Prologue – Sail

This is how I show my love,
I made it in my mind because,
This is how angel dies.
I blame it on my own sick pride.
Blame it on me ADD baby.


He was late. Again. It wasn't that strange for Klaus to show up late. He was responsible, of course, and damn good at his job, but sometimes the morning simply slipped away from him. Especially when the alarm clock was knocked off the night stand the night before, but how that happened was neither here nor there. After dragging himself away from the brunette in his bed whose name he honestly couldn't remember and managing to take a shower long enough to wake himself up, Klaus slipped behind the wheel of his SUV.

With sunglasses hastily shoved over his tired eyes, Klaus made his way into the field office.

"You're late," Stefan said, standing in the front of the open office door, holding two dossiers under one arm and a large coffee in the other, tucking them away in his right front pocket.

"Tell me something I don't know," Klaus said, taking one of the black, leather-bound dossiers from Stefan and pulled the sunglasses off.

"You missed the briefing," Stefan said, the two turning to walk towards the ViCAP office.

"I said tell me something I don't know," Klaus said, flipping open the folder, "Like what time is wheels up?" he asked, looking over the report and notes in the folder as he walked in step with Stefan.

"It's not."

"It's in DC?" Klaus asked, stopping in his tracks.

"They think it might be Silas," Stefan responded stoically.


"What are we leading with this afternoon?" Caroline asked as she walked into the research room, her hands clutched tight to an iPad. She looked around the room at all of the wide eyes looking anywhere but her in the room. "Are you kidding me? I have to be at the white house in fifteen minutes if I'm going to make it through security in time to get there before the eleven o'clock briefing and you are telling me you have absolutely no idea what the briefing is going to cover outside of what the briefing covered this morning? Please tell me that is not what the silence means," Caroline asked, her jaw ticking with annoyance.

"There's been some buzz about the health initiative and they might say something about the special prosecutor being brought in for the tobacco case," One of them finally peeped up.

"Great, walk with me. You can tell me what you know on the way to the car," Caroline instructed. Her heels clicked as she turned on the tile floor out of the research pit, not waiting to see if the junior associate was scrambling to follow her or not. "Tell me what we know about the health initiative. The tobacco is old news," she said, walking across the hall to her office. She looked back at the girl before beginning to gather her folders.

"Uhhh," the girl stuttered for a moment, flipping through her folders.

"I wasn't kidding about only having fifteen minutes and still having to walk around the block and get through security," Caroline reminded her calmly.

"It's the First Lady's project. It was supposed to be on the floor for the June 8th vote, but it's being pushed back for the second time and apparently the First Lady and her Chief of Staff are not happy about it being pushed and something may have leaked to that accord. The Press Secretary is going to try to play it down, but it's going to break."

"I can work with that." She smiled, stacking her iPad on top of her MacBook and a leather-bound portfolio containing her notes and shuffling them both into a Givenchy briefcase. "If this health initiative thing blows up, you'll get a byline."

Caroline dismissed the associate from her office before pulling the blazer over her dress and picking up her purse. "Any messages, Karen?" she asked her secretary as she fished her press credentials from her purse and clipped them to the jacket pocket.

"Tyler called and asked if you could trade weekends with him next week. He has a business trip, he has tickets to the Nationals game on your weekend and he wants to trade so he can take Mason with him," the woman told her, looking through the notes on her desk.

"Tell him that's fine, I'll take Mason this weekend and we'll just shift the schedule or he can have him two weekends in a row if I get all the nights in the week between. It's up to him, I'm good with either option." She rested both the briefcase and her purse in the crook of her arm before looking up. "Anything else?"

"You got a package, it's sitting on your desk."

Caroline looked back at the small package with her name etched on it in perfect script. She raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out how she hadn't noticed it before, "I'll deal with it when I get back. I have to run. Hold the deadline if I miss it. I need to have something on the wire by two o'clock," she said before turning on her heel and making her way out the door.


"What makes you think it was Silas?" Klaus asked, slowing the black, factory SUV to a stop on the side of the park. These were always his least favorite cases. He could handle murder, no matter how brutal or sadistic. He could handle psychopaths and sociopaths, perfectly identifying the difference between the two conditions without a second thought. He could even get inside their heads and predict what they were going to do next, but any crime involving children gave him pause, even if he couldn't show it. Silas's involvement was another story entirely.

"I didn't say I thought it was. It's in the report. The first officer on the scene called it in that way. That triggered a call to us," Stefan explained, stepping down from the car and straightening his suit.

"You mean it wasn't the murder in the nation's capital because I'm pretty sure that triggers FBI involvement," Klaus replied smartly as he shoved his hands down in his pockets. "Anything else?"

"It fits all the criteria. It's a mother and her daughter. The murders follow the beginning of the pattern," Stefan said as they stepped underneath the police tape and started towards the scene.

"Copy-cats. They happen all the time. Almost all of the details of the Silas crimes have found their way into the media. It wouldn't be difficult for someone to pull off. It's been a year. Silas killed twelve people every six months for nearly a decade, then he just stopped. We've profiled this guy, we studied him in the academy. Every time, every team, we always come to the same conclusion. He's either dead or serving time for another crime. This is a copy-cat, or something very similar. It's not Silas."

"Let's just take a look at it, before we make any decisions," Stefan lectured before Klaus held up his hands innocently and followed him to the scene. The two of them pulled out their badges, showing them to the officer in charge of the scene. "I'm Agent Salvatore, this is Agent Mikaelson from the BAU, the rest of our team is at the local station getting caught up," Stefan told the officer, holding out his hand to shake as Klaus did the same.

"Officer Paddington. Thank you for coming down here so quickly," the officer said, shaking both of their hands.

"Do you mind catching us up on any developments that have occurred in the last three hours?" Klaus asked, his authoritative tone taking over.

"Right, sorry. Not much has turned up so far. The victims were Pearl Johnson and her sixteen year old daughter Annabelle Johnson. They were last seen exiting Annabelle's high school, Woodrow Wilson High School at approximately 4 PM yesterday afternoon. Pearl is a minute keeper at the mayor's office, when she didn't show up for her afternoon meeting, they gave us a call. The bodies were discovered at 8 AM by a jogger and we are estimating that they were dumped here no later than 6:30 AM when a local running group came through the area and didn't see anything-"

"He dropped them in daylight?" Klaus asked incredulously.

"It looks that way, Sir," The Officer said with a nod, "The bodies were both moved, drained completely of blood and positioned in the fetal position with the mother holding the daughter. We haven't moved them yet, so no estimates on time of death, but if it's anything like the previous-"

"We don't know that it's Silas. Let's not jump to conclusions. No one needs a witch hunt where there isn't one. It could just be a murder," Klaus stopped him once again. Admittedly, he didn't want it to be Silas. That meant he was wrong about his original assessment. That meant his profile was wrong and worst of all that meant his m.o. was changing and he couldn't think of anything worse than a serial killer who was beginning to spiral. He ran his hand over his face, taking a step away to look at the bodies as Stefan continued to talk to the officer in question.

As he made his way over the hill, the bodies finally came into sight and his stomach tightened at the sight. It wasn't the first time he has seen a scene like this. It was his nineteenth to be exact, but only his fourteenth seeing it in person. He had to take a moment to remind himself that it wasn't Silas. It couldn't be. There were too many signs that weren't there…yet. Or perhaps he just didn't want to see them. His head tilted to the side, looking down at them, mother's arms wrapped tightly around her daughter, even in death. Their bloodless bodies and pale, translucent skin gave off a gray tint. The exact shade, Klaus was certain he could pick out of a color wheel is someone ever put a gun to his head. It was disgustingly poetic and Klaus had never been a fan.

"Still sure it isn't Silas?" Stefan asked, walking over to join Klaus.

"I'm not ruling it out." He fished his cell phone out of his pocket as it began to buzz. He waved Stefan off before he pressed the phone to his ear, "Mikaelson." He stepped away from scene speaking on the phone briefly before walking back to Stefan. "We've got to go."

"Another body?"

"Silas picked his mouth piece. It's your younger sister."

A/N: Hi! So I know I've told some of you I was done with fan fiction, because I wanted to work on my own original work, but I've had this story in my head for almost a year now and it's just been begging to be written, I couldn't resist. This is just the prologue, hence the shortened length, but there will be more to come. I'm really excited about this one and I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback. The story is going to be an AU-H Klaroline fic, but I think you'll definitely see influences from Criminal Minds, The Following, Hannibal, CSI, and all of the other hundreds of crime shows I watch and love.