Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High)

"Hey, Toji, how's it going?"-Kensuke asked as the taller boy hobbled into class with his crutches.

"How do I look?"-Toji asked, rather tersely as he glared at the bespectacled boy.

"Not too bad. At least you still have your limbs attached."-he said, looking at the cast on his left arm and leg.

"Some times I couldn't even feel them. Freaking giant robots. Why did I agree to that?"

"Hey, at least you got chosen! I bet it was incredible."-Kensuke beamed.

Toji looked at Kensuke, totally upset at his friends enthusiasm.

"I COULD HAVE DIED!"-Toji yelled.

"Yes. But it would have been a spectacular death!"-Kensuke smiled.

'Why am I friends with this lunatic?'-Toji wondered as he hobbled over to his seat.

"Hey! I got something that will perk you up."-Kensuke added.


"We're getting in a new student today."

Toji didn't like the sound of that. People didn't transfer IN to Tokyo-3, they transferred OUT. The last time Kensuke had brought it up, Shinji had arrived. In the last week his life had gone downhill rather fast.

"It's a girl."

Toji still wasn't interested.

"And her last name is Katsuragi."

Now Toji was listening.

"Seriously?"-the jock asked.

"Yeah. I red flagged the school's registry file to notify me of any new students coming in." Kensuke said, like it was something to be proud of.

Toji's eyes narrowed at the boy. "Can't you get in trouble for that?"-he asked.

"It's not like I'm hacking into NERV or anything."-Kensuke replied.

"You know, one of these days you're gonna get caught."-Toji countered as his friend waved it off.

"Anyway, I figure because she's transferring in, that means she's gotta be a new Eva pilot."-he said without any real concern in his voice.

Toji was quickly losing interest in this.

"She can have it."-he muttered.

Just then Shinji walked into class, followed by a girl with long purple hair and features that made the pair think of a young Misato.

"Is that..."-Toji asked.

"Yeah! She looks like Ms Misato's younger sister."-Kensuke said, curious as to why the girl had her arm around Shinji's.

Rei and Asuka came in behind the pair. Rei went right to her seat as Asuka moved towards Hikari. Shinji and the girl went over to the teacher and handed him Misato's file. They saw Shinji speak briefly to the teacher and the girl looking at him with a smile.

"What's he talking about?"-Kensuke asked.

"How do I know? Probably some NERV stuff."-Toji replied.

"Everyone! Listen up!"-the teacher said as the students turned towards him. "Starting today we have a new student. This is Misao Katsuragi. Please make her feel welcome."-the teacher ordered.

The teacher pointed to the seat right behind Shinji and the boy lead Misato over to it.

"They seem awfully chummy. Don't they?"-Kensuke said.

"If they're Eva pilots..."-Toji started to say.

"But Asuka and Rei are Eva pilots and Shinji doesn't seem as chummy with them."-Kensuke countered.

"Well, in Asuka's case, sure. But he does talk to Rei more than most."-Toji countered Kensuke's counter.

"Guess that's true enough."-Kensuke conceded.

Misao smiled at Shinji as she sat down. Shinji took his own seat and turned back to talk to her.

"See that? See the way she just flaunts herself?"-Asuka said to Hikari.

"Who is she?"-the class rep asked.

"That's..."-she paused, realizing that she couldn't tell Hikari that she was actually Misato. There was no way she would believe that. "She's... Misato's younger cousin from Osaka."-Asuka answered.

"Why does she seem so chummy with Shinji?"-Hikari asked

"Don't know. Probably just a slut or something."-Asuka said maliciously.

Hikari cocked an eyebrow at that.

"Isn't that a little harsh? I mean... she hasn't done anything that bad, has she?"-Hikari asked knowing about Asuka's temper.

"I caught her sleeping with Shinji one time when I got home."-Asuka said with cruel smirk.

"What?"-Hikari asked. Hoping she heard wrong. Shinji wasn't that type of guy.

"Just curled up in his bed."-Asuka said knowing she would be able turn Hikari to her side.

"So... she's living with you?"-Hikari asked.

"Commander's orders."-Asuka said, slightly frustrated by that.

While Asuka was talking to Hikari, Rei was off by herself, just sitting in her chair and staring out the window. But in the glass she could see both Shinji and Misao's reflection. She felt... angry, for some reason.

Asuka spent the rest of the day trying to get Hikari on her side against Misao.

However, while Hikari couldn't find anything unusual to really hate the new girl for, as was the case in gym class, lunch, and their other classes, the only thing she really saw was that Misao seemed to be hanging onto Shinji whenever he was around.

When Hikari asked Asuka about this, the redhead would reply that it was because she was a slut who constantly asked Shinji for sex. She said it so convincingly that Hikari wondered if it was true.

School was almost over and with the final period teacher out sick for the day the students had a free period. Shinji was back in class getting his books while Misao waited for him outside. Hikari came up to him and started asking him some questions.

"Shinji? Can I talk to you for a minute?"-she asked.

"Sure, Horaki-san."-he replied.

"Hikari, please."-she said, trying to be civil and all.

"Alright. Hikari."-Shinji amended.

"I just wanted to know... what's the deal with you and Misao?"

Shinji looked a little confused.

"What do you mean?"-he asked.

"I mean... I know she's new and all, but that doesn't mean you should abandon Asuka like that."

"Abandon?"-Shinji gasped. "You make it sound like I broke up with her."-he commented.

"If you did, I'd be upset at you for hurting her."-she said, with no amusement in her voice.

Shinji noticed a slight terseness in her voice.

"That would only apply if I was dating Asuka. She'd never date me."-he said.

"You don't know that!"-she said defensively.

"Oh, I know that, Hikari. Believe me, I know that."

"So you just toss Asuka aside for this new girl?"-She asked, more irritated now.

"You don't know anything about her."-Shinji defended.

"Asuka told me everything already."

Shinji looked at her, confused, then worried. "What did she tell you?"

"That she crawled into your bed. How she openly asks you for sex. How she stole Asuka's clothes."

Shinji had a horrified look on his face as she said that.

Hikari froze as he stared at her.

"What? She... I can't... I don't believe she'd say that... alright I guess I can believe that she'd say that, but still..."-Shinji said to himself, but Hikari still heard it.


The boy looked at the pigtailed girl and opened his mouth to speak. He paused for a second, realizing that this was Hikari he was talking to. His expression turned to one of anger.

Hikari backed away as he glared at her. His expression, one she had never seen before, scared her.

"You know what, forget it. If Asuka wants to spread lies, let her. Not like people care about the truth anyway."-he snarled as he stomped off away from the girl.

"Shinji wait!"-the girl said, running after the boy.

"What do you want now Hikari?"-he spat back. The venom and edge heard had Hikari questioning her motives.

"What lies has Asuka been spreading?"-she asked trying to find the truth.

"What do you care? You're Asuka's best friend, your opinions already biased."-he spat.

The girl was shocked at those words. She grabbed his arm and stopped him in mid-stride.

"Shinji, stop! My opinion is not biased!"-she pleaded.

"Oh really? I thought Asuka already told you everything about Misao. And if you listened to her then you're not getting the whole story."-Shinji replied.

"And what is the whole story, Shinji?"-Hikari asked as she just wanted to know the truth.

"To start with, Misao never crawled into my bed and I never crawled into hers. We passed out on the couch watching television together."-he explained.

"Then why is she so clingy to you?"-the class rep asked.

"Because I stopped someone trying to rape her."-he said simply.

Hikari froze in horror at that. There was no way Shinji would casually say something like that if it was a lie. As far as she knew Shinji never lied. But she wondered why Asuka hadn't said anything.

"Who tried to rape her?"-she asked.

Shinji looked away, almost ashamed to say it.


Hikari looked shocked again.

If Shinji was telling the truth, then it would make sense that Asuka would lie about that to protect Kaji. She knew her redheaded friend was absolutely in love with the man. Hikari didn't even bother to ask why the unshaven man would attack her. Just to look at her she could tell that Misao looked a lot like a teenage Misato.

"And what about Asuka's clothes?"-Hikari asked.

"Which ones? The ones in her closet, the ones in my closet, or the ones in Misato's closet?"

Hikari blinked, knowing that Asuka did have a lot of clothes.

"And what does Misato think about all this? Having her cousin here?"-she asked.

"Actually... not much. Misato's in Germany for a special assignment." he said.

"Really? So suddenly?"-the freckle-faced girl asked with surprise.

Shinji just shrugged, which Hikari accepted. If what Asuka had told her about their cold commander was true, then there was little chance of arguing to get out of it.

Suddenly, Kensuke ran up to them.

"Hey Guys! Come Quick!"-he shouted.

"What's going on?"-Hikari asked the geeky otaku.

"Asuka's fighting the new girl!"-he answered.

"Oh, god!"-Shinji groaned, fearing it would come to this.

The trio raced outside to the front of the school to find both Asuka and Misao engaged in a fight.

Actually, it looked more like a brawl.

"I'm gonna teach you your place, bitch!"-Asuka shouted as she threw another punch.

"You and what army, Sohryu?"-Misao shouted back as she dodged the punch.

Shinji, Hikari and Kensuke arrived at the group of gathering school kids, pushing their way through until they found Toji with 'ringside' seats.

To Shinji it seemed as if Misato's rank of Major wasn't just a reflection of her tactical skill as he saw Misao grab Asuka's arm and toss the redheaded girl onto her back. Asuka got back up and threw a high kick that gave several people a clear shot of her panties. Misao ducked the kick and went low to sweep her leg across the grassy lawn of the school, knocking Asuka off her stance and onto her butt.

"Toji! How the hell did this start?"-Hikari asked as Asuka got back up and threw a sharp kick to Misao's side.

"Well, Asuka was flapping her gums at the new girl, but the new girl wasn't taking the bait."-Toji said as Misao grabbed Asuka leg and pushed on it, pushing her to the ground.

"So how did this start?"-Shinji asked as Asuka jumped back onto her feet and rush-tackled Misao to the ground.

"The new girl said something about whoring herself out to unshaven pedophiles, and Asuka just snapped. Before anyone knew what was happening, she was throwing punches left and right."-Toji said as the pair were wrestling around on the ground.

"Oh, boy!"-Shinji groaned as Misao and Asuka succeeded in tearing each others' uniforms.

All around them the students were chanting 'Fight, Fight, Fight' while Kensuke seemed to be drooling at the female wrestling match as he filmed it.

The pair pushed away from each other and faced off, while out of the corner of her eye Misao saw that Shinji was already there. Her mind quickly came up with a plan.

Asuka saw her opening as Misao's eyes shifted slightly to the right, and quickly moved in to punch her in the face. The purple-haired teen was stunned as the redhead pushed her advantage. She slammed her fists into Misao's face, arm and stomach, knocking her to the ground where her foot began kicking at her side.

Shinji, having witnessed enough, bolted from his audience stance and body-checked Asuka to the ground.

"That's enough, Asuka!"-he shouted as he knelt down to help Misao sit up.

"What the hell, baka! I wasn't finished with that tramp!"-Asuka shouted and got back up.

"I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!"-he shouted, startling everyone around with his volume and ferocity. Especially Asuka.

The redhead had never seen the timid boy explode like this before. But what made it worse was the fact that he was doing it for Misato, not her.

"Are you alright, Misao?"-he asked gently as he held her.

"I've been better."-the girl said with a smile as she saw the concern on Shinji's face.

All at once, Asuka realized what had happened.

'She threw the fight!'-She mentally gasped. 'She lost on purpose and now Shinji's even more concerned for her.'

Shinji helped Misao up off the ground and headed back to the school. The glare in his eyes caused the students to part like the Red Sea.

"God! That was such a spectacular fight!"-Kensuke grinned as he checked the replay on his camera.

Both Hikari and Toji could only groan in exasperation at the boy.

Asuka and Misao were in the nurse's office. Hikari was tending to Asuka's lesser bruises while Shinji gently applied antiseptic to Misao's more serious injuries on the other side of the room.

"Asuka? What's wrong?"-Hikari asked as she gently applied the small bandage to her cheek.

"She lost on purpose, Hikari."-Asuka said


"Look at her."

Hikari did, seeing Shinji gently push his hands on Misao's side, the purple-haired teen winching and nodding at the boy. Shinji went over to the nurse and said something, the nurse going over to the medicine cabinet and pulling out a tube of Hot/Cold pain relieving cream. Shinji returned to Misao and handed her the cream. The girl smiled as she accepted it.

Hikari actually thought it was sweet for Shinji to do that.

"Crafty little bitch!"-Asuka spat. "Well, we'll just see how much he likes her when..."

"Is it true?"-Hikari suddenly asked.


"Is it true? About what Shinji said about Kaji?"-Hikari asked.

Asuka paled.

"I don't know what you..."

"Did Kaji attack Misao and did Shinji save her before she could get raped?"

Asuka was lost for a few seconds before finally speaking.

"Hikari, I don't know what lies Shinji has been telling you but, Kaji would never..."

"So it's true."-Hikari said, cutting her off.

"What?"-Asuka gasped.

"I can't believe this! Asuka!"-Hikari reprimanded.

"Kaji would never..."

"Why are you defending him?"

"Because I don't believe it!"

Hikari said nothing as Asuka continued.

"Kaji is too much of a gentleman to even think about trying to rape anyone, let alone a slut like Misato."

"What?" Hikari asked, wondering if she had heard her right.

"Huh?" Asuka said, not having caught her own slip.

"You said... Misato. Not Misao."

The redhead paled as she suddenly realized her mistake. "Uh... that's because they look so much alike, I kinda confuse the two."

"Asuka... please don't tell me you lied to me."-Hikari pleaded.

"I didn't lie Hikari!"-Asuka nearly shouted.

"Because if our friendship means anything to you..."

"Hikari, I Didn't Lie!"-Asuka yelled.

However... Hikari could see it in her eyes that Asuka was hiding something from her. Something that had to do with Kaji.

"I want to believe you, Asuka. But you're hiding something from me. Friends don't keep secrets from each other."

The pair continued to talk back and forth while Shinji, oblivious to their conversation, noticed both Toji and Kensuke in the door way.

"Are you out of your mind?"-Toji asked the otaku.

"Come on, Toj! I've never gotten such material."-Kensuke cried out happily at the jock.

"If they find out you've got this..."-he said, pointing back into the nurse's office.

"Oh, please! I have yet to get caught."-the geeky boy grinned. "Besides, the ripped clothes, the panty shots, the hot girl-on-girl action..."

That was all Shinji needed to hear to know what was on that camera.

Looking around, he saw a pair of syringes on a small table. He went over to them and carefully removed the needle from one of them like he'd seen Ritsuko do several times before.

Misato looked over at the pair in the doorway and then back to Shinji as he carefully tossed the plastic tube towards Kensuke's feet.

His aim was perfect as he planted the tube under Kensuke's foot, the otaku boy slipping on the tube and falling forward into the hallway.

A sudden crash and a piercing scream of, "NO! MY CAMERA!" caused Shinji to grin widely.

Misato smiled at the boy, wondering when he had gotten so devious.

(Commander Ikari's Office, NERV)

"I think you enjoyed that, Ikari."-Fuyutsuki said to the man sitting at the desk, writing something.

"And if I did?"-the grinning man said to the older sub-commander.

"I'm just wondering why you would take a personal hand in something like that."

"Sufficed to say, we knew Ryoji's true purpose for coming to NERV. Without any actual proof we couldn't take necessary action against him."

'When did that ever stop you?'-Fuyutsuki wondered.

"However, his recent 'attack' of the 5th Child has provided us with an excellent opportunity to extract any and all pieces of information."

"But if we suspected what his true intentions were..."

"Precisely."-Gendo grinned. "Since we don't 'know' what his true motives are, we can fish for the truth for months to uncover everything the man knows and all of his motives while in NERV."

"I'm still confused why you need a," he paused as he read over the list Ikari had just written out. "Let me see... a live trout, a feather duster, a fireworks Sparkler, a nine-iron, a pack of already-chewed-bubble gum, half a pound of salt, two 6-inch candles, a rusty grill scrapper, two rolls of duct tape, and a copy of 'Barney the Dinosaur Goes To Washington'."-the old professor listed off.

The sadistic commander grinned. "Better you not know, sensei."-Gendo said.

The old man indeed hoped that he never found out.

Just then, the intercom beeped.


(Sir. The Pilots Have Arrived.) The agent on the other end said.

"Send them in."

(Yes, sir.)

Within a few seconds the trio of pilots walked into the large dark office immediately following Ritsuko and Maya. The older women looked upset, especially Ritsuko.

"Pilots, do you know why you are here?"-Fuyutsuki asked.

"The fight at school."-Shinji said, stating the obvious.

"Correct, Pilot."-Gendo said. "According to Section 2, the fight was initiated by Pilot Sohryu. Is this true?"

"NO!"-Asuka shouted.

"Yes." Shinji and Misato said.

The pair were actually wondering why Asuka was denying this, since The Commander had just said that Section 2 confirmed she HAD started it.

"You are Evangelion pilots! As such, you must set an example for other personnel, despite your age!"-Gendo declared with mild force. "Therefore, Pilot Sohryu will be punished for this."

"WHAT?"-she gasped again.

A fierce glare immediately silenced the girl.

"After careful consideration of the facts, I have decided that since Pilot Sohryu was the initiator of this conflict, she will forfeit half of her clothes to the 5th Child."

At hearing this, Asuka was starting to glow bright red from anger. Somehow, she managed to keep herself contained.

"Considering the extent of her personal effects, Dr Akagi, Captain Ibuki, and the Third Child will assist in sorting through the Second Child's wardrobe, which will be at the choice and discretion of the Fifth Child. Also to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, Pilot Sohryu will be relocated to a new residence. She is also banned from coming anywhere near the other pilots without my authorization. That means unless ordered, Pilot Sohryu is NOT to socialize with her fellow pilots at all. Action to be taken immediately. Dismissed."-Gendo ordered.

The quartet had to literally drag a stunned Asuka out of the office.

"That was a little cruel, wasn't it Ikari?"-Fuyutsuki asked.

"I don't think so. I stated quite clearly that Section 2 reported that the Second had started the fight, yet she denied it. Her outbursts and frequent insubordination, not to mention her ego, have made her rather unpopular with virtually everyone."-he said. "And you have to admit, the girl has more clothes than is necessary for any teenager her age."

"You like seeing her taken down a notch or two."-the older man said.

"Yes. I do."-the man said, grinning widely. "Now... about my list..."

"Let's see... I think the pink one. No, the red!" Misato smiled as she held up the two dresses.

"What about the t-shirts?"-Shinji asked.

"Oh, I think the darker colors will fit me perfectly."-Misato answered.

"With these dark shorts?"-Maya asked, holding up the aforementioned garments.

"I think this blouse would look good with that skirt."-Ritsuko said, admiring the white shirt.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"-Asuka growled as she watched the quartet wade through her clothes.

"Don't you want to help, Asuka?"-Ritsuko asked.

"NO! I! DON'T!"-the girl snapped.

"It's not like you have a lot of choice, Asuka."-Ritsuko said. "These are the commander's orders."-she finished with a smirk.

"I just don't believe this! All because of a fight at school!"-the German raved.

"A fight that YOU started. And what's worse, you tried to deny it when the commander said that Section 2 had proof you started it."-Maya replied.

"I'll be in the living room!"-she snapped, stomping off. Though not for long as the movers were waiting for Misato's wardrobe to be completed.

Sigh. "I don't think that girl will ever change."-Misato said.

"Why would 'The Great Asuka Langley Sohryu' want to change?"-Ritsuko asked.

By the time the quartet was finished, Misato had a whole new wardrobe, consisting of more than a hundred articles of clothes, which included shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, a couple swimsuits, and of course: socks, bras and panties.

Shinji helped Misato haul her new clothes into her room, which actually upset the purple-haired girl that she had her own room instead of staying with Shinji. However, she was right next to Shinji, so she was at least happy he was close.

After that was done, Shinji started cooking dinner while Misato arranged her new clothes.

Asuka was relocated to her new residence, or an apartment similar in decay to Rei's.

"So... what's this again?"-Misato asked as she stared at the paper in front of her.

"It's called 'Algebra', Misato."-Shinji said.

"Sorry. It's just that I never did real well in the class."-Misato said a bit sheepish.

"Well, at least you can understand the kanji."-Shinji replied.

The two continued doing homework, wondering why it was so quiet. Oh that's right, Asuka was moved out.

The next day the group went to school.

Toji and Kensuke were trying to get more pictures and videos of Misao, which forced Shinji to take a more active role in preserving her secret. Hikari was trying to find out more of whatever was going on from Asuka, who kept ducking her questions, as she was under direct order from the commander as well as Ritsuko.

And while all this was going on, Rei Ayanami finally saw her opportunity to confront Misato about her relationship with Shinji.

"Major."-the blue-haired girl said to Misato outside during lunch.

"Rei! Call me Misao, alright?"-Misato hissed at the girl.

Rei looked at Misato impassively.

"What do you want?"-Misato huffed in annoyance.

"I wish for you to meet me at NERV after school. There is an issue I wish to address to you."-Rei said.

Misato cringed a little. That sounded a little like a challenge.

"Does this have to do with Shinji?"-Misato asked.

"Yes."-Rei said.

'At least she's honest.'-Misato thought. "Alright. After school, at NERV."

"I will be awaiting your arrival."-Rei said before walking away.

"I'm going to NERV."-Asuka said before lunch ended.

"As if I care where you go! Besides why are telling me? You're under orders not to socialize with me, Rei, and Misao."-Shinji said.

"And it's close to the shift change. If I hurry I can get there and slip in to see Kaji."

Shinji bristled at hearing the man's name.

"I still don't see why you like that man."-he said.

"Because he's ten times the man you could ever hope to be, you boring little boy."-she replied.

"If nearly raping a teenage girl is your definition of a man, I'll stick to being a boring little boy."-he replied.

"He was framed and you know it!"-Asuka tried to defend her Kaji.

"Uh... no he wasn't, because I was there."-Shinji countered.

"ARGH! Whatever, Third Child!"-she said as she stormed off.

"Just hope you know you're going to punished for violating the 'No Socialization' order."-Shinji commented. He smiled as he heard German curses from the redhead.


"Is this report accurate?"-Seele 3 asked.

"Apparently so. It was sent to us by our informant inside NERV."-Seele 1 answered.

"So... Katsuragi's daughter has undergone a strange transformation."-Seele 2 commented.

"A reduction in age, am I correct?"-Seele 4 asked.

"Yes."-Seele 1 answered.

"Exactly how much of a reduction are we talking?"-Seele 5 asked.

"According to the report, half."-Seele 2 answered as he read his copy of the report.

"Which was brought upon by this mysterious Blue LCL that Unit 01 apparently produced. The reason is unclear as to why."-Seele 1 mused.

"Why? Why did the Evangelion suddenly produce a mysterious Blue LCL that somehow caused a person to decrease in age?"-Seele 5 wanted to know.

"Yes. According to the report, and the photographs that were provided, Major Katsuragi has been turned back into a teenager and is attending school with the other pilots."-Seele 3 answered.

"That is an unimportant detail."-Seele 4 said.

"Actually, it is quite important."-Seele 2 countered.

"How so?"-Seele 3 asked.

"Major Katsuragi's age was... what? 29? 30? If she is now attending school with the teenage pilots then it confirms that this LCL indeed decreases a person's physical age by half."-Seele 2 said.

"Which means..."-Seele 4 asked.

"Which means... we will need more testing to make this of use to ourselves."-Seele 2 said with glee.

"Make use of?"-Seele 1 asked. "Wait! You say that like..."

"It is a possibility!"-Seele 2 said.

"Now Hold On! We are so close to Instrumentality! We cannot forsake our grand designs simply because we have discovered a scientific Fountain of Youth!"-Seele 1 countered.

"Wasn't the point of the Instrumentality to avoid death itself?"-Seele 2 asked simply.

"But after all the time, effort, resources and scheming we have invested into this project, it would be flighty and foolhardy to simply up and alter our plans."-Seele 1 tried to get him to see reason.

"Why are you so against even considering this idea? It will achieve the same results and we will not have to expend so many resources."-Seele 2 countered.

"Because this 'miracle' has only produced ONE subject! And by a fluke, if I'm not mistaken. If this is to be a viable alternative to Instrumentality, then... I demand more testing!"-Seele 1 snarled as he saw the others considering the idea.

The other members of SEELE looked at each other, and slowly nodded.

"Very well. We will instruct Ikari to perform more testing on this Blue LCL."-Seele 2 smiled.

"All in favor?"-Seele 1 groaned.

"Agreed!"-the group shouted.

"Very well. Until we have 100-percent confirmation that this miracle LCL works the way it states, we will continue on with our original plans."-Seele 1 ordered.

"Agreed!"-the group stated.

(NERV Headquarters)

Misato walked into NERV and quickly found Rei waiting for her near the Eva Cages.

"So... what? Do you want to fight me as well, Rei?"-Misato asked.

"I witnessed your altercation with the Second Child at the school. I am well aware of your fighting proficiency."-Rei stated.

"You know you can't beat me. Alright. Then... how did you want to do this?"-Misato asked.

"I challenge you... To Arm-Wrestling!"-she said.

"WHAT?"-Misato gasped.

"I said I challenge you to..."

"I Heard What You Said! I just wanna know why you chose that?"-Misato asked perplexed.

"Because it is simple. As strength is often used to test superiority of one person over another, this simple contest of strength will determine who will get Shinji-kun!"-Rei answered with conviction.

'Odd way for two girls to fight for a guy. But... this is the most lively I've ever seen Rei act. And she seems really serious about this. But then again I'm not one to give up, especially where Shinji is concerned, so...' "Alright!"

Finding a small crate, Misato and Rei positioned themselves on opposite sides and interlocked their right hands.

"Ready... steady... GO!"-Misato said as both girls pushed against the other.

As they did, Misato began to wonder why Rei had really chosen this particular contest. She quickly realized it was because Rei figured that she had the best chance of winning this way. She knew that she wasn't as smart as Misato since she had greater experience and a higher education. Her military training was obvious, from the way she had fought against the Second Child. Even though she had thrown the fight, she was still the better fighter.

Therefore, competing with her physically or mentally (in terms of hand-to-hand or marksmanship, or even in an intellectual spar such as the ever popular fact-or-fiction board games she had heard of) would have been futile.

She couldn't use the Eva's to determine superiority of skill over the other, since their synch-ratios were different in their respective Eva's, which was unfair to start with.

And even simpler contests, such as a foot race or swimming, were out of the question. Rei knew that she was the better swimmer, but figured that with all the running around Misato did, she would be the superior.

Therefore, she chose to have their contest be a simple test of strength. This was mostly thanks to Shinji, who had commented on both her, and Misato, being strong individuals.

"Why... are you really doing this... Rei?"-Misato asked as she struggled against the blue-haired girl.

"I will not let you take Shinji-kun from me!"-Rei groaned against the purple-haired girl.

Misato was stunned, which caused her arm to dip down as Rei kept pushing.

"Rei. Shinji and I may be close, but... that doesn't mean he's going to stop being your friend."-Misato said as she slowly pulled her arm up.

"That is what concerns me, Major."-Rei said.

"It's not Major. Not anymore."-Misato said.

"And what should I call you?"-she asked, continuing to push.

"Misato when we're here at NERV, Misao when we are out in public." 'Like I told you before.' She groaned as she pushed herself back up.

"Very well... Misato."-Rei said.

'Finally got that settled.'-she thought. "So... what now?"-Misato asked. "I don't think either of us are going to win this little contest."-she said.

"If it is to come to a final conclusion, that Shinji-kun chooses you... I wish to be included in this relationship."-Rei said.

Misato thought her jaw would fall right off her face the second she heard that. Rei Ayanami, the unflappable, emotionless First Child of NERV, was actually asking for a threesome!

"You... you want to be included?"-she asked the blue-haired girl.

"Yes. You have never wronged me, insulted me, or used me. And Shinji-kun has been kinder to me than anyone else. You are perhaps... the only true friends I have. I do not wish to lose this."-Rei said.

Misato smiled as she stood up and broke free from Rei's grip. She then pulled the blue-haired girl up to her feet and wrapped her arms around her, into a hug. Rei tensed as Misato did this.

"You got a deal, Rei."-Misato whispered to her.

Rei eventually relaxed as Misato's hug warmed her body.

"Is everything alright, Misato?"-Shinji asked once Misato had returned to the apartment.

"Sure. No problem." Misato said.

"Is there a particular reason you had to go to NERV today?"

"Oh... Rei just wanted to talk to me."

"About what?"

"She wanted to know if we'd be interested in having a threesome."-she replied with a smile.


"Shinji?"-Misato gasped as Shinji picked himself up off of the ground.

"What Did You Say?"-Shinji gasped.

"I'm kidding, Shinji-kun."-she laughed.

"Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack."-he said.

"Sorry. But Rei did want to talk about you, me and her."

"Huh? Really?"

"She considers you a friend, Shinji-kun. But since you've been spending a lot of time with me, she was worried she'd be losing you. I convinced that that would never happen."

"That's a relief."-Shinji said. "So... it's just you and me now."-Misato said since Asuka was gone.

"And we don't have school tomorrow, either." Shinji added.

"Yeah. So... did you want to do anything special tonight?"-Misato asked.

"Actually... I did." Shinji said with a smile.

"OH THANK YOU SHINJI-KUN!"-Misato squealed as she gasped at the sight before her.

"What? It's not a big deal, Misato." Shinji said. "I just thought... well, why not go, right?"

"And here I never thought you'd ask me out on a date."-Misato said as she grabbed Shinji's hand and pulled him along.

"Date?"-he gasped, though smiled none-the-less.

Misato dragged Shinji through the amusement park that he had seen a flyer for after he had left school. Thinking it might be a fun thing to do with Misato, he took it. He found smiling at Misato enjoying herself.

Misato was dressed in a short wavy blue skirt and a red blouse with a dark green jacket and black shoes. Shinji was wearing a pair of jeans, white shirt, black shoes and a dark blue jacket as they went around to the various booths and games.

Shinji won prizes at the Balloon and Dart game, The Water Gun Game, The Crossbow Target Shot, and The Dart Game.

All of which stunned him more than anything.

But Misato managed to win the Ring The Bell game, Whack-A-Mole Game, Skeeball, the Basketball Shootout game, and the Fishing Game.

They went on a few rides, like the roller coaster, several of which made Shinji a little sick. To off-set this, Misato decided to take him on the Ferris Wheel, dubbed The Big-O 2, which was an impressive 120-meters tall.

As the pair ascended to the top of the giant metal wheel, they came to a stop.

"What's going on?"-Shinji asked when they didn't move for several minutes.

"I don't know." Misato said.

(Sorry about this, folks. We're experiencing some technical difficulties. Should only be a few minutes at worst. Thank you for your patience.) A voice came over the small speaker inside the gondola.

"Well... since we're not going anywhere, we might as well get comfortable."-Misato said.

"Yeah."-Shinji said.

However, the cool night started to get a little breezy and the open gondola offered little protection for the pair. In the end, they decided to sit down on the floor since there was less wind.

"Are you alright, Misato?"-Shinji asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders to keep her warm.

"Yes, Shinji-kun. I'm fine."-=Misato said, snuggling up to Shinji for both warmth and comfort.

Mostly for comfort.

The pair talked casually, just to pass the time. But as they did, the proximity of their bodies became more and more obvious to them. Eventually their eyes locked onto each other, frozen as they stared deeply at each other. Their voices were lost as their faces slowly gravitated towards each other. Their eyes sluggishly began to close, but their lips managed to find their way toward each other.

The second their lips touched... ZAP!

Like a soft electrical shock that sent a spike of excitement through their bodies, their eyes opened up and stared deeply into the other.

"Shinji..."-the girl said, her hands gently wrapped around his neck.

"Misato, I..." -he boy said, his hands gently pulling around her body to her back.

Their pair kissed softly for several more minutes, completely oblivious to the fact that their gondola was moving. However, because they were hunched down on the floor, and were dressed in somewhat dark clothes, the operator didn't see anyone in their gondola and let it pass so that the other people could get off.

It was after the third revolution that the two got off the ride.

"That was the best kiss ever!"- a dazed Shinji said.

"Yeah." Misato simply, enjoying the way the her body tingled.

"Will you be my girlfriend, Misa-chan?"-Shinji asked as they walked home.

"What?"-she asked.

"I asked: will you be my girlfriend Misa-chan."-the boy said with a blush.

Misato blushed as she smiled at him. 'He's still a little shy, but he's just so sweet. I did promise Rei that we'd share him, but I'm calling dibs as much as possible.'

The pair kissed some more before Misato clutched Shinji's shirt and stared into his eyes.



"I will be your girlfriend."-Misato answered.

(NERV Headquarters)

"Are you sure about this, Fuyutsuki?"-Gendo asked the older man.

"SEELE wants you to experiment with the Blue LCL. Further age-reduction testing apparently."-Fuyutsuki said.

"I see. Very well. And it just so happens, that I have the perfect guinea pig."-Gendo said with a sadistic smile as he stared at the twitching unshaven man on the ground. "Although, I'm gonna miss these little sessions. Children are no fun to torture. They don't last long."-he sighed.

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OMAKE (by Krow Blood)

"Worse. I feel everything that happens to the Eva." he answered, unconsciously closing his fist.

"That's not a pleasant thing to look forward too."

"Trust me, it isn't."

"So how do you do it, Shinji? How do you keep doing it?"

"Because...Because I am a Masochist!"


"So... what? Do you want to fight me as well, Rei?" Misato asked.

"I witnessed your altercation with the Second Child at the school. I am well aware of your fighting proficiency." Rei stated.

"You know you can't beat me. Alright. Then... how did you want to do this?"

"I challenge you... To A Staring Contest!"

"No Way! I've Never Seen You Blink Once!" Misato gasped.

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