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The Light of Storm

Chapter 1

It had been almost three seasons since Storm and Reed left Riverclan and met Raven. Reed and Raven were now mates and were also expecting their first litter of kits together. Storm was excited to be a big brother and had by the now been calling Raven his mother as she was acting more like a mother to him than Rainflower.

"Good catch Storm" spoke Reed as the younger tom placed one of the mice that he had caught in front of the heavily pregnant Raven.

"Thanks" mewed Storm, the younger tom had come a long way from when they first met Raven.

A slight rustle of movement caught the trio's attention and the two toms moved growling protectively in front of Raven. "Stormkit? Shellheart?" a voice mewed in confusion as two cats, a tom and a she-cat, appeared in front of the trio.

The tom was a reddish brown colour with amber eyes. The she-cat had blue-grey fur and blue eyes. "Oakkit?" Reed spoke in shock.

"My name is Oakheart now. This is my mate Bluefur." The now revealed Oakheart spoke.

"Storm? Reed? You know this tom?" Raven asked.

Reed turned to his mate. "You know I told you that my other kit was left with his mother in Riverclan?" Raven nodded and let Reed continue. "This is him."

Raven blinked and turned towards Oakheart. "It is a pleasure to meet you Oakheart."

The tom bowed his head in acknowledgement. "Nightfire?" Bluefur questioned quietly.

Raven turned to the she-cat confused before shocked recognition flashed on her face. "Bluekit?" she whispered. "What happened?"

Bluefur curled up by Raven and cried while raven purred and licked her fur in comfort. Bluefur murmured into Raven's fur that apparently Raven could understand. A look of sorrow passed on Raven's face.

While Raven was comforting Bluefur, Reed turned to Storm. "Where are Snow, Thorne and Ivy?"

"They went to get some more food for later. Snow predicted that this might happen soon."

"Your mate is strangely scary with her predictions." Reed muttered.

Storm chuckled. "Snow is like that sometimes."

"Like what Storm?" spoke a silvery white she-cat, her eyes narrowed in a glare as she appeared from nowhere scaring the daylight out of the three toms. Raven had of course noticed the she-cat walk into the clearing and was quietly snickering.

"Nothing my dear Snowflake" Storm spoke nervously.

Snow raised an eyebrow before going over and doing a quick check on Bluefur. "Hmm… She's a moon into pregnancy. She'll be alright but she is going to need to rest for now. The stress of coming here has slightly agitated the kits. Three kits, two she-kits and a tom."

Oakheart blinked. "Really?"

Snow nodded and turned her sightless blue eyes to Oakheart. "One she-kit is pale grey and white with blue eyes. The other is blue-grey with blue eyes. The tom is the same as his sister, blue-grey with blue eyes."

Oakheart nearly sighed with relief. "Thank you."

"We best move to another location if we do not wish for the Clan Cats to find us, and they will if we do not leave and soon." Snow mewed.

The group nodded before grouping together to plan on which direction they would head.

Fran: Just realised. This is going to end up an AU as Bluestar (Bluefur) left with Oakheart. Shall I get Rusty to join the group? He might be a bit older than in canon.