Demon sitting

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Chapter 3: All's fair in love and war

Levi woke up surrounded by the kids again but this time they were surrounding his bed not sleeping on it with him, well most of them. Eren was curled up on his chest like a kitten and Levi didn't have the strength or heart to push him up.

"Thank goodness you're awake!" Christa smiled as soon as she noticed Levi. The other kids snapped to attention at her words and looked at him.

"What happened?" Levi inquired.

"Well according to Jean and Eren you slipped and banged your head on the floor as Jean mistakenly left the floor wet." Ymir informed him. That happened? Levi thought. His head did throb pretty badly but he remembered nothing of slipping and falling.

"The doctor said you might have temporary amnesia." Berthold seemed to read his mind

"How-?" How the heck did those kids carry him to the hospital and actually gain entry. Who on earth would let a bunch of four year olds carry a sixteen year old to the hospital on could they even cross the streets by themselves.

"We called 911" Marco told him

"Oh" Levi let his attention focus on the sleeping boy on top of him. Of all the kids he had to be the one that falls asleep on top of Levi.

"Eren please wake up." Christa gently nudged the sleeping boy.

"Huh?" Eren blinked then detected Levi was awake. "You're awake Levi0chan" Eren jumped on him hugging him.

"Hey! Watch it brat" Levi glared though it was half hearted. "I'm not totally recovered you know."

Eren visibly drooped like a kicked puppy. "I'm sorry" He blinked up those turquoise eyes at Levi" I was just happy to see you were awake."

Crap. Levi thought. This kid was making him feel pretty guilty pretty fast especially when he seemed so innocent and puppylike"Its not like I mind that much or anything just ask first okay?" Levi blushed as Eren visibly brightened and grinned again.

"Can I hug you now then" Eren asked eagerly.

"Ehhh whatever" Levi luckily didn't see the glare Mikasa was sending him as even if he didn't know her looks could actually kill but Christa quickly perceived this and whispered in Mikasa's ear that she was sending Levi an actual death glare and Eren wouldn't be happy if Levi died.

"Can we show him nooooooow" Sasha suddenly whined.

"Oh yeah Levi we made you a get well cake!" Eren said.

"You what? How did you brats manage that?"

"Well it was kinda hard as we didn't know the thingy's that you put in cakes but Armin used the computer stuff and Reiner and Berthold knew how to make it from TV" Levi was beginning to suspect they were some kind of wonder children or something like that, They sure seemed that way even though their grammar at times was somewhat lacking, You couldn't blame them for being kids after all.

Annie handed Eren a cake which he proceeded to give to Levi, It was sloppily made, he had to admit that but the fact they tried their hardest to make it for him was touching. No one ever went that far for him, except Petra and sometimes Hanji when she was in the mood but other than those two no one at all. Levi was just beginning to realise how lonely he truly was.

"Please don't cry mister. We didn't know it was that bad. We really tried our best. " Christa snuffed.

"What?" Levi was unaware of the fact he looked like he was going to cry but he wouldn't as Levi never cried, ever.

"Cheer up Levi!" Sasha commanded. "In fact to cheer you up why don't we go to potato land."

"What? No way. Who wants to go to potato land" Connie scoffed. "We should go to the zoo."

"The zoo has a lot of awfully scary animals, what about the circus?" Christa suggested.

"The clowns eat you!" Connie told you. Christa had looked frightened and ran behing Ymir who proceeded to bang Connie's head.

"Who said we're going to go out?" Levi commented. Twelve pairs of puppy dog eyes suddenly confronted him. He actually had to cover his eyes as he couldn't take so much cuteness.

"Pwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwease." Marco begged.

"Fine but just because I'm tired of staying in this mansion."

"Yay!" Everyone but Annie and Mikasa cheered

"But where are we going to go?" Reiner wanted to know.

"We'll go to the circus" Levi told them. "And no the clowns won't harm you, I promise to beat any of them who try and we can go to McDonalds afterwards." All the kids seemed happy at that.

An hour later they were all dressed and ready to leave. Levi had to use his own hundred pounds to take them out but he supposed he could send his siblings money later and if they truly needed it he would just ask Dot Pixis.

"Okay listen up everyone as I'm only saying this once. I can't watch all of you at the same time so partner up and make sure to stay with your partner at all times." Levi figured out no one would feel left out as there were twelve of them so everyone got a partner. How wrong he was.

Ymir had partnered with Christa while Sasha and Connie were together and Reiner and Berthold then finally Marco and Jean but there was a small problem. Mikasa, Eren and Armin had insisted on being together.

"Because the three of us are best friends!" They had complained.

Levi hadn't minded at first but then he remembered that if the three of them were together then someone wouldn't have a partner and that someone happened to be Annie.

"Just be Annie's partner, brat." Levi had commanded Mikasa.

"No!" She had out rightly refused. "I want to be with Eren and I don't like Annie."

"I don't mind being alone." Annie had said. Levi knew otherwise. He could recognise the loneliness in her eyes as it was the same look he had worn for months after his parents were gone.

He gave Mikasa a while hearted glare then turned back to Annie." Well you're my partner brat so don't let go of my hand."

"Whatever." Levi could tell the girl was grateful.

Since Levi couldn't afford a cab (He could but was just too stingy to pay for one) They had to walk all the way to the local circus and on their way Eren had been eagerly rushing forward as he had never seen a circus before and was excited to go so he unknowingly bumped into an old lady.

"Sorry miss." He had apologised "But you shouldn't have been in my way"

"You should be" She glared. "You must have come from a terrible family to have such horrible manners."

"I'm sorry is there a problem here?" Levi had walked over to where Eren and the woman were with Annie in tow.

"Yes there is, your brother was very rude to me. I demand to speak to your parents."

"He isn't my brother and I don't seem to recall him saying anything rude." Levi grounded his teeth in frustration so he would snap and attack the senile old bat.

"Then just who are you!"

"I'm their babysitter/ housekeeper"

"So you're the maid. How disgraceful. Your parents allow a ten year old boy to take care of all these children and their parents just let you?"

"My parents are dead." Levi said in a monotone not missing the looks of shock on the kids face. "And I'm sixteen and trustworthy."

"Please leave Levi alone" Christa had spoken up.

"Yeah he's a great babysitter!" Connie agreed

"And he's nice and makes good food too." Sasha added

"I find that hard to believe" She sniffed ignoring the kids completely "Your parents must have done a horrible job bringing you up before they passed away. My kids would ever behave you these rowdy and unpleasant looking ones. I should call the social services and have these kids put in an orphanage"

"Shut up!" Eren suddenly yelled and kicked the old woman as hard he could in the shins." Levi is a great babysitter and I don't believe you would have any kids as you're so ugly no man would marry you" He stuck out his tongue.

"Why you-"The woman's face started turning red.

"Run for it guys" Levi yelled and the children started laughing and running towards the circus." As for you, you senile old bat. If you dare do anything to those kids I'll kill you, It wouldn't be the first time I've done that" He calmly walked away pleased to see the terrified look on her face.

Once he had left the 'old woman' had grinned happily. "So he's that protective about them already. I guess everything is going to plan teehee."

He eventually caught up to them in front of the circus gates. He did a quick head count to see if they were all there and there they were.

"Let's enter the circus, Looks like you need it from how down you all look." Levi meant it. All of them looked upset. Even Annie and Mikasa, The two usually emotionless members of the group. "Ignore what that old cow said. She was talking rubbish."

"Is it true?" Marco sniffed

"Is what true?" Levi asked

"That your parents are dead."

Levi didn't say anything for a while then he eventually spoke. "Yeah."

"How awful" Christa looked like she would cry at any moment.

"They've been dead for six years now. I'm not sad anymore" He tried comforting them.

"But you still miss them!" Eren had objected.

"And will they really take us away from you?" Annie wanted to know

"I do but I'm over it now, I have Hanji and Petra and all of you and the social services can't make me leave you children" They all visibly brightened at that statement. "Now shut it with this emotional crap and lets' go enjoy the circus"

"Hehe I'm going to be a clown" Connie grinned and ran inside once they had gotten their tickets.

"You already look like one" Jean had jeered at him.

"You jerk" He stuck his tongue out at Jean.

"Let's get refreshments!" Sasha had demanded.

"We just got here" Reiner reminded her.

"Where are all the rides?" Eren pouted.

"This is a circus not an amusement park Eren" Armin informed him.

"Just shut up all of you." Levi sighed but couldn't keep the small smile of his face. He could definitely get used to this babysitter stuff.

They weren't inside the canopy and all of them fitted inside one row. Levi was in the middle of Annie and Christa and the latter looked terribly anxious and kept biting her fingernails in show that she was still terrified of the clowns.

"Hey" Levi told her. "Don't worry, I told you I would protect you didn't I? I always keep my promises so don't be afraid." She noticeably relaxed and gave Levi a heart-warming smile.

"Thank you Levi-chan, you really are a kind person on the inside" Levi had blushed at the statement but turned away as he didn't want anyone thinking he had gone soft or anything

The show then proceeded to start. The ring leader came on first and the kids had laughed at his jokes, then he introduced the trapeze. All of them had been fascinated by the way the people swung on the hoops and Sasha had been particularly impressed by tight rope walking. At a point she went missing and when Levi finally spotted her she was on top of the tight rope.

Levi had practically gotten a heart attack on the spot but Sasha didn't seem to notice or care by the way she started doing bunny hops on the tight rope. With no safety net underneath. And without falling.

She had gotten a lecture from him afterwards but the circus people were impressed and told her to join once she was old enough. Christa had finally seen that the clowns weren't scary at all and one had thrown a pie in Jean's face causing all of them to laugh even Jean himself.

Eren had been a little too impressed with the lions and Levi had to keep a firm eye on him but the little bugger had still managed to run off at a point and appeared on top of a lion. A wild lion. A wild lion with claws and teeth.

Levi had to rush unto the stage and pull the shrieking boy off the lion, disrupting the show and ultimately getting them kicked out though the ring leader had approached Eren as well and asked him to consider the circus when he the right age.

After that they weren't to McDonalds where the kids were happy to eat and chat and be kids for once. It was nice not being stuck in that gloomy old mansion for once and Sasha had taken advantage of the opportunity and ordered a shitload of fries.

"Thank you again Levi." Christa had said for the billionth time that day.

"Yeah, you aren't so bad." Ymir grinned.

"Suure whatever." Levi rolled his eyes.

"Hey dude" Reiner tugged at Levi's shirt. "Annie isn't here"

"What?" Levi's blood ran cold. Annie couldn't not be there, She was with them at the circus so where could she disappear too.

"To be honest I haven't seen her since we entered this place" Mikasa commented.

Oh no. He lost a child. He really was irresponsible.

"No, you're not" Eren seemed to read his thoughts again." Annie is the irresponsible one running off like that. Go find her, we'll stay here!"

"I can't just leave eleven kids here by themselves."

"Reiner and I are the oldest." Berthold interrupted. "We'll take care of everyone"

Levi made them promise to be safe as he ran out of McDonalds to find the little blonde girl

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