Demon sitting

Summary: Thanks to his good for nothing sister, Levi is broke and needs a way to raise money to support his family. He tries to get a job but no one will hire a 16 year old but then he sees an ad for a housekeeper that also babysits the kids that live in the house? Too bad the so called babies are more like Demons.

Warnings: Nothing really, rated mostly for language

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Chapter one

Levi was broke, absolutely and completely broke, If you asked him how he got to that level of brokenness he would glare and mutter something about "Damn glasses bastard" And stomp off in a bad mood, leaving you to wonder what the hell he was talking about.

Now the real story of what happened was that Levi had a sister, well actually two sisters, A younger one and an older one, but our story concerns his older one, A mad scientist that believed that she was on the verge of making a discovery that mankind had never seen before and defeating mankind's greatest enemy, death.

Levi knew she was talking bullshit but she wouldn't be deterred, He had to live with her as their parents had passed away when she was eighteen and Levi was ten so she was his legal guardian. Now their parents had left the siblings a sizeable fortune when they passed away and it would have supported the siblings for many years if freaking Hange had gotten a job (freaking NEET) but instead she just had to blow off all their money on getting a lab for herself to conduct her experiments but it had ultimately failed like everyone knew it would and they were stuck with no food and no money. Now Levi would have,in any other case, left home and supported himself as he didn't care about Hange but he did care about his younger sister Petra , A thirteen year old sweet girl, She was the baby of the family and the only reason Levi was still at home.

So that was how he ended up in a mansion (So huge) with a flyer in his hand (For a housekeeper).

He clanged the gigantic brass knocker in the shape of a lion's head and waited for a while. A minute later an old, eccentric looking man with a friendly smile on his face and wearing a tuxedo opened the door.

"Yes?" He smiled at Levi.

Levi took out the flyer and showed it to him, watching as the Mans face erupted in a enormous , happy looking grin.

"You want to apply for the housekeeper?" He asked.

"Yes I-"

"You're hired."

Levi was shocked. He never expected to be hired do easily. The pay was sixty pounds an hour just for keeping the house clean? The house was huge after all but even though, sixty pounds an hour, He vaguely wondered why they didn't have another house keeper for that type of money.

"Please come in and take a seat." Levi graciously accepted his offer and went into the house, taking a seat on the huge leather sofa as he did.

"Basically your job is to make sure the house is clean, watch the kids and-"

"Wait what kids?" Levi asked, He never saw any notice of any kids.

As he said that two blurs darted past him suddenly

"Give me back my potato" The first yelled.

"NO, It's mine" The other yelled back and they ran back upstairs, where they came from.

"Those two kids?" Levi asked cautiously.

"Well there's more." The man looked sheepish.

"How many?"

"Well there are twelve of them." The man coughed sheepishly.

"Ten? Sorry but I think I have to go now." Levi wasted no time in getting his things and attempting to get the hell out of there. He could barely stand one kid let alone ten, and what type of mofo's had twelve kids anyway; Damn that guy must be even more loaded than he thought to afford twelve kids and all of that.

The Man grabbed Levi's hand and held tight. "Please I'm begging you" He cried." I haven't gone on a date in a hot chick in years, my social life is failing, I need you!"

"I'm sorry Sir-"

"Dot Pixis

"Mr Dot Pixis but I can't take care of your children for you."

"They aren't my children, I'm the butler" He admitted.

Butler? Just what type of people lived in this mansion. They must be billionaires, He thought of his home where it was just him and his sisters, They were too poor to afford any school books so only Petra went to school, They also only ate once a day if they were lucky and had meat once a weak. These people must have meat every day He drooled.

Dot pixis must have noticed the look as he smiled to himself. "We'll increase your pay to a hundred pounds a day and you can stay here. Free lodging and food."

That was it, He would be crazy to reject this offer, but what about Petra? "That would be nice but my little sister."

"She can stay here." He interrupted.

HELL YES Levi thought but regained his composure and calmly said "Then yes"

"Good, KIDS GET DOWN HERE." Dot Pixis suddenly yelled.

There was a skittering of tiny feet as twelve little kids suddenly appeared from seemingly nowhere and arranged themselves in order according to height.

"Introduce yourselves!" Dot Pixis commanded.

"Christa, I'm four, "A soft looking blonde girl said shyly

"Annie, my age is none of your business" The next said, Another blonde girl

Annie is four." A bald boy laughed." I'm Connie and I'm four as well." Levi recognised him as one of the blurs that were fighting earlier

"Armin Sir, I'm the same as the rest!" A girly looking blonde boy piped up.

"Sasha, I'll tell you my age is you feed me." A cheerful looking brunette with her hair in a ponytail giggled.

"I'm Eren Jeager Mr. and you look awfully strong." A little brunette boy eyed Levi like he was some type of god and giggled.

"Mikasa" A black haired girl glared at Levi for absolutely no reason.

"I'm Marco and this is Ymir" A friendly looking boy with freckles pointed to a tall dark haired girl."and this this jean" Levi didn't even know how to describe the hair colour of that brat." And we're five."

"Reiner, 7" A big blonde boy commented

"And I'm the last , Berthold and I'm seven too." The last in line, A boy with brown hair smiled.

So many kids Levi thought to himself.

"Now who are you?" Eren asked him.

"I'm Levi and I'm sixteen, I'm your new housekeeper" He tried to smile (Bared his fangs) at them. They all looked a bit scared at his smiling face.

"N-nice to meet you -san" Christa smiled shyly at him.

"Hey shorty, are you really 16" Mikasa spoke up." You look more like a 12 year old." Levi would have liked to show that smart assed brat her place but he didn't want to get fired on his first day at the job.

"Yes I am Mikasa." He grounded his teeth in frustration in attempt not to throttle the girl.

"I see you're all well acquainted now." Dot Pixis spoke hurriedly. "You should call your sister now and ask her to come over."

"Thank you, I shall go do that" Levi excused himself and stood up to make the call to Petra. He didn't have a mobile phone as they couldn't afford one but He saw the house had a telephone and used that to call his home number.

"Onii-chan" Petra picked up the phone immediately. " Is it you."

"Yes it's me Petra." Levi spoke softly at her." I got the job."

"That's great!" He could practically feel the happiness she was radiating. "When do you start?."

"About that Petra, I have to tell you something. I'm staying here and I want to to come and stay as well."

There was a small pause."Onii-chan that sounds amazing but what about Hange-nee" She asked,

Levi snorted." That glasses bastard can stay by herself."

"That's not very nice Levi-onii,"She remarked." I think I want to stay here with Hange-nee."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes niichan."

"Fine" Levi sighed."I'll send you my wages once I get them."

"Thanks a lot Levi-nii." The girl laughes through the phone."Come and visit on your days off."

"Im not making any promises. He comments as he hung up. It was just as well that Petra wasn't coming to stay. He wouldn't want to expose his sweet little sister to these snarky brats. Who knew if they would corrupt her.

"Are you done." Some one suddenly appeared behind him.

"Gah" Levi dropped the phone in shock then glared when he saw it was that Eren."What do you want?"

"I just wanted to warn you" Eren pouted

"About what?" Levi was curious about what the brat wanted to say now.

"My family" He grinned though it didn't reach his eyes."They aren't normal."

"I hate to break it to you brat but you aren't exactly normal either" Levi snorted.

"Touche." Eren said darkly efore moving on to a childlike persona."Cwan I have a cwookie?" He giggled.

What the heck? Levi thought to himself. There as something strange about that kid, There was something strange about the house in general. Where were the kids parents? He realised he hasn't seen them since he came to the house.

Levi glanced at Eren as the boy started tugging on his hands in a quest to get his cookies. He gently scooped Eren up and took him to the kitchen where he gave Eren a cookie, only one as instructed, and sent him on his way. Sasha came by later to ask him for potatoes and he made her a potato salad which she seemed to adore.

At around seven pm , all the kids were cuddled up on a huge couch watching tv , Snow white, when Levi thought it was time for them to go to bed so he switched the TV off and had to their with their annoyed grumbling.

"I wanted to watch that shorty!" Mikasa

"You're a mean housekeeper" Connie.

"Please can we continue the movie" Christa

"I don't really care either way" Annie

Jean just stuck out his tongue while Sasha asked for more potato salad.

"Time for beddy byes everyone." Eren stood up and announced to them.

"But Eren you hate bedtime." Mikasa frowned.

"But Levi-san wants us to sleep so we should." Eren said stubbornly. There was a lot more grumbling but Eren eventually got all of them to stand up and go to bed. Levi had to shower and change 10 kids,(Reiner and bertholt insisted they were old enough to shower and change themselves and Levi wasn't complaining) He was exhausted at the end of the day but it wasn't that bad he thought to himself as he eventually snuggled into bed. Tomorrow will be better right?

He didn't never noticed the twelve pairs of eyes watching him from the shadows.

"Ne,what should we do with him?" One of the figures asked

"I like this one, We shouldn't kill him".

"What will we do when he finds out our secret?"

"He wont trust me."

"Im fine as long as I get more of that potato salad."



"Stop the fighting everyone."

"Goodie two shoes."

"Everyone remember to act like cute kids tomorrow, especially you Annie."


"I wonder how long this one will last"

Funny really. Levi had no idea what was going on but his dreams that night were really weird. It was a sign of the things that were to come, Odd really, Levi never knew that his destiny was decided the moment he clanged that brass knocker.

A/N: I just noticed this seems kind of dark, It isn't okay? It's like a fluffy family fic but the kids are just demons, the rest of the fic is about Levi befriending the cute demon children. The pairings aren't decided yet so please vote and fan and favourite :3