The Great Lina Inverse In:

How Harry Found out His Past Life Was Female


Lina Inverse Rides Again



Enter Dream Sequence:

Harry tossed and turned at night, his body sweating as his mind raced:

"Gourry you idiot, How don't you know who Shabranigdo is?" He exasperatedly asked his blonde companion.

Scenes like this plagued his mind, and as time went by he noticed an unfailing attraction toward the buffoon that made him completely repulsed. This Gourry was less intelligent than Crabbe and Goyle, which he had thought was impossible before.

"Gourry, I love you."

A 12 year old Harry woke with a scream. It was a nightmare, he thought, Just a horrible, horrible nightmare.

"Who is Gourry?" Harry thought out loud. He heard rustling around in the hall and figured that Uncle Vernon must be awake. Harry got out of bed and pulled on his least dirty pair of pants and a shirt, both of which still had holes in them. At least I won't have to be woken up by Aunt Petunia today, Harry thought happily, though she is nicer than Uncle Vernon.

His memory of the dream still fresh in his mind, unusual for him, got him thinking for the rest of the day. As he cooked breakfast, washed Uncle Vernon's car, mowed the lawn, weeded the gardens, watered the gardens, and painted the garage (it was pealing). Finally it rested on one thing, a chant.

'Light which burns beyond crimson flame,

Let thy power gather in my hand,


Harry spoke the words and was startled by the effect, light was pouring from his hands, without his wand. His mind went through what he knew of magic (first year education = What is happening). Magic required a wand, his logic went. Logic dictates that he was unusual, and exception to the rule. Logic also dictates that as he was under-age but not using a wand, they would think it was accidental magic. Accidental magic isn't punishable by law. This could work in his favour. He smirked at the thought, things working in his favour would work for him.

His line of thought stopped as he heard Aunt Petunia call him into the house. His Aunt had been rather kind to him as of late. She didn't seem to fear him at least, which was one good thing. As he walked into the house she pulled him aside softly.

"Harry, you and I both know you aren't supposed to do magic outside of school," she started, causing Harry to wonder when and where she had learned that, and why the other two didn't know already if she did, "and we both know that if the others knew you would be locked in your room. That being said, I haven't been honest with you, or the others."

Harry wondered what she could be talking about. She hardly talked to him before this summer, and now she was talking to him more than ever.

"I know a little magic Harry."

Harry thought that the world might explode.

"Its not a branch of magic used much any more, it's called sorcery. It isn't used because of the high amount of power needed to use it."

And now he knew it had to explode soon.

"And that's what you just did."

And now his life was derailing from normalcy. In his mind he could see himself waving goodbye to the normalcy that he had obtained. He quickly thought, not that it was a lot of normalcy, spitefully.

"In fact normally, as I am the only sorcerer listed within a two hundred kilometre radius I would have to train you."

'What is going on.'

"Your Uncle doesn't know about my sorcery."

'That seems like a big secret to keep.'

She looked at him and gestured with her hands.

Oh Blessed Humble hand of God,

Life and Breath of Mother Earth,

Come Before me and show your great compassion and deliver us:


His light sunburns started to fade away, and within minutes were completely healed. That he hadn't noticed his sunburns pain until it was gone was frightening in itself. When did my tolerance to pain reached that level? He questioned himself, truthfully finding no answer for it.

Needless to say he was gaping at his aunt. His absolutely normal Aunt Petunia knew healing magic, and if she knew healing magic what else did she know. What struck him as most odd was that she had healed him.

"You have to understand Harry, witches and wizards hate sorcerers. They can't use our magic, but we can use theirs. We are born with a lot more magic then they are, and they get jealous, hateful and often afraid. It is what Lily had against me. I couldn't go to the wizards school due to prejudice," Petunia explained, "Even that Snape boy Lily was always around knew that it was a stupid thing. McGonagall, the professor of Lily's, had to explain why I couldn't go to Hogwarts, and found me a tutor in Sorcery."

It was making sense, sort of. Lily was able to be around peers and Petunia had been jealous. As soon as I got my Hogwarts letter Petunia wrote me off as a wizard and decided I was good for nothing, but what changed.

"Why have you been nicer to me this summer if you hate wizards? I mean, neither of us knew I could do sorcery until today."

"I started feeling that stirring within you. The same one I felt at your age. The one that proved me to be a sorcerer, though my stirring was around ten really. I guess that's when we become too powerful for wizards to want us."

"Why do I have the feeling sorcery has gone down hill in the last few centuries?" He asked his aunt.

"Probably because magic users have weakened to the point that most of the mages are now wizard level and can't invoke the higher beings."

"Is that what sorcery is, invocation?" He asked for clarification.

"Pretty much."


A good enough end, tell me what you think. It starts his second year. He will probably keep his sorcery a secret, though his full powers came in later than usual no one should notice, right? Maybe.