I wanted to get something posted this weekend, though I am unfortunately feeling rather brain-dead after rather demanding week. So, I give you a short snippet of a Morsel to tide you over until I can manage to edit some of the more substantial chapters I've got in the works.

"Harlow's Albatross" should perhaps have been called "Before," since I gave you "After" The scene, in Akihiko's perspective, immediately precedes his first tutoring session with Misaki.

Harlow's Albatross

Project complete, Akihiko dragged toward his bed, unsteady, 'an albatross dragging on a deck,' he thought. Baudelaire had something with that, but Akihiko defeated the worst of that misfortune. Netted and brought down he may be, but no mocking sailors tormented him. Not on this lonely vessel.

Maybe it's a funeral ship. A glimpse in the mirror in lent credence to the supposition. I look rather corpse-like.

Yes he looked across his cluttered room and these toys are grave goods for a stillborn childhood Akihiko wondered what afterlife these piles prepared him for and where he was bound. He knew he'd been awake too long when his exhausted mind indulged in such fetid metaphors.

He stripped, slipped on sleep pants, and laid Suzuki-san on the bed. Akihiko followed, snuggled up against his dear bear like Harlow's monkey, and let aching consciousness fade.

The first reference is to Charle's Baudelaire's Poem "The Albatross" which I've always found to be an apt description of the comedown from a particularly inspired bout of writing. The second is to the experiments done by Harry Harlow in the 50s which showed that baby rhesus monkeys separated from their mothers preferred a soft, comforting "mother" to a wire "mother" that provided food.

Anyways, your reviews do brighten my day quite a bit and inspire me to keep on writing, so please do let me know what you think.

I'm looking forward to catching up on many of your stories which I've seen have updated. One benefit to a crazy week is having lots stored up to read once things calm down a bit.

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