come on, I think you've wasted enough time around William Lewis."

Olivia glared at Lewis a moment longer before she turned to face Cragen and smiled at him and nodded. "Too much time."

Cragen smiled back at her and then with his hand supportively on the small of her back he led her away from the interrogation room. Olivia barley noticed the two officers who walked past them Officers who were about to transport Lewis out of the precinct.

"Will you promise me you will go home and rest!" Cragen said, it was a question, but not really. He meant it more like an order.

"Yes. I plan on climbing on the couch with a duvet and Brian and watching black and white romantic movies until this baby is due to make an appearance."

"You might want to find some time off from movies so you don't turn into a couch potato. I want you back here being my best Detective as soon as you can and up until it's time for you to take time out and become a mother."

"If you insist Captain." she replied sweetly, happy he wasn't banning her from duty all together.

"I didn't say don't get any rest!" he quickly said.

Olivia just laughed as she and Cragen stepped into the bullpen. She was met by the team and Cassidy who walked over to her and placed one hand on her stomach and asked, "You okay."

Olivia nodded, smiled at him and then placed a hand on his face. "Ready to go home?" she asked him.

"I am if you are." he replied.

Olivia simply nodded and then took hold of his hand. "See you all later..."

She has barely gotten the words out when a shot rang out from the corridor. Her heart began to race as she instinctively reached to her belt for her own gun, only to find it wasn't there. It was sitting in an evidence bag somewhere. She felt so vulnerable without her gun. She felt a little safer when Brian stepped in front of her, he held one arm behind him up against her side in an attempt to keep her in place right behind him.

Cragen also stepped in front of her as the others all took out their guns. However none of them were expecting Lewis to step around the corner with a gun in his hand held against the temple of one of the young officers who had been there to take him away.

"Put the gun down Lewis!" Amaro warned him.

"I'm not here to talk to you. I wanna talk to her." Lewis said looking right at Olivia.

Cassidy placed his hand right on Olivia's hip, holding her even more firmly in place behind him and Cragen moved closer to Cassidy so only Olivia's head peeked over their shoulders.

"Come on Liv, don't hide on me baby!" Lewis growled at her.

"She's staying where its safe!" Cassidy warned him.

"It's not so safe, I could still hit her with a bullet from here." Lewis threatened.

It was Fin who stepped right in front of Olivia and although she appreciated the guys protecting her she hated that they were putting themselves in danger for her. "Not gonna happen Lewis. Just let that officer go, put down your gun and lets end this sensibly.

"I'll end this by walking out of here with sweet Olivia."

"Not happening!" Cassidy growled at him.

"She may have your kid inside her but she isn't yours!"Lewis spat at him.

"She's not going with you Lewis" Fin snapped at him.

"How about we ask her. Olivia, would you rather I blow this man's brains out or would you rather come with me and we can talk about all of this."

Olivia barged her way out from behind the men with her hands held up. "Come on William, let the Officer go and we can talk."

"Its not talking I want to do to you!" he said with a sickening smirk.

"Lewis drop the gun!" Rollins warned.

"Or what you'll shoot me?" he asked.

"Lets not get to that point." Cragen suggested.

"William, you have to know this is over now. You can't hurt me, or anyone else anymore." Olivia said.

"Wanna bet!" Lewis said shoving the officer to the floor and squeezing the trigger.

Olivia was pushed to the floor and her body covered by Cassidy's. She heard a shower of gunshots ringing out and she held Cassidy close to her praying he and anyone else would not be hit. After what felt like forever it finally went silent.

Olivia turned to look to the side and was a little stunned to see Lewis lying on the floor. His eyes were fixed on her but they were fixed, lifeless. She knew he was dead and she was shocked at how thankful she was for it.

She couldn't pull her eyes away from his until she felt Cassidy gently turn her face. "Liv, are you okay. Were you hit?!"

"No. No," she told him. She sighed heavily with relief and said, "I'm fine. Are you okay, was anyone hit?" she asked quickly checking him over before taking a quick look around to make sure everyone was okay.

That's when she noticed Cragen holding his arm. "Captain!" she cried out in panic.

"I'm fine Liv," he told her as Rollins applied pressure to his wound. "Bullet just skimmed my arm."

Olivia could only thank God they were all okay and that Lewis was finally out of her life. He couldn't terrorize her anymore.


So many months later

Cassidy pulled open the front door and smiled at the crowd of friends who were gathered outside his and Olivia's apartment. They had moved in two months ago and the team including Melinda and Barba had all been there to lend a hand to Cassidy and Olivia who had been hugely pregnant at the time.

Now they were all here to see the couples new arrival and they had brought gifts, lots of gifts. They also had with them bags of take out food, bottles of champagne, and orange juice for Cragen of course. They also had balloons and flowers for Olivia.

"Come on in." Cassidy said as he stepped aside.

They all walked in, Amaro smiled and playfully patted Cassidy's shoulder and said, "Congrats, man."

"Thanks."Cassidy said, returning the mans gesture before he closed the door behind them all. "Liv will be right out, " he told them all, "she's just changing the baby."

"You already leaving her to do diaper duty?" Munch asked.

"Shared duties, belive me!" Cassidy replied.

"Lying to Detectives, that can get you in big trouble, Bri." Olivia said as she walked in, carrying hers and Cassidy's daughter in her arms.

Everyone quickly gathered around Olivia to take a look at the baby sleeping peacefully in her mothers arms.

"Thank God she looks like her mom is all I can say." Munch joked receiving a playful shove from Cassidy for saying so.

"She's beautiful, Liv." Rollins said as she softly stroked the baby's head.

"I think you should let her Uncle Fin hold her for a while." Fin said holding out his arms. Olivia didn't even question handing over her daughter to her old friend, she noticed how her daughter suddenly looked even smaller in Fin's big arms. "Congratulations guys, she's perfect." he said as he smiled down at the sleeping girl.

"You going to introduce her or his her name being kept a secret?" Barba asked.

"We haven't decided yet, so for now she's baby Bensidy." Cassidy informed her.

"Bensidy?!" Melinda asked in confusion.

"Benson - Casssidy - Bensidy." Olivia explained.

"Its kinda got a ring to it." Rollins said with a laugh.

"My Mom wants us to name her after my Grandmother." Cassidy said.

"What was you Grandmothers name?" Cragen asked.

"Beatrice." Olivia told them. She saw the reaction on all of the faces, "My thoughts exactly. I'm sure the name suits some but not her." she said as she placed a soft kiss on her daughters head.

"You wanna go back to your Momma?" Fin asked the sleeping baby girl in his arms.

"You wanna hold her Captain?" Olivia said.

"You bet I do." the older man said with a huge smile.

Olivia took her baby from Fin's arms and placed her into the Captains arms. She smiled upon seeing the older man looking down at her daughter with the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face.

"She's beautiful Olivia."

"Thanks, Capt." Olivia replied.

"How are you liking being a mother?" he asked her as the others started to wander away as Cassidy began serving some drinks. It meant Olivia and Cragen were standing alone.

"I love it. Wish I'd done it years ago."

"If you and Cassidy would have had her the first time around, if you know what I mean, then I think you would have left the department years ago. I think I'd be here now holding your sixth baby."

"Sixth?" Olivia said in disbelief. "I can only hope if there is a sixth it comes a lot quicker than she did. I really don't fancy going through another labour lasting 49 hours."

"Yet you kept refusing pain killers or a c-section."

"I wasn't going to rush her. I knew she'd arrive when she was ready."

"Well I know how much you always wanted this so I'm happy for you and I'm proud of you." Cragen told her.

Olivia could only smile at him, grateful for his words.


Olivia was just finishing putting the last few plates away in the cupboard. With the kitchen now clean and the others having all left Olivia added a few more finishing touches to tidying the apartment. She had done all this whilst Brian had bathed the baby

She walked down the hall and towards the nursery. When she got to the door she was a little surprised to see it was empty, the baby's crib empty too. She turned and headed back up the hallway slightly and stopped in the doorway of hers and Cassidy's room.

She smiled upon seeing Cassidy sat slightly propped up in bed, one hand lay by his side on a copy of "Guess how much I love you." His other hand rested on his daughters back who lay fast asleep across his chest.

Olivia walked over to the bed and gently took the book from his hands. She loved the book and the illustrations in it. She had always wanted to get it after Elliot had told her about it, told her how he loved reading it to his children. When she had seen it in the children's section at the book store she hadn't hesitated in picking it up.

She put the book down on the bedside table and then walked around the bed and climbed in next to Cassidy. "I was reading that." he said to her without opening his eyes.

"No you were sleeping on the job." she said as she snuggled up into his side, her finger gently stroking the back of her daughters hand.

"She started it." he said as he stroked soft circles on his daughters back.

"She's a baby, she's supposed to sleep. You have no excuse." Olivia replied before kissing him.

Cassidy opened his eyes and looked at Olivia. "Let me go and put her in her crib then you and I can go finish that bottle of wine, and I can hold you in my arms on the couch." he said with a loving smile.

"Let me take her." Olivia said as she climbed off the bed and picked up her daughter who barely knew she was being moved as she was still fast asleep. "I'll meet you on the couch."

"I'll get the wine." he replied.

Olivia walked to the nursery, holding her daughter close to her chest, placing soft kisses on her head over and over. When she reached her crib she turned on the musical mobile and gave her daughter one more kiss before she placed her down in the crib and placed some blankets over her.

"Goodnight Bensidy Baby." she said as she walked towards the door. She reached up and turned the light off. She had just grabbed the door handle, ready to close it behind her when she heard her daughter begin to cry.

Olivia just smiled and turned on her heels and walked back to the crib. She put her hands on the side of it and looked down at her crying daughter who was now very much awake. "Okay." she said as she reached in and scooped her up. "You can sit with us too." she told her daughter as she walked out of the nursery. "But you can't drink wine."

By the time she reached the sitting room the baby had stopped crying, too content in her mothers safe and loving arms. Cassidy was sat on the couch, two glasses of red wine on the coffee table in front of him. He was smiling as Olivia sat on the couch, cuddling up to his side. Cassidy pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and placed it over himself and Olivia and the baby who continued to lay in Olivia's arms, looking up at her with somewhat sleepy but curious eyes.

"Guess she didn't want to be left out." Cassidy said.

Olivia just smiled and rested her head on Cassidy's shoulder. They sat there watching their daughter who continued to look at them, studying them both deeply as if she was memorizing every detail of their faces, something that only made her little eyes grow heavier with sleep.

"We really do have to name her." Olivia said.

"Bensidy Baby is so catchy though." he replied.

Olivia just laughed and said, "She needs a proper name."

"Okay." Cassidy said as he really began to think. "What about Sara?"

"It's nice..." Olivia said.

"But that's a no. What about Emily."

Olivia shook her head, "It doesn't suit her."

Cassidy looked down at the now sleeping baby in Olivia's arm. "Well what about Lily?"

Olivia thought the name over and looked down at her daughter, the name suited her. She nodded and said, "I like it. Lily Cassidy...it's perfect." she said as she turned to face Cassidy.

He smiled at her before he placed a soft, loving kiss on her lips. He wrapped his arm around her, his other resting on his daughters head. It was on the couch that both Olivia and Cassidy fell asleep too.

The End

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