When I woke up, I knew two things, One I wasn't were I originally was, and two I was cold. I blinked a few times and started to move around a bit before the tank type thing I was in opened. I was slowly getting warmer as the door opened, and less stiff.

'Definitely not the same place'. I was in a large room with two rows of the tank type things on both sides of the room. It had a low ceiling with rows of lights. There are doors and both sides of the room, and a metal floor. I started to walk out and it looks like the other kids were to, some were confused others expected it and one kid in the back was scared, in fact I'd put my money on him going poop in his pants.

I heard a slam coming from the door on my left, I turned my head to look at the source of the noise. It was a man, he was average height with a military cut and a stern face.

"I am your Commanding Officer Mendez, as some of you know you are in a Navy base on the planet Reach, this will be your home until your 14." He stopped to look around at each one of us. "You are training to become the best soldiers in UNSC history and I expect you to act like it." He paused again. "Some of you came here willingly others by force. But all of you will grow to like this place." He looked towards some of the other kid's particularly that one kid that looked scared. "Now each of you will receive a duffle bag, it should get you through six months, you will receive new cloths and toiletries every six months and you should take care of the items." He went on to tell us we were members of the SPARTAN II program and were we were and other information he thought we should know. Including a neural surgery we would eventually get.

Mendez showed us were the mess hall was, and were we were sleeping. He also showed us one room he told us that was for later and was smirking while he was looking at it. I knew that would probably be interesting but I didn't want to dwell over it.

We all got our duffle bags they each had our name and our I.D. number, Mendez told us we would be called by our numbers more often than our names and told us to remember what they were to avoid mishaps with the scientists and doctors over seeing our training.

"You will have one hour to go through your items and locate your bunk, please put your items in the shelf's witch are located behind your head bord." He told us as we were heading back to the bunks.

There were two rooms one for the girls and one for the boys. I went towards the boys and looked for the bunk I was supposed to use. Eventually I found one that had 149 my number on it I had the top bunk while 1337 had the bottom. I climbed up latter and put my bag in front of me.

I started to sort through my bag the first thing I got out were my dog tags. They just had basic information on them, like my name my User ability's and my I.D. number. The next think I found was a pair of boots and three uniforms they were basically the same thing I had on but the shirt had 149 on them. I also had a tooth brush and some other basic items. At the very bottom of my bag were some books there were some on history and some on User ability's and also some books of Decoy's history and there User ability's. Then there was a water bottle with 'UNSC-149' on it. I put every ting in a compartment that was behind the bunk it fit ever thing perfectly.

"Hey bunkie!" I looked down and think that is 1337.

I put my head over the side of the bunk and look towards the voice. It was the kid who was scared after he got out of the…cyro tank. He was a bit taller than me with blond hair and brown eyes, he looked like a nice kid.

"Um….Hi?" I said.

"I'm Leet! What's your name?" He asked me.

"I'm Evan." I told him.

We got along pretty well and he told me about his bad luck falling out of moving things. We talked for a while. We had absolutely nothing in common but we got along okay. Eventually the two kids from the bunk to our left joined into the conversation. Their names were Fred and John. We all got along fine and at one point Leet fell off the bottom bunk then proclaimed that he had terrible luck with staying up words. This earned a few laughs from a few of us. This continued until Mendez got back.

"Get ready for the fun to start kids" Mendez told us.

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