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"Do you have everything? Backpack? Pencils and erasers? Paper?"


"Jacket? It's still summer but it's starting to get nippy."


"The academy kunai set I bought you? I mean, I know they're supposed to give you one but sometimes they can be defective and you might hurt yourself."

A high pitched sigh. "I'll be fi—"

"Are you sure you have everything? Double check."

Arms exasperatingly tossed in the air. "We already have! Over and over again! Could you let me go already, dattebayo?! I'm gonna be late!"

Nervous fidgeting. "I suppose you're right. Have fun. Don't be too nervous, okay? We'll be right outside the gates to pick you up as soon as the academy lets out."

Cringe. "Aw, come on – don't embarrass me on the first day 'ttebayo!"

"Yes yes. Now behave, be good to your classmates and respectful to your sensei. And don't get too down about scores and stuff, okay? Kaa-chan(1) was never really good in school anyway –"

Whack. "Minato. Shut up." The anxious father rubbed the back of his head, pouting at his red headed wife as she crouched at their son's level to straighten his coat and tousle his hair. "Naruto will be just fine, right tanpopo*-chan?"

"Yeah tou-chan(2), I'll be fine. And kaa-chan, stop calling me that!" the boy grumbled, futilely attempting to rearrange his hair back into whatever order he seemed to think it was in before his mother messed with it.

"Never," Kushina grinned, giving him a smooch on the cheek, to his disgust, "You'll always be my little popo-chan."

"Kaa-chan," Naruto whined.

She chuckled and sighed wistfully. "They grow up so fast."

"You don't have to tell me twice," Minato bemoaned, rubbing his hands over his face. "What happened to the cute little baby that was all smiles and used to blow spit bubbles in my face?"

Naruto didn't even deign that with a verbal response, only rolling his eyes to show his exasperation with this father.

Kushina shook her head. If the village could see their Hokage now… "You had better get going," she told her son, "Don't worry, I'll make your father pull his sissy self together."

"Thanks kaa-chan!" he piped before shooting out the door.

Was that…a sniffle she heard next to her? She turned to bop his skull again. "Minato, get a grip, for goodness sake."

"But – but, the academy. Before you know it, he'll be graduating, and then he'll be a genin. Then he'll be taking missions outside the village. And taking the chuunin exams. And before you know it, he'll be a jonin with his own kids and he won't need m-us anymore, and – " The Fourth Hokage suddenly stopped short as his wife slowly smoothed a hand onto his shoulder, turning him so they faced each other. She took a step forward and pressed herself against his chest, rising to her tip-toes so that she could whisper into his ear.

"You know, this is probably the first time since Naruto was born that we've had the house to ourselves…" Her warm breath ghosted across his skin, making the famed Yellow Flash breath in sharply.

Demeanor changing in a blink of an eye, a smile grew on his face as he rested his hands on the small of her back. "Huh, I suppose that's right."

His wife chuckled, "For a genius, you can be pretty dumb sometimes."

He arched a brow and pulled back just the slightest so that his nose brushed against hers. "Oh really?"

Violet eyes fluttered closed. "Mm, really."

He made to pull away, "Well I guess you want to distance yourself from the idiot, ri—"

Slender fingers fist his shirt and yanked him back so that their mouths collided. They both sighed at the contact, arms wrapping tighter around each other as their lips continued their sensual dance. The air around them grew warmer, and fingers started to explore more boldly…

"ARGH! MY EYES!" a voice screamed, causing the couple to leap apart. Standing in the doorway was their sun, small hands covering both eyes as the rest of his face screwed up into an expression of other disgust. "Really guys? I was gone for like, three minutes dattebayo!"

Kushina laughed, while Minato cleared his throat awkwardly. "What are you doing back, Naruto? Shouldn't you be at the Academy?"

The boy lowered his hands to pout at them. "I forgot my lunch."

A bento box was shoved into his face, making him blink. "Here it is! Now off you go! Don't want to be late right?"

Naruto took the offered boxed meal, bewildered. "But—"

"But nothing, young man. You need to hurry up and get to the academy! Your first day is very important after all." With that Minato practically shoved his son out the door. Naruto turned to look at him in disbelief, only to have the door shut practically in his face. But not before he saw his dad smile…weirdly at his mom.

"…Ugh, parents are gross."

A/N: XD Yeah. I had fun with that.

*tanpopo = dandelion. I admittedly took inspiration from Quill of Moliemon's Seal Shatter (an amazing fic, by the way. Definitely a must-read). Kushina said Minato's hair reminded her of dandelions, which is totally accurate. And makes for a very cute child's nickname.

(1) Kaa-chan = Mom

(2) Tou-chan = Dad