Author's Note: Hola my lovely readers. I start my grade eleven year in high school next week, and I always like to give myself a little project during school. So, that's where this story comes in! I've been wanting to do this angsty Kaitmus fic for a while now, so I have most of it planned out. I'm shooting for the stars on this one because it will be at least 30 chapters, and I'm hoping to get at least 300 reviews. I know Kaitmus isn't that popular, so I encourage you all to write it! Any who, I'm rambling, so without further ado, I give you: Stay.

Their love was a complicated thing; maybe it was too complicated. One minute, everything would be okay and fine; sunshine and roses if you wanted to cliché it. The next minute, well, let's just say that it was complete chaos. He was always yelling at her, she was always making false accusations. A door would slam, then crying would ensue. Maybe their relationship was a mystery to the outside eye. It was a dysfunctional relationship, there was no doubting that. For some reason, it was like the more they fought, the more they loved each other. Maybe their arguments fueled their love? It was hard to tell.

Sheamus and Kaitlyn did love each other; that was apparent. He was so sweet to her, she appreciated his romantic gestures, and they both put effort into the ship. Everyone in the WWE thought they were adorable together, but they didn't know about the fights that the couple had. They had only been together for a little over a year, in fact, their one year anniversary together had just passed. There was love there, you could tell it was within them.

In fact, if one looked at the relationship, they might say that it wasn't the couple that caused the arguments and problems, but rather the individuals partaking in the ship. Which could be very true in this case. Sheamus was always so quick to get angry and yell because he would admit that he had anger issues. That was why he was such a good competitor in the ring, his anger fueled him. He knew he had to work on this; he knew he had issues. He did love Kaitlyn too, with all of his Irish heart, but every couple had their fights, right? That was what he wanted to keep telling himself.

Kaitlyn on the other hand was more passive than aggressive. She'd rather talk things out than fight, but once Sheamus ignited that firecracker inside of her, there was nothing you could do to stop the hybrid diva. She was always so insecure because of her past relationships. Notably because she wasn't the prettiest or skinniest diva in the WWE locker room. She was always so afraid that Sheamus would pick someone else over her. She didn't believe that Sheamus thought she was incredibly beautiful; body, mind, and soul.

The arguments were always verbal; never physical. Sheamus was too much of a gentleman to lay his hands on a woman he loved, or any woman for that matter. The fights usually ended the same too. The Irishman would storm off and leave the apartment that he and Kaitlyn shared together, and Kaitlyn would end up crying herself to sleep in the big empty bed. He would come back after she fell asleep, and the two would wake up in each other's arms, and everything would be content again. Their problems were never really resolved; they were just forgotten in that moment. That blissful moment in the morning where everything was peaceful. Maybe they realized that their love was more important than some silly fights.

They both knew that this type of relationship wasn't healthy, but they couldn't deny their love for each other. Love is patient, and love is kind, but problems like these don't just solve themselves. It just lingered there in the back of their minds, neither one of them really acknowledging it.

"You know, Sheamus..." Kaitlyn began one morning as the two were laying in bed together. It was another one of those quiet blissful moments; the ones where the sun is rising behind the bedroom curtains, and they were the only couple in the world right now. "I've been thinking a lot lately." She added as she drew aimless circles on his bare chiseled chest.

She then heard him intake a breath, "About what, lass?" Sheamus asked as he ran a big hand through her two toned locks of hair as they splayed about on the pillows. The apartment was still quiet; the only thing you heard was the occasional chirp or tweedle of a bird outside the window.

"We fight a lot." She stated in the obvious. The word fight just lingered in the air and it tasted sour coming off her tongue, but it was the truth, and the truth hurts. They both knew it. "It's not healthy. Maybe we should take a break." The hybrid diva continued as she felt the ginger press a sweet kiss into her temple. It was the little things and moments that made her really love him, but the fighting wasn't good for either of them. It was quite the opposite.

"But I love you, Kaitie." Sheamus replied simply as he used the nickname he gave her long ago when they first met. He was unsure of what to say to his girlfriend. He had never considered this happening to him.

"I love you too." She sighed as she looked up at him though her long lashes. "But I think it would be good for us." His emerald eyes were blazing, it was like he was reading into her soul. "Okay?"

"Just a break?" He questioned, trying to get into the head of the woman he loved. He tried to understand her reasoning for this, but found nothing. Was she really hurting that bad from the fighting? "I don't really know about this Kaitie. I mean, I know you're the one for me. Why jinx it?" Sheamus asked as he looked down at her and his gazed softened. God, she looked so innocent and beautiful in the morning. It killed him that she was sitting here, naked in his arms, suggesting a break up.

"You know that saying? If you love something set it free, if it comes back it was always yours... If not, then it was never meant to be?" She questioned.

"I've heard of it." He answered.

"Well, I think that applies to us." Kaitlyn explained. "If we come back to each other, then we'll know. If not... Then we're better off apart." She added. Sheamus took this into consideration and realized that she was right. But he didn't want to take this break at all. He loved her though, so he would do it for her, he would set her free.

"If that's really what ya want. Then okay." He agreed.

"I love you." She replied immediately. Of course, he knew that already, but Kaitlyn felt like she had to make sure he knew. Just because they were taking this break didn't mean she didn't love him anymore. Kaitlyn was in love with Sheamus, she probably always would be, and everyone knows that you can't just fall out of love.

"I love you too." He said back. "I guess I'll move my stuff out of the apartment soon." Nothing else was said as the two continued to lay in one another's arms contemplating what was going to happen with them next. Maybe a break would make things better, maybe it would make things worse. Hopefully the saying held true to its word, so they would set each other free without any harm.

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