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Chapter 9

The house seemed eerily abandoned and even creepier with the note on the counter. Or rather letter, for I had found I had so much to say to Charlie.

It had been utterly painful and Edward had been banned from the scene. It was only Esme and Carlisle. Carlisle did the work and Esme held me as I cried my heart out. I didn't want Edward to see this and Esme had worried that Edward would change his mind.

"It's going to be alright," Esme whispered. Carlisle drove my car while Esme sat with me on the backseat, trying to make me feel better.

It wasn't that I didn't know the necessity of it all. It was just that it was all so sudden; sudden because I'd learned about every plan, every argument and every idea today. I'd seen my own videos explaining everything and I seemed to persuade myself to trust myself and the Cullens and just do it.

It was evening and Charlie had to work late. Billy and Harry was meeting him at the station and had planned to watch sports at the house; conveniently made up so that they could be there when Charlie saw the letter. Carlisle and Esme had told me about La Push and the werewolves and how helpful they'd been. There seemed to be something missing from the information I'd been given, but I'd been too worried to think about details.

It wasn't chilly, despite it being overcast and winter, but perhaps I was too emotionally wrecked to register things normally. I watched as Carlisle took a look at me before pushing my car from the cliff. I had nodded in accept to his gaze; he seemed to want to give me a chance to back out.

But I couldn't. The only pain I felt was for my parents, for Charlie coming home in a few hours to the silent house and for Renee to be alone. She was perhaps my biggest worry, but knowing she had Phil helped me. All else in me was excited about Edward. We'd spent the entire day together, from very early morning when he'd awoken me to give me as much time as possible to prepare.

As I watched the car disappear into the ocean I turned to Esme.

"I'm ready," I lied easily. I had prepared myself well through my notebook and my pictures. I'd removed everything supernatural from it and replaced it all with angst and teenage wishes. In hopes of my father finding his own entry on it I had added loving words and hopes and dreams on his behalf. I hoped he would never be in doubt about my love for him.

Esme carried me to another car and Carlisle drove us for a few hours. We were getting close to night when we reached our destination and I found Edward inside. I managed to keep myself serene in his presence, but I had an idea that I only managed because I was so confused by everything.

"Edward, it's time," Carlisle said. The entire family would be staying with me, except for Carlisle and Edward. Carlisle had his job to maintain as cover while Edward would certainly be visited by Charlie and had no real cover. Esme could be believed to help Alice and Jasper visit universities and according to the story Rosalie and Emmet were already away at university.

The uncertainty I'd felt almost disappeared when I saw Edward. It was as if something in my clicked and I knew that this was where I belonged.

It felt utterly right to stride to his side, to lean into his embrace and take the deepest breath ever.

His smell flushed away the turmoil I felt and a deep calm settled in my stomach.

"When you see me next I'll beat you to Canada," I heard him whisper. I had no witty comeback, to fancy remark, but I leaned back from our embrace and looked into his eyes.

This was where I belonged. There was no need to ask if I was ready and Edward lifted me softly from the ground, hardly without me noticing, and placed me on the bed. With a calm movement he brought my wrists to his face, where he kissed them gently.

I felt calm staring into his eyes and I urged him gently to go ahead.

He gave me a final kiss and then, quicker than I could see, he had bitten my hands and up the arms. He was swiftly out of the door and I managed confident "I love you" before Carlisle was gone as well.

"It's going to work out perfect," Alice promised with a wink. I felt comforted by this. I managed a vague smile before the pain truly set it.

The End.

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