*+* I'm starting to take a large interest with Batman and many of the villains he encounters. Then I got to thinking what about the lesser known villains in Arkham? *+*

Intro: The time is set around the late Batman years, he knows his villains and he knows them well, but does he know these two? Our story begins with a new villain, his name is Enforcer, he has already made a name for himself and he is well known throughout Arkham. He wears an army green jumpsuit with a large satchel on his back. He wears a bandana over his face and goggles, so no one actually knows what he looks like.

Enforcer: Well let me think now. Scarecrow owns half of the Asylum and Joker owns the other?

Mad Hatter: No no no! Scary owns a third and Jokester owns the rest!

Enforcer: What parts are those?

Mad Hatter: I'm not sure.

(Enforcer and Jervis are trying to remember what parts are turf of the overlords. Then some guards come in and take Tech out. And throw in a girl. She was rather tall, but still shorter than Enforcer, she wears half red on one side of her body and half black on the other, she also has a mask but it only covers one side of her face, she also has black hair and blue eyes.)

?: Hey be gentle I am a lady!

Enforcer: Well Welcome to the Madhouse toots. I'm Enforcer. (He takes out a marker and writes N4 on her hand)

?: Thanks but, no thanks I'm Satan's Mistress by the way.

Enforcer: Hey trust me that's for protection… you're gonna need that in here. It means that you're mine, it'll keep all the other freaks from getting to ya.

SM: Hey I don't need protection from the likes of you!

(The doors swing open and a buzzer goes off)

Enforcer: Lunch Time! You better sit with me or things are gonna get ugly.

SM: Umm no.

(At lunch SM takes some lunch and sits down at an empty table, then a bunch of the more known villains sit down next to her, Scarecrow, Ivy, Harley, Joker, and Scream Queen.)

SM: Umm hi?

Joker: Hiya toots! We were all just wondering what side you were gonna pick.

SM: Side?

Ivy: Yes whatever side you want to join is the side you think is gonna win.

SM: Win? Win what?

Harley: The turf war silly!

SM: Umm I haven't chosen a side.

(They all look angrily at her)

Joker: Cmon now pick General J. he is more than ok!

(Enforcer walks up)

Enforcer: I'm sorry she isn't interested.

Scarecrow: Oh shut up N4.

Enforcer: You wanna go Mr. Boogey man?

(Scarecrow jumps up and stares into Enforcer's eyes)

Scarecrow: In fact I do.

(Just then Joker jumped up on one of the tables and started yelling.)

Joker: I'm tired of old Johnny getting all the land just because he scares people into doing it!

Scarecrow: Is that a challenge? Clown?

Joker: In fact it is good doctor!

*+* Oh a good fight scene YOU GOTTA LOVE EM! See ya until next time! *+*