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District 9

Kino Orwell POV

I pick up a spear and throw it at the target. It clangs to the floor, a complete miss. The gamemakers dismiss me after a few more minutes of this.

Marko Fairchild POV

I make my way to the archery station and shook at the target. I dons probably from fighting tributes all day, but it makes me look good anyway.

Abigail Kandel POV

I toss knives one by one at the dummies, mostly hitting bulls eyes or close to it. Hope fills me when I see a gamemaker looking at me approvingly and pointing me out to the gamemaker next to her.

Phoebe Baker POV

I pick up a dagger in each hand and go into a moving target simulator. The silhouettes run around me, creating diversions, coming up in sneak attacks. I spin and stab one, then drop to the ground, tripping two. Then I stand quickly and stab one with each hand. The simulation ends and I look up at the gamemakers who dismiss me.

Dasha Hakkin POV

I work on fish hooks. The nail curves easily when my hammer bends it into shape. I add a feather for decoration. I then show it to the gamemakers who donHow does she expect to attach it to a fishing line?She used materials she likely won

s not necessary.And how will she come across a hammer and a nail?m dismissed.

District 10

Aries Browning POV

I toss a spear towards the target. It know if the gamemakers are even aware that Id like to make a good impression.

Scarlette Thomas POV

I pull a short, sharp sword out of the rack and begin slashing the dummy in front of me to pieces. My score is really important, because I badly need sponsors. Because the careers didnt depend on anyone else being especially charming and getting me the extra food or masonry I need. For a final touch, I chop the dummyt be so happy after spending so much time here.

I quickly take him down though. Maybe he didns much quieter than earlier today. Now only Districts 11 and 12 are here. And me, of course. The small windows at the very top of the walls, right next to the ceiling, show a darkened sidewalk, lit only by signs that never turn off. The feet that constantly walk by throughout the day have dwindled, only a few pairs walk by every once in a while, usually at a quick pace, obviously trying to return home.

No one wants to stay awake late tonight. Tonight theres sleep, so they can be alert at tomorrow nightll be especially long, due to the number of tributes. The number of children who will be dead in a week or two. I personally am not looking forward to the interviews. Because the interviews are on the eve of the Games.

IMiss Niles, please begin,m proud of myself, because I didnve tried all the weapons, hoping that perhaps It. If I were a year or two older, I could at least have experience with the sharper field tools, but Ill die at the age of twelve.

The thought brings the sting of tears to my eyes, and I hit the punching bag harder.

Stalk Pin POV

I take the poisonous plant test for my private session. I score a 95% on it and smile up at the gamemakers.

I hear one of them whisper, to another gamemaker who chuckles.

I pick up a knife and throw it at a target. It doesnt sound very eloquent, but therem too useless or too powerful, a career will backstab me, literally, in a heartbeat.

I get a spear and begin to do exactly what truly ended up getting me into the career pack.

When the gamemakers dismiss me, Ill get a high score.

I pick up a hatchet and get a chair. I stand on the chair, so I can reach the top of the punching bag. I bring the hatchet to my shoulder and hit the chain just right, so the bag hits the floor with a loud thud. Then I sit on the bag and cut little slices in it with my hatchet until they let me go.

Rose Addler POV

I take the plants and berries recognition test and ace it. I then weave a mat with delicate grass blades. When Im proud. This is by far the best Is a good time for it.

Hansel Naught POV

I glare up at the gamemakers as they stare down at me. I wait until they start to shuffle uncomfortably.

ve only got four more sessions after you, and I a particularly drunk sounding one shouts.

I pick up a knife and thrust it into a target. Not from afar, from right next to it.

m done,That I say.

A couple gamemakers chuckle before It yet been done. The gamemakers have already seen sixty nine tributes and I dont die, but therell be paralyzed. And the gamemakers wont paying any attention at all. I sigh.

Fern Cinnamon POV

I look around the now empty room, the silence pressing on my eardrums. The fluorescent bulbs hum, leaving the room too bright. I stare at my shoes. My name rings out over the speakers, making me jump. I liked the silence better.

I go into the room and head for the plants and berries station. I identify each and turn to look at the gamemakers. They dismiss me, and as I walk out, sensing the immediate joy at being finished.