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L swiftly pushed the boy into their bedroom and locked the door behind him, not wanting anybody walking in (although Matsuda was probably the only one who would do such a senseless thing). Light was being fidgety, not that L could blame him.

"Light kissed me," L stated, directly facing the boy.

Light flushed again and admitted, "Yes. Yes I did."

"Do it again," L ordered, putting his hands on his hips and straightening his back.

Light blinked. ". . . Really . . ?"


Light didn't have to be told a third time. Before L could blink, his back was flat against the door and his front was flat against the boy's warm body. Once Light had secured himself, holding onto L's hands, he brought his mouth down to the detective's. L's face flushed slightly at the way the boy was kissing him; their mouths were both closed, but the tight lock Light made between them made him impossibly happy. Too happy for a detective making out with whom he knew to be a mass murderer. But Light pulled his face back slightly, uncertain.

"May I . . . do more?" the boy asked, shyly.

L looked back at him and tilted his head, "Light didn't feel the need to ask when we were in front of everyone."

"Eh, that's true," he blushed deeply, looking away. What had he been thinking? Now everyone knew about this odd obsession his heart had with L, the best freaking detective in the world. A male detective, if we're talking specifics. A male, extremely eccentric detective . . . a male, eccentric detective that worked with his own father . . . a male, eccentric, coworker to whom he was chained . . . a male, eccentric—Light shook his head free of his tangent. He gathered back his courage to reply, "But I'm asking now."

L smirked as he grabbed the boy's face in his hands and forced them back into a kiss. Light gasped slightly, not expecting L to take action. But honestly, by now, he shouldn't be surprised; L gets what L wants. He grabbed L's hips and pulled the man against himself, instinctively trying to get closer.

"Ah, L?" Light moaned out, breath hot.

"Mm?" L mumbled out, his lips pressed against Light's.

Light forced himself to be brave; if he could stand up to a man with a gun, he could ask this man a question. "Bed?" A terrifying question.

L pulled his head back this time. Light felt his heart race more than it already had been; he had never seen L look so adorably human. His cheeks were pink, his lips were red from the friction, and his eyes were swimming with a rare display of emotion. He didn't even look like L he was so animated.

"Now," L ordered again, bringing a shocked and excited expression to the boy's face.

Light took L's hands back into his own as he quickly pivoted around and pushed L to walk backwards toward the bed. He caught the man's lips and half jumped, half threw them onto the bed landing on top of the detective. Even now, it was impossible to tell if he was trying to be gentle or forceful; the lust was obvious, but the affection was just as clear. Light brought their arms above L's head so that he could hold both of the man's hands in one of his own while the other slowly felt its way down the man's arms toward his stomach.

L was panting slightly, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He was vaguely aware that his chest was rising and falling much more rapidly than it should have been, but he was having difficulty assessing anything at the present time; his brain was attempting to figure out what on earth was happening to him. He wasn't sure if it was normal to be reacting so much, given what they were doing. And he wasn't sure if he should be enjoying it all so much, but the fact was that he was making out with Light, and he now knew what it was like to have hormones raging through him. Light's fingers were now softly touching his stretched stomach, making L feel a mix between a slight tickle and a heavy dose of anticipation. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest. He tried to move his arms down, but Light had a firm hold on them. He moaned into Light's mouth when the boy's hand went up his shirt, tightly feeling up his ribs toward his chest.

Light continued to lift his arm up, pulling the shirt along with it. He broke off their kiss and pulled the shirt completely off of L. He stared for a moment; L's chest was slightly red and Light could see the man's ribs pulsing as he breathed heavily. Light felt more adrenaline and testosterone rush through him at the sight; L's body was as affected by this as his own, and that was both a relief and a huge turn on.

"Yours too," L muttered, looking off to the side.

"Huh?" Light asked, shaken from his stare.

"Your shirt," L continued, fairly embarrassed. He couldn't believe he was actually asking Light to strip down because he wanted to feel the boy's body against his own. There was no other reason that he wanted to touch and he wanted to touch now. He realized at that moment how dangerous and influential chemicals hormones are when released in excessive amounts.

L couldn't tell if Light blushed, since his face seemed to be in a constant state of embarrassed, but the boy released his hold on L to begin unbuttoning his own shirt.

Light bit his lip when he sat up to continue unbuttoning; he was straddling L and he immediately realized he was sitting on the man's semi-hard erection. He glanced up at L's face; the man had his eyes squeezed closed and was biting the back of one of his fingers. Light's throat felt dry as he slipped off his shirt and laid back down on top of L, their bare chests pressed together. He could feel L's heartbeat on his chest.

He put his hand on top of L's. As he pulled the man's finger out of his mouth, he placed his mouth back on his.

"Mm," L moaned slightly, opening his mouth to nibble on Light's lip. The boy breathed out heavily, a jolt coursing through him at the feeling. He pushed his lips roughly against L's and let his tongue venture into the man's mouth. L moaned out again and subconsciously rolled his hips upward, grinding his and the boy's hips together.

"A-ah," Light whimpered out, his arms growing weak. L's eyes quickly opened and he blushed, overwhelmed at the feeling that had just coursed through him.

"I didn't mean to do that," L stated.

Light's blush came back as well. He took a shaky breath, gathered his fleeing courage, and slowly rubbed his body along L's, rolling his hips down.

L's muscles tightened as he felt the boy's chest slide on his, and his hips bucked upwards when he felt the boy's erection against his own. He felt Light's arms shake.

Light laced his fingers in L's hair and pulled him into another heated make out session, this time grinding their hips together like animals.

After a very short time, L groaned against Light's lips, "Hurts." Light slowly pulled away, his eyes glazed slightly with lust. He agreed; the friction their pants were causing was beginning to feel more painful than pleasurable. Of course, it was still extremely pleasurable, but it could be better. Light kissed L's now plump lips before he sat up to unbutton his pants.

Light shivered and felt his own dick pulse when he sat up directly onto L's now extremely hard erection. L trembled slightly at the pressure as he apologized, "S-sorry."

Light breathily responded, "No, you're good." He swallowed hard to try to clear his dry throat. He managed to somehow wiggle out of his pants before he laid back down on top of the detective.

L whined out, "Mine too." Light kissed him and squeezed his hands on L's ribs. When the man moaned into his mouth, Light moved down and kissed on his jaw. L brought his own hands onto Light's back and slithered them down toward the boy's tensed abs. He gripped onto Light's pelvic bones and slipped his thumbs into the elastic of his boxers.

Light felt that feeling jolt through him again and he moved his body down to bite at the man's collar bone. His hands felt along Light's back as the boy's lips and tongue moved down his torso.

Light gently scraped his teeth against L's sharp pelvic bone, causing the man to thrust his hips upward.

"Mn!" L moaned out, biting his thumb.

Light glanced up as he continued biting and sucking. He clumsily unbuttoned and unzipped the man's jeans and began to pull them down. L moaned out again when his erection bobbed free of the confines of the jeans; Light could see skin peeking through the hole in L's boxers.

Light's breathing became shakier than before and his hands felt awkwardly clammy as he completely pulled the pants off of L. He took a breath to try to contain himself as he sat in seiza between L's legs. He slowly dragged his hand up L's leg and squeezed that sharp pelvic bone of his while he brought his mouth back down on the other side to continue biting and licking.

L began trembling slightly, trying not to buck his hips. Light lowered his hand and grasped L's erection over his boxers.

"Nng!" L half yelled past the hand he was still biting.

Light felt his heart begin to race again, not that it had ever slowed down much. He was nervous. He glanced up at L's face and was again overwhelmed at how sexy the man really was. L's hair was sticking to the sides of his face, and it stuck out at strange angles as it usually did, framing his aroused expressions. Light trailed his tongue down the V between L's pelvis as he slowly slipped the boxers down.

When L's tip was exposed, Light gathered his nerve and rubbed his tongue overtop of it before lightly taking it into his mouth.

"AH! Light!" L yelled out as he immediately sat up, his hands shooting down grab Light's hair.

Light blushed deeply as he opened his jaw more to slip down until his lips met the base.

"Mn-Li-ight," L moaned out, bending over and mixing his face in Light's hair.

Light felt his chest heat up at the sound and continued to move his tongue against L.

"H-hold on, Light," L gasped out, his hands trying to pull the boy's head away.

Light drew back, his bottom lip still in contact with the tip. "Why?" he asked, looking up at L.

L was momentarily stunned by what he was seeing. He never expected that he would see Light in this state. Even when he had cameras put into the boy's bedroom, he didn't think he'd see Light looking so erotic, and he certainly didn't expect to be so turned on by it. Even when the boy kissed him in front of the entire investigation team and he'd pulled him into their bedroom, he half expected Light to run to the bathroom to take care of it himself or to try to take back what he'd done by lying. He didn't truly expect that he would have Light, above him, willingly putting THAT into his mouth. And now the boy was looking up at him with it still on his lips, as if he was ready to get right back at it. And his face! He was blushing and his eyes were so clear as they looked at him. It was a little—or extremely—embarrassing.

"I'm nervous," L answered, somewhat honestly.

"Me too," Light admitted. He slipped out his tongue, grazing over the tip.

L swallowed and tried to hide his moan by clearing his throat. "I'm also—"

Light plunged in his tongue, spooning out the pre-cum.

"Nng," L whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut. Watching Light made it worse. He finished his sentence shakily, "I'm also close."

Light sucked hard.

"Ah! Light! What did I just say?!" L groaned, his head thrown backwards.

Light grinned slightly around L. He pulled back and let the man's dick slip out of his mouth.

"I'm close too," Light admitted as well.

"But you haven't even touched yourself," L stated, glancing at the boy. Bad idea; Light was still as sexy as could be.

' . . . yeah, wouldn't be the first time it got off to nothing,' Light thought to himself in irritation. Why was his body so easily turned on when L was involved? Dumb question.

Instead of responding with words, Light tightly grabbed onto L's hips and throated his cock.

L whimpered out again and fell back onto the bed.

Light's eyebrows pushed together as he tried not to lose control. His body was trembling, but he didn't want this to end. He didn't know if L would ever give him another chance to do this, and he wanted to do everything. He'd never exactly thought this would ever happen, but now he was determined to give up his virginity with L. And that made him more nervous than before. To be completely honest, he was half afraid that he was dreaming, but he knew that even his imagination wasn't this good. But just in case he was dreaming, he was determined not to turn it into a nightmare, so he had to do something that Kira would never do. That made him nervous too.

As his mouth continued toying with L, he brought his hands down towards himself. He slipped his hands into his boxers and gripped onto his neglected erection. He moaned out before he could stop himself, causing L's legs to shiver slightly. Light was slightly disgusted by how much he was pre-cumming—he'd already began getting used to L's, which was embarrassing enough.

He bobbed his head on L as he stroked himself, his body trembling as he somehow managed to keep from cumming. He knew that L could tell now that he was jerking himself off, because the chain cuffing their hands was rattling and hitting L with every stroke.

He had to gather his courage again to brace himself for what he was about to do. He steadied his nerve as he brought his unchained hand underneath his cock, and passed his balls. When his finger got to his entrance, he paused. It just occurred to him how fucking terrifying this was about to become.

L moaned out quietly, unknowingly strengthening Light's resolve.

The boy's middle finger, already coated in pre-cum, pushed up against his own entrance.

'Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit,' he repeated in his mind as he pushed his finger inside of himself. Just what the fuck was he doing?! How that hell was he supposed to do this?! Where was his pride?!

And it felt weird. Not bad, not good . . . but definitely weird. He wasn't sure if he wanted to do this anymore. He paused to get used to the feeling. 'As if anyone could get used to this,' he whined inwardly.

He watched L's muscles tremble from the nonstop fellatio. He thought about the single digit he had shoved up inside of him and didn't like it. 'I'd rather be doing this to L,' he complained. Ramming inside of L? That sounded like a fine idea. But what if it was a dream and then Kira took over? Light's heart raced in anxiety until a worse thought hit him: what if L didn't like it?

Light's eyes widened at the thought. If L felt what Light was feeling now—the discomfort of having something . . . inside—he might not let him continue! 'No!' His resolve returned. He was going to have sex, dammit. Yeah, it was weird and embarrassing and awkward, but it was his first time . . . so that was normal, right?

Light squeezed his index finger in as well and whimpered out, swallowing around L's cock.

"Ah," L breathed out, his back still against the bed, oblivious to what the boy was doing to himself.

Light looked up at L while adjusting to the added digit. L was so sexy. Light didn't even have words to describe the way L's expressions made his body react. The second finger wasn't easy to handle, but he was starting to really want L. Light felt his pride die a little bit. He'd known he wanted L, but to want L inside of him was another thing entirely. And it just showed again that he really cared for L. Fuck, that was embarrassing too.

He began moving his fingers slightly. 'Weird, weird, weird, so fucking weird,' he grimaced. It didn't really hurt, and it didn't really do anything, but it was just so . . . fucking weird. He was glad L didn't know he was doing this to himself; his self-respect (whatever was left of it) just wouldn't be able to handle it.

"Ligh-t-t—Ah, please don't suck so hard," L whimpered out, extremely embarrassed.

'Shit,' the boy thought to himself; he hadn't realized he was practically making a vacuum suction. But he had to be cool, right? He pulled back and asked, "Why?"

L refused to open his eyes. If he did, he'd see Light . . . and he knew it was dangerous to look at Light when the boy was being so sexual and arousing. He bit his lip before he admitted quietly, "Because I'll cum too soon."

Light had to take a deep breath to keep control over himself. Was L being irresistible on purpose? No. But hot damn. "Sorry," he replied, placing a kiss on the tip of L's currently throbbing cock.

"Mn," L squeaked before speaking, "No need to apologize, Lig-AH!"

Light smiled around the object he'd just slid down his throat. He was sure now that L was lost in the feeling. He hoped he wouldn't feel his chained hand that had been stroking himself slide down to meet his other hand. The chained hand, though he was ashamed to admit it, was crazy wet from his pre-cum and was just what he needed.

In odd angles, he plunged the middle and index fingers of his left hand into his still occupied entrance. He distracted himself by trying to focus on pleasing L without throwing them both over the edge. Maybe 4 fingers was a little overzealous, but he was getting damn impatient.

And fuck, it was slippery.

And . . . fuck. It didn't feel so bad.

Fuck, it kind of felt good.

'I can do this, I can totally do this,' he pep talked to himself. If he was going to lose his virginity to this STUPID detective that had somehow managed to accidently wiggle his way into his heart, he had to physically be prepared. 'Do it, Light, do it,' he urged.

He pulled the four fingers almost all the way out and then thrusted them deep inside of himself. He groaned out and shivered. He wished that had felt bad or weird.

He rarely wished to not be as smart as he was. He rarely wanted to be normal and not have everything come naturally to him. But this was one of those rare times. He hadn't even been looking for it. 'Oh fuck, that felt so good,' he complained. He repeated the action, this time ramming his fingers into himself straight against that same spot.

He moaned out breathily as he felt that intensity spread through him. He wasn't sure how he was keeping from accidentally orgasming.

"Mn, Light?" L whimpered out, his eye peaking open. He was curious as to why Light was making such lusty sounds.

'SHIT,' the boy screamed in his head, pulling his fingers out and leaning over top of L; he still didn't want L to catch him—eh—preparing himself. That was just . . . far too embarrassing.

L blushed deeply; Light's face was right above his again, and he looked like he was barely hanging on to his control. The boy had grabbed both of his hands and held them flat against the bed next to his face while he straddled him.

"L?" Light stated, staring into his eyes.

The detective swallowed, his chest still heaving and red from what that boy's mouth had been doing to him. "Yes?"

"May I do more?"

L's heart jumped in his chest. This was suddenly a terrifying question. Light wanted to have sex with him, and L was realizing how nervous that made him. He'd never done this with anyone! His brain still hadn't even comprehended the fact that he'd been receiving oral for the past who knows how long and now he was being asked to do what? "I'm nervous," he admitted again. Sex would hurt. It would definitely hurt.

Light buried his face into the crook between L's neck and shoulder. "Me too," he mumbled, muffled against the skin. He sucked on the skin and trailed his chained hand down to grip L's erection.

"But," Light added, kissing up to L's jaw while gently stroking. He smiled slightly; L's cock was still dripping wet from Light's saliva. "Please?" he asked, looking into L's eyes.

L groaned inwardly, 'That's cheating; you can't use such an expression.'

"Okay," he gave in.

"May I kiss you?"

"Yes," L allowed. Of course he could kiss him. L wanted to kiss him, too.

Light's face lit up as he lowered his mouth onto L's. L barely noticed the boy's other hand disappear. He kissed him sensually and gradually increased the passion by using his tongue.

While still lightly stroking L, Light angled the man's cock toward his entrance and held himself open with his other hand. 'I can do this, I can totally do this,' he repeated.

The pride he had left committed suicide as he began to impale himself with L's still wet cock. And impaling is exactly what it felt like.

"Woah-Nng!" L moaned out loudly, taken completely by surprise.

Impaling is what it felt like for Light anyway.

L began panting and biting on the boy's lips. Light was happy for the distraction. He didn't want to describe it as the most painful thing he'd ever felt; but it wasn't easy. He was slowly letting it slide into him, but he felt it pushing the entire way.

L, on the other hand, felt amazing, and he was only half way in. He'd never felt anything even close to this before; his love for cakes was nothing—they couldn't give him this kind of full bodied feeling. L peaked his eyes open in curiosity, something he maybe shouldn't have done, but was so happy he did. He got to see Light with the sexiest mix of expressions on his face. His eyebrows were pushed together, his eyes were closed, though not squeezed tight, and his face was pink down to his chest. There was no way he'd forget that image. He mixed his fingers into the boy's hair and kissed him fully, continually trying not to lose control. He wanted to grab the boy's hips and just shove himself completely inside, but he also really didn't want to hurt Light, especially since Light was willingly taking the more painful role.

Light whimpered slightly and bit hard onto his own deltoid as he continued his attempt to stuff L inside of him. It hurt.

L felt a spike of worry rush through him; Light was grimacing in what looked like a pained expression. 'Ahh! What do I do?!' the detective thought, looking at Light. He put his chained hand on the boy's waist to try to help stabilize him. Light gasped, no longer biting his shoulder. L pouted when he saw the teeth marks on the boy's normally flawless skin. 'There has to be something I can do!' he panicked, his eyes darting around Light's body.

'Ah, maybe?' he thought, eying Light's still hard erection. He wasn't sure how it was still hard, given the pain it looked like the boy was experiencing, but L determined that it was probably the power of raging hormones. L swallowed as he brought his other hand towards Light's erection. He'd never actually seen it when it was erect before and it was turning him on more than it should have. He grabbed it.

"Ah—L—mn," he bit his bottom lip to keep from yelling out more embarrassing noises. His eyes had opened and he looked at L with an embarrassed expression.

L kept his hand on the boy's cock. That seemed to have helped. "Why are you embarrassed?"

Light blushed more and looked off to the side, breaking eye contact, "I'm not embarrassed," he lied.

"Yeah, okay," L replied, sarcastically, rubbing the boy's tip with his thumb.

"Ahhh—L," he moaned again, before smacking his hand to his mouth to try and shut the hell up.


Light timidly reestablished eye contact, "Yea—ah! Dammit L—ah!"

L smirked as he continued to pump the boy's twitching erection.

"Nn, no-t fa-air," Light mumbled out, trying to keep his eyes open.


He didn't want to fall for it again, but he answered anyway, "Yeah?"

"Kiss me," L commanded, his lip pouting slightly.

Light's heart thumped. How was L so adorable? He lowered his lips down onto L's, making his back arch.

L peaked his eye open while they kissed; Light didn't look like he was in any pain anymore. L felt his cock twitch slightly, causing the boy to moan softly. L suppressed a grin; moaning was a good sign. Although he wasn't entirely inside the boy yet, he wanted to be. And what L wants, L gets.

With his unchained hand, he laced his fingers into Light's hair and held him close, shoving his tongue inside the boy's mouth, addicted to the feeling of their tongues moving across each other. Light exhaled sharply, not expecting such a passionate kiss. Not even a second later, L tightly gripped the boy's waist as he thrusted his hips forcefully, ramming himself completely inside of the boy.

Light moaned out loudly, his arms giving out as his face hid against L's neck. He panted as he whimpered. And no, it hadn't hurt.

L never wished to not be as smart as he was and he rarely wanted to be normal and not have everything come naturally to him. And this was absolutely NOT one of those rare times. He hadn't even been looking for it, but he'd struck gold and now had Light a whimpering mess.

He continued to thrust his hips, holding onto the boy's waist with one hand and the base of his neck with the other. Light continued letting out little yelps and squeaks, biting on the crook between L's neck and shoulder, refusing to lift his head.

"L! L, L, L, hold on!" Light yelled, sitting up suddenly and pushing down on the man's hips. Light had his eyes squeezed shut and was biting his lip pretty hard. L stopped moving and had to bite his own hand to make sure he kept himself still; Light pulsing around his cock wasn't motivating him to keep still.

"Why?" he whined breathily. 'Is that really what my voice sounds like?' the detective blushed. His voice was hoarse and needy. It sounded . . . exactly like he'd been having sex. Fitting.

Light cracked one of his eyes open, blushing adorably. "Why do you think," he growled.

L briefly wondered how the boy was keeping up a tough front while blushing and squeezing around him. "Why?"

"You're the detective, dammit!" Light shot back, unknowingly pouting charmingly. He shifted slightly, "Nnng-fuck," he whimpered out, his body trembling.

"Oh, because you're close," L realized.

Light smacked his hands to his face, covering his expression.

"Why are you embarrassed?"

"I'm not embarrassed!" He lied again. L smirked.

"Aw, but your face is all red," he teased, grinning innocently. Well, as innocently as one can grin when balls deep inside their only friend.

"Dammit, L," Light groaned. "That's it!" He pushed his hands on L's wrists and brought them above the man's head again, pinning them to the bed as he had earlier.

L was completely stretched out, providing Light with a very nice angle—and view. He admired the man for a moment; his chest plate was lifted and his ribs were sticking out, making the dip of his stomach more defined. L was skinny, for sure, but if you looked closely, the muscle was rippling. The sharp pelvic bones that often tempted Light were just in front of him, red from the friction and sticky from sweat and pre-cum. Then Light felt L's dick twitching inside of him and lust took over.

He held onto L's hands with one of his and gripped onto the man's narrow waist tightly while he rolled his hips along L's, sliding the man's cock in and out of him.

And now it was L's turn to be a writhing mess as he moaned and shuddered each time Light moved. Light was continually hitting the bundle of nerves with L's cock. He whimpered slightly; it felt bigger now than it did when he'd first got it in. Each time he made a sound, L would tense up and then shiver.

While Light went full throttle, L breathed out between moans, "Light-nn is goi-NG too-aaah, faa-ast."

Light continued grinding onto L, "That's because I—" 'Because I love you.' But he couldn't say that.

"Ahhh!" he yelled out as his insides were hit hard; L had begun to slowly moving his hips in time with Light's. "Because I'm close," Light answered, putting his lips back over L's and wrapping his arms around the man's neck.

L also wrapped one of his arms around the boy's back, opting to grab Light's hips with his other hand to make sure he stayed in. Light continued to roll his hips while L thrusted up into him, succeeding in making the boy cry out with each thrust.

Their lips slid against each other's as they let their lust overtake their movements, beginning to thrust and grind sporadically. Light began whimpering loudly in addition to his moans.

"Light," L half moaned out against the boy's lips, "I'm going to-ahh-pull out-t now, ok-kay?"

Light couldn't respond with words but nodded as they continued to roll their tongues and thrust their bodies together. They were both seconds away from giving in.

"Nng," Light shuddered as L pulled out of him and rubbed their pulsing erections together.

Light came almost as soon as L touched him and he bit down onto L's neck to keep from making horribly embarrassing sounds.

Light's cum shot onto L's stomach and hands, making his stroking slippery and fast.

"Ahh-nng," he whimpered, trying to stay quiet as he was came, his body rocking erratically.

Light rolled off of him and fell next to him on the bed, panting hard. He still had his arms wrapped around L's neck; he wasn't ready to let go. L kept his arm around Light and let his other hand fall onto the bed. He smiled lightly when he felt the boy nuzzling into his neck; he wished he wasn't, but he knew how happy he was that Light wanted to be close to him.

After their breathing steadied slightly, Light mumbled out against L's neck.

"What did you say?" L asked, staring at the ceiling.

"I said, 'I'm not dreaming, right?'" he repeated.

L suppressed a chuckle. "Would Light dream about that?" Light's heart skipped a beat.

L was met with silence.

"Light?" L asked, turning his body toward the boy, but Light kept his face hidden.

"Liiiight," L drawled out, pushing Light's shoulder to make him flat on the bed as L himself sat up. Light attempted to keep his face hidden from view. "Wait a second!" L realized, his jaw falling open.

Light groaned, covering his face with his arms, but L could still see the blush making its way down the boy's neck.

"That wet dream was about ME?!" L practically jumped on the boy, prying his arms off his face.

Light was blushing like crazy as he mumbled out, "You're the detective, you figure it out."

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

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