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Chapter 4

Charlie was going fishing with Billy and Harry. He'd be back later and together we'd journey to La Push for dinner. While Charlie was gone I took a walk to clear my mind. I had my notes, journals and tablet with me and was going through everything.

I wasn't entire sure how I felt. Mostly I felt overwhelmed and a bit sad. I didn't really want to go to La Push, but then again: I never did. And if I never said yes then I never got to see them… And that seemed very rude, considering how close Charlie was to them.

I was sitting on a log not too far from the house, near the woods, when a sound interrupted my musings and conversion of written notes to tablet. I looked up and luckily managed to collect myself quickly.

There, by the trees, stood a young man. He was more handsome than any I'd ever seen and I did my best not to ogle. I think I succeeded.

My brain was running on overtime and I seemed to take in the surroundings, the day of week, him, his age and his looks.

He looked like a Greek god and I knew immediately who he had to be.

"Hello Edward?" it came out as a whisper and a question, but Edward seemed to hear me just fine as he broke into one of the loveliest smiles I'd ever seen.

"Hello Bella," he moved towards me slowly and his entire demeanor seemed to radiate carefulness. It made me sad that he felt uncomfortable around me or that anyone else did too.

"How are you?" He greeted me with a huge smile. His voice, a voice I had gushed over in my journal, was beyond words and I was sad to realize my words gave him so little justice.

"I'm well," I lied. Truth was that seeing him was making me sad as it reminded me of all my shortcomings. "Charlie is taking me to Seattle in a few days. I'm going to buy a laptop, a printer and a camera. That way I can document visually," I told him happily. He grinned back at me and moved closer.

"That's exciting," he told me, but his eyes seemed distant and musing. "Where will you go? I know a couple of places…" Edward started to talk about high tech equipment and I had to quickly stop him.

"I am sure all those gadgets are quite good," I quickly told him, "but I don't want to break anything. I just want something plain and simple," his brows puckered at this and I laughed lightly. It felt very easy to be with Edward and oddly familiar. "I don't actually need something elaborate," I continued while watching his expression. He still looked displeased.

"Well, if you're getting something you should get the best. And with your condition something plain and simple might not do you justice," Edward argued. My thoughts went to him and I didn't like not doing him justice.

"Yes, well, I don't have a doctor for a father," I muttered uncomfortable.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I was being inconsiderate," Edward told him. His sincerity made me look up into his eyes and immediately accepted his apology. "If you like I can join you and help you find the best and cheapest. I am quite good with technology," he told me proudly. I frowned at the thought.

Here was a guy, gorgeous and according to my notes I clearly liked him… But I didn't know him… My instincts screamed yes! But I knew Charlie wouldn't allow it.

"I'm sorry, I think I made you uncomfortable," Edward apologized again when I hadn't answered. "I forgot this must be making you uncomfortable… And you have no idea who I am," he told me with an understanding tone.

"It's not that I don't want you to come… I feel very comfortable and safe with you," I told him truthfully. Emotions ran across his face and settled on happy. It surprised me how this could make him so pleased. "But… I mean… Perhaps if you could meet Charlie," I dredged that idea, but I knew I had to do something. Charlie would never let me go to Seattle alone or with anyone else. Especially one he didn't know about.

"I'd love to meet your father, Bella," Edward surprised me. He was grinning at me and I responded with my own grin. I had no idea what this meant, but I was pleased that I hadn't done something utterly stupid yet.

"So… Tell me about our earlier encounters… I think I've been very vague," I told him truthfully. He nodded and sat down on the log, though a bit further away that I liked. I squashed this feeling.

"Well, there's not much to tell… We introduced ourselves to each other last time we saw each other, as we hadn't had the chance the first time," he told me. This surprised me. So this was a new acquaintance. "You look surprised," he said curious.

"I am, I suppose. I wrote that we seemed very familiar with each other, but we've only met three times now," I admitted.

"I supposed we made a lot of impact on each other," he told me. His eyes shone with sincerity, but I couldn't help but wonder how I could've impacted him. He felt so familiar to me, despite not remembering him, so I had no doubt about his powers.

"I suppose," I agreed lamely. "Tell me about your family. I have very little information," I urged him. "How come?" I wondered.

"Well, our meeting last time was short. I saw you at the grocery shop and decided to say hi," his voice emphasized decided. As if it was a conscious and deliberate decision rather a random happening. "I didn't tell you much, but if you like I could tell you some more," he seated himself more comfortably on the log as if readying for the Spanish inquisition.

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition," I joked and he grinned in return. My heart thudded and I blushed. I busied myself with my tablet to figure out what I'd ask.

"I think I will write down questions and then your answers. This way I can re-read it and know it all," I warned him. He seemed to take it well and urged me to continue.

The most of the day was spent this way and when Edward warned me that my father would be home in a minute I didn't even wonder how he knew, but panicked instead.

"Would you rather wait with me meeting him?" Edward wondered with a crooked smile that I'd come to love. My heart fluttered

"I don't think it would make a difference. Would you?" I laughed lightly. It was easy joking about my condition with Edward. We moved towards the house just as Charlie's cruiser came into view. Instinctively I reached for Edward's hand, but managed, just in time, to pull myself back. If he noticed he didn't give any indication. I crossed my arms to keep my hands under control and Charlie stepped out of the cruiser.

"Hey Bella," he greeted happily, but I didn't miss the narrowing of his eyes when he looked towards Edward. A second later it was gone and as a gentleman he extended his hand towards Edward. "Hello, Charlie Swan, Chief of Police," Charlie greeted Edward with a bit of a warning. They shook hands and I felt a bit jealous that I had yet to touch him.

"Edward Cullen, Sir," Edward greeted my father flawlessly. I could only grin goofily.

"So, this was who you mentioned, Bella?" Charlie wondered. I had no idea what we had talked about, but mentioning didn't seem like me. I shrugged in response. I supposed I could make an exception when it came to Edward.

"So what have you been up to today?" Charlie invited Edward inside and I worried about the awkwardness, but Edward seemed to take it with an easy smile and a calm attitude.

"We've just been talking. We've met before and have talked a little," Edward informed Charlie. "Bella mentioned buying some things in Seattle…" Edward looked towards me in confirmation. He had seen so calm and collected, but now he seemed unsure. I took over.

"Edward's a bit of an expert. I wondered that he might help and he said yes," I edited. I didn't want to give fuel to any worries my father might have.

"Actually, I asked if I could come," Edward added and I frowned. Charlie looked curiously towards me and I tried to avoid his gaze.

"Well, we'll talk about this later. But Edward, Bella and I have plans tonight, so we have to cut this short…" Charlie trailed off. We all stood.

"Of course," Edward said, extending his hand to Charlie. We said our farewells and Edward was very cordial towards me, but he didn't touch me.

My displeasure must've shown because Charlie chuckled when Edward had left.

"Very nice kid," Charlie commented. I knew exactly what he meant and it only displeased me a bit more. "And he seems to like you," Charlie continued. This made me stop my displeased attitude.

"Really?" I blurted out and then quickly amended, "We're just friends…" Charlie muttered something under his breath and then moved to the living room. I followed obediently.

"What do you feel?" Charlie questioned bluntly. His question surprised me and I waited a few seconds while deliberating.

"I like him," I told him truthfully.

"I don't want you hurt," he told me. "He's a very pretty face," Charlie said.

"I like what's beyond the face," I told him. Charlie cocked an eyebrow and I frowned. "I don't know… I just feel very familiar with him. And safe…" I wasn't sure where this was coming from and I continued on.

"Besides, I think he's the one getting hurt," I replied in truth. There was no denying this. Delete a couple of files and Edward would be erased from my memory. He was not as lucky.

"I suppose you're right," Charlie conceded. He sighed deeply. "I'm in deep, Bells," Charlie admitted.

"Perhaps… Perhaps we just take it slow… He can come and you can get to know him… I mean, you have to remind me about him anyways…" It seemed an odd conversation and very serious. As if Edward and I was an item… Which we weren't. He was probably just nice.

"I guess he can come," Charlie allowed. I tried not to jump up and down. "And I guess you should write this down so that you don't reconsider," Charlie smiled at me and padded my knee.

On the trip to La Push I wrote down all I could in regards to Edward. I even mentioned that he seemed to be skipping school a lot, which wasn't a very healthy attitude.

"Charlie, Bella," Billy Black wheeled out of his house in his wheelchair. This surprised me and I wondered what happened.

"Hey Billy," I greeted kindly and he smiled and led us inside.

"Jacob, come say hi," Billy called and from the kitchen came a tall young man who I totally didn't recognize. Jacob Black had grown since I had met him last… of what I remembered anyway.

"Hello Jacob, nice to meet you," I greeted politely. He grinned at me.

"Not that long time ago," he assured me and I answered his grin with one of my own. Jacob seemed easy to be with. "What have you been up to?" I told him about my tablet and he proceeded to check it out for a few minutes. In the end he gave it back to me with an approval.

"So, Bella, have you settled in?" Billy asked conversationally. I assumed he meant into my room and I nodded in reply.

"I think so… I do feel home," I told him and I was surprised at how truthful this meant.

"And she made a new friend," Charlie added slyly. I blushed a lot over Charlie's implications.

"New friends are always welcome," Billy replied with kindness, but his eyes glinted with humor.

"I have to say I was impressed. I met the kid today. Nicest manner I've even seen in a kid. Especially these days," Charlie commented. "Just moved here with his family. His father is Carlisle Cullen from the hospital," Charlie informed. There was a thud and Billy had put his bear down hard onto the table. The collision with the table made the bear overflow.

"I've heard about them," Billy said frostily. This surprised me, though his tone surprised me more. I wasn't sure if I had imagined his cold eyes, but suddenly they were replaced with kind ones and Billy turned to Charlie.

"I suppose it'll be a bit difficult for Bella to keep friends with her condition," Billy said. The words would've been kind and inquiring had his tone not been so cold and factual. I flushed in discomfort. Charlie frowned.

"The kid seemed nice enough and as Bella said herself: he got the short straw," Charlie replied, obviously not sure about Billy's attitude.

As Billy was about to continue Charlie cut in, "Jacob, can you show Bella La Push? I'm sure she'd like to see the tidal pools… Just don't fall in," he grinned at me, but his eyes lacked merriment. I frowned and recognized the dismissal.

"What was that about?" I whispered.

"Sorry about that," Jacob looked sincerely sorry and embarrassed. "It's really stupid…" we moved towards the beach and I drew my jacket closer around me. "My dad has some issues with the family," Jacob told me. This surprised me as I thought they were newcomers.

"I thought they just moved here?" Had Edward lied?

"Yeah, they did… But…" he laughed discomforted but calmed when he saw my frustration. "It's all very silly," he said again and I urged him to go on. "You see, our legends say our ancestors could turn into wolves," Jacob started out. I had no idea what to expect, but legends was certainly not it.

"Legends?" I asked curious.

"Yeah, apparently they turned into wolves because it the only thing that can kill a Cold One," Jacob continued. He noticed my disbelief and laughed, "A vampire," he told me. I shook my head with a smile.

"The point?" I wondered and he shushed me. I fell quiet and expectant.

"Well, one time a group of Cold Ones –vampires – arrived and my great grandfather made a treaty with them. The cold ones claimed they were not like other vampires. That they drank from animals instead of humans and were supposedly not dangerous," Jacob checked my expression, but I was curious and he continued.

"Supposedly the group of vampires from that time is the same that arrived now – the Cullens," Jacob ended and then added, "I suppose I broke the treaty now…"

"Don't worry. I won't remember," I joked and he laughed. "But seriously?" I wondered. Jacob laughed and nodded.

"The elders have issued a statement that no one from La Push can use the hospital," Jacob explained. "They are… believers," he trailed off again.

"How odd," I commented. I wasn't sure how to take it and I mentally began to question what I knew about Edward. The list was short. "He seems very human to me," I admitted and Jacob shrugged.

By the time we were back Charlie and Billy were back to being friends and had even prepared dinner. The rest of the evening was spent comfortably.

When I got home I wrote down everything that had happened and made sure I'd find it again.

When morning came around and I read it, it helped me out of my bad day as I found it so odd and funny.

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