Having brought the humanoid figure into the shuttle the group stood around it cautiously. "By the code what is it," Samara questioned her hand glowing with biotic power incase whatever it was decided to attack.

"I don't like it Shepard," Grunt stated shifting nervously while aiming his shotgun at it. The large size of the figure gave him a sense of uneasiness. "Why don't we just toss it back into space…after putting a few shots in it for good measure."

Crouching down Shepard began scanning the armored figure, "I'm not getting a reading on it, either it's a mech of some sort or the suit is blocking my readings. Noticing the weapons on its back, or what she assumed were weapons, she reached out towards the high-tech looking weapons. Grabbing what looked like a glowing set of metal rods with a scope attached she was extremely surprised when the weapon shifted into rifle, orange lights glowing throughout it.

"On second thought, lets take those and then throw it back into spa-" Grunt began only to be stopped mid sentence as the green behemoth swept its leg around knocking Samara and Shepard down while bringing Grunt down to his knees.

Once More With Feeling

Having noticed the primarily white ship approach, the Chief decided the best course of action was to play unconscious and wait for the best moment where he could make his move. 'There's no ship in the UNSC like that, possible hostiles…let's see what happens.'

Waiting there in space for the ship to pick him up and staying still has they brought him inside, even letting the human grab the Binary Rifle off his back. Listening two the three different species interact he waiting until a possible threat came to him before reacting. Sweeping his right leg in an arc connecting with all three, he used his momentum to jump up before grabbing the large dinosaur looking alien's head and bringing his knee into contact with it, knocking it unconscious. Spinning to his right he landed a series of lighting quick jabs at the blue alien that looked like it had tentacles on its head, eliminating that threat as well before turning to the only other human on the ship.

"Woah there," Shepard said putting the weapon down and raising her hands. "We don't mean to cause you any trouble. Now why did you attack us?"

"Unknown threat. Possible ally or foe. Went to incapacitate not kill." The Chief replied in short and clipped tones. "If I wanted you dead you'd be dead."

"Noted, now you gotta name?" Shepard asked receiving only a nod in response. "You wanna tell me." Once more receiving a jerk of the head this time meaning no.

"Ooook then, can you tell me your race."

Giving her a puzzled look, though he doubted she could see it with his helmet on. How had she not known what race he was everyone knew about Spartans, then again maybe this is some civilization from beyond the galaxy that had lost contact during the war. "I'm human like you."

"Last time I checked humans didn't come that big." Shepard joked albeit horribly. "That armor looks high-tech military are you part of the Alliance?"

"The Alliance? You mean the UNSC?"

"Yes, the Alliance." She repeated. "What's the UNSC?"

"The UNSC is the United Nations Space Command, they serve as humanity's military, exploratory and scientific agency of the Unified Earth Government, formed in the year 2163 and has stood strong to this very day 400 years later."

"Is that soo, well my crew and I are on a mission to save not just humanity but the galaxy at large we need all the help we can get. You said you're part of the military, what is you're rank?"

"Master Chief Petty Officer, Spartan II," he replied curtly.

"Well the Alliance doesn't have that rank unfortunately so you're out of luck. When we get back to the ship I can contact my superiors and figure out what to do, that is if you're willing to join up with the Alliance."

Taking a second he stood there before nodding back at her.

"Good," Shepard said clapping her hands together. "Well then lets get back to the ship shall we."

Once More With Feeling

He supposed he would be more adverse to the whole situation, being told the there was no UNSC, instead there was something called the Alliance. Not to mention the obvious difference in alien life and cooperation, however Spartans have adaptability ingrained in their very being and after everything he's gone through why wouldn't there be another bizarre thing to happen around him. This was going to be different, he knew that for sure; he always had the support of those he trusted most, whether it was his brothers and sisters or Cortana. That train of thought sent a pang of sadness through him and while he didn't know for sure, he knew deep down he would probably never see any of them again. He would endure as he always did because it was the only thing he had left and he wouldn't dare stop fighting whatever enemy came his way nor would he stop protecting all the innocents in the galaxy. Such ideas would disgrace not only his brothers and sisters who sacrificed themselves and those of them still alive but it would disgrace himself.

Reaching back towards his helmet his pulled Cortana's AI chip and brought it in front of him. He had just managed to retrieve it from the docking station on the Didact's ship before it dissolved. Examining it for the first time since retrieving it he noticed an extremely faint glow to it, noticeable only due to his augmented eyesight. 'Maybe,' he thought. 'Just maybe there's a chance to save her. Maybe this universe had more advanced technology; their ships certainly look more advanced at least from the outside. No ship in the UNSC was that small and had FTL abilities.' At least he assumed the ship did since there seemed to be nothing remotely habitable out here. Noticing the shuttle stop he replaced the chip back into his helmet while glancing at the two aliens he had knocked unconscious. Luckily they had yet to wake up which was good because it meant he didn't have to do it again considering the fact they would be ready to fight as soon as they remembered what happened.

"Hey EDI, do we have any free space for our new guest to stay," Shepard asked as she departed the shuttle. "By the way inform the crew of our guest and have Miranda, Jack, Liara, and Garrus come down and help get Grunt and Samara off the shuttle and to keep them from destroying the place to get to our new guest. Not that it would make much difference considering the Normandy's condition, but I'd rather not lose her again."

"Understood Commander," a female voice replied whom the Chief assumed to belong to this EDI. "As for space we only have room in the Cargo Bay."

"Surely we have something else EDI."

"I'll take it," the Chief interrupted bringing the conversation to a halt. It didn't really matter much to him considering that he didn't sleep much. He went through the whole situation on Requiem with no sleep and a few energy bars and water. "Commander Shepard, I expect your crew not to touch anything of mine; I like my privacy."

"Noted. Now if you'll follow me," she replied entering the elevator. As soon as he was in she sent it on its destination to the Command Deck.

Sighing as the elevator slowly brought them to their destination; for all the advanced technology could they seriously not make an elevator that did more than a slow pace? It was extremely awkward with how silent the armored behemoth was; it was easy to forget he was human with how large he was and the fact you couldn't even see his face. Not to mention every time she tried to initiate conversation with him she was met with either silence or a curt nod, it was…frustrating to say the least. Immediately exiting the elevator when it stopped, her haste created by the need to escape the awkward atmosphere.

Shortly after entering the comm room she activated a link to Admiral Hackett, "Admiral I have some interesting news for you."

"I already know Shepard, I was forwarded the information by the ships VI," Hackett said addressing Shepard before turning towards the Chief. "You say you were trained to protect humanity at all costs?"

"Yes sir."

"Then welcome aboard son. Since we do not have the rank of Master Chief, we assumed that it was the highest NCO rank possible and instated your new rank as Operations Chief." Hackett said as he tapped a few times on his Omni-tool. "Now I need to have a word with the Commander so you're dismissed."

The Chief nodded and turned on his heel before walking away. "I don't trust him not yet, Shepard. Keep an eye on him, if he makes one wrong move put him down." Hackett continued not knowing the Chief could still hear him.

"Yes sir," Shepard replied before deactivating the link. Quickly walking out, she looked around for the Chief but didn't see any sign of him. Shaking her head she headed back to her quarters to get some much needed and deserved sleep.

Once More With Feeling

Hearing the words of the Admiral didn't faze him; he knew they would be suspicious of him. Moving down the hall he entered the elevator headed for the storage bay, once it came to a stop he exited the elevator and took in his surroundings. There were boxes strewn all over the place from the obvious combat that the ship had been engaged in. Setting himself to work cleaning it up he replaced the items that had fallen out of the boxes and shifted the boxes to either side of the hallway creating an even more narrow choke point for anything that decided to be hostile. After finishing the reorganization of the boxes he set himself to examining the few weapons he still had. Having laid them down on the ground he picked each one up examining it; the binary rifle which was a one shot one kill sniper rifle, a suppressor which was the Forerunner equivalent of a machine gun with an extremely high rate of fire, a scattershot which shot multiple hard light shots with the ability to ricochet off surfaces, two frag grenades, two plasma grenades, two pulse grenades, a light rifle which had the option to fire either a three shot burst or fire one powerful shot at a time, next there was the two boltshot pistols which could be fired semi-automatic or charged to deliver a powerful shotgun like blast taking half of the ammo, and finally the incineration cannon which was like a mix between a rocket launcher and a flame thrower, firing four streams of explosive particles in a tight pattern which upon impact detonate and spread in four separate directions before detonating once more.

It wasn't widely known that the MJOLNIR armor could hold more than three weapons, but if someone were to think about it, it made sense considering that the magnetic plate was not a small one; the plate taking the top half of the back of the chestplate. As long as a person did not over encumber themselves and the weapons had most of their surface area connected then the armor could hold them.

Once More With Feeling

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