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Percy POV

My name is Percy Jackson. I consider myself to be a pretty normal kid... Even if I do live in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods outside of New York City. I live in a small area called Lakeshore. Why is it called Lakeshore? Because it was built by a lake. I know, creative right?

Anyways I live here with my Mom and my German Sheppard Mrs. O'Leary. My Dad left us without any explanation when I was around four. We still have no idea as to why he left since we haven't heard or talked to him in the past thirteen years. We thought that everything was going great and my Dad seemed really happy when he was around us. I guess we were wrong. Till this day, I still don't believe that he left us. I think he was abducted since it's not that uncommon around here. People disappear all the time without a trace and you never see them again. Great neighborhood don't ya think?

It didn't used to be like this. Lakeshore was actually a nice and safe place to live. It started getting bad around the time my Dad disappeared. It was like all the gangs in the entire world decided to just randomly stay here overnight. One minute there were kids playing on the street and people riding their bicycles without a care in the world, and then the next minute there were thugs vandalizing houses, robbing department stores, and beating up people on the street.

I know what you're thinking. Why don't you just move?! Well, we would if we had any damn money! My Dad was the main contributor in our house, so when he left, we had a lot of money issues. My Mom works three jobs and she refuses to let me get one. I want to help her out, but she always says that she'd rather have me safe at home than out in the streets.

Well enough about my depressing home life. Let's talk about the worst thing about this horrible place; school. I bet you were expecting me to say gangs or shootings right? Don't worry, we've got plenty of those, but school is by far the worst. Not only are the teachers all idiots, but every slut and thug that live in this God forsaken place go there. Just imagine fights in the school every five minutes, people doing drugs like it's the only thing they need to survive, and girls exposing themselves to the point that they're practically naked and you've got Goode High.

Not everything here is bad though. I have exactly two friends named Thalia Grace and Nico di Angelo. They both dress in dark clothing, but Thalia's style is more punk while Nico's is more on the stereotypical emo side (even though he denies being an emo). Thalia has short spiky dark black hair and bright electric blue eyes that can scare off any criminal. While Nico looks like he's dead 24/7 with his pale olive skin, shaggy dark brown hair and angry looking eyes. The only way you can get Nico to be in a good mood for more than ten minutes is if you give him McDonald's. I swear he could live off of that stuff. The most the three of us have in common is that all of our fathers left us, and on the same day too if I might add. Despite our differences, we got along, and none of are in a gang so I guess that's a plus.

So I was walking Mrs. O'Leary just down the street of my house since it was already eight at night and it's never safe walking the streets alone past five. Although Mrs. O'Leary looked intimidating, she was actually the biggest softy on the planet which didn't make her a very good guard dog.

Anyways, she was doing her business on a fire hydrant in the corner of the street, which was only like a few houses down from my own, when these three big buff guys in dark hoodies just came out of nowhere. Now, I'm pretty tall for a seventeen year old and I do have some muscle from the sports that I do, but there was no way in hell that I could take on three thugs that looked like they lifted weights for a living.

"Hey there kid," sneered the guy who wreaked of alcohol "I like your shoes. Mind if I take 'em?"

Before I could even turn to run back home, his friends pushed me to the ground and kicked Mrs. O'Leary to the side. The alcoholic thug cackled loudly as his comrades began punching me in the face and stomach. I could taste the blood in my mouth and I couldn't help but wonder what was so great about my shoes? I mean, I got them at Value Village for crying out loud!

I've gotten beatings before for my stuff, but this one was by far one of the worst. I could feel them taking off my shoes as I desperately tried to fight back and call for help. Pssh. As if anyone would actually come to my aid.

"All right boys," began the thug leader "we've got the goods, so let's just kill the kid and head back to the boss." KILL ME!? All for a pair of SHOES!? I can't leave my Mom here to fend for herself! I was now in a full stage of panic.

"Please," I begged weakly "don't kill me." One of the thugs kicked me in the gut and I instantly began spitting out blood. Sorry for the nasty images by the way.

The thug smiled creepily and I could see that he had an extreme case of tooth decay "No way kid, you've seen our faces, and we can't risk you telling the cops." I mentally scoffed. Like the cops would help! They're almost as bad as the criminals themselves!

There was a sudden thud so I used all the strength I had left to turn my head in the direction of the noise. One of the thugs was now lying unconscious beside a metal fence. Blood was dripping from his head so I guess he hit it against the fence... But I swear he was standing right beside me just a second ago. How did he get there so fast? The fence was at least twenty steps away! That's when I heard a bang and the other guy who was beating me was also lying unconscious, except he was next to the metal lamp post ten steps away.

The gang leader looked just as confused as I did. Was someone trying to help me? That was extremely uncommon here since the Lakeshore motto is 'every man for himself'.

The gang leader was soon kicked to the ground by my so called rescuer. I tried my best to focus on his face, but his oversized grey hoodie made it difficult to see anything. I noticed that he was a lot shorter than the three gang members and myself. He looked around five eight with dark blue jeans and black converse. Although he was able to take down three buff criminals, the guy looked really skinny with barely any muscle at all. I was seriously impressed with his skill.

The gang leader quickly recovered from the fall and immediately charged the thin hero with full force. My rescuer dodged his attack with incredible speed. He also dodged and blocked every punch and kick the thug threw at him. It was as if he knew the thug's next move before he even executed it. The gang leader eventually got tired from his failed offensive attacks which gave an opening for my rescuer. He started doing some advanced fighting moves that surprised the thug immensely. It was as if the guy just walked out of a Bruce Lee movie! The thug was now cowering on the ground as my rescuer hovered over him. The thug's eyes widened as he took a good look at the hero. His jaw also began to drop which made me wonder if this guy was like really ugly or something.

"W-Who are you?" the thug stuttered.

"You're worst nightmare" the hero responded. He then kicked the thug in the head and knocked him out "Next time, pick on someone your own size." I almost laughed since the thug was almost twice the size of this guy, but seeing him fight earlier made me keep quiet. I slowly got up and limped over to thank the guy who just saved my life.

"Hey man," I began weakly "thanks for helping me out." I guess I startled him because he jumped five feet off the ground which caused his hood to fall off of his head. As he turned around to face me, I instantly mimicked the thug's expression. I wasn't looking at some ugly guy. I was looking at a gorgeous blonde haired girl. Her hair was the colour of honey and it shined even in the darkness. It was also long with princess like curls, but she wore it in a messy ponytail. She had a perfect tan that made her look like a classic Californian. Her eyes said otherwise though. They were stormy grey and just looking at them could make anyone cower in fear. Overall, she looked incredibly intimidating, but behind her fierce character it seemed as if she was hiding something. Her face showed no emotion though. How can someone look intense and lifeless at the same time?

My jaw was now hanging open. I guess you could say that I was completely stunned with the fact that this girl single handedly took out three large gang members twice her size. How did she do that?! The more I thought about it, the more she intrigued me. I had to know more about her. I realized that I was still gaping at her so I tried to compose myself the best I could.

"You're drooling" she stated seriously "Wipe your mouth, it's gross." I quickly used my sleeve to clean the drool that was trickling down the corner of my mouth.

Wow Percy! exclaimed the sarcastic voice in my head Way to make a first impression!

My face suddenly felt really warm. Was I blushing?! What the hell?! I swear, I never act this idiotic...

"Sorry" I said while trying to avoid her gaze "Umm... My name's Percy Jackson. What's yours?" I felt like a first grader trying to make new friends and failing miserably.

"None of your business" she snapped while giving me a cold glare. I stood my ground though.

"I just wanted to formally thank you for saving my life. Is that a crime?" She then stared at me with a focused expression, but it soon changed to a confused look.

"How is this possible?" she mumbled to herself. Now it was my turn to be confused.

"How is what possible?" I asked.

"Nothing!" she yelled. I took a step back from her sudden outburst "Just watch your back next time. You would've been killed if I wasn't here." She then turned and ran into the darkness.

"Wait!" I called after her "I still don't know your name!"

"And you never will!" she called back. I tried to run after her, but every muscle in my body ached from the beating that I had just got. I fell to my knees as I attempted to catch my breath. I looked up to see her figure running at great speed towards the main street. Her blonde curls bounced as she ran, but they were soon covered by her hood. I sighed wondering if I would ever get to see that mysterious girl again. Mrs. O'Leary was suddenly at my side carrying something in her mouth.

Now where were you when I was being beat to death? I thought.

She dropped the object on my lap and I used my shirt to clean the slobber off of it. It was a silver bracelet with three charms hanging from it. One was a New York Yankees logo, another was an owl head, and the last one was of a simple A. I immediately knew that the bracelet belonged to the mystery girl so I decided to keep it with me. Who knows? Maybe she'll be looking for it. This bracelet was my ticket to see her again, and this time, she wasn't going to get away from me so easily.


I woke up from the smell of my Mom's pancakes. If it were any other day I would have jumped out of my bed, run downstairs, and devour every single one of them... But today was no ordinary day. Today is the first day of school. I have been dreading this day the entire summer. School not only meant endless homework and boring lectures, it also meant horrible bullies and an annoyingly large amount of sluts. You want to know my goals for this year?

1. Try to get less beating than last year (I was in fifteen fights if you're wondering)

2. Pass all my classes with a C or higher

3. Actually show up to class

4. Graduate and then get the hell out of this God forsaken place!

Just one more year I thought as I walked downstairs to the kitchen table One more year and you will never have to see this dreadful place ever again!

"Good morning son! Excited for your first day back?" asked my Mom as cheerfully as she could. She knew how much I hated school, so she tried to be as encouraging as she could be.

"You know it" I responded sarcastically while stuffing another piece of blue pancake in my mouth. Don't ask about the blue pancake... It's a long story.

She looked at me with a worried expression "Just try to stay out of as much trouble as you can Percy. I don't want to see you getting hurt again."

"Don't worry Mom," I said while finishing my delicious breakfast "I'll be fine." I then grabbed my bag, gave her a hug and headed to the door.

"Percy!" she called just before I closed the door "And try to stay away from... You know who." I started to stiffen from her warning. I instantly knew who she was talking about... Luke.

"I will Mom" I told her reassuringly "I'll see you tonight."

I trudged through the halls of Goode High, trying my best to go unnoticed by the crowd of teens. It didn't work. I got a few pushes and nasty looks from the guys and a lot of "Heeeey Percy!" from the girls. All I wanted to do was get to class! Is that too much to ask? Wow... that was weird to say. I can't believe I actually want to go to class.

I finally made it to my first class of the day... Math. Ugh! I HATE math! I just prayed to the gods that I didn't have Ms. Dodds again. That woman hated my guts! I walked in with my eyes closed mumbling "Please not Ms. Dodds. Please not Ms. Dodds. Please not Ms. Dodds." I opened my eyes and sure enough Ms. Dodds was standing at the front of the classroom writing down an insanely long equation. Great! Another year with the devil woman! She hadn't noticed me come in so I quickly took a seat at the back of the class. A few minutes later, I was relieved to see Thalia and Nico walk in the door.

"Hey loser!" Thalia greeted "I see you're just as excited for this class as we are!"

I snorted "Yup. I'm jumping for joy right now." They each took a seat in front of me since the seat beside me was considered the 'desk of shame'. If you were the unlucky person to come last to class, you had to sit in that desk the whole year. That's why I decided to come early. I was so close to having it last year and I'm being honest when I say that that desk is a hazard waiting to happen. It's so old and rickety that it looks like it will shatter into a million pieces if you just touch it. Plus, for some odd reason, it smelled like bacon.

"So Perce," Nico began "what are your plans after graduation?"

"I want to move to California and study marine biology. Actually, I'll go anywhere that isn't here. I just need to get out of this hell hole." They both shook their heads understandingly.

"I know what you mean" Thalia said annoyed "Just a few days ago I got robbed with a gun coming home from the music store. They took all of the Cd's that I bought plus the extra cash that I had left. Do you know how long it took me to save up for those discs!?"

"Thalia calm down" Nico hissed "At least you didn't get robbed for your pants! I mean, who the heck steals another dude's pants?!" Thalia and I burst out laughing as Nico just glared at us. "It's not funny! I had to walk home in my underwear!" That just made us laugh even harder.

"Alright class settle down!" Ms. Dodds yelled "I'm doing attendance!" She started calling out names and once she reached mine she started mumbling curses under her breath. I told you she hate me.

"And we have a new student named... A.C.?" No one responded to the call so Ms. Dodds began getting impatient "IS THERE AN A.C. HERE OR NOT?!"

"Geez I'm right here no need to yell."

Everyone's heads turned towards the voice. Leaning against the door frame was a girl wearing a dirty old grey over sized sweater, dark blue jeans, and black converse. She had her hoodie up, but I could see the hints of blonde hair that she was hiding.

It's her.

I haven't seen her in a month and I was beginning to think that I would never see her again. But here she is! In my class! I pulled the bracelet out of my bag and put it in my pocket. I carried it with me everywhere just in case I ran into her.

Ms. Dodds was giving her a searing glare as A.C. just smirked at her. "I will not tolerate tardiness in my class! Especially on the first day!"

A.C. shrugged "I got lost. Not my fault this school's like a freakin' maze." She looked over at the students in the class and smirked to herself as she studied each and every one of them. Once she came to me her face turned serious and her eyebrows furrowed. I just smiled and winked at her which only got me another one of her cold glares.

"Since it's your first day, I'll let you off with a warning" Ms. Dodds continued "Now take your seat next to Mr. Jackson over there." She started walking towards me and as soon as she reached her desk she frowned. The class started snickering since she now has to sit in the 'desk of shame'. She sat in it with disgust and I felt really bad for her. Her first day here and she has to sit in the crummiest desk... That must absolutely suck.

"Oh and Miss A.C.?" Ms. Dodds said while pointing at her "No hoods in the classroom." A.C. mumbled something under her breath as she pulled off her hood. There were some gasps in the class (people were surprised by how pretty she was no doubt) and some guys began wolf whistling. A.C. glared at them and gave them the finger while Ms. Dodds wasn't looking.

"Why don't you stand up and tell us about yourself A.C.?" Ms. Dodds asked. I heard her mumble something like "-every freakin' time... in a new school." She eventually got up and stared at the class emotionlessly.

"Hi. I'm A.C." she then sat back down without another word. Ms. Dodds wasn't satisfied with her introduction though.

"Does A.C. stand for anything?" she asked.

A.C. rolled her eyes and looked at Ms. Dodds like she was the biggest idiot on the planet "They're my initials. So of course they stand for my name, but I'm not telling you people what it is."

Ms. Dodds mumbled "Kids these days" under her breath as she began the lesson. A.C. immediately put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes. Was she really taking a nap now?

I wanted to talk to her after class so I wrote her a note saying 'I have something that belongs to you' I threw it at her and she surprisingly caught it in midair with her head still down and her eyes still closed.

Freaky I thought.

She read the note and chuckled. She leaned over to me and stole my pen to write down her response. That's when I noticed she didn't even have a backpack with her. Who comes to school without a backpack?

She threw the paper back to me 'There's nothing of mine that you could possibly have'

'Oh yeah?' I wrote back 'How about a silver charm bracelet' As she read my message her eyes widened and as she turned to face me, she had a murderous look on her face.

"Give it back you thief" she hissed.

I grinned "I'll only give it back if you agree to hang out with me at lunch today." I don't know how it was possible, but her eyes got a lot darker. I suddenly felt my desk begin to slightly shake as she glared at me.

"Listen to me and listen closely. Just because I helped you out that one time doesn't mean we're friends. Now give me back my bracelet before I rip you apart right here, right now."

I could tell by the look on her face that she was dead serious. I've seen her fight before and I'd rather be a whole Percy than a machete'd one. I held out the bracelet and she snatched it from me without another word. The shaking from my desk immediately stopped once I handed her the bracelet. Ok, this is getting weirder and weirder.

A.C. wouldn't talk or look at me for the rest of the day (it turns out we have every class together except for third) and I started to feel guilty. Obviously that bracelet meant something to her and I had been hoarding it for almost a month now. I wanted to apologize to her, but she would either slam a door in my face or dodge me in the crowded hallways.

I wanted to make it up to her and that's when I got an idea. I hope she'll appreciate the sacrifice I'm about to make for her because if I do this there's no turning back.

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