Green Plant was now safe. The day had passed and the universe was both seemingly safe and inspired. The battle for Green Plant had inspired the people of the universe that no one had to fear Black Shadow, that he could be stopped despite his technological and supernatural superiority. With the news of Black Shadow's doomsday capabilities released to the public, the bounty for Black Shadow had been raised and the desire of the people to fight back was enlarged. Even Samurai Goroh and Antonio Guster, now reunited, had Black Shadow in their list of enemies. No matter what Black Shadow would do, both him and Blood Falcon lost any shred of respect that remained in the hearts of the people. Blood Falcon won the Grand Prix, but in the end he gained no fans-he lost the majority of his fans, even if he had nothing to do with the Green Plant battle.

Black Shadow's very damaged ship now drifted aimlessly around an unexplored region of space. The ship was no longer smoking but indeed had very visible damage. Black Shadow's decision to flee from the battle was merely because of the destroyed doomsday cannon, and the fear of being nuked once more.

Blood Falcon was walking down the hallways of the ship slowly with a grin on his face. He and Brock and had only just gotten back from their ordered vacation on Earth. The news of Dark Million's failure left Blood Falcon temporarily crushed, but he immediately viewed this as merely another year of savoring over the idea of killing Captain Falcon. Little did Black Shadow know, Blood Falcon had his own secret plan. Unlike Dark Rose, Blood Falcon had the capability to think more freely. His secret plan was to lure Seppuku into a private coalition and kill Black Shadow for the throne of Dark Million. However as long as Seppuku remained on the side of good, Blood Falcon had no plans of attacking Black Shadow. His moment to betray Black Shadow would come later once the universe is controlled by Dark Million-which would be the most surprising time to strike Black Shadow.

Blood Falcon stopped in front of Dark Rose's room and quirked his mouth. He stared at the carved heart she had on her door with the letter E for Excalibur. Blood Falcon shook negatively at the door and turned his head away. He continued to walk down the hallways with a determined look.

He momentarily entered Black Shadow's throne room, chuckling loudly as he took obnoxiously loud initial footsteps.

"I win!" he gloated loudly.

Black Shadow's maniacal chuckling could be heard from above the throne room. Blood Falcon stopped in the middle of the room and crossed his arms, waiting for a response. Two glowing white eyes could momentarily be seen from the throne, Black Shadow stood up and began walking down the stairs.

"You've done good, at last…"

Blood Falcon knelt before him and put his hand over his chest, "But I didn't kill Falcon…"

Black Shadow took a loud step down onto the ground and clapped his hands together, "But you've proven to the universe that he can be beaten. Captain Falcon isn't some immortal being, he is just as pathetic and weak as any other person."

Blood Falcon quirked his mouth and grinned, "I guess, sure."

Black Shadow took a step right in front of him and crossed his arms, he slowly lifted his hand up into the air, "Rise, Blood Falcon…"

Blood Falcon ceased kneeling and stood back up, he looked Black Shadow in the eyes. Black Shadow quirked his mouth and looked up-the triangular floor momentarily began to lift up into the air-bringing the two up to the other part of the ship. Blood Falcon looked back down at Black Shadow as they ascended through the ceiling.

"I'm so sorry that Skull, Excalibur, Rose and Deathborn have all perished…"

Black Shadow chuckled and swished his hand, "Whatever, we don't need them…"

"We can re-clone Rose, right?"

Black Shadow laughed at him, "Why would we put ourselves through that again!?"

Blood Falcon laughed and nodded, "True!"

The two momentarily came up into the glass observatory, which was now damaged as well. Black Shadow immediately started to move towards the center of the room. Blood Falcon gasped at the sight of the Blood Hawk and one other machine.

"Is that the-"

"Black Bull."

Blood Falcon stared in amazement at the Black Bull-a large F-Zero machine with several rockets, an incredible booster, and sharp blades that could practically intercept any racer in Black Shadow's path.

"That looks, different…"

Black Shadow climbed aboard the cockpit tower of his machine, which was a raised cockpit. Black Shadow calmly sat back in his machine and nodded, "Follow."

Blood Falcon grunted, but nodded and entered the Blood Hawk, he had no idea how Black Shadow moved his machine up to the observatory without noticing. Black Shadow closed his cockpit and spun around towards the race track. This section of the ship was so large, that an F-Zero machine was needed to get place-to-place, hence the reason Black Shadow turned it into a race track. The track was heavily damaged however, as the bombings and missile attacks had left the track heavily damaged before transforming again.

Blood Falcon pursued Black Shadow through the race track, passing by several craters and destroyed restoration pads. Blood Falcon gritted his teeth and grunted as he looked at the massive amount of destruction.

"I can see why we lost…"

After about two minutes of driving, the two stopped in front of a top secret laboratory. Blood Falcon had never entered the laboratory before, but he knew that this was the place he was created at. Black Shadow leapt out of his machine and began walking towards the laboratory door. Blood Falcon ran up to him and continued to simply follow him. The two entered the very dark laboratory, and Black Shadow now had a mischievous smile on his face. Blood Falcon lowered his eyebrows and looked forward, there was a slight amount of light up ahead.

"Master, what is this?"

Black Shadow stopped in front of a bar of windows, this was the only part of the room that wasn't dark. He chuckled and pointed down at a large training room. Blood Falcon quickly put his hands on the glass and grunted.

"Wh- what?"

"That's right. The only reason we lost that battle was because of the soldiers I was using. But next year, there will be no defeats on the battlefield…"

Blood Falcon let out a slow gasp of awe, he was looking down at hundreds of clones practicing martial combat with each other-each clone fitted in Blood Falcon uniforms. These were not men however, they were all bald teenagers.


"All you."

Blood Falcon rubbed his chin in disbelief, "But, why are they teenagers?"

Black Shadow smirked as he watched the teenagers throw fiery fists at each other-many of which were leaping around with superhuman speed.

"To give them experience, in one year, these kids will have become fully grown adults-and will have trained their entire life for war-much like the samurais of Japan."

"So they do have accelerated growth?"

"Correct, once they reach age forty, they will remain that age-forever." Black Shadow crossed his arms and continued to chuckle, "They will be the secret police of my new empire, seeking to hunt any survivors in the universe that dares question my authority as God…"

Blood Falcon began to laugh, "Brilliant!"

Black Shadow pointed down at the clones, "Dark Rose came up with a good idea. The backbone soldiers will receive red scarves, the specialists will receive blue, and the brigade captains will receive yellow."

Blood Falcon grunted loudly and growled while tugging on his yellow scarf, "Y- you're just gonna' make me a captain with these other inferior Blood Falcons!?"

Black Shadow looked at him and slowly grinned, "No-o…"

He turned around and flipped on a single switch, turning on a light over a display pole. Blood Falcon gasped as he stared at a full suit of revealed clothing.

"You, will be the leader of them all. This is your reward for winning the Grand Prix. Take it, and wear it proudly…"

Blood Falcon slowly approached the clothing with a shocked look. There was a completely new suit on display for him. Silver boots, silver gloves, a black outfit much like his red one, a new silver spiked shoulder pad, a white scarf, and finally, a black German spiked pickelhaube-with a silver skull on the front instead of a golden German eagle. The pickelhaube had the same kind of visor attached to it.

"Wear the suit of Dark Million with pride, Falcon…"

Blood Falcon stood motionlessly in front of the new suit. He slowly put his hands on his blue helmet and grasped it tightly, he momentarily forced it off of his head-revealing shaggy brown hair. He dropped the helmet onto the floor and let it roll away from his foot. Blood Falcon took one step towards the suit as his hair slightly bristled in the air. With a prideful stance, he dawned the black pickelhaube and forced it on his head.

Black Shadow continued to grin at the prideful Blood Falcon. He momentarily smirked and turned back towards Black Shadow, the visor and skull on his helmet both shined.

"I am ready to fight…"

Chiya pushed Earl into her room silently, it was now late at night. The organization had partied for many hours, but Seppuku had finally retreated to his office for a slumber. Chiya and Earl on the other hand, wanted to sleep with each other. Earl smirked at Chiya as she pushed him to her bed, Mauser looked up at the two with a surprised expression.

"You don't wanna' sleep in my bed?"

Chiya lifted Earl by the waist, helping him up onto the bed. Earl exhaled as he crawled up onto her soft bed, he patted his hand down and chuckled.


Chiya leapt onto the bed with him and rubbed his chin, "See? My bed is nicer…"

Earl crawled all the way up to her pillow and nodded in agreement, "Very true, I can't believe you've been sleeping on this thing, while I slept on that crummy thing."

Chiya momentarily laid down with him and got close up against him, "Ya' know, you could just ditch your bed and, you know…"

Earl chuckled and shrugged, "Maybe later, let's not juice out our relationship right away by doing everything a married couple would do."

Chiya sighed and nodded with a smirk, "Yes sir."

Earl pointed at her lamp and smirked, "Well, it was a pretty crazy day. Can't wait to get on with tomorrow and start our worry-free days together…"

Chiya beamed at him and turned off the lamp. She immediately came back towards him and held her cheek passionately as she looked into his eyes. She could hardly see him, yet she could easily tell where his eyes were.

Earl grabbed her face and exhaled happily, "I'm so proud of you for helping those soldiers…"

Chiya nodded, "-and I killed a lot too, so I think I proved myself out there!"

"Yes, but if that kinda' thing ever happens again, please just stay with me like I wanted. I believe you, you proved that you can be a soldier and fight the stereotype of typical female work. I just want you to be safe with me…"

Chiya exhaled and nodded, "Right, I'll never do that again. We die together, and I risked fulfilling that promise today."

Earl laid his head back onto the pillow and exhaled, "So what was it like?"


"What was it like, being a soldier…"

Chiya smirked, "You know what it's like."

"I was a tank commander-I merely watched things explode. You got the experience of being a frontline soldier."

Chiya sighed and closed her eyes with a troubled expression, "I saw things I never want to see again. I saw a man die before my very eyes, and I couldn't help him…" she lowered her eyelids and quirked her mouth, "The patriotism of these men were amazing, and I'm glad that in the end only one of us died. I just wish the same could be said for many of the other brigades…"

Earl patted her back and nodded, "They died as heroes today…"

"May their souls rest in peace…"

Earl smirked and exhaled, "Well, it was another tough year. But looks like everything has finally been resolved…"

"Not everything…" Earl grunted and raised an eyebrow at Chiya, Chiya smiled at Earl and rubbed his cheek, "Earl…"

Earl smiled, "Yeah?"

Chiya roughly slapped his face and glared at him, "Y- you cheated on me with Rose!"

Earl gasped and sat back up, "What? No!"

"She told me you kissed her, gave her a barefoot massage, a backrub, and watched a movie with her."

Earl shook defiantly, "I- I was on a mission!"

"-and the foot massage was part of that mission?"

Earl dipped his head down and sighed, momentarily closing his eyes, "I'm so sorry Chiya. But I promise, I wasn't cheating on you, nothing I did with her was romantic…"

Chiya narrowed her eyes and puckered her lips, "The foot massage..?"

Earl closed his eyes and loudly sighed, he crossed his arms and nodded. He rubbed his forehead and quirked his mouth, "F- fetish, not romantic…"

"Ha! I knew it! You little pervert!"

Earl got a playful smile and chuckled, "Hey come on! You were obsessing over my muscles, it's fair game!"


Earl widened his eyes, "Huh?"

"Take it off."

Earl began to twitch, "Eh?"

Chiya grasped the collar of his shirt and smirked playfully, "Take off your shirt, and I'll we'll it even."

Earl chuckled loudly, "Woah! Hold on a second…"

Chiya giggled and swished her hand at him, "Just kidding, we can-"

"No, I'll do the honorable thing."

Chiya grunted and blushed somewhat as Earl began to lift his shirt off, he momentarily threw it onto the end of the bed and laid back down.

"There, obsess away my lady."

Chiya's eyes quivered at him greatly, she momentarily wrapped herself around his arm and began to purr like a kitten, "Apology accepted…"

She got onto his chest and momentarily locked lips with him. The two went on having their victory kiss-just like Seppuku had recommended. All the while Chiya was rubbing her hand on his chest constantly. Neither of the two were ready for sexual interactions, especially with Earl handicapped-but this was by far the closet Chiya would be getting to sex. The two continued to kiss with each other, but Earl momentarily widened his eyes. He retreated from the kiss and raised an eyebrow.

"Chiya, are you poking me with your barefoot?"

Chiya blushed and nodded, "I- I don't care about being even. If I can like your muscles, you can like my hair and feet."

Earl smirked at her, then grabbed her face once more. Chiya closed her eyes and chuckled.

"You know what, this is a happy ending for Rose…"

Earl widened his eyes, "Really?"

Chiya looked into Earl's eyes happily, "All Rose wanted was for Excalibur to love her. Well, tonight Rose and me are one again, and you and Excalibur art the same people. From a certain point of view, as we kiss, Rose kisses Excalibur. All four of us are happy."

Earl lowered his eyelids and nodded, "Maybe you're right, maybe you, me, Rose, and Excalibur are all here, as a family."

Chiya nodded and slowly moved towards his face again, locking lips. The two continued to share a moment of passion with each other. Not a single worry in the world…

Hours went by. It was now far past midnight, both Chiya and Earl were now in a deep slumber. Chiya had both of her hands on Earl's arm as she snored softly, while Chiya had two of her toes dug under Earl's sock.

Outside of the base, several armored vehicles began to pile up, all stopping near the front entrance. The sky was pitch black with rain beginning to pile up, loud thunder began to erupt around the city dramatically as several doors to the armored vehicles were forced open. Several jackboots began dropping into the puddles on the street.

Seppuku remained in his office as the storm slowly built up, he was on his computer looking at the predicted five tracks for the next Grand Prix. He quirked his mouth and chuckled at the sight of Big Blue.

"Go, go, go!" shouted a heavily armored SWAT commander.

Several SWAT soldiers began running wall-to-wall with their assault rifles equipped. The soldiers all had full face masks and shiny black visors. The soldiers all turned on red laser sights and began rushing through the immense amount of puddles on the ground-heading straight for the door to the base.

The side door of a SWAT truck opened, and a shiny black boot hit a puddle. The person had a brown trench coat and floppy brown fedora. The figure slowly tilted the fedora up, revealing Jody Summer. She began walking towards the alley leading to Seppuku's entrance, she had a grim look on her face as two soldiers accompanied her. She wasn't wearing her racing outfit for once, rather she was wearing casual attire under her coat and fedora. A heavy rain had now begun to fall, constant water dripped down the rim of her fedora onto the ground. A few drops of water dripped from her chin and nose, however one was not water from the rain-a tear went down her eye as she approached the security door.

The soldiers were all up against the door, Jody held her hand up and issued a hand order.

Chiya's eyebrow began to twitch as she slept, as if she knew something was wrong. She slowly opened her eyes and yawned, she found that Mauser was sleeping inbetween the two. Chiya smiled and petted Mauser.

"Mauser sweetie, this is Chiya-Earl time…"

Chiya's eyes momentarily shot open as the security alarm began to ring throughout the base. She gasped and slapped Earl's cheek, she turned on the lamp and sat up with a panicked look.

"What's going on!?"

Earl rubbed his eyes and gasped as the siren went off, he glanced over at her and gritted his teeth.

"Blood Falcon! It has to be him!"

Seppuku got out of his seat and gritted his teeth nervously, "Who the Hell could Black Shadow have sent this time..?"

Seppuku had left his assault rifle in the lobby, so he simply grabbed a handgun from his desk and cocked it. He grinded his teeth and growled as he walked towards the door.

Chiya and Earl both came out of her room, Seppuku momentarily kicked open his office door and growled at the two.

"Who is it!?" he demanded.

Chiya began to tremble, "I- I don't know!"

Earl got a serious look, "It must be Blood Falcon…"

Seppuku nodded in agreement and began walking towards the lobby. He inched his finger back at the two as he passed them, "Come on, let's finish this…"

Chiya held her handgun up and nodded, pushing Earl forward. She had her gun trained immediately, wanting to defend Earl more than herself. An explosion could momentarily be heard from inside the lobby. Seppuku prepared to kick open the lobby door, but stopped momentarily and grunted. He gritted his teeth and gasped, he could hear humans shouting from behind the door.

"What? Wait…"

Chiya and Earl could hear the same thing, both confused as to who else could be attacking. Seppuku slowly dipped his head down as the sound of constant running could be heard. He sighed and nodded, momentarily looking up with a grim expression.

"I knew it…"

Chiya widened her eyes, "Knew what!?"

Seppuku remained still, but momentarily exhaled. With one last brave look towards his compaions, he opened the door with his hands. Seppuku dropped his gun before entering the lobby, initially entering the lobby with his hands up. Chiya widened her eyes and pushed Earl through the lobby as well. She immediately widened her eyes and gasped loudly. They were surrounded by SWAT soldiers with assault rifles.

Earl grunted loudly as they instantly found themselves in a predicament they would never be able to escape from. Chiya gritted her teeth and tightly hugged Earl's chair.

"Please! Don't hurt us!" she begged.

Seppuku kept his hands up, the SWAT soldiers momentarily stepped aside as Jody came walking down the isle of soldiers. She was flapping her black glove around and had her fedora tilted down to hide her eyes. Seppuku growled at Jody and stomped his foot down.


Earl slowly narrowed his eyes at Jody, "What's going on Jody..?"

Chiya's eyes were quivering fearfully, amazed at what was happening. Neither Earl or Chiya had any idea what was happening.

Jody slowly looked up at Seppuku with watery eyes and a quivering mouth, "Lieutenant Seppuku, under the name of the Galactic Federation-you are under arrest."

All three gasped at Jody, Chiya flailed her hands in the air, "B- but he just saved Green Plant today!"

"Yeah, what the Hell Summer…" Seppuku growled.

Earl crossed his arms and quirked his mouth, "What is this all about?"

Jody crossed her arms and quirked her mouth, "After careful thinking…" she swallowed and dipped her head down, "I realized, the only way to keep the universe safe from Black Shadow, is to remove you. That way, he won't have any reason to come near us." Chiya grunted with quivering watery eyes, Jody nodded slightly, "Plus, we can't risk Black Shadow capturing you. This, is our only option…"

Seppuku growled loudly, "Yo- you dirty corrupt pig dog…"

Chiya glared at Jody, "You can't arrest someone for that!"

"For what?"

Earl fake smirked, "You're arresting him so that he can't be captured by the greater evil-that isn't a just reason!"

Jody sighed, "I never said, that we're arresting him for that…"

Seppuku quirked his mouth, "What?"

Jody finally revealed her watery eyes, giving Seppuku a straight stare, "L- Lieutenant Seppuku, in the name of the Galactic Federation, and granted permission from the Emperor himself; I place you under arrest for, illegal possession of property, unjust murders, owning a vigilante group, illegal ownership of weapons, harassment of the law, sexual harassment, unlawful conduct, and failure to comply with the law."

All three gasped again, Chiya barred her teeth furiously, "That's not fair!"

Jody tilted her fedora back down, "Ma'am, he has committed various crimes and must be arrested."

Earl growled, "You're cheating the system! You don't care that he did all of that, you're just using that stuff to protect the universe from Black Shadow."

Jody pointed at Earl, "Shut up, we do not confirm nor deny this."

Seppuku growled, "So you're finally gonna' do it. You're unleashing the burning Nazi inside of you…"

Jody didn't respond to this, she looked up at the two and sighed, she pointed to the soldiers on her right. "Ms. Flower and Bendek, it is time to choose." Chiya's eyes widened greatly, "If you decide to defend Seppuku during this case, all three of you will be put on trial together. Earl will be sent to the maximum security prison for direct involvement with Dark Million, and Chiya will be sent there as well for unjust murder and involvement in an illegal vigilante group. You and Earl will be separated from each other in separate cells for forty years with no chance of early release."

Chiya and Earl both gasped loudly. Seppuku shook his fist at Jody.

"However, if you simply allow us to take Seppuku with us, without any challenging or defending, and simply agree to move on without him. We will sell this property to you two and allow you to stay here without any charges."

Chiya's eyes immediately began to water up, "B- but…"


Seppuku was grabbed by a few soldiers and forced over to the right, he grunted and began to squirm. Chiya shook negatively and looked Jody in the eyes.

"Th- this is horrible! This is an impossible choice!"

Earl had a destroyed look as well, nodding in agreement, "Th- this is just-"

Chiya brought her hands together and glanced over at Seppuku, then back at Jody, "Could we still visit Seppuku in prison?"

Jody breathed in, then sighed heavily. She looked away from Chiya and quirked her mouth, "That, would be quite impossible…"

Chiya lowered her eyebrows, "Impossible how?"

Jody quirked her mouth as another tear went down her face, her only response, was her fingers dragging across her neck swiftly like a blade. Chiya and Earl both shot their eyes open widely. Chiya fell down onto Earl's lap and grunted, "S- Seppuku's going to be…"

"He'll face trial, the Emperor has granted us permission to execute him via electrocution if found guilty."

Seppuku raised his eyebrows in shock, but remained absolutely silent. Chiya shook negatively in disbelief, momentarily grabbing her forehead.

"I can't believe this is happening..!"

She looked back at Earl with watery eyes, looking deeply into his eyes for an answer. But his answer was very clear-he wanted her to choose. She looked over at Seppuku, he slowly smiled at Chiya. She looked back at Jody and grunted. Jody still had a very bland expression on her face, but was clearly impatient for an answer. Chiya bit her lip and began to whimper very sadly, finding this to be the most heartbreaking and difficult decision of her life-right up against her decision to kill her father.


Seppuku chuckled at Jody and shook negatively, "Sorry you dirty bat. We're not just a vigilante group, we're a family now! Family sticks by each other through the worst." He smiled at Chiya and held his hand out towards her, "We will overcome this, as a team. You can count on it that we'll find a way to break free from prison before I'm executed…"

Chiya hesitantly stood up and looked Seppuku in the eyes sadly, he remained smiling at her. She felt that the rare heart warmed smile Seppuku had was fake, but at the same time, his speech seemed true. It was very possible that she truly was a family to him, a family that he loved. Earl grabbed Chiya's hand and lowered his eyebrows. Chiya's lip began to quiver sadly, she dipped her head down and continued to whimper. Seppuku remained smiling with his hand out, but his smile momentarily began to fade into a look of shock. Chiya tightly closed her eyes as tears began to run down her face constantly. She began to loudly cry as she grasped Earl's chair.

"I- I- I'm sorry, I'm so sorry Seppuku…"

Seppuku grunted with an overly shocked face as Chiya began to push Earl to the left side. The two were instantly guarded by soldiers, deciding to think for themselves over Seppuku. Jody nodded respectfully at the two and nodded.


Chiya continued to cry, refusing to look up at the one who saved her from the streets. She couldn't. There was no way she could look at him after betraying him.

Jody sighed and pointed at the door, "Put him away."

The soldiers began guiding Seppuku towards the door, he had a panicked look on his face. He constantly looked back at Chiya and Earl, Jody began walking alongside him to the door. Earl grabbed Chiya's hand and sighed, but nodded in agreement at Chiya's decision. Seppuku began to glow red as he stared at Chiya. At that very moment, he broke free from the soldiers.

"Flower!" he shouted furiously.

Chiya gasped as Seppuku instantly charged towards her, her eyes widened and she took a step back. Seppuku got right up in front of her-but was instantly grabbed by several soldiers again. Everyone now cocked their rifles and took aim at Seppuku-preparing to shoot if necessary. Jody looked back at Seppuku, but ordered the men to hold fire via hand gesture. Seppuku barred his teeth and looked deeply into her eyes.

"S- Seppuku, I'm so sorr-"

"You don't get it, do you..?"

Chiya blinked at him a few times with a frightened look-it was the first time she was utterly terrified by Seppuku in more than a year.

"I rescued you, I gave you an F-Zero machine, money, Bendek, Mauser, reunited you with your mother, even helped you get a ship. This is how you repay me, huh?"

Chiya shook negatively at him as tears continued to go down her face, "I- it's not like that at all!"

Seppuku shut his lips and hummed at her, "You're no hero. You're just a greedy scumbag, like any ordinary Lower City criminal…" Chiya gasped at him and shook negatively, "I loved you, like a daughter, and now just like you're real father. You're going to have me put down…"

"N- no! Seppuku I-"

Seppuku broke his hand free from grasp and poked her forehead, "Shut up, I just want you conclude our story together with this…" he continued to push his finger against her forehead angrily, "No matter what, no matter who I may be angry at, no matter where I am. If I escape from this…" He lowered his finger and gave her a disgusted look, "…I'm coming for you…"

Chiya's pupils got very small as Seppuku continued to look into his eyes. Chiya was very destroyed about this, but his message to her was clear. If he could escape from his execution, killing Chiya was on his top agenda.

Seppuku tried breaking free of their grasp again, but the momentarily beat him around a few times. His fedora was roughly knocked down to the floor. With these final words to Chiya, Seppuku was led towards the door with everyone else. Seppuku didn't look back, simply accepting that he had been betrayed. Just as he had predicted, the relationship of Chiya Flower and Earl Bendek was what killed the organization. From this day forth, Team Seppuku was dead.

Chiya closed her eyes tightly and reached out towards Seppuku, "I- I love you!" she screamed sadly.

Earl frowned and held her hand as Seppuku soon came out of sight. Within a minute, Chiya and Earl were both left alone in the lobby. Chiya continued to stare at the door in disbelief, a tear went down Earl's face in disbelief. Just like that, Earl and Chiya were living alone together. Chiya continued to wail sadly, momentarily collapsing onto the ground. She covered her face and continued to cry loudly. She opened her eyes slightly and found his fedora on the ground-the same fedora she had bought for him on Christmas. She grabbed the fedora and wrapped her arms around it sadly.

"S- Seppuku…" she cried aloud.

In a world of both heroes and villains, there always had to be difficult decisions. It could be argued that Jody's decision to call for Seppuku's execution was judicially unjust, but as far as the protection of humanity went-Seppuku being gone would truly only be good for the world. A trial such as this would take many months to complete, but either way, Chiya knew that Seppuku was dead.

Life for Chiya had constant curves, what was just a night of fun and celebration, had become a night of misery and mourning. Earl and Chiya would never live the same, and it only took mere seconds for both of them to come to a mutual conclusion…

If they could, would they rather live alone together on Vietnam, or live happily in the base with Seppuku. The answer was indefinitely; no.

…"You raised a real funny daughter, Mrs. Flower-she makes my organization feel like a real family"…

To be continued in Part 3 of 3!