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Cure to Emptiness

Chapter 1: A New Life in Earthland

What happens to a human after he or she dies? They either go to Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. But what happens when they die a second time? For Soul Reapers, they simply cease to exist. Hollows if not cleansed by a shinigami suffer the same fate. But what happens to a Hollow that turned into dust? Does he too loose his existence? If Ulquiorra Cifer did not exist, he would not have such thoughts. He thought that after the battle with Kurosaki Ichigo he would simply perish, yet if he did; why did it felt like he was still alive? He has thoughts yet he did not have a body. He did not have eyes nor ears, he could not touch nor taste; it was torture. Was this to be his fate? To be stuck and alone in what seems to be an endless void? What was this feeling that he felt? Was this fear? Why now? He never felt fear before when he was bathed in loneliness. What was the reason for this emotion? Then it came to him. It was that woman, her name; what was her name? Orihime came naturally to his mind. How could he forget the name of the woman who helped him find the meaning of the heart?

"You seem busy with your thoughts" a voice that sounded like a male and a female speaking perfectly in sync with each other spoke to him. Ulquiorrra instinctively reached for Murcièlago but was rewarded with nothing. He had no body to move, to use to defend himself. He has never felt so helpless in the entirety of his existence, not even when he fought the losing battle against the Hollowfied Kurosaki Ichigo.

"No need to worry, I'm not here to harm you" again came the voice out of nowhere sounding rather amused.

"What and who are you? What is your business with me?" Ulquiorra tried to mouth his question but he could not due to him not possessing a body of his own. Yet it seemed that his question was heard.

"Depends on how you perceive my existence" again he heard the stranger's voice. If Ulquiorra had eyes right now, he knew that the stranger would be smirking right in front of him.

"Are you the Soul King?" asked Ulquiorra

"Not quite" was the strangers' answer

"Then tell me who you are, I don't have time for riddles" the fourth espada announced. "Oh I assure Ulquiorra Cifer, in here; you have all the time in the universe" the stranger replied sounding more amused.

"Then what do you mean by not quite?" Ulquiorra finally decided to play along with the strangers' game considering how he simply was not in the position to threaten anyone.

"What I meant, is that I created the Soul King Mr. Fourth Espada. In fact he was the very first shinigami I created" Ulquiorra could hear the pride in the enigmatic voice of the stranger. Most people would feel overwhelmed by being at the presence of an entity more powerful than the Soul King, yet Ulquiorra remained calm and calculating. What could such a being want from him?

"You are Kami then" Ulquiorra declared, "Ah yes that is what the humans in your dimension call me" the stranger said in return. "But before we continue further into our little conversation, I would think that you would want to have your body back. I can only imagine how it feels to only exist as a thought"

At that the fourth espada felt a tingling sensation that started from the bottom of his feet. After the sensation was over, Ulquiorra had his marble pale body once more. He looked down however and realized that he was completely naked; his hollow hole was exposed located at the base of his neck and between his collarbones. He also tried to search for Murcièlago, but in his disappointment found nothing. Ulquiorra then turned his attention to his surroundings. He found himself in a giant glass sphere the size of a house, while standing on the surface of a golden colored liquid that filled one fifth of the sphere. As he turned his gaze outside the sphere, he was met by millions upon millions of twinkling stars.

"I assume that you are much more comfortable now than before we spoke to each other?" at this Ulquiorra turned sharply. He expected to see an old man wearing a Shihakusho with white haori, almost the same as the Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen. But what greeted him surprised the fourth espada. Instead of choosing a humanoid form, the stranger instead presented itself as a golden orb shining with a brilliant light that radiated majesty and infinite power.

"I know you are wondering why an entity such as me would want to spend time with someone such as yourself" the golden orb hovered past the arrancar and stopped a few meters away from him. "I've been watching you Ulquiorra Cifer. From the time you were reborn as a Hollow to the time of your defeat by the hands of Kurosaki Ichigo" the orb continued in its synchronized voice. "At first I was about to give up on you, your opinion about others were unchanging you saw everyone around you as trash. I know this is due to the great suffering you had to endure for such a long time. Then at the very last moment, you surprised me. You the very being considered to be the perfect embodiment of emptiness showed your first emotions; happiness and sadness. You felt happiness when you finally had even though it was little, an understanding of the heart, your heart. And you felt sadness when it was all too late for your emotions to grow. Because of Inoue Orihime, you have been provided with a stepping stone to start on. Though you still have a long way before you fully understand the true meaning of your heart, it was a successful progress. I was happy for you, as before I pitied you; a being devoid of all emotions. Truly it was sad that it was only during the last moments of your life that you gained something you thought you could never possibly obtain"

Ulquiorra listened to every word that Kami said. To be honest he was a bit surprised to find out that after all this time he was being watched. He also admitted that all the things that Kami said was true. At the time when he slowly turned to dust, he did not know the emotions that he felt as he slowly tried to reach for Orihime. At first it felt like an invisible weight was lifted from his chest, but after that the weight returned, it felt heavier almost as if gravity was pulling the entirety of his core to the ground. And finally it all ceased as the rest of his body was turned into dust and was scattered to the cold winds of Hueco Mundo.

"So I have decided to give you a new chance. But a different world. You cannot return to your world Ulquiorra, your time there has ended and I won't break the very cycle I've established in that world" the golden orb of light rotated as if facing Ulqiuorra. The arrancar on the other hand was speechless. He was to be given a second chance and he himself could not believe it.

"What do you say Ulquiorra Cifer? Do you accept?" the golden orb orbited around the now standing still arrancar. "Why would you do such a thing? To a being that is clearly bellow you" asked Ulquiorra as his green cat like orbs followed Kamis as the orb stopped right in front of his face.

"I am responsible for my creations. Though I choose not to intervene as my children should grow on their own there are some whom I … feel having more responsibility to" Kamis responded.

After being silent for quite a while, Ulquiorra finally declared his answer; "I accept Kami-sama" Ulquiorra could imagine that the being in front of him was smiling.

"Then these are my last words to you Ulquiorra Cifer as we will never meet again, spend this life I have given you and spend it wisely. Understand what it means to have a heart, discover your emotions. And remember, do not follow your nature as a Hollow it would only destroy you" Kami said as its voice grew louder from every word it spoke. After Kamis speech, Ulquiorra noticed the gathering golden particles that rose from the golden liquid on which he stood. They started to surround him and stuck to his pale naked body. At last every part of the fourth espada was engulfed by a brilliant golden light that expanded throughout the entire glass sphere. The sphere then exploded into millions of golden shards leaving nothing except for a golden humanoid form left in the middle where the sphere once existed. The Golden form then turned its head toward a particular star before it too scattered into millions of golden dusts.

xxx Unknown Mountain Range in Earthland xxx

A certain person was lying in the middle of a clearing in the middle of a forest near the foot of a mountain. The person had a slender yet muscular frame fitting that of a swordsman. He has fairly short and messy black hair that was in contrast with his almost marble like pale white skin. His face was almost as if forever frozen in a frown even when unconscious. His brows were distinctively thick and his upper lip was the color black. From under his eyes were green teals running down both cheeks. On the top-left side of his head, he wore a bone white broken horned helmet.

Ulquiorra Cifer suddenly opened his eyes revealing two green orbs with slit-shaped pupils like those of cats. He slowly stood up dusting himself when he noticed he was not naked anymore. He was once again wearing his arrancar uniform; he wore his white jacket with long coattails and high collar along with his white hakama and black sash. On his feet was a pair of black socks and white arrancar sandals. He instinctively felt his left waist and found Murcièlago in its sheath. He slowly drew his zanpakuto and observed it's near perfect razor edge.

The former fourth espada started clenching and unclenching his right hand. He felt that he indeed still retained his power and was satisfied. He finally looked around noticing the landscape. All he saw were trees swaying lazily in the wind. He then turned his eyes to the sun and found it high in the sky shining in its full radiance. Everything to him seemed to look normal, but he could feel that there was something different about this place. He felt something that was relatively similar to reiatsu but still totally different. It felt somewhat lighter and this place was full with this strange energy.

Ulquiorra decided to further investigate and reached out with his pesquisa. He felt the presence of around one-hundred-fifty humans in what he could only guess a small settlement, a village south of where he currently was standing. But there was something else that drew his attention however. A few miles to the north he felt two immense presence that contained vast amounts of the strange energies he felt. The first one he was sure was a human, for he knew it was already edging at its very limit; he was impressed as well as this human could probably go toe to toe with some of the espadas. The second though he was not so sure, it was immensely overpowering the first one; it was like comparing an ant to a boot. Ulquiorra knew that this one could probably be more than a match with the lower ranking espadas. He was also one-hundred percent certain that this being was not human. Wanting to find out what was happening in the north, Ulquiorra shot up to the sky and flew his way towards the two powers.

As the arrancar flew closer to his destination, he noticed the devastation that had happened to the surrounding areas. He saw entire uprooted forests and some mountains with huge craters to their side. This made his curiosity to peak higher as he decided to use sonido to raise his pace and reach his destination faster.

With a sonic crack Ulquiorra appeared standing on the air beside a mountain. A few paces from where he stood were the two sources he had been following. He mentally raised an eyebrow at the creature in front of him and immediately recognized it as a dragon; though not like any dragons he'd seen from human fictions. It was gargantuan in size, the same size as Yammy in his released form if he remembers correctly. It had for legs and its entire upper body was covered with black round plates that were each decorated with blue colored spiraling patterns. While under its armor was a smooth grey colored underbody. Its head had a round and blunt nose and had four elongated plates extending backwards. Its eyes were a circular white beady pair. Its mouth was full of razor sharp teeth. Its chin ended with a pointy edge resembling an arrowhead. He also noticed its birdlike wings containing black feathers with the same spiraling patterns as its plates. And finally its tail ended in a very same form of a stinger. What further drew his attention was the aura this dragon was giving. It felt heavier than the energies he felt before as well as darker, almost like a Hollows.

Facing the dragon was a tall muscular man with shoulder-length reddish-orange hair that even though looked rugged at the time, was some part kept in a back slick. Even at a distance, Ulquiorras enhanced eyesight could pick out the details of his face. The man had stubbles around his mouth and chin. He wore or what was left of his cloth was a torn cape with high collars and armored plates on the shoulders. He was also wearing torn up loose dark pants with an armored waist guard. On his feet was a pair of grey colored leather boots. He looked like he had seen better days as he was bleeding from many parts of his body; he was also missing his left arm leaving only a stub ending at the elbow region. There was also a large gash around the left part of his abdominal area.

"Is that the best you've got you overgrown lizard!?" Ulquiorra heard the torn man shout at the dragon which in return roared at the man causing him to fly backwards towards a large boulder.

"Come on you bastard! I'm not done yet!" as if in response, the dragons tail shot up and swung at the man's lower left side at a blinding speed aiming to cut him in half by the waist. The Red headed man tried to avoid by jumping backwards. But he did not manage to evade in time, his left leg was caught and instantly cut off as the razor tip of the dragon's tail as it passed through it. The man gave out a loud cry as he once again crashed into one of the boulders. Ulquiorra knew that there was nothing left for the man; he would die if not from the dragon then from his injuries. He watched as the man slowly collapsed. Seeing that everything was going to be over soon, Ulquiorra decided that it was time to leave and turned around to head towards the small settlement he found earlier. But something made him turn around, as if something was influencing him. As he once again turned his eyes on the tattered form of the man he noticed that he was once again standing up. Using the boulder behind him as a support, the red headed man struggled to keep himself steady. He raised his bloodied head once more to meet the Dragons eyes. It was then when Ulquiorra saw it. It was the same determined eyes as Kurosaki Ichigo did when he fought the fourth espada. There it was another proof of human determination to never waver even in the face of total despair.

Ulquiorra stood still for a moment; maybe this man can help him, he thought. He was snapped out of his musing when he felt the energy from the dragon peak and was concentrated in its lungs area. He immediately knew that it was soon going to send a powerful beam of energy at the man leaving not even a single dust of him. Knowing exactly what must be done, Ulquiorra jumped into action as he used sonido and appeared right in front of the red headed man with the distinctive sound of a sonic crack. The former fourth espada just stared at him with his seemingly uninterested green eyes, while the man gaped at him as if not believing that Ulquiorra was there. Then the dragon pulled back its massive head to send its mighty roar at the two people in front of it. Ulquiorra in return drew Murcièlago half way out of its sheath and used it to cut his left palm drawing his own blood. He then thrust his palm towards where the dragon was as a massive concentration of his green riatsu gathered at his left palm creating a massive orb of green light.

"ROOOAAAAAAAAAAAR!" the dragon loosed its awesome roar sending a black lance towards Ulquiorra and the injured man.

"Gran Rey Cero" the arrancar muttered as he himself loosed his own lance of green energy meeting the dragons roar.

The two massive forces collided instantly creating a massive explosion destroying everything in the immediate areas and sending huge shockwave that obliterated parts of the mountain range and uprooting large quantities of trees from nearby forests. After the massive explosion, there was a huge dust cloud making it hard to see if the two men survived the explosion. The black dragon then used its massive wings to fan the remaining dust clouds away to see what became of the two. It narrowed its eyes as it searched for the two men only to find nothing was left of them. Thinking that it was victorious it let out a triumphant roar as it flapped its wings and took off.

Unknown to the Dragon however, in a nearby cave some kilometers away from the explosion site, Ulquiorra watched the dragon fly away towards west after giving out it's thunderous cry of triumph. On his shoulder he carried the now unconscious red headed man. Ulquiorra knew that this man would survive despite his fatal wounds but he would still need help. Giving a final look at the dragon that was now about to disappear above the clouds, Ulquiorra jumped to the air and headed towards the village to the south.

xxx 4 Months later aboard a carriage en route to Fiore's capital xxx

"I can't say this enough Lord Gyver, thank you for giving us a lift as you pass through the road towards the capital!" Gildarts Clive announced with a wide smile towards an old man with back slick white hair and white moustache. "Never mind that Gildarts, it is not enough for what Fairy Tail has done for me over the years" the old man smiled in return as he took one of Gildarts' hands and shook it. Gildarts on the other hand just laughed awkwardly at the praise his guild was getting and scratched the back of his red head. Sitting beside the Fairy Tail mage was the man who saved his life. Leaning on his hand, Ulquiorra Cifer was sitting silently his gaze focused outside the window not being interested in what was going on inside the carriage.

Gildarts sighed, he knew this was how Ulquiorra was, and he wasn't really the talkative one. It took him an entire three months to recover from his wounds and after that, he spent the next one month getting used to his prosthetics. His left arm was replaced with a metal arm that acted the same way as his original; it was made possible by the use of magic. His left leg was replaced as well. Sadly he lost an organ due to the fight with that accursed black dragon.

When he first woke up after the incident, he found himself in a small clinic located in the village named Gilles; some miles south of where he encountered the dragon. He could remember every detail of the fight and how he almost thought his life was over before he was saved by Ulquiorra.

The first time he formally met Ulquiorra was when the man decided that Gildarts was well enough to answer some of his questions. At this Gildarts was confused because it seemed as if this Ulquiorra Cifer has never been to Earthland before. But instead of asking he answered each question he was asked. The man then spent some of his time in the village library to learn more about Fiore and Earthland. He even became a village hero when a group of bandits tried to attack the village while Gildarts was still recovering. By the time Gildarts was fully recovered, he finally had the chance to ask the man of his origins, and he was quite surprised at story the man told him. At first Gildarts thought he was joking and was playing with Gildarts but then he got surprised when Ulquiorra casually plucked out one of his eyes and to Gildarts' surprise; showed him his memories. After that Gildarts doubted him no more.

At the end of his fourth month of recovery, Gildarts decided that he could not continue his one-hundred years mission with the induries he sustained. Therefore he decided to return to the guild and report to the master that he failed his mission. He also decided to ask Ulquiorra if he would want to come.


"Hey Ulquiorra why don't you come with me to Fairy Tail? Maybe we could help you considering you are not from this world" Gilldarts said while he was packing his belongings in his rack sack.

Ulquiorra who was drinking tea and was sitting at a nearby coffee table stopped and stared at Gildarts. "Come on it'll be fun and you would feel welcome, it is like a one big family!" the red headed mage said as he finally was finished packing everything. He turned around and looked at the arrancar expectantly.

"I'll come, I want to see this guild of yours you have been talking non-stop about" Ulquiorra replied.

Gildarts gave a wide smile and walked over where Ulquiorra was sitting and gave the man a clap on his back making him spill some of his tea.

End of Flashback

Gildarts smiled once more as he looked outside the window. He could already see the twin towers of Kardia Cathedral. He then turned his attention back inside the carriage. It was when he noticed how the nobleman's granddaughter was sneaking looks at the silent form of Ulquiorra Cifer. An evil smirk formed inside Gildarts head as he saw the potential of the arrancar had for his future plans in regards of getting women.

xxx Just outside Magnolia City xxx

Ulquiorra mentally raised an eyebrow at the scene that was unfolding in front of him. He heard the ringing of bells and shouts of the citizens as the entire city seemed to part in the middle creating a straight road leading directly to what he recognized as the Fairy Tail guild headquarters. "Gildarts what exactly is the reason for all this?" the fourth espada asked while he and Gildarts started to head down the road.

"My Crash magic is rather hard to control; I sometimes obliterate buildings without meaning to. Also I have a bad sense of direction so I just tend to choose the easiest way to the guild, which is go straight through houses" Gildarts laughed awkwardly while scratching his right cheek.

Ulquiorra could only nod at that. They finally made their way close enough to the guild headquarters to hear the singing and cheering of those within it. "I never remember the guild headquarters being this big before" Gildarts said as he looked up at the Fairy Tail building. Ulquiorra too looked at it.

The building was a three tiered castle. The two uppermost tiers had battlements with torches lined up on them while the base tier had a western European look to it made out of different sizes of dark orange square tiles. On top of the castle was a dome like tower housing a huge golden bell with intricate designs carved on it. Flanking the main entrance was a pair of towers with elongated green windows, their roofs had pointed tops with what Ulquiorra only knew as the guilds symbol replacing the original weathercock design. Spread in the middle of the third tier was the proud banner of Fairy Tail with its signature insignia, it was flanked by two other banners a few meters from each sides. The banner to its left bore the Magic Council's insignia while the one on its right bore an unknown mark. Surrounding the entire headquarters was a fence made out of stones overtopped by decorated railings with an open gate with intricate designs and a large sign containing the guilds name led to the headquarters main entrance. Ulquiorra had to admit, this was indeed a well built structure worthy of to be called Fiore's top guild's headquarters. But to him, it was still nothing compared to the grand size and majesty of Las Noches.

Beside the arrancar was Gildarts who was still observing the building in front of him with a very confused frown. Ulquiorra guessed from his actions that this building was not supposed to look like this. After a few more minutes of pondering, Gildarts finally took a deep breath and continued on walking, though not towards the main entrance. Ulquiorra watched as the red headed mage's magic disassembled the fence that stood in Gildarts way into small blocks.

Magic, that was what these humans called the energy that they used for their abilities. Gildarts explained to Ulquiorra how magic worked and how there were different kinds of magic. He explained the nature of his own magic as well, calling it crash magic. Basically it gave him the ability to smash anything he came in contact with into pieces, but despite all his years of using it he still could not control it; resulting in accidental casting even when Gildarts did not intend to.

Instead of saying something about taking the main entrance, Ulquiorra decided to remain silent and followed Gildarts closely from behind with his hands in his pockets.

Gildarts finally reached the wall of the headquarters and after a second, smashed it into blocky pieces just like the fence. Ulquiorra watched as the man he saved was met with a warm welcome from the people he assumed as the guild members. Some were cheering and toasting their drinks to his return, while some people joined the group of people who chose to meet Gildarts and welcome him back. The arrancar stood there silently while everyone present was too busy to greet the returning Ace of Fairy Tail to notice the white figure standing behind the man they were greeting. Ulquiorra caught the sight of a pink haired mage who tried to assault Gildarts, but with a single move with his right hand Gildarts casually threw the younger mage embedding him to the ceiling.

"Maybe next time" Gildarts said to the pinkette. Ulquiorra guessed that this was normal due to no one reacting when the mage charged Gildarts.

"Gildarts" the fourth espada turned his gaze on the short figure who was sitting with crossed legs on top of the bar counter.

The old man was considerably very short the size of a ten year old child. His head was growing bald leaving only the outer rims with white hair. Over his mouth he sported white thick moustache. He wore a white coat with fur around the edges along with a pair of black pants. Despite the amazing efforts the old man did to hide his magical aura, Ulquiorra could still feel it radiating immensely, he noted that both the old jeezer and Gildarts held significantly vast amounts of magic within them.

"Oh master long time no see!" Gildarts gave the guild master ridiculous nostalgic look.

"How was the mission?" the master asked with a very serious face. Gildarts instead of replying simply gave an awkward laugh while scratching the back of his head. He then stated "Nope. I'm not good enough for that"

After the statement of Gildarts' failure, Ulquiorra heard the mass collection of gasps and other shocked noises fill the area. It made him wonder what this mission they were mentioning was all about.

"I see… even you couldn't do it…" the master sighed after hearing the news "Sorry for leaving a stain on your name" Gildarts further added.

"No… It's good enough that you came back unharmed. As far as I know you're the first person who came back from this quest" the master gave the man a smile that a father gives to his child when they felt relieved that they were safe. Ulquiorra observed the whole procession quietly not even moving a single inch. To him these people were too carefree yet he could see the bonds between each and every members of the guild. This was not how things were done in his old world, failure was met with punishment.

"So Gildarts aren't you going to introduce your friend standing behind you?" the master declared making the guild members to finally notice the white figure who stood there quietly after all this time. Some of them backed away while others readied themselves for an attack. One woman with scarlet red hair however conjured a broad sword with her right hand and aimed the tip at Ulquiorras neck.

"Who are you?" she demanded as she pushed the blade closer to the arrancars throat, its pointy edge touching his skin. Ulquiorra however did not even notice the swords pointy edge due to his hierro.

"Erza relax he's with me" Gildarts moved and motioned for the red haired mage to lower her sword, who in return reluctantly agreed after giving the former fourth espada a warning glare.

"Master let me introduce Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorra meet guild master Makarov Dreyar" Gildarts said as he put his right hand on Ulquiorras back and pushed him towards Makarov.

"Nice to meet you Ulquiorra" Makarov said giving the arrancar a smile "Pleasure Makarov" Ulquiorra replied his face holding the same emotionless frown he always had.

"Master there is something I would want to discuss with you in private along with Ulquiorra here" Gildarts' face turned from his usual carefree look to that of a stern and serious man. At this Makarov nodded understanding what the crash mage meant and motioned for both them to follow him to his office. As they took the stairs up to the second floor where the master's office was located, Ulquiorra turned his head and made eye contact with a woman with long brown hair and large brown eyes sitting on top of a huge barrel. The woman gave him a suspicious look before breaking away.

xxx Outside Makarov's office, Fairy Tail bar xxx

"Who do you think that person with Gildarts was?" Grey Fullbuster asked while leaning on the bar counter

"I don't know but did you see how he looked like? You would think all of that were makeup especially those green teals he had on his cheeks and his white skin, yet it all felt so natural; like he was not human at all" Lucy Heartfilia said feeling herself shiver as she remembered meeting those unnatural green catlike eyes of the stranger.

"Don't worry guys I'm sure he is a nice person if Gildarts trusts him" Mirajane cut in while she was cleaning a set of wine glasses.

"That is not the problem Mira. I am sure some of you felt it too, I felt no magic within him not even a single trace. But there was something present that almost felt similar yet very different and it felt heavier" Erza murmured as she crossed her arms while standing in front of the group.

"Yes I felt it too Erza-san" the young mage Wendy said as she entered the conversation along with her exceed companion Carla. Everyone nodded in recognition of what Erza just said.

"I don't care! If he's traveling with Gildarts it must mean he's strong! I want to fight him!" Natsu declared with a maniacal smile and letting his right fist burst into flames. "Natsu I don't think that is a good idea" Natsu's blue furred exceed friend Happy said as he munched on a fish. "Yeah Natsu he could be very dangerous" Lucy inclined feeling worried for her friend.

"Give it up Lucy that idiot won't listen to anyone" Gray said while glaring at Natsu "Huh you said something male stripper?" Natsu glared back as he butted heads with Gray.

"You two don't start or else" Erza shut both of them down stopping another possible property damage in the bar area.

Suddenly the door to the master's office swung open and through it came Makarov along with Gildarts and the white clad stranger named Ulquiorra Cifer as most of the guild members remembered from Gildarts' introduction. While Makarov made his way towards Natsu's group, both Gildarts and Ulquiorra made their way towards the door.

"Mira and Erza I want both of you to look after the guild while Gildarts and I are gone" the short old man told them with a serious voice

"As you wish master but may we ask where you are going?" Mirajane asked as she smiled in agreement to the guild master's wish.

The Fairy Tail guild master sighed "We are going to have Ulquiorra's initiation match with Gildarts away from the city to be sure we don't cause more property damage" Makarov declared. It was then that everyone in the bar area ceased what they were doing. Some dropped their mugs and simply gaped at Makarov letting some of the beer flow out of their opened mouths. Some had their eyes bulging out of their heads as they stared at the master in disbelief. Even Mira dropped the wine glass she was wiping, its shattering sound echoed all around the silent area.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?" everyone finally yelled as they quickly snapped out of their trance

"But master isn't it a bit too harsh to let him face Gildarts for his initiation match?" Macao asked while some of the guild members nodded in agreement

"No Macao it must be Gildarts no one else. Mira please pass over the Fairy stamp" Makarov replied as he reached over the counter while Mirajane handed him the stamp.

"Master let me take Gildarts' place please I insist" Erza said as she made her way through the crowd towards Makarov

"Not this time Erza I'm sorry. Now all of you stop bothering me and go busy yourselves with anything go do some quests from the board you lazy children!" Makarov yelled like a typical old geezer while waving the crowd away.

"Master may we at least watch?" Gray asked as Makarov started to make his way back to where Gildarts and Ulquiorra were standing waiting for him.

"This is a private matter for now Gray. And don't dare try and sneak in, that won't work this time" the master focused his eyes on Natsu who seemed to twitch uncontrollably with excitement.

"I knew it you're strong!" Natsu gave a battle cry as he charged both Gildarts and Ulquiorra. The arrancar just gave him a bored stare while Gildarts shook his head and gave Natsu a chop on the head, causing the pink haired mage to slam into the floor creating a small crater leaving him unconscious "Natsu!" Lucy yelled as she ran to him and checked for injuries, she found none however only that the dragon slayer was unconscious.

Makarov looked down on the unconscious form of Natsu and gave Gildarts a questioning look. "Sorry Master but I think it would be best for him to sleep for now, you know how he'll be like" Gildarts explained making Makarov sigh in understanding.

"Well I'll wish you luck kid you'll probably need it" Wakaba said to Ulquiorra earning the arrancar's frowning face stare at him. "I assure you I won't need luck" his voice held no emotion making it only as a simple statement.

"Alright we are all prepared now so let us leave" Makarov said leading Gildarts and Ulquiorra out of the entrance. But before Gildarts passed through the doors he turned around and looked at Lucy "Miss could you tell Natsu to meet me at my place when he wakes up please" he told her earning a nod from the blonde celestial mage.


Gin Ichimaru stood at the side of a white screen holding his favorite pointing stick.

"Welcome folks for another episode of…" He trailed off as he was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a short old geezer wearing really funky weird clothes.

"Sorry old man but you are interrupting my show" Gin frowned at the small figure in front of him

"Haven't you heard? This is to be my studio for the new show Mage Encyclopedia!" Makarov smiled at Gin when he presented him with the certificate

"Alright children bring in our stuff!" Makarov called back behind as a bunch of Fairy Tail members flooded the studio carrying all kinds of stuff. While Gin found himself being carried off by Elfman.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooo!" was all he could say

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