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Two Years Later...

"Mama!" Rosie yelled from her crib from the bedroom down the hall. The twins were now almost two years old and could walk and talk on their own. Kaitlyn and Sheamus were still doing great with their relationship, and had no problems fighting anymore. Things were great with the small family.

"Coming!" Kaitlyn yelled as she made her way into her daughter's bedroom to get the girls. It was morning, time for breakfast, and Sheamus hadn't woken up yet. Kaitlyn was more than happy. She was with the love of her life, had the two perfect daughters, and was even in the process of talking to Vince McMahon for getting her spot back in WWE now that Josie and Rosie were older.

"Breakfast?" Rosie asked once she saw her mother enter the room.

"Of course." Kaitlyn smiled as she picked up Rosie out of her crib, and Josie out of hers, then went to cook breakfast for Sheamus and the twins. Life couldn't get anymore better than this.

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