Author's Notes

With this story, I am committing the unforgivable sin of FE4; pairing Sigurd with someone other than Deirdre... I hope people don't run away because of that! And I hope people don't guest review because of it either! Watch out for possible spoilers.

I'm also using the non-FE13 names, although some of them overlap as the same anyway. It really shouldn't cause a huge issue, but nonetheless, I thought it should be mentioned in case someone gets confused.

The romance doesn't really feature in this chapter until closer to the end, because there is a bit of groundwork that must be laid out first, which includes a small bit of action! A rare treat for you action lovers out there!


Chapter 1: A Possibly Fateful Meeting

Tiltyu continues to follow Claude, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet up with Sigurd's army before spending some quality alone time with Claude. Despite being a man of faith, he is still a man, and a handsome one at that. Her hope is that she can convince him to get closer to her, since the eventual outcome will be to enlist in Sigurd's army and become war-mates anyway.

"Claude, we almost to Madino yet?" she whines, tugging at his robes to get his attention. "I'm gettin' bored..."

"You don't have to follow me around," Claude sighs. Tiltyu raises an eyebrow at the suggestion as he continues, "you say you have feelings for me, a holy man of Blaggi, and insist on being my bodyguard... if you really want companionship, there are more appropriate choices..."

"Like who?"

Claude shakes his head at Tiltyu's insistence. "I have no idea. Considering who we will be joining up with for the next period of time, there's a possibility that your question will be answered after I consult with Blaggi at the Blaggi Tower. Don't give your hopes up, though."


Waiting impatiently for Claude outside of the Blaggi Tower, Tiltyu paces back and forth in an effort to (unsuccessfully) make time go faster. Once again bored, she recalls her short conversation with Lord Sigurd at Madino. The two of them have known each other in their early years, but she was surprised when she heard that he had gotten married, especially to some girl no one had ever met before. Last she heard, Sigurd may have had feelings for Aideen, the Jungby princess, partially due to their respective castles being so close to each other.

Regardless, Sigurd's wife wasn't there with him at Madino; if she is as amazing as he makes her out to be, she must be a great person, Tiltyu believes.

"I guess Sigurd got lucky with the ladies! Now if I can just work on sweet Claude..." she muses out loud, and as she continues pacing, she glances out at the remarkable scenery of the ocean where a bunch of Dragon Riders, a Dragon Knight, and a Dragon Master are passing by for some reason. Noticing the insignia of Thracia on the saddles, she gasps; these riders must be mercenaries for hire. And Sigurd mentioned nothing about hiring help, so they must be going after Sigurd and his army!

Pulling out her Tron tome, she sends a large blast of lightning towards the group, just missing one of the Dragon Riders. The lone Dragon Master, who must be the leader, directs the Dragon Knight and two of the many Dragon Riders towards the source of the lightning blast: Tiltyu.

Panicking about what she has done, Tiltyu starts frantically darting around the tower and desperately sends off more Tron blasts towards the rapidly approaching trio of enemies. Being on winged mounts, though, they have superior dodging skills, effortlessly avoiding every one of her attacks. As Tiltyu gets more and more frantic in her assault, she accidentally falls down a hill she didn't notice before and crashes onto the ground; shrieking in pain, losing her extra Thunder tome, and twisting her ankle. Fearing her impending doom, she casts out Tron one last time...

However, she notices some sort of hidden power resonate through her body, and as a result her attack seems to multiply in power and range, sending off a bolt of lightning so large not even the swift dragons can avoid it. It instantly incinerates the Dragon Riders, leaving the Dragon Knight, whose dragon is just barely breathing let alone flying from the intense blast, astonished.

"Crap!" he yells, shaking his fist in Tiltyu's direction. "I'll have to heal that off with the Life Ring my dragon's wearing; he should be as good as new by the time we rendezvous back with the others. When we're done with our job, I'm personally coming back with the entire fleet to finish you off!"

Tiltyu, too tired and in pain to even send off another attack, watches helplessly as the Dragon Knight slowly flies back to his other comrades. Just as the rest of the dragons and their riders fly out of sight, Claude returns from the tower, gasping in surprise when he finds Tiltyu on the bottom of the hill.

"What happened?" he asks, quickly pulling out his Reserve staff to heal Tiltyu. As he heals her, she explains the whole story to him, and just as she is finishing, the growl of pirates can be heard in the distance. From far away, the two of them can see a gigantic horde of pirates exiting the island castle of Orgahill and splitting off into two groups: one towards Madino, and the other towards the Blaggi Tower.

"Pirates? Pirates are a cinch compared to dragons! So slow an' easy to hit!" Tiltyu exclaims, her mood picking up tremendously since the near fatal encounter of earlier. "I'll protect ya, Claude! Let's go!"

After Tiltyu and Claude meet up with a runaway Sniper trying to protect herself, the three of them make short work of the pirates who are trying to kill them. Eventually, Sigurd finds the trio, thankful that they were not killed from the pirate ambush. After speaking personally with Claude and the Sniper, the four of them head back to the captured Orgahill castle to regroup. On the way, though, Tiltyu trips and twists her ankle again; Claude's Reserve staff can heal wounds, but it's more suited for a large range of healing, not a small section like an ankle or an arm. Because of this, the ankle didn't completely set, and therefore made it easier to twist again.

Not again! Claude, why aren't you here to help? I can't get back up...

To make matters worse, a few stray pirates who were elsewhere during the fight notice the immobile Thunder Mage lying on the ground now, and they decide now is a good time to do something with her; whether it's kill her or use her for their own perverted purposes, it's irrelevant to the fact that Tiltyu is completely helpless right now, especially since she lost her Thunder tome earlier and used up her Tron tome fighting the other pirates.

Someone... please save me...

Just when Tiltyu loses all hope against the approaching pirates, an impressive horseman jumps in front of her and easily defeats the threat, barely needing to swing his sword. The horseman turns around...

It's Sigurd!

"S-Sigurd?" Tiltyu weakly calls, and Sigurd immediately gallops to her side, picking her up effortlessly and placing her on his horse. "Ya knew I was gone? I didn't think anyone was watchin'..."

"Of course. I can't leave anyone behind who's a friend or an ally," he answers, and as he's about to start walking along with the horse to let Tiltyu rest, the yell of yet another stray pirate causes the horse to rear up in surprise... leading to Tiltyu falling off of it.

"Look out!" Tiltyu shouts, but Sigurd has already killed the pirate by the time he catches her in his arms. Unfortunately for them, though, the horse is so spooked that it runs away towards the castle in the distance. So at this point, Sigurd has to carry Tiltyu until they reach the castle or until someone comes looking for them.

"Sigurd... thank ya for savin' me," Tiltyu says, holding on tight, but not painfully tight, to Sigurd's neck as he carries her on his back. "I'd been dead for sure!"

"No problem."

"No, really... before I got bored of his 'revelations', I heard from Claude all the things my dad's done to y'all, especially you," she laments, her face drooping in guilt. "He's part o' some conspiracy where ya get blamed for the death o' the prince. Ya should be hatin' me right now for bein' related to 'im..."

"I don't hate you. Why should I hate you?" Sigurd asks honestly, and the question makes Tiltyu's eyes widen in surprise.

"Ya... ya don't hate me? What if everyone else does because of what my father done to ya?"

"I'll firmly tell them not to, then," he reassures her, and a smile finally forms on her face since before she tripped and twisted her ankle again. Suddenly, though, she is switched into a princess hold position in Sigurd's arms, making her squeal in surprise. "Sorry," he apologizes, "but I need to hold you differently so my arms can still carry you... and no, it's not because you are heavy; you're very light in my arms. It's just a long distance."

"Thanks! This is comfy!" she giggles, snuggling herself slightly. "No wonder that Deirdre married ya; you're so nice and considerate! When ya need to be, anyway!"

Sigurd doesn't respond to the question.

"Siggy? I say something wrong?"

Sigurd raises his eyebrow at the nickname, but he doesn't mind it, so he ignores it. "No... but..."

He hesitates before finishing his disheartening thought: "Deirdre... is gone."

Tiltyu openly gapes as Sigurd produces a ring from his pocket, exactly the same as the one he is wearing on his finger.

Claude watches in relief as Sigurd returns with Tiltyu, knowing that they are safe from harm. But he also raises an eyebrow in interest when he notices Tiltyu happily sleeping in Sigurd's arms, wrapping her own around his torso, and Sigurd not even appearing to care about the possibly awkward consequences.

"Lord Blaggi, could it be... that you are actually right about your vision involving those two?"

Author's Notes


I've been replaying FE4, and man, it's great. Now that I can plan every child out, it's awesome! AMBUSH-WRATH COMBO FOR ARTHUR AND TINNY! I guess replaying the game is also the inspiration for this fic. Just to warn you guys, most likely this will not be as light-hearted as my other fics normally are.

I believe there are "unforgivable sins" in the war-torn world of character shipping in every game. While I cannot come up with definite examples for other FE games at this point, I can for FE4: pairing up Sigurd with someone other than Deirdre. More about the situation will be explained in the coming chapters of the story, I can guarantee that!

Dialogue for Tiltyu is hard for me to write. I'm constantly checking her speech to see if it matches how she talks. I hope I did her justice! Really, I hope I did everyone justice, because this is a story I do NOT want to get wrong with OOCness, especially because it is such a controversial subject, I would believe.

Surprisingly, the entire scene with the Dragon Riders was really fun to write. I double-checked a ton of details about the chapter, (chapter 3 to be precise) such as the fact that the Dragon Knight boss you fight is holding a Life Ring, which would justify him being at full health when Sigurd's army fights him. And having Tiltyu lose the Thunder tome she holds with Tron would justify issues as well, because in game, she holds a Thunder tome and a Tron tome. And the Wrath skill was fun to play with, of course. :D I took a few creative turns with some things though, such as the effects of the Reserve staff.

Claude's final line is not meant as disrespect to Blaggi. It is simply disbelief in what he saw, which we will learn about more in future chapters.

Last chance to vote on my poll for which game my next Kissing Booth story will feature in! FE4 is not a choice, sadly, but I think it's for the best.

So, if there's anyone left who hasn't ripped their eyeballs out of their heads and ran away screaming... next update will come after the next chapter of AGOH (which should be quite interesting...) and my next request, as usual. I really hope you guys come to like this fic! I appreciate constructive criticism as well!