Cyborg had seen the smile on Raven's face when she had scoffed about her and Beast Boy in a relationship. So she DID have feelings for him! He knew it from the first time she had spoken against Terra. He couldn't wait to tell Beast Boy. "Yo, Beast Man! Gotta tell you something."

"What's up, Cy?"

"Raven WAS jealous of Terra. She's in loooove with you!" Beast Boy dropped the controller.

"No way, man."

"BB, you gotta believe me! I saw the look on her face. She totally has feelings for you! So go talk to her about it." Beast Boy let out a small squeak.

"I can't, you know why? SHE'LL PULVERIZE ME!" he didn't have more time to protest before he was pushed out of the room.

"Get your butt down the hall and talk to Raven." Cyborg said. Beast Boy sighed in defeat and walked towards his certain doom. Cyborg grinned. "I'm such a good matchmaker."

Two minutes later, a loud yell was heard. "AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" Beast Boy was thrown out off the tower and plummeted down to the water below. "That will teach you to ask if I "looove" you, which I most certainly do not!" Raven yelled after him, but as she turned away, the smile on her face was unmistakable.

So, I really loved the episode Terra-ized, which definitely hinted at BBRae, which is, of course, my OTP for this show. Please review, because all the stories I've written before have gotten like three reviews. That would really help.