Chapter Fourteen: A fitting end

Before they knew it, little Peter was seven years old and Lily was four. Daisy was still alive and doing well. She was over six inches in diameter now, and both children still loved to play with her. Peter would pretend that she was the giant monster attacking his block cities, yet Lily preferred to share a little girl time. The Doctor occasionally found doll hats on top of Daisy, and oddly the spider didn't seem to care or even mind.

Today, the family was going on a special sort of outing.

"Where are we going again?" Peter asked as Rose adjusted his red jumper and mini leather jacket.

"It's a secret, son," the Doctor told him in a quiet voice. "All I can tell you is that we are all going somewhere to get something."

"Is it bananas?" Lily questioned with her curious, blue eyes. "Bananas are great."

Rose smiled fondly and winked at the Doctor. "Not it, Lily. But nice try. You're going to like it very much. Come on, kids. Let's leave the TARDIS for now."

The Doctor picked up little Lily and Rose took Peter's hand. They exited the TARDIS and found themselves on a busy street in New York City. After dodging many wandering tourists and businessmen, they stood outside of a small shop. This wasn't just any shop. This was Bad Wolf Exotics.

Loudly, the bells rang as they entered the establishment. Tanks and cages lined all of the walls, and the smell of woodchips filled the air. A strange man with long hair looked up from a comic book and spotted the family. He grinned and pointed.

"Hey, you're that funny British guy that bought a tarantula from me a few weeks ago. How is she doing?"

Rose wanted to laugh at the power of time travel. "She's doing fine. He surprised me with her. I wasn't fond of her at first, but now I really like her."

"That's good. What can I help you with today?" the man questioned.

"We're here to buy another pet," the Doctor explained. "These two children are going to pick something out."

Peter and Lily looked at each other and could hardly contain themselves. The Doctor set his daughter down and allowed them to run all over the store, staring into various cages and tanks. After a long time, the children seemed to revisit the same tank over and over again. They whispered to each other and pointed inside of it. Curious, Rose wandered over for a closer look. She smirked and motioned at the Doctor to come closer.

"What do we have here?" the Doctor chuckled as he lifted Peter for a closer look. "Is that really what you both want?"

"I want it more than anything!" Peter declared at the top of his lungs.

"What about you, Lily?" Rose asked with a nod to the creature. "You want that too?"

She shyly nodded her head. "Yes."

"Then we'll take it!" the Doctor declared.

"Fantastic!" Peter agreed proudly.

Swiftly, the man boxed everything up and accepted the Doctor's "borrowed" money from an automatic teller. The family returned to the TARDIS to set the animal up inside of the playroom for the children. All four of them gathered around the terrarium with daft grins.

"She's so pretty," Lily declared.

"I know," Peter agreed.

"What do you want to name her?" the Doctor asked his kids.

They whispered again for a few long moments before saying in unison, "Daisy Two."

Chuckling, Rose shook her head. "Not very creative, but I like it. Why don't we go have some dinner?"

The kids rushed off to the kitchen while the Doctor and Rose hung back to inspect their new pet. He glanced at Rose with pride. "They're our kids, all right. Out of an entire pet store, they had to pick another tarantula."

"Well, this one isn't a rose hair. So, it's sort of different…"

"Yeah, the red knees are nice. So colorful! Well, Daisy Two, welcome to the TARDIS. You're one of us now. Congratulations."

Together, they walked towards the kitchen. Rose hummed thoughtfully at their newest pet. "You know, it seems right they got a tarantula. After all, that's what started all this."

"Time is like that. A big, wibbly-wobbly ball. Always comes back to the start. Let's go before our little monsters get too cranky without their chips…a lot like their mum."


With that, Rose chased the doctor down the hallway to eat dinner with their kids. Elsewhere in the TARDIS, two tarantulas sat quietly in their homes, waiting until the next time their family dropped in for a visit.


A/N: Totally random, I know. Dedicated to my deceased pet cricket, Wicket, and my very lively rose hair tarantula, Daisy. Yes, Daisy and Wicket are both real, live creatures from my strange, personal zoo. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.